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  1. Season tickets

    the lass on the right is your double tbf
  2. Season tickets

    Wanting money off a season ticket because people don't want to attend against the OF is 'ripping the club off' just as much as paying for a family ticket to avoid those games. An increase in walk-up prices rips off the punter just because people are too scared of attending a game against bigoted fans. There is a viable alternative in place and people don't need to moan about paying for games against the OF that they are not attending. £200 per adult and you don't even need to make the effort of encouraging any kids you may have in the family to go.
  3. Season tickets

    They could always find a mate and two kids and buy the family ticket. Cheaper all round.
  4. Jeff Strasser

    Kaiserslautern match abodoned tonight. Wishing the best to the manager. “Jeff Strasser has been taken to hospital, with his side's 2. Bundesliga match against Darmstadt abandoned after he suffered a "medical emergency" The 2. Bundesliga match between Kaiserslautern and Darmstadt was abandoned on Wednesday after a half-time "medical emergency" involving the away team's coach Jeff Strasser. The teams did not emerge for the second half and the abandonment of the match was confirmed with the score at 0-0. Darmstadt said a medical emergency was behind the lengthy delay, with Kaiserslautern then revealing coach Strasser was being taken to hospital. "Dear FCK fans, as you have probably already noticed, the away game in Darmstadt is cancelled," a Kaiserslautern statement said. "Reason is a medical incident. Our head coach Jeff Strasser is on the way to the hospital." Reports in Germany indicated former Luxembourg international Strasser, 43, suffered a heart attack. In a message of support to Strasser, Darmstadt posted on Twitter: "As much we love football, there are so many more important things in life."http://www.goal.com/en/amp/news/german-match-abandoned-kaiserslautern-coach-taken-to/1mp6jmmq0xyfn13mqgc9w2p6fh?__twitter_impression=true
  5. every player on the park today played well but taylor was the most impressive for me looked comfortable on the ball, his pace, closing down was effective and his balls to tope caused some issues for the falkirk defence. Looks like a real prospect.

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