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  1. Club Statement

    Interesting, no deal yet then sir?
  2. Roon The Toon 2018

    My wife is going to do it; I could ask her to-do it for the TIK? I am sure some folk on here, as well as friend and colleagues would be willing to sponsor her and all funds going towards the TIK initiative? thoughts.
  3. Photo shoot at 2.30 tomorrow.

    Did the picture go in the Standard? Can we see it?
  4. Pressure on Aberdeen

    Ffs to much positivity here !!! I think we get gubbed 1-3
  5. We Did It!

    Great news and proud to be part of it KTWD
  6. Jeff Strasser

    Hope he makes a speedy recovery, awe the best Jeff!
  7. Message for Jordon

    Feckin bombs everywhere at rugby park #FecktheWar
  8. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Unbeleivible Jeff !!!!! Buzzing. A big well done to the board, hopefully it will encourage others to come aboard the good ship Killie !!!
  9. Next Manager Thread

    This maybe explain why no announcement,as someone mentioned earlier he was at the opening of the new Kenny Dalglish stand at Anfield
  10. Gary Holt

    Seen him last week in the Killie at new homlea housing just off Barbados road, it looks like he was in finalising his details, we could be neeburs lol. Stalking will commence when I move in on Jan to our new home, hopefully, he will not be needed?
  11. TIK Are you In?

    I'm in KTWD
  12. I'm In!

    Sorry for my late entry guys holidays and awe that lol, I owe you guys so much and you Baz/Sandy personally helped me with various matters, So it's a big yes fae me !! "IM IN" KTWD
  13. Are we out

    Look better here, fingers crossed we can get through KTWD
  14. League cup highlights?

    Have you got a link to the a*y game? Cheers

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