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  1. The Great PFI Scandal

    Whilst I agree this represents self-serving ego-maniacs selling the nation short to further their own profiles, I call on supporters of these schemes to provide some balance in order that we can have a proper debate. Are there any....?
  2. Emily Thornbury

    Question Time hahahahahaha! Disgraceful tittle-tattle dressed up as political debate. Integral part of dumbing down the nation.
  3. Kez

    Who's scraping the bottom of the barrel now, Kez or the s**te programme?
  4. Kez

    "politicians" as celebrities.....oh dear! Politics is f*cked!
  5. What was your first game?

    Not entirely sure it was my first game, but the first game I remember was a home game against Rangers that finished 3-3. Something tells me they got their obligatory penalty but missed it. Well over 30,000 at the game and my dad lifted me over. I sat on his shoulders in the Scoreboard end...I'm guessing around 1968. The atmosphere was incredible and there was never any doubt I was gonna be KTID from then on!
  6. Europe, we should tell them just to GTF

    Seems to me the opinions expressed are very similar to what pish propaganda people happen to be following. Only the inner circle really knows what's going on...do you really think they want us to know at this point?
  7. if she had any self respect.....

    Politics is f*cked!
  8. TV Series

    I enjoyed Season 2 as well but it lacked the mystery element of the first and I didn't see the point in the new step brother and sister characters.
  9. Lee McCulloch thought the team were playing well?

    Joe, my point is that NOT EVERYONE wanted him. So that is bollocks!
  10. Lee McCulloch thought the team were playing well?

    Sorry Joe, but that is bollocks. Regarding his appointment, if you care to check these boards you'll find plenty dissenting voices, myself included. From what I can see, nobody is slating the guy. He walked once he realised what a fair number of us suspected...he wasn't ready!
  11. Lee McCulloch thought the team were playing well?

    He was very reluctant to take the job in the first place, was he not? The indication there was that he knew he wasn't ready. That hesitation and apparent lack of self-belief was his undoing. Players can sniff it a mile off!
  12. Belief.

    Scottish Cup Finalists!
  13. Hearts Match Thread

    Just back after a magnificent day out in the capital! Brilliant on and off the park. The feeling of togetherness between the players and the fans in such a short space of time is remarkable! What price are we for the Scottish Cup?
  14. Scores Today

    Forget about County, they'll easily stay up. Accies, Dundee and Partick are the initial targets. keep them close til January then we'll start to pull away.
  15. Murrayfield - who's in?

    1k max...but we'll sound like 5k!

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