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  1. Dom Thomas being quoted this morning as possibly going back to Queens
  2. Steven Naismith

    Because clubs who are sitting on expensive contracts for players who don’t feature in their long term plans cut their losses. These losses can, in some cases for players whose stock is low, be almost the same as paying the whole contract up. Clubs don’t want disgruntled players simply seeing their contract out as causes morale issues etc.
  3. Jordan Jones

    Lack of respect for the contribution of a player that did very well for us . Good guy who has done well in developing his career..Would take him back in a minute.Why do some people continually write this crap ?
  4. Stephen O Donnell

    Well worthy of his own post in the way he beat his man on the wing and delivered THAT ball.. class. Over and above that he is really starting to find his feet now and looks a very good signing.. Well Done big man
  5. The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    Likes a wee threesome, get two other good Killie men in with him !
  6. St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

    Yes and you don't get many centre backs that can pass as well as him with 2 feet. The trajectory of his passes were also great as they we're lower drilled were landing at feet and not on top of heads . Massive asset for the team
  7. Karl Osborne

    Can't believe the success of the club in getting rid of unwanted players with 3 year contracts. Whatever their strategy is , it's working!
  8. Scott McDonald

    Yeh, plastic pitches no good to him at his age etc
  9. Scott McDonald

    Just spoken to him, he has had no contact with Killie,, thinks we will do very well this year with the players we've got
  10. McCulloch transfer target?

    Scott McDonald is going back to Australia in the summer
  11. McCulloch transfer target?

    Sibbald would be a great signing and available though according to Peter Houston the development fee for an SPL team to sign him is circa 200 k , double that for a team down south. Don't think we have that kind of dosh but could be a Bryson type investment with a bit of foresight
  12. Big Conor

    Anyone who has witnessed his two last performances as sole striker / target man must be wondering how he has ever achieved the career he has. As a striker his movement in the box just isn't there.. he doesn't look threatening at all and combined with a poor touch he looks totally ineffective.His big asset in having the pace to get behind defenders has also been missing from our play and clearly that isn't all his fault. In the air defenders get an easy time for a 6 ft 2 inch powerful boy. They can throw him around .Maybe there is a place for him next year in playing as part of a two but got to say came away from game tonight hoping to hell that we look elsewhere next year [It's Conor, we fixed it.]
  13. No matter the results on Tuesday this would be our best finish since Mixu era
  14. Accounts were overdue, now available.

    A season ticket boycott would have little financial impact and the income from season ticket sales is over hyped. The wider impact of this action is more important.What does the club actually get from season ticket sales, say 5-600 k a year? . The sale of Coulibally accrues almost 2 years ticket sales in a oner. The club could technically have achieved profit with no home fans this year. Correct me if I'm wrong..
  15. Stokes

    That is funny.. I totally specutively came out with that 3k figure. If Agent Scotland is imparting this info from my post..ffs. Or maybe I'm right on the money!

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