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  1. Hibees fred

    Great performance to gradually play ourselves into the game then almost overwhelm them in the second. Just couldn't take that one extra chance. Almost took one of the two or three best teams in the division though!
  2. Hibees fred

    Cammy Bell coming on....?!
  3. Hibees fred

    If you check the timing, which is probably vague now, I posted that at the start of the match which was, as you admit, bad. Did I say we had been a shambles for the past few weeks?
  4. Hibees fred

    Has to be said...we are a shambles from back to front.
  5. Hibees fred

    0-2 corner kick...
  6. Hibees fred

    Clarke was just saying before the match he had a go at the players after the Aberdeen home match because of their slow start, which seemed to have become a habit at the club and he wanted to eradicate it.
  7. Hibees fred

    0-1 28 secs.....
  8. Crowd Tomorrow

    There will always be a section of the support who will turn up for big games but that doesn't help the regular weekly attendance.
  9. Hibees fred

    Hibs team - Marciano, Ambrose, Porteous, McGregor (c), Stevenson, Boyle, McGeouch, McGinn, Allan, Kamberi, MacLaren Subs - Bell, Whittaker, Bartley, Swanson, Rherras, Shaw Hanlon's wife gave birth last night.
  10. Hibees fred

    Scott Boyd drops out altogether. Would like to see Brophy with Boyd - if we bring Brophy on it will probably be either to replace Boyd or when he is tiring. I can't see Boyd playing today, midweek and the cup tie next Saturday. Chance for Erwin at Tynie?
  11. Crowd Tomorrow

    I think he meant 5,000, not an additional 5,000. We need to forget the lapsed fans - either they have permanently lapsed or they never existed in the numbers we liked to believe. We need to go after new fans, and the benefit will be that they will probably be younger.
  12. Old RP

    I only ever experienced the enclosure at reserve games when only the West Stand was open. It was good to get a closer perspective on the game and the enclosure always seemed to be the place to hear the latest club gossip long before the days of fanzines and internet. It's hard to believe that managers used to watch games seated in the dugouts. They hardly ever used to venture out. Of course, in the days before substitutes, you would only have the gaffer, trainer and maybe one or two others. Then one substitute came along in the mid-1960s followed by, I don't know, two? Three? Maybe that's why managers started to stand outside them!
  13. Summer football

    “Summer” in this case running from around March to November?! There is a precedent in Ireland where they have a “summer” season and attendances there are currently very healthy, albeit from a lower base than in Scotland. The fact that their international team is formed from players playing outside of the RoI means that the argument that summer football would impact on the international team doesn’t apply. What about the other argument that clubs would be disadvantaged in European competition? Well, the preliminary rounds are played in the middle of the season so it should be an advantage. Even when Dundalk progressed to the later stages a couple of years ago they kept fit by playing friendlies against clubs who were in the middle of their seasons. It would be well worth a trial, I think, but for the fact that such a trial would be hugely disruptive on the seasons on either side of it. I’m not even sure how a transition would operate.
  14. Trump latest

    I’ve given this some thought (which makes me more qualified than # 45). You don’t have to recall or prohibit the sale of weapons, just stop and control the sale of ammunition. There would still be a black market in smuggled and illegally manufactured ammo but the amount in circulation would be massively reduced.

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