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  1. Brora Prices

    Killie s not exactly rolling in cash, if there fans can’t afford £20 at the gate they shouldn’t travel.
  2. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Agreed he’s not one of our worst players but he seems to hide for most of the game
  3. Saturday

    Team was training on the park this morning, around stadium fine and a favourable forecast for through the night, wouldn’t be worried.
  4. Saturday

    Everything’s fine around Rugby Park, folk getting their knickers in a twist as usual. Pouring rain just now.
  5. Saturday

    Bell to start.
  6. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    Like the majority of the Ayr support he is a dirty hun.
  7. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    That’s why he’s managing Ayr.
  8. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    No chance of that working, how would all the Ayrshire Huns get their yearly day out actually watching the pricks in the flesh.
  9. Steven Naismith

    Good friend who blabs.
  10. Steven Naismith

    Yeh, cause I’m sure Naismith has been telling everyone about this conversation!
  11. JJ

    Never a fan of MJ but I don’t think that many agents would have got the better of him.
  12. Stevie Murray is from Symington , still stays there.
  13. Steven Naismith

    Hope it’s true, but let’s hope we’re not getting him fit until those f**kers up the road sell their season tickets in the summer and come in for him!
  14. Steven Naismith

    Wee bigot that he is !

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