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Found 48 results

  1. Liam's Mad Fer TIK!

    Liam's Mad Fer TIK! CLICK HERE
  2. Club Announce New SLO

    Awesome.. http://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/Article?id=6080 The Kilmarnock Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Allen Kyle as the Club’s Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO). Allen, who has been a season ticket holder at Rugby Park for over 30 years and is currently vice-chairman of the Kilmarnock Football Club Supporters Association (KFCSA), will start his new role with immediate effect.The role of SLO is recognised by UEFA and the Scottish FA in the context of the Club Licensing regulatory framework and is therefore an important component in the Club’s relationship with its supporters.UEFA see three key main objectives for an SLO:- Managing the flow of communications between fans and the Club shareholders.- Assisting and advising fans.- Liaising with safety officers, police and stewards to minimise potential issues.After his appointment, Allen said: “I’m delighted to accept the role of SLO. I have followed the Club for many years through the leagues and have witnessed some unforgettable Club triumphs, so I know what it is to be a Killie fan. My main aim is to make sure that I aid and improve the relationship between the Club and supporters’ groups/individual fans. It is also important to maintain regular contact with my opposite number at fellow league clubs so we can enhance the match day experience for both our own and visiting fans”The appointment of Allen as SLO is integral in maintaining and improving communication throughout the Club, both internally and externally. Allen’s commitment to the Club over many years will have provided him with the knowledge and skills required to carry out his role effectively. The Board of Directors and staff welcome this appointment and wish Allen every success”
  3. Stars of '97 Lunch

    Something to talk to your mates about on the way to see us gub Hamilton. If you missed the 20th Anniversary Dance, here is another chance to pay tribute to the Stars of '97! #WeAreKillie CLICK HERE
  4. Board Meeting

    The Trust and Club Boards had a successful meeting yesterday to discuss partnership working and Trust In Killie promotion.
  5. TIK Sponsor Wilson

    +Plus+ Package TIK subscribers can literally win the shirt off Iain Wilson's back! CLICK HERE
  6. Coral Ball

    Ayrshire Cancer Support are hosting their "Coral Ball" on Friday 17th November, we are happy to support such a wonderful local charity.
  7. TIK Funding Update #3

    The latest TIK funding update has now been added to the Totaliser page CLICK HERE
  8. Open Day Legends Match

    The popular ‘Legends Match’ is returning to the Open Day at Rugby Park on Sunday 6th August with a bit of a twist. This time around the fans will be split between the two teams and actually play alongside the Legends and a few celebrity guests. Monty’s Marvels v Hooky’s Heroes kicks off at around 12:30pm on the main pitch. It consists of two ten-minute halves with a few minutes break in between and there will be a presentation to the winners when the final whistle blows. The Trust have been asked to put forward six outfield players for each team which will be selected from a pool of season ticket holders who are over 16 years of age (for insurance purposes) and also subscribe to the Trust In Killie initiative. The easiest way to do this is to ask fans who qualify to contact us via email at KillieFC.com@gmail.com or on any of our social media platforms to get their names in the draw...before 10am on Friday 28th July...so please get your names in as soon as possible, we need to firm up the teams quickly. If you do qualify to enter but don’t fancy playing due to age or health issues, you can still put your name in the draw and nominate someone else to take your place (again, over 16 please), they don’t need to be a season ticket holder (although it would be nice if they were) or TIK subscribers, as long as you are...it’s your reward. We will need your nominees name within a day of the draw though, so keep that in mind. If you win and don’t have someone to nominate, just let us know and we’ll auction off the position. As it stands we don’t need goalkeepers, but that could change. Players will need to wear their own strips and boots on the day, so you can all feel free to wear your stripes as training bibs will be provided to differentiate the teams. This match has been a great feature of Open Days in the past and that’s why the club are bringing it back, let’s embrace that and get along on the day to support our fans as they get to strut their stuff on the hallowed Rugby Park pitch...nearly said turf there!
  9. TIK Roadshow #2 - TONIGHT!

    Our 2nd and final (for now at least) TIK Roadshow with Lee McCulloch and CEO Kirsten Callaghan CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR TIK
  10. MOTM News

    The Supporters' Association have decided that, taking into account KillieFC.com is their website as well, the best way to choose their Player and Young Player of the Year is to use the sub-forum we already have in place which is a fairer reflection of the whole season and open to all Killie fans to vote on. The website on its own continued the MOTM voting despite not actually awarding a trophy for several years now when we stopped having functions to pay for it and started concentrating more being a vehicle for the fans organisations...so it is only fitting that the KFCSA utilise what is already in place rather than take a vote at the end of the season when a lot of what went on early doors is forgotten, or indeed a vote among the committee because there is not enough time to properly poll the support when the season is done.
  11. TIK Roadshow

    Come and find out about the TIK initiative and talk to KFC Manager Lee McCulloch and Director John Kiltie! #WeTrust CLICK HERE
  12. Shareholder Register

    The Killie Trust have updated their Shareholder Register, are you still an active member (shaded boxes)? #WeTrust CLICK HERE
  13. Ayr Tickets Latest

    Read from the bottom of the thread for the latest news #WeAreKillie #WFAANW
  14. TIK Funding Update #2

    The second update about our funding is now on the website... CLICK HERE
  15. TIK Funding Update #1

    The first update about our funding is now on the website... CLICK HERE
  16. KFCSA 2016 AGM Minutes

    The KFCSA AGM is soon, in accordance with their rules, here are the minutes from the previous AGM CLICK HERE
  17. TIK Legends Match

    Killie 2017-18 Season Ticket holders who sign up to the "Trust In Killie" initiative before July will be in a draw to play in the Open Day (August 6th) Trust In Killie Legends match. Can't say much more about it just now, details to follow soon.
  18. TiK Goes Global

    Great news for Killie exiles...you can now sign up to Trust In Killie! CLICK HERE As promised you can now join and also get registered on the system for rewards. It has taken a lot of time and effort to get this in place (they said we couldn't do it, but we did, thanks PlanB) so it would be great if we could now get some kind of return for that from our fans who stay abroad. The link is at the bottom of the page. Also as it says, if you live within the Eurozone please do not use the PayPal option to sign up or it won't appear in the right place in our database and you won't be eligible for any rewards. The fact we have got this to work should mean that we are also able to do the Trust membership in a similar fashion, work is scheduled to start on that within the next couple of weeks, we will keep you posted. We will also post exactly where we are at the first counting point in terms of numbers, donations and we will hopefully have some projections as things stand as well.
  19. KFCSA AGM Notice

    KFC Supporters' Association call their AGM CLICK HERE
  20. Jim's In!

    Former Killie Chairman Jim Mann put his Trust In Killie by signing up for the Premium Package at the weekend.
  21. KFCSA & Killie Trust Statement CLICK HERE
  22. New Sub-Forum

    Well you are in here so you know the new sub-forum exists! We created this because the Trust Board felt that there were a lot of good discussion points and questions being asked/answered and didn't want them getting 'lost' down the forum through time...nothing lasts long on the front page of Kickback unless its pinned. You can also click on the logo in the forum header and it takes you to the sign up page, which is handy. We've moved anything since the launch we could find in here and we'll try and keep it here, we'd appreciate if you'd reciprocate by posting anything about TiK on this forum too.
  23. TiK Donations

    Just to say that we've added a donation button to the front of the forums and you can now donate directly to the Trust in Killie initiative from here. You will see the section for it under the normal board names sections and above the "Who's Online" panel. Please note that the totals on there will only represent how much gets donated directly via these forums at that submission point...its not a grand total by any manner of means. We have also added a PayPal donate button to the main Trust TIK page again for those who wish to contribute but the monthly subscription is not an option right now. We don't like PayPal as they skim off 9% for themselves, but its better than nothing and we don't need to do to much to administer small donations as they don't qualify for 'rewards' and we don't have to keep records of donators details...although we are trying to work out how to send a note of thanks along with the receipt! Next we will be having a look at how we can best create some kind of 'totaliser' page to let everyone see exactly how much we are pulling in and how long we project it is going to take to reach the initial target of £100,000 for the club directorship based on monthly subs and individual donations put together. Anyone with a knowledge of something suitable get in touch. We've still to tackle the worldwide Trust membership problem as well, we were hoping that GoCardless would overtake us by introducing that facility but its not looking likely...our best bet is to create a manual database like our old one and possibly do something with PayPal again, just for those outside the Eurozone. We don't want to do that, its more time and more hassle, but we don't want to leave out our exiles...they are after all the fans that rely on KillieFC.com most and are never shy at stumping up a few quid to help out. The Trust Board are doing a presentation about TIK at the end of the AGM tomorrow night, if you have any questions about the initiative then following that would be an ideal time to ask them. Directors Gary Torbett, Peter Telfer, Cathy Jamieson and Chairman Jim Thomson will be on hand to respond to all your queries - we hope that this secondary 'launch' in front of club shareholders will help boost the numbers.
  24. Take part in the @SuppDirectScot 2017 Survey & you could win #SCOENG tickets. CLICK HERE

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