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  1. Plastic Whistle (H)

    Few people on Facebook saying he’s pulled his hamstring, not sure if true just what I’ve seen on there
  2. Jordan Jones

    Johnny Hayes went for 1 million at 30 years old after playing first team football for a number of years, Jones is 23 and is only in his first full season as a regular, in 7 years time if jones keeps progressing the way he is he will be a much better player than Hayes at 30, as I said, paying for the potential.
  3. Jordan Jones

    Nothing will ever change in Scotland unless clubs are willing to hold out for what the players are actually worth in today’s market, no point accepting 500k then moaning that the teams from England see the spfl as a diddy league that they can get a bargain or two in, 1 million has to be at the very least a starting point for jones, still raw but got loads of potential and that’s what teams pay the money for now, potential.
  4. Steve Clarke

    On the show that Boyd does with Kris Commons, usually it’s not worth a watch but will watch it tonight
  5. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Never had an “English team”, but I have one now
  6. PSG and Jamie Mac

    Red card will be from Zorro no doubt.
  7. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Good to see some honesty from the manager, too many before him just wouldn’t say it how it is
  8. Dundee ticket details confirmed............

    just back from shop, 500 sold
  9. Dream League Boomer

    Looks like a mistake.. he should be at least 94!
  10. Part Season Ticket and Multi Match Package information

    No excuse for people to stay away now, those are very good prices, hopefully get more people through the door, well done to the board.
  11. Hearts Match Thread

    Couldn’t make it yesterday but I will definetely be going to Dundee now, on another note, how much has the club improved their social media output, completely different class to what it was!
  12. Hearts stream

    Can’t make the game today, a bit early but anyone know a reliable site to stream the game?
  13. Sound System

    Was very clear in the east stand, older system in the Frank Beattie maybe?
  14. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    Cash gates all round mate
  15. Hearts away

    Reasonable prices, would love to see tickets for away fans capped at £20

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