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  1. Next season's incoming players...

    Mixu's not finished, he's only 28
  2. If O'Donnell keeps up his form he's surely got to get a look in for the Scotland squad. If eck is planning on playing three at the back with wing backs then O'Donnell would suit that role as he has some engine getting up and down the line. Patterson plays central mid for Cardiff now and given that Fraser started there last night what other Scottish right back (playing consistently at right back) is in better form than O'Donnell?
  3. Saints home, Fred

    The build up play to that goal was absolutely brilliant.
  4. Thistle home Fred

    I think your caps lock is broken pal. Or you are shouting. I can't tell.
  5. Aberdeen Match thread (Fred)

    I'd be pretty certain he picks players based on experience yes... Higgins is behind two experienced centre halves with international experience, are you expecting him to be starting every week? He is a back up option, how is that not providing depth? Or we could sign another high earning defender to sit on the bench every week to provide "depth". I'd rather have a young development player on a low wage as the back up tbh...
  6. Aberdeen Match thread (Fred)

    Calling two young players (who were brought in to develop) deadwood will do wonders for their confidence. Both have more experienced players ahead of them in the squad, what exactly are you expecting for them not to be deadwood?
  7. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Bruno Alves is surely a higher calibre? Won the Euros last year and still a part of the Portugal set up.
  8. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Was reading a review of Clarke's first season at West Brom, it was saying one of his biggest successes was turning their bad home form around.
  9. Looks like hes not resigning

    Confirmed on club website now
  10. Line Up face Celtic (Scottish League Cup)

    The half way line, unlike Jamie MacDonald
  11. Chris Burke signed?

    Announced Samizadeh just before the A*r game then announced Burke just before tonight's game, interesting strategy. Welcome signing in my opinion!
  12. Boydie's Sun Column

    He used to be bald, now he has hair. If he still scores us goals, I don't really care.
  13. McCulloch transfer target?

    I think McKay was released by us under Shiels because he required a major operation to overcome a long term injury or something if I remember correctly.
  14. McCulloch transfer target?

    When I posted in this thread he would be worth a look you on the 5th June you said 'No thanks', why the change of heart?
  15. McCulloch transfer target?

    Charlie Telfer has been released by Dundee Utd, could be worth a look.

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