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  1. Sevco

    Ahead of the curve in the James Dean sense obviously.
  2. Caption Competition

    And then he says "I would choose Falkirk all day long"!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCSportsound/status/915188605571731457/video/1
  3. Caption Competition

    Oooh you are awful - but I like you!
  4. Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    Getting the recognition they deserve and both seem delighted at the award, unlike some other miserable feckers
  5. post split fixtures

    I like the way they all have the same tattoo as a mark of their unique individuality
  6. post split fixtures

    Worst Spice Girls tribute band - EVER!
  7. Next season's incoming players...

  8. Everyone Do The Steve Clarke Stance

    You can stance if you wanna
  9. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Eric Bristow, dartist, aged 60.
  10. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Featured heavily last week in the television episode of Sky Atlantic's "The 90's", the Tom Hanks produced series on the decade. Unfortunately focused on the short-lived "Cop Rock" rather than the other excellent shows he created.
  11. Gary Dicker

    AKA Gary Flicker
  12. Frizzell

    Not quoted today for Livi, per the BBC report
  13. Accies home, Fred

  14. Accies home, Fred

    Can he play in goals though?
  15. Clarke on Mulumbu and contract negotiations

    Hopefully not the same one who's diddled him out of all that cash

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