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  1. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Just take her to the game with you.
  2. Message for Jordon

    Thon wee Osmond lassie has a catchy wee record oot
  3. Game live on Freesport, game held up while the Porto fans are moved from the stand behind the goals as it's in danger of collapsing.
  4. Sky news ticker says Killie have rejected £500,000 offer from Sevco for JJ.
  5. "Angus" the sheep??

    Sheep dragger
  6. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    Made a U-turn outside Hamilton, in East Kilbride wetherspoon now
  7. Next Manager Thread

    I spotted the doomed and dumpweed going into Tichfield street William Hills earlier today, could be a sign.
  8. Sell Rugby Park

    The groundsman is in that mob somewhere, I can see his wheelbarra
  9. John Kiltie Interview

    I don't profess to know John Kiltie personally, but I happened to be in his and two "chairman's club" regulars company through my employment. It was about two weeks before it was announced he would be joining the board. In the half hour or so chat we had, he left me in no doubt that he thinks the sun shines out MJ's ring.

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