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  1. Season tickets

    Kids should be taught from the earliest age how to hate the old firm , it stands them in good shape for the rest of their lives.
  2. Fasan your Seatbelts

    Gives me the fear.
  3. Club Statement

    My preference is that Rangers and Celtic break away to play in a league of 2 and we then form a league of 16. Simple!
  4. Mulumbu gossip

    Who really cares
  5. Tonight's matches and how they affect us

    We can catch Sevco
  6. Jordan Jones

    Unfortunately level headed kids could end up with f all, Matt Kennedy has earned a fortune which could potentially make him secure. It’s all very well sitting on your high horse but at the end of the day nobody would turn up there nose at a big pay day.

    Stevie boy is going nowhere, he’s got his brothers to please, onwards and upwards the super Killie.
  8. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Because they are given the option to buy a ticket for their seat by the club, correct or not, so if they stand in a queue for 30 min to buy it why shouldn’t they expect to sit there
  9. Steve Clarke on Derek McInnes

    If ever there was a manager that was suited to managing Rangers, he’s a moaning wee dick
  10. Cup draw for semis. It's Motherwell

    What’s her dropping a sprog got to do with you?
  11. Half-time draw celebrities

    Rolph Harris
  12. Greg Taylor.

    Thought he was very good today as was Power and McKenzie
  13. Birthdays and mentions v Hibs

    Happy 7th birthday to Shaw Saxelby love from Mum,Dad and Cori
  14. Jordan Jones

    Probably popped in to listen to DJ Ding
  15. Jordan Jones

    With all that knowledge you have why are you not a football manager?

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