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    Greg visited my 6 year old sons school today and read his class a story for world book day, the wee fella came home the happiest boy in Kilmarnock. Well done the club , that's how easy it is to let young kids know about their local team.
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    Sick to death with the KFCSA and their bloody surveys,hows about some militant action for a change and help rid us of a thieving parasite.
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    He has done nothing wrong, but he is also going at end of season, Jamie Mac, hopefully, won't be, we should be more loyal to our own players, it's not like Woodman is a better keeper, that's why we should be keener for JM to be back between the sticks.
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    Or perhaps his return was more down to the fact that his replacement was total mince.
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    before Woodman appeared i guarentee you hadnt seen the boy play, how do you know he wont be a better keeper than Jamie? hes played 6 games, you've had 58 games watching Jamie , i still dont agree he should have been dropped but Woodman hasnt done anything wrong, and im sorry if you're a professional keeper and you get dropped even though you hadnt done much wrong but the manager wants to make sure you are challenged for the position, you have to suck it up and get on with it and take your chance again when it comes along, its a big boys game and i think its one of they ones where, should he have been dropped ? probably not, has the new lad came in and proved in the 6 starts he should keep his place ? id say so and from here on out its about making sure the team finds a bit of consisitency and try and put together a run to build a gap between us and the bottom 4, so lets give him a chance to continue to prove us wrong and be part of a settled team that can see us safely through to another season in the top flight
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    The '97 anniversary strip is approaching the final hurdle before production. design options include with or without sponsor logo, name & number, commerative date - what would you like? comments and feedback very welcome
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    Saw no bother what so ever and I was parked in the big car park at the home end of the ground. Knowing most of the gents posting about it they are doing so with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. Saints now have a small group of dafties like Motherwell, who were quite entertaining, if you like to laugh at them, oh and they had a mega phone, . Perhaps there had been some sort of threat made pre-match, but nothing to see here. I am rather proud of the Killie support that we have kept our support traditional, and not went for this piss poor ultra s**te, so far. This is Scotland, we just laugh at these fannies.
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    Coming up shortly (timed at 13.43), Rory trying to repeat his goal v. St Johnstone. Scored at the fifth attempt, without a keeper! Nothing much else - was going to take a touch, heard Boyd telling him to hit it.
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    Craig Gordon was dropped by Rogers for his poor use of feet and bringing his defenders back into the game quickly. He buckled down worked hard on the areas required and came back a better keeper.
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    I agree this all began with Thatcher. In 1979 the post war rebuilding was over and the post war rebuilding coalition with Labour and the Tories swapping power was not going to work long term. Along came Thatcher and said "I have a vision" I will lead you out of the wilderness. Follow me, there is no other way. The people of Britain said GTF, there was a lot of rioting in Brixton and Toxteth and smaller riots elsewhere. Then Thatcher lucked out big time, sometimes I really think God doesn't know what he's doing. She cut the defence budget and the Antarctic patrol ship HMS Endurance and the Argies thought here we go and before you can say Port Stanley we were all singing Land of Hope and Glory. Then she scored another double tops in the form of a man called Scargill who was determined to drag everyone back to the dark ages and before you know it Thatcher was God. Enough people were making loadsamoney so the unemployed and poverty stricken could be largely ignored. Then along came Blair saying, forget about people centred policies, get rid of the word socialism from our logo the only way to get rid of this Thatcherite philosophy is to be like her. Eh? But people bought it. Now nobody has a clue what Labour stands for and Corbyn is doing his best to do a Scargill. So I agree let them have their UKIPs and Tories and Jeremy Corbyns in his 1990s shell suit. Lets do our own thing and leave them in a pool of their own mess.
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    I'm not a peasant, I watched it on sky sports....... by hacking into my dads account
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    Rumour has it he couldn't Cary the Grant!
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    Try asking the SLO as he pretends to be a Structural Engineer,LOL.
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    I wonder what Lee McCulloch has been doing at Rugby Park for the last 18 months if he has not been coaching the team.
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    Fine the bleepers for bringing the game in to disrepute. How many unemployed keepers would have been on the phone to their agents telling them to 'get me in there. I'll play this one for free. If we don't lose, we can hammer out a deal to the end of the season'? Christ, John Burridge was probably packing his boot bag & asking his missus if she fancied a day out in ayr, while all this was going down.
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    Everything is all about money in Trump's world view. Golf Courses: Just make en am offer they cant refuse (It seems some people on the Mennie estate have not heard this rule.) Women: If your loaded you can grab them by the p***y. (Oh do you think so. Why don't you give it a try with HRH on your state visit.) Wars: Spend to win (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq .... all situations where the resources on the US side were superior but the US were just too thick to understand the subtleties of the environment and local politics.)
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    Well I would if someone told me what actually happened on Saturday instead of of all this guff.
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    If you read my original post, you will see that I think he is not publicly committing to wanting the job because he has real and justified concerns about the running of the club. And, if I was in his position, I'd do exactly the same. Why risk damaging your reputation by working with a basket case of a club? Lee Clark couldn't get away quickly enough. The longer it goes on, the more we will need Lee McCulloch than he will need us simply because time will be running out to get someone in this season. All of which shouldn't be interpreted as me thinking McCulloch is the best man for the job. Just a comment on the awkward position we are in.
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    It will be a very tough game on Saturday and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves. The next four games against the clubs around us are vital.
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    Everyone gets to despondent after one defeat and too euphoric after one victory. Let's see where we are after the 38 games of the season have been played. That is the time to judge how well he is doing.
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    I am one of the people who didn't want him to be at Rugby park. I will be happy to see him succeed because it means Killie are winning games. I would just like to add a note of caution. There was the same clamour to give Gary Locke the job full time. Elbows, correct me if I am wrong has won 1 game beating a team that a worse Killie team beat up there earlier in the season. He is playing Lee Clark's team. he is even starting the young Newcastle goalie that everybody was giving Clark pelters for. To be a real success we have to see what happens when he loses the loan players & has to bring in his own. I still think it's far too early to judge whether he is a good manager. PS turning uo to fans functions etc & being a generally nice guy off the park doesn't mean he will be a good team manager.
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