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Lee Mcculloch

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Just now, skygod said:

Read the thread - the Record article does NOT say that the players were in at 06.30. 

It says that McCulloch and Leven were. 

You can see how stories grow arms and legs...


I was quoting the gossip page on the BBC website, I haven't read the Daily Ranger in years, and I'm not going to start now, thanks but no thanks  lol.

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Have just seen the article in the paper and it doesn't say anything about the players being in at 6.30. Thought that sounded a bit daft.

Also thought McCulloch's comment about not going out and signing a 28 year old from the lower leagues in England was rather ironic given that he actually went out and signed a 29 year old from non-league and that's been a bit of a disaster. 

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