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  1. Killie 1 RossCo 0 20/01/18

    I’d never vote for my kids, they are rascals .
  2. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Nice wee place Brora, good golf course apart from the sheep . Hope we don’t have to go there for a replay .
  3. Steven Naismith

    Thought he was poor today but probably not fully fit and a horrible game to play in . You could see that he still has an acute football brain, just depends whether his body is up to it .
  4. Dundee Game Also Postponed

    We’ve got to play everybody 3 or 4 times . Why wouldn’t we expect that SC would continue to improve the side rather than think we’ll quickly become crap again ? Unbridled optimism, it’s the Killie way .
  5. Hibs hearts

    He’s been murder , as has the game . Even worse, Hearts score, they are brutal to watch .
  6. Neilson

    Watching the Edinburgh derby on telly . Wee Naisie will need to take a crash course in diving, holding, tripping, sky elbowing and general cvntery. They are a horrible team to watch.
  7. Falkirk '97 highlights

    From what I remember, admittedly not much, they’ll find it difficult to put together 15 minutes of highlights . Still one of the best days of my life though.
  8. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    For once your paranoia is fully justified.
  9. The big fish

    Feed him .
  10. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    We used to lose those kind of games . I love to win ugly .
  11. Steven Naismith

    If he’s more than half the player he was , he’ll improve the current Hearts side. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he got injured early doors . Anyway , glad he hasn’t pitched up at the Huns at least .
  12. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Saw it tonight . Well worth seeing .
  13. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Rubbish. Baseball is great to watch, lots of beer and hotdogs. If you are a dullard then you probably find it all a bit challenging.
  14. JJ

    Here’s a theory . Rather than waste time and effort arguing about what a player is worth, why don’t we test it in the real world? We could , let me see , offer a player for sale and accept the highest bid . Like selling your house . Now , we have a wee pied a terre holiday place in Troon , probs get the thick end of quarter of a mill if we weren’t in a rush . Put it in Killie , 100k , not much more . Put it Notting Hill , 2 mill , easy . That’s the way of things . Point is , if clubs believe their assets are worth a lot more , then ask for a lot more . But they don’t because they aren’t . Plus there are no Scottish players in any of the top teams . None .
  15. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    By the way. Ian Blackford . Old client of mine. Lovely chap . Top notch. Now , if he’s a Socialist then I’m a Corbynista

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