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  1. Gary Dicker

    Stomach muscle strain or tear, iirc.
  2. Bryson

    Scored his first goal yesterday - furthest player forward, good volley.
  3. Gary Dicker

    "Forgot to tell" sounds a bit disingenuous. The physio must keep records of all players' treatment, ongoing and historical.
  4. Dundee thread

    They can speak for him/herself but I don't think CFM was saying that AJ was a great manager or that he was unfairly sacked. The points were that AJ arrived when there was a furore over KS's sacking, the NAPM protests were at their height, and he was forced to lose his mentor in Clark and work with Locke. Nobody could reasonably say that AJ was a great manager or showed signs of becoming one. But, to develop another of CFM's points, you couldn't blame him if he took some pleasure in, say, beating Killie in a play-off. There's little point in blaming AJ for failing when the real culprit(s) were higher up.

    Picked by the board of KFC but hardly by the same individuals. Johnston was MJ, Locke was during Mann's tenure and only McCulloch can be attributed to the current lot. What it does add up to is five years of failure. The club continues to seem dysfunctional with no apparent unity between board, manager and support. The board don't seem to want to stick their heads above the parapet which would be okay if there was another figurehead in place, e.g. strong CEO or DOF. I haven't seen anything to suggest we have that. Enough said already about the policy of recruiting rookie managers from within. Not yet seeing much on the marketing and comms front but it's early days, I suppose.
  6. Kris Boyd on Sky

    He simply pointed out that, if Rangers lost but Hibs and Well won, they would be in sixth place like that would be a disaster. I'm not sure how he regards 12th place.... Waking up to hear one of our players live on the radio before 08.00 on the day of a match talking about an OF game made me a little sick to my stomach, as the Americans would say.
  7. Kris Boyd on Sky

    Well done for picking up a typo! It's harsh, but true.
  8. Dundee thread

    Bench today was a shocker: Bell, Power, Broadfoot, Burke and Boyd - average age of 32 - have to be playing at their age. Probably some of the highest earners at the club not on the park, Boyd's appearance excepted. McCulloch couldn't have made any more excuses for Boyd's miss. "The ball checked on the surface, ended up between his legs...yada yada".
  9. Dundee thread

    He was praising Jones just saying his final ball was often a let-down, as many on here say too. Brophy wasn't on the bench today nor last week so I think it's reasonable to ask why not.
  10. Dundee thread

    No cutting edge and no end-product from Jones, according to Chick. Sounds like the same old same old. Where's Brophy these days?
  11. Kris Boyd on Sky

    I think the fact I said that "Sports media seem to afford a licence to mangle past tenses with impunity" shows that it is anything but personal to Boyd. Listening to Sportsound's open all mics is testament to the fact that shocking grammar is rife. The point I was making was that those ex-players who stand out and get the best gigs are those who are the most eloquent. If Boyd aspires to be better than another Allan Preston or Derek Ferguson he could be polishing up his act instead of prolonging a moribund playing career.
  12. Kris Boyd on Sky

    There are lots of examples which disprove this - most of them can be seen on Soccer Saturday - but Chris Sutton disappeared for a number of years between playing and his emergence as a fairly high-profile pundit. Not merging the two careers would mean that Boyd could (a) learn how to do the media role properly, and (b) be regarded in his own right as a pundit and not just a player moonlighting. He could spend time sorting out his grammar for a start. Sports media seem to afford a licence to mangle past tenses with impunity - "I seen", "he has went", "they have gave", "he has took", "he has threw" etc - but those who prosper and succeed are able to speak correctly. The job of a reporter is to tell the viewer or listener what has happened so mastery of past tenses is important. He speaks in quick bursts littered with pauses - not for dramatic effect - and sharp intakes of breath which are disconcerting. Eliminate those and it would be a less of a distraction from what he is actually saying. Finally, make what he is saying more interesting. There is nothing worse than listening to a so-called pundit who has nothing new or insightful to say. If he was serious about a second career he could work on these things off-screen and become the polished article and not just look like someone trying to earn a few extra quid.
  13. Kris Boyd on Sky

    Last thing I saw on TV last night was Boyd larking about with a mask of today's opponents' manager on. Of course, nobody seemed to have made the Killie - Dundee connection; there was only match they were concentrated on. First thing I heard on the radio this morning is him live at 07.55 on BBC 5 Live giving his views on the Rangers - Celtic match. It seems he's concerned that the 'Gers could be as low as sixth in the table if results go against them. I assume from all this that he's nowhere near the team today. He even made a joke on the Sky Sports show that he hasn't been playing a lot lately. I think the penny may be dropping slowly that he's done. There is hardly any pretence any more that he is "Kris Boyd, Kilmarnock striker" - it's "ex-Rangers striker". Good luck to him - his show with Commons is embarrassingly amateurish so he will need all the help he can get to make a success if it.
  14. How much could we get for Jones?

    Are you basing it on his time at Rangers and Aberdeen? He was a very effective player for Fulham. Yes, £8 m for him is ludicrous but at least he is an established Championship player. Jones seems to be a Scottish Premiership player with question marks over his end product. Any club buying him would have to hope they can remedy this. On the basis of that, as others have said, any reasonable six- figure offer would be good business for someone signed for free.

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