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  1. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Sending thoughts to you and your family. So many of my happy memories of my own Dad were travelling across the country during the Fleeting / Burns era and through time, I know the joy of the recent time spent at Rugby Park with your Dad will bring real comfort. If ever a post were to be pinned to a dressing room wall this is the one.
  2. Killie 1 RossCo 0 20/01/18

    Went for Rory on basis of his energy and the fact that he never hid for any of the 90 minutes. Keep it up son!
  3. 10 years ago tonight

    Thanks for posting. Fond fond memories of this game and remember the traffic chaos prior to the game. Reflecting on the highlights it showed just how special Naismith was even at that age and just how young he looked! The 2nd goal was sheer brilliance and in my mind on a par with his mazy dribble goal v Hibs. Remember getting home in time to see the highlights and Momo's cheeky nip on a Falkirk player. Happy days!!
  4. England Tickets

    Cheers mate. As they say, nothing ventured and all that.
  5. England Tickets

    Hi folks. My father in law and I are both members of the SSC but have zero points. If anyone has away points but isn't planning on going to the game at Wembley, can you please get in touch as I am looking for 2 tickets. Cheers Kerr
  6. Rod Stewart

    Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but does anyone know when Rod Stewart is on stage and what are the parking arrangements. Cheers Kerr

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