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  1. Let's be realistic

    Yuk .
  2. Let's be realistic

    You been at the poetry old thing ? Very lyrical for a wet Sunday . I do agree with the sentiment though . I hate all the “back in the box” guff , or “we can’t dare to dream” pish . We’ve made great strides and I hope we continue to do so but a healthy dose of realism wouldn’t hurt .
  3. Sheep home, Fred

    Or fantasise .
  4. Sheep home, Fred

    Every team “cheats” , they maybe just a wee bit better than others . I thought they were better today, unlike the cup game . We were poorish , we haven’t really been great recently but have ground out wins . Anyway, a reality check, plus it puts the kibosh on all that guff about us finishing second .
  5. Sevco

    I just find that stuff amusing . Although you shouldn’t mock the mentally ill, it’s difficult not to in their case .
  6. St Midden

    It may hurt to say it but they deserve congrats for not getting relegated last year and winning it this year . Our season has been a dream but their year stands comparison.
  7. Radio Aberdeen

    Bang on. Over praised, overpromoted arsehole that wouldn't last a minute without a budget that dwarves most teams in the league. He will sink into well deserved obscurity very soon.
  8. Second Place?

    I’ll have some of what the OP is drinking , it’s clearly potent stuff .
  9. post split fixtures

    Have we ended up with 19 home games ?
  10. 5 wins in a row

    He did crack it , bar the incompetent officials .
  11. Thistle Away 7th April

    15 min walk from Kelvinbridge , less if you get a wiggle on.
  12. Thistle Away 7th April

    It is . Dram on Woodlands Road is also well worth a shout, food is ok too. Or the school house on Park Road/ Gibson Street.
  13. Ronaldo’s Goal

    I keep agreeing with you, which is distressing, but some chap turning a somersault, nearly taking the head off of any defender who is daft enough to get within five yards and getting plaudits is absolutely fine . Never mind the rules , they are clearly just a boring distraction .
  14. Ronaldo’s Goal

    Completely agree. They are spectacular to watch and amazingly skilful but in a crowded penalty area it should be an immediate foul as it would be anywhere else on the pitch .
  15. Jump In Your Delorean - You Have A Mission

    We were level with them at the beginning of the season. Downhill ever since

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