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  1. Squad Depth

    Was sure I read something about a three-year contract in relation to him - must've got confused. A year was more sensible in any case.
  2. Squad Depth

    Didn't he sign a three-year contract in the summer?
  3. Kick-off changes

    The Celtic game is on BT Sport and the Hibs one is on Sky.
  4. Jamie McDonald

    Gilles Rousset I think.
  5. Allan Preston. His "why couldn't Hearts have signed Alan Power?" comment was odd. Simple answer really - he wasn't on their radar.
  6. Cammy Bell

    Was thinking that myself.
  7. Highlights

    No - they don't seem to be showing highlights of their televised League Cup group games.
  8. Matej Podstavek

    I hope so.
  9. Highlights

    Don't think so - best bet is to look on club websites and Youtube.
  10. Matej Podstavek

    I may get criticised, but I would rather have had Podstavek - despite being experienced and an internationalist, Greer is 37 this year so we won't get longevity out of him. During his last spell with us I can remember a relative stating he was too slow, so can you imagine what he's like now? Not enthused about this signing at all.
  11. Are we out

    League Cup I'm sure.
  12. Are we out

    Had the misfortune of being at that game.
  13. Are we out

    Wasn't the defeat to them in 1996 by a 1-0 scoreline? Connor scored.
  14. Transfer interview LMcC

    Maybe Leo Fasan (ex-Celtic).

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