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  1. Quarter Final Tickets

    Think the club can post them to you for a postage charge, not sure how much it is.
  2. Away fans

    As said on here before, Dundee count season ticket holders in every game wether they attend or not, makes a huge difference, last time we went up there a think it was announced as close to 6K, when you looked around it would’ve been closer to 4.
  3. Kirk Broadfoot

    I did say he was solid if you read back, what I meant was he was beaten more than he has been in recent weeks, still no where near enough to say he had a bad game.
  4. Kirk Broadfoot

    Today was probably his worst game for a while although he was still solid, struggled a bit with Main but wasn’t the only one, done his job in the end, what a turnaround he has had
  5. Alex McLeish

    No chance, it’ll be the old favourites act as usual, god forbid choosing 11 players who are all bang in form instead of the same old names
  6. Alex McLeish

    Great news for us but what an uninspiring appointment from the SFA
  7. Players contracted beyond this season

    Must get Greg Taylor on a new deal, one of the most consistent and underrated players in the league never mind our side, cracking player.
  8. Motherwell

    Massive game, working on Saturday morning but I’ll be going up straight from work, they’re a good side at home but we should be going up full of confidence
  9. How do we boost the crowd for the Hibs game ?

    It’s not a question of what you would pay, it’s what others can realistically afford to pay, some people need a financial incentive to go nomatter how well we are playing.
  10. The best ever?

    Eremenko more of a luxury player, Mulumbu willing to dig in and fight, loved eremenko but would say mulumbu is a class above.
  11. Alex Dyer

    Unsung hero without a doubt, the players clearly respect him and I’m sure a lot of the actual coaching work comes from him, what a team him and Clarke are
  12. Pitch Dimensions

    Not been changed, same size all season.
  13. Scott Brown

  14. Killie one Celtic didn't 03/02/18

    Only one man to win it, everyone excellent but also thought Brophy was standout, ran himself into the ground
  15. David Wren (killie standard) has tweeted saying there may be more signings, club trying to get deals done before deadline.

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