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  1. Killie one Celtic didn't 03/02/18

    Why is there no option to vote for everyone
  2. Celtic thread, Fred

    get it roon ye
  3. Celtic thread, Fred

    blaw the whistle ffs
  4. Celtic thread, Fred

  5. Celtic thread, Fred

  6. Celtic thread, Fred

    omg this is kiling me
  7. Celtic thread, Fred

    damn coulod've killed it there
  8. Celtic thread, Fred

    my fingers have nae nails left
  9. Celtic thread, Fred

  10. Celtic at RP

    I'm thinking we hand out leaflets on the correct usage of seats in the hope of preventing the celtic fans who seem completely oblivious on how not to break them
  11. Aaron Tshibola

    looks like he would be a good addition, hopefully we get that bassong chap in also. think that would do us TBH
  12. Jamie MacDonald

    excellent keeper, excellent news
  13. Hearts Match Thread

  14. Hearts Match Thread

    anyone got a bucket for the tears of the commentators on sportsound?
  15. Hearts Match Thread

    the level of bias on sportsound in regards to the commentery is rediculous

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