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  1. Message for Jordon

    Feckin bombs everywhere at rugby park #FecktheWar
  2. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Unbeleivible Jeff !!!!! Buzzing. A big well done to the board, hopefully it will encourage others to come aboard the good ship Killie !!!
  3. Next Manager Thread

    This maybe explain why no announcement,as someone mentioned earlier he was at the opening of the new Kenny Dalglish stand at Anfield
  4. Gary Holt

    Seen him last week in the Killie at new homlea housing just off Barbados road, it looks like he was in finalising his details, we could be neeburs lol. Stalking will commence when I move in on Jan to our new home, hopefully, he will not be needed?
  5. TIK Are you In?

    I'm in KTWD
  6. I'm In!

    Sorry for my late entry guys holidays and awe that lol, I owe you guys so much and you Baz/Sandy personally helped me with various matters, So it's a big yes fae me !! "IM IN" KTWD
  7. Are we out

    Look better here, fingers crossed we can get through KTWD
  8. League cup highlights?

    Have you got a link to the a*y game? Cheers
  9. If Kris Boyd has any respect for the fans. . .

    What feckin Sunday league did you play in or watch lol ! the new strip seems to make you look fatter than you are (maybe no Boyd as much, but Power didn't look that size against Livy with last years strip on) !
  10. Killie v Livvy

    Not much to say except it's the usual pre season match. Power looks the part so far, Broadfoot steady.Livy look not bad we team. Hope for better fair in the s/h
  11. Friendly in La Manga

    1-4 Killie by all accounts, no news on team or scorers

    From Hippo feed on twitter Higgins will be fantastic signing, has still to learn but will be a star in the future, can play CB or centre mid Top of Form Bottom of Form John Kiltie stated they would love more folk on the board, Trust in Killie rep the sooner the better. Any person coming on has to be right Top of Form Bottom of Form No final decision on club captain so Smith remains for now, could change once season starts. Boyd has had knee op, went well Top of Form Lewis Morrison, great ability, worked hard with him but asked to go on loan to juniors. Wasn't working out work ethic maybe not ideal Top of Form Jiglooking forward to working with Andy Millen, good guy, hard working and has a good eye for spotting players #kfcsaagm Top of Form Jig would love Moffat full of Killie fans again, hopeful that new signings will help get some fans back #kfcsaagm Top of Form Crowd have a part to play, more fans and a more hostile atmosphere would help, fans played big part in beating Falkirk 4 0 #kfcsaagm Top of Form Re Kris Ajer, jig rates him highly, player keen to come back but will be up to Celtic. We need better home form, will work hard to change it Top of Form Jig will speak to Jamie Macdonald who has 1 yr left, will bring in another keeper but hopes he will happily fight for his place #kfcsaagm Top of Form Sounds like home strip is stripes not hoops, nothing to report re Coulibaly, club have received full payment for his transfer #kfcsaagm Top of Form Looking for more aggressive centre back too, will always be looking to bring through our own youngsters #kfcsaagm Top of Form Kiltie op went well but will be 3-4 months out. He is going to La Manga with the squad this week. Power is aggressive player #kfcsaagm Top of Form Signings will be announced asap and hope to be ready for Ayr, hearts game will be at home so 4 home games in August #kfcsaagm Top of Form Jig wants to get best out of players, will play 4 3 3 but will change when required. Biggest thing is player recruitment and get them to gel Top of Form Bottom of Form Jordan Jones has 2 years left and hope to tie him up longer, he is keen to stay although other clubs chasing him #kfcsaagm Top of Form Hopefully Innes Cameron will be next breakthrough kid, Derby been trying to get him but he has agreed to stay, Will Graham another good kid Top of Form Also important we get daily info out to fans, this has not been the case recently. Hopeful that more kids come through #kfcsaagm Top of Form May still have one or two loans but more important to get players on 2 or 3 year deals. Looking to get us fit for scum game #kfcsaagm Top of Form Killie best club at getting players from youths to first team, we have agreement with another 5 players who will hopefully sign soon Top of Form Bottom of Form Jig wants to bring in players that fans can relate to, wants stability, probably need 10 players, not keen on loanees #kfcsaagm Top of Form Bottom of Form Home strip will be available mid July, away strip on the open day.....now jig taking questions #kfcsaagm Top of Form Bottom of Form Plastic pitch to remain but club looking to get big training facility at Dundonald #kfcsaagm Top of Form AGM news, season ticket sales up, commercial revenue up, hospitality box ready for September #kfcsaagm
  13. Who has come back?

    It's true though! I have bought season ticket for the first time in years, so let's look forward everyone, forget the sniping KTWD
  14. Hospitality box

    I heard it was in Dundonald where BB is looking at, for the new facility !

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