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    Apologies for this rant, I don't normally post on the forum but some of the absolute pish that I'm reading tonight is ridiculous. The fact that people applaud Clark after a couple of wins then call for his head after a defeat is embarrassing. Happened a few times this season already. Do you not remember the constant thrashing from s**te teams last season? Two games ago no one was mentioning sacking the manager, now we lose against last seasons 3rd and 4th place teams and people want him gone? Unbelievable. Even worse is the singling out of players when the result hasn't gone our way. The general feeling the past couple of weeks on this forum about Will Boyle is that he has done well and is one of the loan signings that people would want to stay, however he is being absolutely slated tonight. Yes he had a nightmare, but over 20 games he has been decent for us. Coulibaly, Jones, Boyle, Burn, Tyson, Scott Boyd, Hendrie have had a more positive impact than any of the players that we let go in the summer. While some of the summer signings have been terrible, at least they have not been signed up on 3 year deals like last season. There was no way all of the summer signings would be successful, however we haven't missed anyone that we released and Coulibaly, Jones, Hendrie and Scott Boyd have been solid additions. We are missing one of our top players in Greg Kiltie which is a huge blow, but people like Frizzell and Greg Taylor have made the step up to the first team which is great to see. We are eighth in the league, we are not getting pumped at home 4-0 every week by Dundee, Ross County etc. and we have several quality prospects coming through from the under 20's. We are in a much better position than last season, we have a proven goalscorer and we are taking points from teams around us. Could we improve? Absolutely. We are nowhere near the team that Mixu and Kenny had. We aren't near the level this great club should be. But there was no way anyone would turn Gary Locke's catastrophe into a team competing for top six in less than a year on this limited budget. We have a long way to go until we are where we should be, but sacking Lee Clark would be a foolish decision. Personally I am more proud of the team this season. Mention Coulibaly's name to any Scottish football fan this season and they will recall his wonder strikes. This season, I don't go into work every Monday to be reminded of how s**te Killie are, shipping five against Partick Thistle, sitting near the bottom with no hope and getting comfortably beaten by everyone. We have beaten Hearts, Hamilton, Dundee and St Johnstone. We have only lost to Hearts, Rangers, Celtic, Ross County, Aberdeen and Motherwell. Six teams that are way above us in terms of wages and that have much more settled teams. I'm still not happy with the way we are playing and improvement is 100% required, but for only being in charge for less than a year, Lee Clark has done a decent job. There are much bigger problems off the pitch than on it, we should focus our efforts making change in the boardroom rather than the dressing room. There will be players leaving in January and hopefully some quality will be brought in. Realistically we should be happy with 10th this season although we will hopefully finish higher. It's time we collectively got our heads out of our arses, realise that change on the pitch won't happen overnight, keep fighting for change in the board room and get behind our team. Do you actually support Kilmarnock Football Club? Or do you just enjoy complaining when they fail?
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    O'Hara. One mistake, the rest have proven to be correct. Clark ignored the norm of signing journeymen with SPL experience in favour of untried youngsters from Englandshire. I applaud him for trying something different. I would much rather be in this position with a new approach than in this position using the same old -same old- same old.
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    Perhaps should have been on Kris Boyd thread but anyway...... Kris Boyd who has served us very well sees Cathro's management style as a threat, Cathro is highly likely much more intelligent and if Boyd entered management I suspect would be in the ex player / old pals act - with outdated coaching methods and attitudes to the game in particular fitness which I'll discuss more in a moment. Its pathetic that he blanked Cathro when they were on the same coaching course. If Boyd thinks management and a successful team is all about controlling a dressing room he's by before he even starts in management / coaching. Time will tell if Cathro will be a success but perhaps Hearts are right to try something different. I'm fed up hearing media (Sports Sound for example every time teams are knocked out of Europe / Scotland get horsed) going on about the game is rock bottom in Scotland as it is and the usual GRASSROOTS (I don't think the pundits have a clue what that means) need to be sorted first - just sound bites from ex players - they completely miss the point but...... Not surprisingly it hasn't taken Brendan Rodgers long to work out what's wrong - we do have highly talented young players but their attitude (moaning, not getting a chance, blaming someone else etc) but above all lifestyle is all wrong. He says one young player at Celtic is never away from the chip shop - who is highly talented and then struggles near the end of a game. There's do doubt the bad diet / bevy culture amongst players is a major reason why we are so far back. Rodgers used Andy Murray and his training regime as a role model. Getting someone else in to try something different like watching diet / training properly eg Le Guen at the former club known as Rangers and Collins at Hibs ended in player rebellion by those such as Barry (Monster Munch) Ferguson and yes our own Kris Boyd. It will be interesting to see how Cathro does, but until we get off the never ending cycle of Gary Locke types (2 hours training a day) getting management / coaching jobs we will never improve. Until players look at the likes of Andy Murray and become proper professionals we'll continue to get papped out in the first rounds of Europe every summer.
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    I have been regular at Rugby Park since early eighties. Been through the drubbings of the old premier league, relegation to the old second division, mid table mediocrity of he first division, before the"promise land of spl". Yes there have been some incredible highs but much more demoralising lows. since Kenny left ( who had a plan at least) it has been the same sh@t different manager!!!!! Clark is absolved only slightly as he inherited a backroom staff that we couldn't afford to get rid of. players brought on board through the old boys network who don't give a flying funk about Killie, just pick up a wage spout usual gash "about love for the place and try there best" no you don't!!! why then should I pay to watch your attempts to kid on you have some passion when the performances are pathetic and clueless say something different. If this was any other entertainment we would be getting refunds!!!! It ain't always the manager at fault. Dump this lot of pretenders and play the development squad minus any loanee, that has drifted our way to get first team experience and put them in the shop window. Time for people like Monty, Holt and Fowler to be begged to get on board, all with genuine passion for Killie. Who can instill what it means to play for Killie. And dump anybody with a connection to old firm, I'm fed up with "my family will hate me if we win" every time we play the ugly sisters. Where's the I don't give a flying funk about them!!! MJ you know what you have to do, sure you won't do it because you are another old firm leech who is happy to destroy my team. Ps administration is on the way and you're shares will be worth feck all. It obviously makes you happy to be detested by so many of your patrons!!!!! Until radicle changes occur I won't be back. best wishes to all those who continue to attend which I can only commend, but I for one have had it... sorry to nearly all for the rant...
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    FFS, don't you get anything. Get your head out of the sand and see the bigger picture. MJ controls the finances and has deprived the manager of the resources to sign players any better than we have. A new manager would have the same problem. The quality of the squad will not improve. We couldn't beat off St Johnstone, Motherwell, Ross County or Dundee in terms of wages to encourage palyers to sign. Who will you want as manager next season when Clark's replacement fails?
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    Wage theif..... says some fat twat on the Internet who's sitting at home watching a movie and who doesn't really care and only knows the score cause they just checked their coupon
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    You know what I don't believe you, like you I've been going to watch the killie for years. I went with my dad in the 70's, I went with my pals in the 80's, 90's and now go with my kids, why? Because I support Killie! Agreed it is tough to watch more often than not but just occasionally we get that special game when everything goes right and we look like a decent team. Perhaps I'm the eternal optimist but i live in hope that we will one day be back at the top end of the league. Through thick and thin that's what we have to remember, killie is in our blood like it or not, let's get behind the teamm change the regime!
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    Sums up Killie fans for me. Only a handful turned up for this. Sleepwalking into oblivion. Why would investors save a club where their customers can't be bothered?
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    Yawn yawn yawn. Aj must go locke must go clarke must go. It's always the same. Sadly there are not enough players that play for the Jersey anymore. Tommy,Totten and Bobby had everyone fighting for that killie shirt. Lee Clarke got it wrong but I'm sick of blaming managers now. Time for the players to step up and take responsibility
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    Boyd has made a prat of himself and an easy target for opposition fans. No matter his history at RP, he is utterly ineffective now and contributes the square root of feck all to the team effort.
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    Agree with you mate have allways said that before let's get off the managers back it's mj we should be concentrating on. I know people are upset but let's channel our energy to get this man mj out before it's too late!!!!!!!!!
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    Cathro has beaten the worst Killie team ever, ever, ever, ever whereas Boyd is still the leading Scottish PL scorer of all time, yet Boyd is the w****r here, of course he is, lets wait and see how PS4 boy gets on against teams that will get right in about them. Agree about the diet and upbringing of young Scottish players, but it goes back even further when you see "lazy" parents feeding them fast food, crisps etc rather than food that is good for them, oh and the Sports Bar used to be full of our young Irish starlets getting large portions of chips and cheese over from the hotel, imagine that when KS was in charge, shocking.
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    I think we all agree that it is getting harder and harder to drag ourselves to games these days. It is more out of a sense of duty or habit rather than desire or expectation that we will enjoy ourselves. The fact that the most loyal of supporters are taken for granted by the club doesn't help things either. Thats why we are rapidly heading towards home gates of less than 3,000 which makes our current infrastructure and squad unsustainable.
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    I love how you assume that he'll be going shopping with his wife.We are losing fans hand over fist,and some are going to watch other sports. there are other things you can do on a Saturday apart from shopping and watching Killie.
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    This thread is a joke. There's no chance he will get binned. This was always going to be a transition season attempting to undo years of mismanagement and we are still only a point off 6th. I believe all of our loan signings are out of contract with their parent clubs at the end of the season so taking them in and if they are good enough then signing them on pre-contracts in january is not too bad a move with very little lost. Under Locke we would have gone down last year and I genuinely think things will work out but won't happen overnight. After previous years of complete dross we now have people calling for the managers head whilst a point off top six. Fickle Killie fans indeed.
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    I've read this entire thread with interest, until I read that Tope would walk into our team... it was at that point I realised this thread had descended into madness...
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    On the idea that the players who left in the summer would 'walk' into the current team.....how about-McHattie, Hamill, Ashcroft, Scott Robinson, Westlake, Carrick, Balatoni, Higginbotham. Would any of them really 'walk' into this team? Of the ones which probably would you have Slater, Josh, O'Hara, and with the way the defence has been at time (a fit) Connolly. Clark cleared out a lot of the right players...he had no choice over the aforementioned Slater,O'Hara, Magennis who wanted to leave. To largely replace those who left with English lower League youth players was clearly a gamble, with the proviso that some would work out, while others wouldn't. Certainly those who have 'worked' have been fairly small in number-eg Coulibally, Jones, Hendrie, Boyle, Burn, Tyson (not in the 'youth' category obviously). From very early on, he pitched in a lot of our own youth players,often in preference to thise he had signed.Arguably our best performance behind Hearts at home was the Rangers game with a midfield of Frizzell, Hawshaw, Kiltie, Taylor and Dicker.Centre halves were Burn and Boyle. Most were (rightly) raving about the energy and ability shown by our own home grown products that night. On the one hand it suggested that, early on, Clark was not convinced by the English youth players, who had struggled in the League Cup games. On the other, it was really encouraging to see the positive impact that our own players could make. It was therefore very unfortunate to say the least, to lose our best player in Kiltie for the season, Hawkshaw shortly afterwards, followed by Burn. Had we been able to continue with an injury free run who knows how it would have turned out...it may have been an inconsistent run, but our 'own' players are generally afforded more time, than ones brought in. I can remember Kenny Shiels remarking some 3 years ago...'wait until the current crop of young players come through in 3 or 4 years time, we will be in great shape'. That same crop of players he referred to are obviously the current ones. So overall we have a manager who seems to have admitted mistakes in his signing policy (by way of not playing many of them), but who at the same time is willing to almost 'start again' with our own youth players, which has worked very well at times, and not at others. Losing Kiltie is obviously a massive blow, losing our two experienced centre halves in Addision and Boyd has been another. However, I would still rather watch the likes of Hawkshaw, Wilson, Frizzell, Taylor etc coming through, than McHattie, Carrick, Robinson, Westlake, Higginbotham etc. Did Clark underestimate our League? Yes, but he has at least tried to go with youth, and at times has got it right, and at times wrong. He has been very unlucky with injuries, but certainly needs to 'do better' in the next window. With regard to getting rid, seems doubtful that we could afford compensation,and it would mean big changes again in a very short space of time with a new coaching team. At the moment we are very inconsistent, but I reckon we won't go down.
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    We should not be losing 4-0 going on 7 against a low in confidence and fairly average Hearts side. We should not be failing to beat a terrible ICT team at home. We should not be being passed off the park by Partick at home. A 9-1 aggregate score against Aberdeen! I'm lost for words. Two home wins since Falkirk, which included defeat to Morton and failure to score v Albion Rov! His substitutions v St J were poor at best. Why Frizz hasn't been involved is surprising to say the least. It's taken him too long to realise his only position is the middle man in a three behind a striker, and when he shows flashes of creativity he's not involved again. ?? I do give the players 10/10 for effort and commitment in every game I've seen this season. It's huge disappointment that with two winnable home games against ICT and St J we had a fabulous opportunity to get 6 pts and create space for ourselves and we failed. Those two games were IMO going to be a good gage of where we were and potentially shape our season. I hope I'm wrong but the shape at the moment is taking a distinctly pear-shaped one.
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    Or maybe it shows yours? O,hara for sure would play every week, at right back or centre mid take your pick. Despite their faults higgy and tope would walk in to this team. Now, that doesnt make them world beaters but just better than adams, bojaj, smith, cobain, webb, koyade, waddington and probably else i have forgotten!
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    I'm not in any position to comment on the team's performances this season as I've only seen TV highlights but I do have some sympathy for Lee Clark. It could be argued that he's lost the best five outfield players from the latter half of last season (Kiltie, Addison, Hodgson, Slater and Magennis). In addition, injuries to Boyd, Burn and a suspension for Hendrie have made things even more difficult. A complete rebuilding job on our budget is a really tough proposition for any manager and I'm not convinced that any of the alternatives mentioned (Jim Duffy???) would have given us a better chance of staying up.
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    Many thanks for the goals Kris and a great servant to the club but its time up. The fact the manager started him up top speaks volumes... hoping for a Rhodes to save him maybe Also after StJ game: my faukt for playing boydy up top on his own without tyson and punting balls up top to him Clark v hearts: Boyd up top with long balls to him... wheres the logic
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    He's more interested in trying to be a Rangers version of Chris Sutton in the media. His time as a professional footballer is over. His fitness and shape is a disgrace. Thanks for the goals Kris but time to hang up the boots as you are done.
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    f**kin behave yourself man, locke wasthe worst killie manager i have ever seen by a mile.
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    Boyd certainly looks like a complete fool tonight. He should keep his opinions to himself while he is a Killie player. I don't think his comments will have done us any favours tonight, if ever a team needed any extra motivation then he gave them it. Pretty stupid.
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    I played a game of killiefc.com Cluedo over Christmas. We packed it in before long - the culprit every time was Michael Johnston in the boardroom. Only the weapon varied.
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    Disappointing to see the club lay on burgers and chips for the kids at the Eat, Meet and Play day today.
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    Reading this thread and shaking my head in bewilderment! No wonder MJ has such an easy ride when so many "fans" miss the big picture and shoot the manager instead of getting to the root cause which is MJ. Get rid of Clark and we'd have had 4 managers in 3 seasons, does that not suggest that the problem lies not with all the managers but with the man who has squeezed the club dry and deprived any manager of the resources needed to build a team capable of at least avoiding relegation? A new manager might sign new faces but the overall quality of the squad would be the same as we can only pay peanuts. What player of any quality is going to come to killie with the mess the club is in? Even players we had left for the glory heights of Colchester as we couldn't match their offer. Yes lets get a new manager and at the end of the season we can get rid of him and start again...... while MJ continues to drive the club further and further down the tubes! Yep a new manager will make everything alright overnight!! Let's get behind the team and manager and encourage them to more performances like Rangers, Hearts and Dundee at home, the recent ICT game was also a good performance. But for god's sake let's stop directing all the flak away from the man (or men as the board appear unable to take action) that has got us to this position. A position that was inevitable since that day at Easter Road when we won 1-0 to avoid the play-offs.
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    I think, on balance, Clark has to be given one more window and I hope he's learned from mistakes of the summer. I say this with zero enthusiasm and think those suggesting we'll definitely be fine/close to top six etc. are way off the mark. You can't be this bad so often and for so long without having serious problems. It seems to me hammerings away to the better teams are becoming the norm.
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    Anyone who thinks that "statistics" are the same as "facts" is daffy. Having said that , LC's record is hardly encouraging .
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    Facts yes, but still can be misrepresented. For example, did Locke have Rangers and Hearts to deal with?
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    The guy is absolutely right and has only said what all true Killie fans are thinking especially the part about getting true Killie people involved and I also agree you should not give up and please stay with us for the rest of our Killie journey!!KTID!
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    2013/14 home record was two wins and eight draws. Nine away wins though, the best outside the top six.
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    Maybe a few people got carried away because we briefly climbed to sixth place, although the gap with 12th place was only three points! Football fans are eternal optimists; I've lost count of the times we've changed manager or signed a new player and I've thought, "Everything will be alright now", only to find that it wasn't! But a corner hasn't been magically turned. We're still a distinctly average team made weaker by a few injuries and suspensions. Clark has made mistakes though. Someone should have stopped him from grabbing the mic after the Falkirk match - he built expectations that we had signings in place who were going to transform our fortunes. What we had was a mixed bag of unproven signings and loans who might make us a better team. Most of them haven't made enough impact, especially the permanent signings. Cobain, Webb, Jones, Kayode, Smith and MacFadzean have been unimpressive. Only Coulibaly, Addison and Tyson have made much of an impression and Addison is injury-prone. But you're right that the major problems lie off the field and, again, optimism has been repeatedly been stifled. MJ was to step down as chairman, new directors were appointed, shareholders signed up to demand an EGM, a petition calling for MJ to leave was organised ... Nothing has changed, except that the directors who joined have left. Nothing is heard from the board which gives encouragement that they know what they are doing. Is it any wonder that frustrations build up and boil over? If you took a long-term view, you would say that it made sense that we should be relegated, which might give the opportunity to sort out the ownership and to regroup. Going from relegation crisis to crisis is, as Clark himself said, no good. If we have to sack anyone, maybe it should be McCulloch and Leven so Clark can bring in his own assistants. Something seems not to working on the coaching side.
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    In what way have we improved on last season?
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    O'Hara would probably get in the team, although probably not in place of Hendrie. Higginbotham and Tope are not better than Kiltie, Tyson, Jones, Coulibaly or McKenzie. The fact that they have both dropped down to Championship teams says it all. I don't understand why people are pining for players who were routinely getting pumped from Partick, Ross County, Dundee etc. This season we've had heavy defeats from Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts...3 out of the top 4. I'd happily take this seasons team over last years
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    Wherever they're playing, they're playing at a higher level than this lot are.Kept us up last season.....Ho, ho, ho. He hardly won a game. Just managed to win the one he had to and saved his neck. Then got rid of half the players that saved us.
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    The club is rotten from top to bottom. Only way to change things is from the top. MJ, Bowie and Kiltie need to leave. I know people like Kiltie, I myself do t trust him, if other directors are leaving because they can't work with MJ why has he stuck around so long? I just feel he's in with MJ. Back on topic I'm losing faith in Clark quickly, after seeing is a few times this season I just cannot see gameplay or tactics anywhere on the park. Making the pitch smaller to make us press other teams better needs a team to press and mark players which we have lost 2 goals from in the last two home games. No one to sit in the centre of the park who's willing to come and get the ball from defender. Playing a striker out wide. Lumping balls forward over the heads of everyone hoping Boyd gets to it. All of it is just boring. Our team really can make you depressed!
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    Went to the Killie game tonight for the first time in a while. I ought not have bothered. No shape, plan or leadership on the park and not much passion either. Probably one of the worst Killie performances I've seen. Need more experience in Jan window, if that's even feasible on our budget. Also Kris Boyd, I've been a fan for years but tonight was awful. Offered hee haw and needs to lay off the mince pies. Very embarrassing tonight. Needs to be much more organised and individually sharper v Patrick or we will be in real bother soon enough
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    Clark talks a better game than the last two, that's all. And if a manager can talk a good game, some of our support lose their critical faculties. PS Every player that left would probably walk into the current team.
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    Kris Boyd has been fantastic for Killie. His year sitting on the Ibrox bench has seriously hampered the end phase of his career. Had he stayed at Killie I feel he'd still be effective. Unfortunately he's not. He hasn't looked after himself and doesn't have the fitness for the game - even at our level. Compare the older Tyson and Boyd's fitness. Great Killie goal scorer, but time's up IMO.
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    A new manager is not what we need...... another clear out is not what we need ...... another start from scratch is not what we need. A bigger and better budget is what we need. MJ out is what we need. Who would you get that could turn what we currently have around? And play some good football. ......
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    I'd take john hughes in a heartbeat
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    Right then folks, let's hear the alternatives.....
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    Sadly....results and performances show us in .relegation form so far....
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    Boyd should do his talking with his feet. Ah, right....I can see a flaw in that plan.
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    "A team to be proud of" Lee Clark 22/5/2016. I think those words will come back and haunt him.
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    You are one of the guys who goes on the Burns' bus, am I right? So while Squirrelhumper and some of his mates from the same bus are knocking their pans in to get shot of this bastard, 33 of you are willing to sell out for the price of some cardboard chicken! Then you launch into our support on another thread for having too many w****rs. Bit harsh on yourself there no? I'm torn between whether to describe this as hypocrisy and irony here but one thing that is definitely lacking is any sort of solidarity. I hope for your own conscience that you are planning a big s**te on the hotel's bathroom floor.
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