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  1. Kilmarnock out of contract player next summer

    Just not got the genetics.. that messi boy fair struggles.
  2. Meet the manager ?.

    Sky sports news showing press conference live at 3.30
  3. Offensive Behaviour Football Act

    Uh oh, another Sunday session for the keyboard warrior..
  4. I might watch Sportscene tonight

    5 minutes of highlights now on BBC sport website. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41534263
  5. I might watch Sportscene tonight

    Waiting to see what that clown Michael Stewart has to say, wonder if Falkirk is still the better job..
  6. Jags away fred

    Different class today compared to previous weeks, made themselves hard to beat and always looked dangerous when they had the ball, finally looked like we have a player in Alan Power, he was terrific today.
  7. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    What an appointment, well done Billy Bowie, no doubt had to throw some of his own money into the pot for this.
  8. What the f**k is happening here ---

    On a side note, that red card count is phenomenal! That’ll be hard to beat.
  9. What the f**k is happening here ---

  10. Best 11 for Partick game

    Been saying this for weeks, frizzell does very little to get into the team every week, doesn’t say much about Power though if he can’t push for a start in what is a very poor midfield.
  11. Next Manager Thread

    I’m better qualified than our recent managers.
  12. What the f**k is happening here ---

    Imagine taking their time over such a big decision.. idiots!
  13. Banned.....?

    Killie’s Answer to Danny Dyer
  14. Next Manager Thread

    Gus should be nowhere near the job, 9th in league one
  15. The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    Well done to the board, better late than never, now give us someone with some experience!

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