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  1. Sportsound

    "Has it been that bad?" and "I did it years ago" - something like that. It was rather laughed off, as you would expect.
  2. Sportsound

    Question from a lassie in the audience to Boyd: "When are you going to hang up your boots?!"
  3. TIK Are you In?

    Why? Because Nicholas is closely associated with a rival insurance company ..... sorry, football club and has no connection at all with Killie. Anyway, I didn't bring up Nicholas. I'm more disappointed that people closely associated with the club appear not to be "in".
  4. TIK Are you In?

    It would be surprising, but it's also surprising that someone thought he was a suitable person to promote the initiative!
  5. TIK Are you In?

    Having seen in an e-mail today the list of people who are actually "in", I'm disappointed that most of those who boasted in videos that they were "in" are nothing of the sort. Bad enough that they should look in the camera and proclaim themselves to be "in" but I'm not sure what it says about the Trust who knew these people were telling a big fib. People have spelt out how they are sacrificing to afford the direct debit - Sky packages, a Forest season ticket, for example - so it's a slap in the face to see some of these poster boys missing. Are the Biffy Clyro boys represented by William and Charles Johnston? At least one of them claimed to be "in". Disappointing.
  6. PSG and Jamie Mac

    The abuse he got online after his howler against Bayern was the worst I've ever seen from a player's own fans. Made any criticism seen on here look tame.
  7. PSG and Jamie Mac

    Maybe the red card was from a Craig Gordon fan then! Perhaps they will say.....
  8. PSG and Jamie Mac

    Maybe more to do with being on the wrong board?
  9. Well done the Celtic

    If this is what Neymar and Cavani can do, what on earth will Louis Moult do? How many assists is Scott Brown on now?
  10. Obscure stat

    Two draws.
  11. Social Media

    Precisely - but they can't be counted on to do it indefinitely if the numbers don't increase.
  12. Striker in January

    There seems to be agreement that we need at least one. Given Clarke's contacts, they could come from virtually anywhere so there is little point in trying to guess names. But I did anyway! The clubs where he would seem to have the closest connections are Man Utd and Chelsea. Not too shabby! Chelsea have so many players out on loan that it's difficult to track down who is where and who is left. None of the current U23 strikers seem likely. Islam Feruz seems to still be kicking about having been on loan at umpteen clubs from Blackpool to Crete. Looks like a wasted talent - I saw him in the youth team years ago and he had blinding pace but not much of a football brain. At Man Utd, one name jumps out. James Wilson ruptured a cruciate ligament on loan at Derby last season but is back playing and scoring in the Premier League 2. He has good pedigree - three Premier League goals from 3 (12) appearances, a successful loan spell at Brighton and England caps at the various age groups. He's not going to get near United's first team and a loan for the second half of the season might be what he needs to get him back to his previous level.
  13. Five hundred people have signed up to TiK.
  14. Social Media

    I think, if the same 200-odd are expected to continue to do the heavy lifting long-term, the project is more likely to stall.
  15. WFAANW

    Ayr United are facing Scottish FA disciplinary action over the alleged late submitting of team lines in their Scottish Cup third-round tie. A notice of complaint means the League One club face a hearing at Hampden on 7 December. Ayr defeated North Superleague champions Banks O' Dee 6-2 on Saturday. But it is alleged that they did not adhere to the rule dictating that team lines should be submitted to the referee 75 minutes before kick-off. If found in breach of SFA rule 306, Ian McCall's club could be fined. Ayr, who have been drawn at home to League One rivals Arbroath in the fourth round, have until Monday to respond to the charge. (BBC)

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