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On The Ball

Football related topics of discussion.


  1. Killie Kickback

    This is the general discussion forum for all things related to Kilmarnock Football Club. Any untoward posts will be removed and the users banned. No posting allowed by supporters of other clubs, other forums are provided for that. Incorporates the "Man of the Match" sub-forum. If you have reservations about making a post, then do not post it!

  2. You'll Never Take The Killie

    This is our football board for any other team except the mighty Ayrshire Killie. If you want to talk about your shitey wee English second team our have a laugh at the misfortunes of our country bumpkin neighbours south of Symington then this is the place to do it. Incorporating the "Killie's Tartan Army" sub-forum for our international troops.