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  1. Brora Prices

    I'd be charging that big bampot Tokeley double!
  2. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Jimmy Armfield, footballer, manager & pundit (82) http://www.itv.com/news/2018-01-22/former-england-and-blackpool-footballer-jimmy-armfield-dies-aged-82/
  3. Cities you liked

    The Blue Lagoon is very good (The volcanic spring & thermals spa, rather than the Glasgow chippy)
  4. I think he's a mate of Ronnie Pickering
  5. It was the Masonic handshake in his Twitter bio pic that fooled me.
  6. Me neither - thought the Frizz rumour was a new one though
  7. Message for Jordon

    I'm going to wait behind the main stand on Saturday and give that John McVeigh a piece of my mind - who's with me?
  8. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    So they want the salary to be concomitant? We can always say it's not, but the under the table payments bring it back to where it should be
  9. Message for Jordon

    f**ks sake Crainie - that's too far out for a shot
  10. Message for Jordon

    I'm sure if he wants Tommy Burns, Fergus will go through the right channels
  11. Cities you liked

    New York, London, Paris, Munich...
  12. Steven Naismith

    Was that against Woodman in goals?
  13. Steven Naismith

    Unless his family are moving back here and Naisy relocates somewhere in England until his Norwich contract expires - the flip side to what Gary Dicker & Gordon Greer are doing while with us.

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