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    You appear to have misspelled Locke. Speaking of which after reading this thread it appears a lot of you have forgotten that utter tool we had to endure last season. Clearing the decks as Clark did to get rid of the dross was not only needed but welcome at the time. He's not handed out 3 year contracts like sweeties so if they don't work out the short term loans can be punted and the 1 year deals I'm sure something can be worked out to free them in Jan with minimal outlay. People are quick to beat Clark for the volume of signings but most are loan/short term deals, be a different story if Cobain, Webb, M.Smith etc were all on 3 year deals. Yeah there are definitely things Clark can do better and he has made mistakes, but personally I think there is enough improvement given what he had to work with initially and what he had to clear out that he deserves a full season at least. Unfortunately I have always viewed this season as a transitional one and would be happy with any position from 10th up. It's next season once he has had a couple of windows to rebuild, shape and implement his squad that I would be looking for marked improvements and be judging him on.
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    Eoghan O'Connell signed. Fantastic signing imo! http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/kilmarnock/celtic-defender-eoghan-o-connell-to-join-kilmarnock-on-loan-1-4333867?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic for PSG: 170 games, 144 goals. Zlatan Ibrahimovic against Billy Berntsson: 1 game, 0 goals, subbed at half-time.
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    Are we talking about jamie macdonald from our team ? We would be sitting probs 6 or 7 in the championship right now if it wasnt for him or am I missing the point of he is one of the best if not the best goalkeeper in the league by far ?
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    As I said on another post, I am not convinced about MacDonald, too many balls palmed out to onrushing strikers, near post goals too, yes he does make some good saves, but look carefully and we can see the amount he sadly costs us.It is said that he is not best pleased with training times due to family reasons, I can see him moving East, we have "lost" better keepers and continue to get bye.
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    They say it as though it's a good thing! (Even if untrue)
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    Add another 6 on there...
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    There's probably a chunk of the budget still going to players who are no longer at the club - Carrick, McHattie, Higgingbottom, Balatoni either had their contracts paid out or we are paying some part of their wage.
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    Is that you Chick Young? This has got to be a joke. Jim Duffy??? You've got to be on the loony juice, keep him as far away from killie as possible please.
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    This may have been rumour - Apparently he had two guys signed to come in at the end of the season. When KS got the job the first thing he did was cancel the two deals as he thought they were both murder. It would have been interesting to see the shape of our squad if Mixu had got another crack at a transfer window! My favourite/only Billy Berntsson memory was him coming on as a sub against one of the old firm. He got the ball in the centre circle, turned left and under no great pressure ran in a straight line out of the park at the sideline.
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    That looks right. I wasn't suggesting that he was rejected by Oldham because he was bad - just pointing out the coincidences with other Killie players.
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    I thought he picked up and injury and was recalled to Celtic...whichever it was, if he ends up at Rugby Park I wish the fella well...
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    Brennan to Stranraer. The most successful I can think of was McKenzie at Brechin City, which is going back a way. Most loans from Killie have been a prelude to the player being released - Euan Smith to Clyde, Ross Davidson to Albion Rovers, Rory McKeown to Cowdenbeath, Gary Fisher to East Fife etc.
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    We should be putting some of our own youngsters out on loan. If Clark believes in the concept of other clubs' players gaining experience at Killie, he should also agree that our kids would benefit from going out to lower league clubs.
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    There's no point keeping a loan player even if he had played every game for the development team. All that's doing is preventing one of our own youngsters from getting a game
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    Kenny Shiels did a job for us, and seemed a genuinely nice guy, but his record since has been nothing short of shocking. He was too outspoken for his own good in Scottish football, the SFA and even the club weren't willing to accept this, i believe that was as much to do with his sacking as the fact that he never made the top 6 as was supposedly in his contract. He was the right man at right time, but i for one would never seem him as a safe pair of hands to come back as manager. Youth team coach or something may be more suited to his talents at this level as he could spot a young talent, no denying that, but as a manager he was a timebomb that boards wouldn't put up with, MJ or whoever it would be
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    We are very fickle, like all sports fans I guess. The guy has made some errors but he's also realised that. I'd like to see who he brings in in the next couple of weeks. I doubt we will go down and at least young players down south know if they come up here and they apply themselves they will get games. Top six aspirations are what we should have, reality dictates we are a club and team in transition. Painful as it is.
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    Just how totally fvkked off are a lot of people on here going to be if LC manages to get a couple of decent guys in and we make Top 6?
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    Damn, for a moment I thought it was the news we all want to hear
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    Public holiday in Sweden.
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    There's a few of them on this thread.
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    MJ waving a white flag walking down rugby road would do me
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    Only because it gives you the first touch of an elephant and takes a further 3 to get the ball under control.
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