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    Was just headed to bed when my best mate who’s from Derry calls and says Iv someone who you really want to speak to that’s here at a function, and on comes Kenny. What a guy. Said how much he loved Killie fans and we talked about the infamous 2012 result. I actually stood up when he came on the phone. Said he’s going to give me a hospitality ticket for the start of the season when I go over to see my mate and get a proper chat about football. Killie legend
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    Naismith 'unlikely' to sign for Kilmarnock after it's revealed they haven't tried to sign him. Stevie Naismith's protracted move back to Kilmarnock appears to have hit a major snag today as it's been reported they haven't attempted to sign him. Reports have been rife across the internet from various sources including Naismith's auntie's curtain maker, a guy who works in Stewarton and someone who couldn't reveal their source, that Naisy would be resigning for the stripes. However we can today exclusively reveal that a deal is now unlikely given the club haven't approached his current club Norwich or the player himself. Another source, who cannot be named but who has links to the Kilmarnock board through his ex wife's second cousin, said today "I just can't see it happening. These transfers usually only go through when the club tries to sign a player. In the modern game it's quite rare that a player will sign for a club that haven't tried to sign him. According to my sauce...It's also likely that Bob Harris, Anton Rogan and Terrence Trent D'arby, who Killie also haven't actually tried to sign, won't be putting pen to paper either." Naismith, 31, is now expected to sign on at a club who have tried to sign him.
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    Sorry none of them are anywhere near as prolific as Boydie.
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    Have both always will. It’s a little gremlin on your shoulder which is always nipping away at you. But it’s the amount you listen to the little bastard which often controls how you feel. its horrendous and affects everything and everyone around you. It’s also a hidden illness which men in particular are all too often afraid to admit. But the best thing and essential first step is to admit it to yourself then you can take the massive step of speaking to someone else and ask for help. dont be a knob and pretend you’re too hard to suffer. no one is immune
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    Tragic circumstances but huge credit to Kris for launching this. If he can help even one person then it'll be hugely worthwhile. http://www.thekrisboydcharity.co.uk/
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    Chelsea charge huge Loan fee's (Lukaku cost cost the club £4m when Clarke signed him for us and he was 19) That's why Islam Feruz has had so many clubs. It's a revanue stream for them. None of their U23 strikers are cheap because the position's as premium as it gets. Rumours are Pardew is looking at Wilson on loan as a fallback if we can't Ings on loan Edit: Bugger didn't realise Wilson had gone to the Blades Ings it is then Don't mind me it been a long Fortnight
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    George at Asda crew ......
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    I do enjoy Boyd's interviews where he takes the initiative and starts interviewing himself. 'Am I being interviewed? Yes I am. Do I know a good place in Oregon to get a mattress? Yes, yes I do.'
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    Would love to see him invited over as a half time guest. I'm sure a lot of fans would like to show their appreciation.
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    Ok Hippo, spill the beans......
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    Can we afford to show blind loyalty to players? If there is a chance of signing Naisy and at the expense of Jones, Boyd, Brophy or anyone else he is going going to improve us as a team can we miss this. This question is asked about many different positions. If there was the chance to sign a better keeper, CB, CM would you pass on it? Much as he wants to show loyalty to the players Clarke will understand he has a duty to make us as good a team as he can. It will be beneficial for him as well if he is constantly improving us
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    Absolute legend . Never leave
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    “1,2,3,4 - tell these bastards what’s the score We’re the famous Armani Gang Pricks We fight with clubs and fight with sticks” Stop me.
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    Unless the talk of new investment is more than speculation I will be surprised if SC and BB will risk putting the club in a poor financial position to sign 1 player. I loved SN when he was here but believe SC will make the necessary signings to ensure we continue our progress.
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    Boydie's scored more goals for Killie than Lafferty has in his entire career!!!
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    It's a shame they failed to Progres this time.
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    According to The Sun he’s set to sign a one year extension next week. I’d say it’s deserved even after his poor start to the campaign. Keep banging them in Boydy! KILMARNOCK have opened talks with Kris Boyd over a new deal to extend his stay at Rugby Park. Fans’ favourite Boydy, 34, has scored six goals in the last five matches under new manager Steve Clarke. That has helped Killie soar into the Premiership top six in an unbeaten six-game run. Boyd has 12 goals for the season, with boss Clarke eager to tie him down until the summer of 2019. Talks are at an advanced stage and it’s likely the ex-Scotland striker will put pen to paper next week. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2086507/kris-boyd-kilmarnock-talks-new-deal-2019/
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    Does anyone know if we have or are going to play gamea during the winterbreak? Other SPFL teams have been playing games and have more lined up. Frustratingly its difficult to find out as the papers and online media are 95% about Rangers and Celtic.
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    I'm in the Jacamo crew with Bullitt, looks like Jacamo v Armani....mon the big lads!!
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    We do not and frankly...we shouldn't. We have a fairly small squad who we had to really force through the busy period and a busy spell right after the break.
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    Always liked Kenny.. Says wit he wants Says wit he wants Kenny shields says wit he wants Legend!
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    Mrs Mathematics likes Charlie Manson more than she likes houses.
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    San Francisco. Great place. Berlin second.
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    Love it when Boydie talks Killie! Selling a move to Rugby Park over other options. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2086248/stevenn-naismith-kilmarnock-kris-boyd-rugby-park/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Do I seriously think Naisy could be wearing a Killie jersey before the end of the transfer window? Yes, I do.
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    Even Winston Churchill - considered (by many) to be the greatest Briton ever. Churchill described his depression as like a black dog, which he had to keep a step ahead of to keep "colours in the picture". Kudos to Boydie and before him Neil Lennon for their efforts in highlighting the issue.
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    There have been plenty of posters on here telling us it was a done deal he was coming to Killie.
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    NAISMITH ASKS TO LEAVE NORWICH Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke has revealed that Steven Naismith has asked to leave the club.arke has confirmed that Naismith is looking for another club to join before the end of the month. Farke has confirmed that Naismith is looking for another club to join before the end of the month. Naismith has started three games for Norwich this season. Two in the Championship and one in the League Cup. Harry Trump/Getty Images Sport He has fallen far down the pecking order under Farke and is looking to seal a move away to gain more regular minutes his belt. Reports earlier this week have linked him with a move to Scottish side Hearts. He is thought to be in talks with Hearts over a potential loan move. Rangers have also been touted with interest in Naismith, though no English clubs appear keen to take him on. Norwich official twitter DF: "It was a hard decision but he has not been a crucial part of the squad lately. Steven Naismith has made it clear he is looking for another club." #ncfc
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    Must have been English people that were in Greenock at the time.
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    When Kris Boyd says he considered quitting football earlier this season, it throws into sharp relief how important the mental side of the game is. The Kilmarnock striker made the admission at the launch of the Kris Boyd Charity - aimed at helping people with mental health issues, and inspired by the tragic death of his brother Scott, who took his own life in 2016. This new direction brings a different dimension to a player better known for goals and, latterly, the occasional moment of bombastic punditry. With six goals in his last five games Kris Boyd has found his form as a striker once more, under the inspired guidance of Steve Clarke. Before Clarke arrived on the scene Kilmarnock were a sinking ship with Boyd a player all at sea - the perennial goal-scorer with just one paltry goal in six Premiership matches, having turned 34 a couple of months previously. Inevitably the doubts came creeping in. "Was I struggling for form? Yes, I was. Was I written off again? Yes, I was. But I think in the last three or four months since the manager has come in I have felt like a brand new player. I've got myself back on the score-sheet, scoring goals and enjoying my football again. "I will admit there were plenty of times in there before the manager came in when I thought 'enough was enough'. But, as I said, it was time to get my head down and work hard because I knew that I wasn't finished. Boyd had a slow start to the season, but has scored eight goals in his last 12 games - as many as he scored in the whole of last season "There were a lot of feelings going through my head that I felt I was finished myself. I knew some of the performances were not up to standard. But the big thing was I knew if I got my head down, worked hard and got back in the team it would turn. That's been the case." Boyd's career has had its fair share of ups and downs. There have been plenty of good times - Kilmarnock, Rangers - but disappointments as well - Middlesbrough, Eskişehirspor in Turkey - and a second spell at Rangers that failed to inspire. But amidst the slings and arrows of outrageous football fortune, Boyd has managed to - more or less - keep on an even keel. "I fully understand who I am as a person. I fully understand what I can bring and what I don't bring to dressing rooms up and down the countries that I have been in. Yes, there have probably been periods when I have felt low but I have always been somebody who gets his head down and gets on with it because I know that just around the corner the good days will come back. "There were some bad days in there when I thought, yes, I might be finished. But if you keep working and you understand who you are, you can come back from anything." September 2016 brought the bleakest of moments when his younger brother Scott took his own life at the age of 27. With the Kris Boyd Charity, the former Scotland striker hopes others in a similar situation can get the help they need, as well as help people spot signs that loved ones might be struggling. Boyd has joined up with Donald McNaughton, a specialist mental health coach, to launch his charity "For people who might be around people who might have those thoughts - if the charity can educate them to understand what people are going through, I think we can help to bring the rate of suicide down. "As a charity we want to help people understand who they are and what their values are in life. Yes, you're going to have some bad days and you're going to have some good days but when the bad days are there, you can still understand who you are as a person and if you can do that, you have got an opportunity to keep going." The winter break has allowed Boyd the chance to focus on charity work, but soon the football will return. Kilmarnock are flying high in sixth place in the Premiership and Boyd has looked rejuvenated with 12 goals so far this season, spearheading the Clarke revolution at Rugby Park. Boyd has nothing but praise for his manager's methods. "Since he has come in, this place has been totally transformed. It's not a criticism of the managers who have been in before but you only need to look at Steve Clarke's CV. "Everybody goes on about the magic wand [but] I've said it before - and if you speak to the gaffer he will say it himself - he's been back to basics. "He's kept everything simple and for us as footballers it's about understanding our role. If you are crystal clear about what you are doing on a football pitch, it's easier to make decisions. "You only have to look at Kilmarnock over the last couple of months on how well we have been drilled, organised and hard to break down. But I think going forward, because we have that base to defend on, that security, with the pace we have got in the forward areas - excluding myself, obviously - we can exploit and hurt teams."
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    It's hard to think that it was possible to paint Graham Rix in a poorer light, but there you go.
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    Kilmarnock open talks with Kris Boyd over a new deal at Rugby Park until the summer of 2019 The fans' favourite has hit 12 goals this season, with boss Steve Clarke eager to tie him down until the summer of 2019 EXCLUSIVE KILMARNOCK have opened talks with Kris Boyd over a new deal to extend his stay at Rugby Park. Fans’ favourite Boydy, 34, has scored six goals in the last five matches under new manager Steve Clarke. TOM FARMER - THE SUN GLASGOW Killie have opened talks with Boyd over new deal That has helped Killie soar into the Premiership top six in an unbeaten six-game run. Boyd has 12 goals for the season, with boss Clarke eager to tie him down until the summer of 2019. Talks are at an advanced stage and it’s likely the ex-Scotland striker will put pen to paper next week.
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    He's talking about Killie and no the currant buns and anyone who had an issue with his punditry was more to do with his obsession with the goings on at grey skull
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    Kris I salute you , every little step like this helps remove the barriers to tackling this issue like grown ups
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    .....it's definitely on the 23rd (had it confirmed by both clubs). The league game that midweek would be cancelled. That leaves us with less than 3 days to organise busses/get time off work etc for a trip to Dingwall. Absolutely bonkers. Steve Clarke was spot on about the winter break being a poorly executed idea.
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    Of both of them having a full head of hair again?
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    According to a YouGov survey, golf has been crowned the most boring sport to watch. The height of tee-dium...
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    I must admit I'm genuinely amazed by the volume of mini me Clarksons, Littlejohns and Hopkins we have on here who have used the " PC gone mad. " card to belittle people simply saying we should have good manners and consideration for others. Very disappointing. I always thought, if nothing else, we were a cut above that.
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    No. Jogging is boring. It's worse than golf.
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    Since the change of manager he’s been a different player. Up until Clarke’s arrival he looked to be going through the motions and setting himself up for life after hanging up his boots. He’s now in what appears to be far better shape than he’s been in for a long time. He’s also found his hunger and scoring touch again. If he keeps it up then a new deal is a must.
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