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  1. Monty on TB

    One Killie Legends memories of another Killie Legend, and both true gentlemen too! I followed the club all through the dark days before TB's arrival and I think it's hard for younger fans to understand the impact he had on not just the team but the club as well. Bobby Fleeting in that one signing gave us as a club something we had lost - HOPE!. The fans could actually believe that the club was looking to progress and we also gained some credibility with the rest of Scottish football. It feels like something similar is happening now (time will tell). The signing of Steve Clarke is a bold and positive step by Billy Bowie and the reaction from outside Rugby Park has given us back some credibility. it's years since I have felt a hopeful about the club's future and I hope this manager, unlike Tommy gets the chance to finish what he has started!
  2. Josh Umerah from Charlton

    Sorry about the multiple posts, it kept coming up that there was an error in submitting it, so I kept resubmitting it only to find when I gave up and went back to the main page that it had posted it every time!
  3. Josh Umerah from Charlton

    Just been quoted on Sky deadline day that he is signing on loan until the end of the Season. Exciting young striker apparently! Just seen a couple of his goals on youtube, looks like he might be capable of a few "Souli" like shots!
  4. Team v. County

    McDonald Hendrie. Addison. Ajer. Smith. Dicker. McKenzie. Frizzell. Longstaff. Taylor. Boyd. I think Woodman might well play (and play well), but as others have said JMc is our keeper and deserves his place. I thought Osborne did quite well last week until he tired late on it was a toss up between him and Addison. Smith at left back to free up Taylor to play in midfield. I think our best performances this season have been when we have pressed the opposition high up the park - Rangers & Hearts games spring to mind - so I have Dicker sitting protecting the back four and players who give us pace and energy in midfield. I know Longstaff didn't stand out last week, but I think with more support in midfield he will provide a bit of craft and goal threat (after last week I hope he is more aware of the pace of the game up here). Put Boyd up front just because at least he has scored a goal this season and Tyson seems to have had more impact coming on as a sub rather than starting, he was totally anonymous last week.
  5. Eric Murray - No minutes Silence

    As I said in my original post I don't know for sure I am only passing on what I was told and it's not someone involved with the club(although he has had accurate info about other things that have happened at RP). What I would say to Caldow who thinks it's a convenient untruth - why on earth did the club not have a minutes silence if that's not the case, they were obviously aware of Eric's passing and were wearing black armbands. When was the last time we didn't have a minutes silence for a former player of his stature?
  6. Eric Murray - No minutes Silence

    I was surprised that although Killie wore black armbands there was no minutes Silence for the fans to show their respect to him at the recent Celtic game. I was speaking to a friend who told me that both clubs have to agree to the minutes Silence , but that Celtic had opted not to agree to it. Apparently they were concerned that " the best fans in the world" couldn't be trusted to observe the silence. I don't know if this is true or not but if it is, then it's really sad that we didn't get to show our respects to a Killie legend and a true gentleman because of the behaviour of some of these idiots.

    Great turnout to say farewell to Eric today. Family and friends gave him a good send off and some fond memories were shared of his time at Rugby Park. RIP Eric
  8. Eric Murray RIP

    I grew up in Symington and was proud to call Eric my friend. He loved his horses and one of my fondest memories was of being at Punchestown races with him in 1997. Killie were playing Dundee United in the Scottish Cup Replay that week and we were stuck in a wee hotel in Monasterevin in County Kildare. We couldn't get the game on the telly because there was a Man Utd game on that night, so we spent the night phoning home for updates (the days before Smart phones and internet accesss - how did we cope!). Anyway we'd had a few by the time we got the news that Jim McIntyre had scored to put us through to the final. The celebrations went long into the night and there were a few Irishmen better informed about the mighty Killie by the time we had finished that night. He was a true gentleman and a great friend. My thoughts are with Anna, Young Eric, Steven and their families. RIP Eric
  9. Next captain

    I liked Connolly, but his form (when he wasn't injured) definitely dipped after he was made Captain.
  10. Next captain

    Thought Boydie did well on Sunday. I suppose it depends who we bring in, not got a lot of choice at the moment. Although with his track record MJ might be considering appointing himself!
  11. Ex-Killie - Raith's new team?

    Not enough ex-jambos to be a realistic team selection!
  12. Interesting article in Scotsman about Lee Clark

    Whatever happens today I hope we stick with him as manager, although the results haven't been enough to avoid the play offs (hopefully not relegation) the difference in the fitness and attitude of the team has been huge and we are at least playing for each other and look like we haven't just met for a kick about 10 minutes before kick off. His signings even after the closed window(his hands were tied by the boards late appointment) have been an improvement on what we got at the start of the season as well. So I hope given a proper chance to bring in fresh players in the summer and a clear out of the dead wood in the squad we will see further improvement next season.
  13. KILLIE Support

    I have been a Killie fan since being told stories by my dad about him being at Tyncastle watching us win the league and him being at RP to see Real Madrid, Eintracht etc. I've lived the highs and lows of Cup wins - I was in tears at Ibrox, never thought I'd be there to see us win something with my dad - relegation, the long drive home from Dumfries after that unbelievable day with WW scoring 5 and still going down. And everything in between. Still get a season ticket every year (now through the disabled supporters club, who do an excellent job for disabled Killie fans.) Although my dad now 87 can't get along and has to rely on my slightly biased match report on every home game. But I really believe the next 6 games are looking like the most crucial in the clubs history. If we go down this season I fear that the club will cease to exist as we know it. I hope I'm wrong but the "feel" around the club is scaring me. Plenty of others have gone over the problems with the board (or lack of a functioning one!) And the effect this has had on our support. I can't remember it being as bad as this even prior to Bobby Fleeting coming in and I don't see anyone waiting or wanting to come to our rescue. As I say I hope I'm wrong, but I will be there on Saturday (in hope more than expectation) with fingers crossed and cheering on the boys on the park and reminding myself that at least being a Killie fan is never boring! KTID

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