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  1. Absolutely, if we can't attract new/lapsed fans now we never will. I talk to lots of lapsed fans every week and try my best to encourage them back. If the club could do a wee incentive it may help...
  2. Kirk Broadfoot

    Something we have been missing for a long time.
  3. Kilmarnock tartan scarf

    Cheers folks, wanted one for when l'm wearing the good togs.
  4. Kilmarnock tartan scarf

    Anyone know if a wool kilmarnock tartan scarf is available? Nothing on online shop. Tried a few tartan shops but no luck.
  5. Got a spare ticket can be collected from my work in killie tomorrow during day or at the gig (won't be going until about 8pm) gig is tomorrow sept 19th. happy to let it go for £20 that I will donate to trust in killie. Face value about 34 quid. Pm me.
  6. Cammy Bell

    Used to stay in same vicinity as Ross Goodwin (physio) who is now back at rugby park.
  7. Cammy Bell

    Used to stay in same vicinity as Ross Goodwin (physio) who is now back at rugby park.
  8. Laser Eye Surgery

    Unfortunately no lasers in practice, only eye doctors can shoot seagulls .
  9. Laser Eye Surgery

    Happy to help if I can. I'm an optometrist that owns Urquharts in Killie so if you pm me the prescription I can give you pointers.
  10. Kris Boyd has 128 goals...

    That's a cracking list! Only 9 defeats in that time and looks like it took until goal number 39 to get that first defeat he scored in. Shows how good we used to be.
  11. Auchinleck Talbot Away

    its the BBC that should be ashamed at the coverage they give us. they routinely miss "highlights" that I look forward to seeing. really enjoyed the game yesterday and great to see most of the first team there supporting the club even though they were not included. Lee Clark seems to be making all the right moves with some community involvement and meet the manager.
  12. Auchinleck Talbot Away

  13. Say Bye - To a Killie Pie?

    Well done John Gall. Got to applaud you for the transparency as you did not need to do that. We are in bad shape and with this cretin at the helm we have no chance. I fear things will get a lot worse before they get better.

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