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  1. Laddies Who Lunch

    Not at all. Thanks for the tips Scooter and C4mmy31
  2. Multiple User Names

    Why do some people do it? I don't understand it? Genuine question.
  3. Laddies Who Lunch

    I'd love that as a ringtone
  4. A Culture Problem at the club

    Not if you lived through it you don't. Ever!
  5. A Culture Problem at the club

    Thanks for that SH...tears to a glass eye!
  6. Cafe Da Vinci

    I was in last night as well. It's been consistently good since it opened and that must be going on 20 years now.
  7. A Disgrace. . .

    Let me ask you this Daryll...what was it about the recruited players that made you think we had the makings of a decent squad? It's too easy to sell fans down the river and Killie have been doing it for years. The reality is that, over time, many fans become wise or jaded and just give up. Championship beckons and, I hate saying this, but maybe that's what's needed!
  8. Curious and Slightly Concerned

    Again, just highlighting the obvious deficiencies in the recruitment. The apathy surrounding our club with the perceived acceptance of this pish is exactly what will take us down.
  9. Lee Mcculloch

    Well said killie1961....With better management we would be better than St Johnstone, It's actually a disgrace that some people accept that they are better than us "because Perth is a city"
  10. A Disgrace. . .

    I cant help but think that a lot of the anger I'm seeing tonight is self-inflicted. The reality of what we are facing right now was actually very predictable if you consider that the current manager has next to no experience and was part of an abysmal previous management team. I reckon a lot of the anger is from delusional fans in denial, and I fully expect to get flak from those who are still stuck there!
  11. The clock is ticking

    Oh for goodness sake people, he was never anything but the usual cheap Killie choice. Seems to me (SADLY) that things are unlikely to change until we go down!
  12. Worst Start Ever?

    OK, I got the Accies result wrong...but only one point better off than predicted.. God help us at Pittodrie!
  13. Scotland

    Just seen the England team...Slovaks to win! Bubble burst!
  14. Bryson

    Bryson goes to Cardiff just as Matt Kennedy gets papped out on loan from Cardiff to Pompey
  15. A wee quiz to chase away the blues

    That weekend provided me with some of my best memories as a Killie fan. On the Saturday we played Brighton (1-0) and West Ham played (lost to) Rangers. Believe it or not, we could compete with English teams then... I attended with a Hammer fan friend of mine who actually lived in Killie but still had the accent, and this allowed us passage into the rangers supporters club next to the ground. I promise we only did it to get drinks up to kick off! Embarrassingly, I even put on a cockney accent so my cover wouldn't be blown (scarf hidden). I remember being surprised how welcome they made us, and I also remember how much I wish I could have gone back in after the Sunday Final, but I had showed my true colours by then! I think wee doc came on as a sub and turned the game at 2-0 down...was our equaliser a penalty? Great memories indeed!

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