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  1. The clock is ticking

    Was looking forward to this season. Sadly Jig's signings and lack of tactical nous is leaving us exposed. Really feel this is going to end badly. If results do not improve by next international break, then perhaps it is time to bump him.
  2. Irn-Bru Cup v Berwick

    What about Hawkshaw - is he injured?
  3. Dunkirk

    Thought it was poor. Especially with the 1958 version being shown yesterday - it was far superior.
  4. Portland Cup

    Nobody produced a performance that would suggest they will be able to play for the fist team at present. Most disappointing, there was a high number of instances when the ball was lumped from back to front, rather like the Ayr game. In the one instance when we got the ball down and played - we scored. Surely the players are not being encouraged to play like this.
  5. Line UP face Clyde

    I'd go with:- McDonald O'Donnell. Boyd. Higgins. Taylor Wilson Hawkshaw. Frizzell Thomas. Graham. Jones
  6. If released. ..

    I agree re Rory. There seems to be a lack of structure to his game. Perhaps a good coach can develop him , but time is passing him by, so not good then. As most others, I thought that the Livi game, awful as it was, could not be replicated when the real stuff was faced. How wrong was I. It was far worse. Broadfoot is a complete hazard at the back, O'Donnell does not seem to know what he is doing, and Waters is not ready. Wilson is best as a sitting midfielde. Power clogged up his natural space and this made it easy for Ayr to bottle up the midfield. The wingers were good though end product remains poor. Frizzell was out on the right wing in the first half and never got into the game. He was better in the second half when he reverted to his natural position. Our passing was awful. Nobody is making space and supporting their team-mates. Just a lump up th park. Simply not up to the mark. This just leaves Boyd. Great for us in his day, but I see no signs that he can regain past glories. Time to pack it in, I think, as I do not want his reputation tarnished. LM has talked the talk, he must now walk the walk. People like Burke and Bell are not the answer. We need steady seasoned players that know the league, Fyvie would be ideal. Even Conor would be an improvement up front.
  7. Dayton

    He was a cracking crosser of the ball, an area where we have been poor.
  8. McCulloch for Manager ?

    The suggestion in the Record is that McCulloch will not enter into discussions until after the Aberdeen game. I just have a feeling that he will draw this out while there is still the potential for a return to his spiritual midden. Let's pick OUR choice, my preference is Holt/Fowler, and make us a continual stepping stone for rivals.
  9. Re above I doubt if MJ's removal will in itself put more bums on seats. It is more likely to arrest the current slide in attendances. Thereafter, the pressure will be on LC and the players to produce better play and results to generate higher crowds.
  10. This question was posed to the Finance Director at the AGM. He responded, somewhat uncertainly, that BB was bankrolling the club. I suspect that BB has realised the long term extent of his exposure and this will, in turn, advance the changes we hope for at Board level. BB will benefit by reducing his exposure, and share it around amongst others. Of course MJ hasn't put anything in to the pot in the past ( although he has gained plenty!) and, by his own admission, as a non- wealthy man, will not supply any funds in the future. On that basis alone, he has nothing to offer and should walk with the ill gotten gains he has accrued to date
  11. We really did have some great players in these days. I remember taking my younger son into the ground early to watch Pat Nevin do a floor show of keepy uppy's. He got a hamster and called it Jerome! Remember the legend on the scoreboard "You've been stopped by the Marshall". When I compare that with the dross we have been served in recent years, it shows the extent of decline. In those days we had Jim Moffat. I always felt that everything would OK with him involved. Sadly his son was not cut from the same cloth and the start of the downturn coincided with his involvement. Jim Moffat always knew how to manage a customer driven operation. This has been the key failing with MJ - he just cannot get on with people. He must go now.
  12. Robbie Muirhead

    I'd welcome Robbie back. All front players rely on confidence and the efforts of those around them. In Robbie's case, he was developing in a poor Killie team then moving to the Arabs just when their wheels started to fall off. If he has anything about him, there is the prospect that he has learned from these setbacks, and will emerge stronger. If we can gain from that, then we should do it.
  13. AGM (merged)

    Yes. The accounts, SPFL information, and Any Other Business. Wait a minute, AOB wasn't listed again! I reckon if it had been, then, the motion of confidence being new and urgent business could have been taken. As for the previous minutes, I was not able to access them. Others said the same. MJ said that he could them on line so that was OK and they were passed without further comment. Seems to me we should being taking a much more scrupulous line in material coming out of the club.
  14. EGM - Shareholders needed

    Supported accordingly.
  15. Amendments to Articles

    Happy to support

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