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    I think we have all got lost in the content of the last 29 pages. I seem to remember John Kiltie stated at the beginning of last season we had 2,700 season ticket holders. Given we are recently presented with a figure of approx. 3,500 for the full year including half season tickets I conclude to each 4,000 would be a fantastic achievement. As the juggernaut moved into 6th gear approximately 800 people bought a half season ticket, if the figures are accurate. Not only that but they have renewed for the season along with the 2,700 and we are still on course for 4,000. Therefore should we achieve 4,000 it would be a 1,300 increase on last year at the same time. If we cannot see this as progress then we are fooling ourselves.
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    What a forum. We know hee-haw about this guy, then give it a couple of days, the unearthing of an old article and an observation of a one hour training session and we have an extensive psychological and physical profile. Naturally, there are, even at this point, conclusions of 'he'll no dae'. Hopefully we're wrong and this slow midfielder pal of AD can use his decent range of passing to improve the team and not continue to blame everyone but himself if things go wrong.
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    Exactly, and it's depressing to read people describing TiK as "a bit cliquey" and a club for uber-fans. £300 pa is a lot to pay for the virtually non-existent personal benefits which subscribers derive. If people seem "righteous" about the cause it's only in an effort to generate more revenue for the club. If you've followed this club for longer than the current top-flight tenure, you will know how low it can sink when times get bad. Nobody wants to know when fortunes change, so it's in everyone's interests to make the club as financially strong as possible to protect what we have.
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    Is it not likely that a sizeable number will still pay at the gate to allow for work, hobby and other occasional match-day commitments? If we do indeed manage to sell 4,000, that is almost 50% up on the 2,700 that was reported a year or two back, and I would expect to see around 1,000 still preferring to pay as they go. A home crowd of around 5,000 will be a 66% increase on this time last season and highly credible, in my opinion. Continued success on the park will then bring continued growth.
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    He's made a great effort in moaning at the wrong people, complaining to largely season ticket holders about not buying season tickets.
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    To get 4,000 season ticket holders would be no mean feat. Yes, 64/64 had crowds of over 30,000 for Rangers, 19,000 for Celtic, and 18,000 for Hearts, but as I posted earlier six home attendances less than 6,000. That was at a time when the pubs shut in the afternoon, 99% of league fixtures kicked off at 3pm on a Saturday, there were maybe six live games shown per season, no internet, no X-box or PlayStation, and Kilmarnock was full of successful companies that provided full employment. In comparison, today two of the Ayrshire council areas are among the worst in Scotland for deprivation and unemployment.
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    I bought a new season ticket yesterday. Had one years ago but gave it up for financial and work reasons but Iv been missing the buzz and after coming along on Saturday decided to just get one.
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    Ayrshire public ? Harsh, probably about 30-40% of our support don't live in Kilmarnock and it's environs and have to travel to home matches. You act if this is something new, when we won the league there were six home attendances less than six thousand and that was with a team and manager that we will probably never better. Trolling for the sake of trolling serves no purpose.
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    Ian McCall is a Personal Trainer? Away tae feck imagine him training you to tone up! Have you seen the size of him he’s like a harpooned beached whale the cant!
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    Position at the start of the season should be compared with last seasons 2800 and not include the half seasons sold in December/January. Its only confusing the position and causing unnecessary irritation on this forum. We may sell the same amount of half seasons this year but as of August we are well ahead of same time last year.
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    I don't think anyone is suggesting that season tickets are more important than anything else, but it's wilful blindness to suggest that the lack of reaction to such an unbelievable upturn in the club's recent fortunes is anything other than totally dispiriting. So long as we don't get more income into the club, any sustained period of success is not going to be possible. That's not pessimism, or naysaying, or underrating the fact that we won a league cup 6 years ago - there is no other way to do it. I'm not really sure why you're arguing the opposite tbh.
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    Sadly not your negative criticism.
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    Really good interview. The whole series has been thoroughly enjoyable.
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    I think we have missed a trick not going after Matt Kennedy. In fact I think we have missed many tricks waiting for Mulumbu or some other magical signing. I get waiting until nearer the end of the window for (that) signing but the league starts Saturday and we are not ready .
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    RP is miles better than Livi for a multitude of reasons.
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    To be fair, last week you confidently said that. You also said Dumbarton would be his last game. You also mentioned the fee he was going for. Forgive me for not taking your post as gospel.
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    Surprised you’ve heard the gaming idea before but apologies if you come from a gaming background and are ahead of the curve. In terms of the other point, you seem to agree that a team that keeps winning week in week out would generate bigger crowds. I agree that this is not sustainable for Kilmarnock, hence looking at different ways to gain traction. At the end of the day i don’t share your fixation with season tickets or even average crowds. I don’t care if the people of Kilmarnock and the surrounding areas have a lesser appetite than others, if, as you imply, it can’t be changed. Accept and move on. You seem to have gained a reputation on this forum for constant references to poor crowds. Whatever gets you up in the morning I guess. Ill be there on Saturday and the Saturday after that and on and on.....and I’m sure three will be plenty others by my side. I’d rather win with 3000 at the game than lose with 10000. The crowds will be what they will be.
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    Might just depend on how Sevco start the season and if their start gives them any momentum going into this game. If they beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie next week then the media will be instantly declaring them guaranteed league champions and future treble treble and Champions league winners because Stevie G is a "winner" and the Scottish media will be saying they told you this from the start. Lose the Aberdeen game and he'll be a manager with no full time experience at this level who doesn't know the Scottish game and only a manager with expereience in the Scottish game will be able to stop another Celtic whitewash and the Scottish media will be saying they told you this from the start. Either way....I think we'll beat them.
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    Who do we fancy in the quarter finals?
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    Now that we are getting heavier numbers following us away, it’s great to see the increase in young fans, being a bit naughty, winding up other fans, here’s to 2018/19 and increased numbers of Super Killie Away
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    Of course our club was a shambles back then. Calderwood was a complete joke of a manager and MJ a bell end. Neither of them got on with one another. Kyle also hated MJ much like most of the players did. Club was a complete basket case and we would have been down the pan had we gone down. Be thankful for the gift that is Sir Steve and the fact the club is being run a million times better than it was under the leech.
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    Why Thank you I hope you have an awesome season. I've alway been made to feel really welcome which on some boards can be a little dicey If i'm ever up there I would certainly love to catch a game. Shame we haven't had any Friendlies in Scotland for a while
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    Well stop going in to PC World and mouthing off at the staff.
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    I thought the SPFL had a mass conspirCy against the currant buns so surely our game will be live on BT Sport on the Friday night 24 hours after their Europa League match. OFGTF
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    Can’t believe the slaughtering of each other on this thread, we all surely want the same thing. Looking forward to Saturday!
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    Three point scenario: 1) Shake down the.Hunnish hordes for their cash 2) Killie fans turn out in numbers 3) Beat the scum That’s the way to do it.
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    if anyone offers anything close to 1m for Jones I'd bite their hand off.
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    Yeah was just a bit tongue in cheek mate
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    Basically confirms JJ had Hearts job lined up and that Calderwood was indeed an arsehole.
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    This is the big season for the boy and he knows it himself otherwise he wouldn’t have committed to another season at Ayr. He’s done really well since joining them but there are still questions as to why he wasn’t a success at a host of other clubs. If he does well at the start of the season I’ve no doubt teams will be fighting over him come January but at the moment he’s still a risk.
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    Scott McClymont has confirmed to me we are over last year's total plus half season tickets and hopefully on our way to 4000. Let's hope so, although a 500 increase seems disappointing given the job everyone at the club had done.
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    Perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe we had an average crowd of around 7,000 when we won the league in 1965. Crowds were generally a lot bigger then so 5,000 average every week would be fair IMO.
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    Hearst home 05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imi6hoLn39U Thanks @RayD
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    11% increase in season ticket sales is a slap in the face to everyone at the club?
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    I’m not so sure I agree with your assessment @RAG. If anything the prospect of Brexit seems to making Unionists stauncher and more emboldened to share their views. And their view seems to be they don’t care how big a s**te sandwich they’re served, they’ll gobble it down as long as there’s a Union Jack napkin to wipe their mouths with afterwards. The “soft” unionists, who voted no and remain, are about to be bombarded with propaganda on an unprecedented scale from our right wing media. It doesn’t take much imagination to write that script. Shortages of medicines- “the NHS in Scotland is devolved... it’s the SNP’s fault”. Rising unemployment- “devolved issue... SNP’s fault”. Gers figures show a larger “deficit” - “devolved issue...SNP’s fault”. You name it, they’ll suggest it’s devolved and the SNP’s fault. There’s no prospect of it being traced back to the root cause. Look at today’s papers; with everything going on at the moment, the Lib Dem’s think Scotland only having the best A&E waiting times in the U.K. is the issue they should attack. Every week at FMQ’s weary Wullie stands up and fakes outrage about mental health waiting times or some tedious story linked to policing. He’ll point out how they’re devolved issues and demand somebody’s head should roll. No mention of where our pocket money comes for or how the consequences of public sector spending cuts in England impacts on the devolved governments. Scottish Labour will scream tax more to mitigate the worst consequences of Brexit. They won’t do it where they control power in Wales, but they’ll scream blue murder that the SNP are failing the poorest in society by not doing it here. And the Tories will harrumph that we’re the highest taxed area of the U.K. and that’s why growth has stalled. Shills like Jim Sillars is given huge amounts of coverage to share his view that you can’t be an independent country in the EU It’s all about fragmenting the opposition to Brexit/independence/neoliberalism. Everyone wants their exact vision of independence or they’re happy to stay with what they know. It might be s**te but it’s familiar s**te and familiar is comforting when things hit the fan Divide and conquer... that’ll remain the unionist mantra
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    Killie in Old Firm draw, shell shocked, my son thinks I'm nostradamus.
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    I think it has been pretty obvious that JJ has been avoiding injury in the cameo appearances he has had. This, I believe, would confirm that he is ensuring that the imminent transfer he is aware of goes through smoothly. If it happens he goes with our best wishes and thanks. Killie get a fee , however big I know not.
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    To be honest, if we are sitting with 4K plus season ticket holders come next Saturday I will be pleased. Very much agree the constant counting and obsession with attendances is a bit cringey, I include myself in that.
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    If you are happy then no one is going to complain. The full thing about it being cliquey though is a self perpetuating myth - perpetuated by people who don't consider themselves to be part of it ergo everyone else has to be a clique. That's just nonsense my friend. I know none of the people involved, nor do I have a desire to as I have my own circle of friends, or clique it would seem to be called these days, but it doesn't stop me doing what I think is a good thing for our club. If you don't want to then that's fine, I think you are missing the point a wee bit but I am not going to criticise you about it at all, and I fail to see any one from the trust who are running this criticising anyone either, another myth it would seem. The club are backing it and have put someone on the board through it so that's all I need to know. They don't seem to push it much but i would guess that is because its against the law to promote the purchase of ones own shares and that's what is eventually happening to the funds, so they do it indirectly or discreetly. I expect it will become the norm for football clubs to raise funds through their fans this way and someday we'll wonder how we ever managed without it. Us old guys are not very good with change though so we're still expecting a lottery winner to pitch up and start spending his money on a non-profit that is a football club, but its not going to happen so I'm happy to chip in with this TIK thing until someone comes up with something better. It's FREE MONEY to the club, I thought DrewWylie would be all over it.
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    Excellent post. Nothing brings supporters back like psopect of tangible success. In that regard i mean only winning things. Three main factors here. The manager you have, the players you have and how you are actually doing. Let’s all agree we cannot Improv3 the manager. Players....without mulumbu and impending deaparturebof jj ( the two star players) why should the marginal supporters believe we can push on and win something? We need a couple of big signings to draw the marginals back in. But the thirsd area is the most important. We start winning early or progress in league cup it will matter little how many seasons we have sold. Selling seasons is of course important to bring cash up front but the average home attendance will be influenced more by how we do. THat should be the focus. That’s what drives the financial health of the club. To the broader point above. The more choice younger people have, the less likely they will commit up front to killie through season. They will be influenced in part by signings ( And link to chance of winning things) but more by actual performances. If we beat st johnston, livi then hearts, here’s will be 6000 killie fans in rugby park at next game. the match day experiences needs to trap punters ( particularly the young) if we are not relying on good results. It’s Jurassic in nature. Couple of beers 45 mins before kick off, sit through often atmosphere free zone and straight home after. To be fair as a 49 year old exactly the way I like it (on a good day). But it does not sell well to all demographics. The more youthful on this forum can likely shape how it needs to change to make under 23s come to to more often. Gaming is huge right now, my 16 year old is testimony. Professional gamers. Talk of Olympic representation. Time for killie and others to sponsor a Kilmarnock gaming team? Compete with other uk football clubs on big screen 2 hours before kick off. Free entry based on ticket purchase or season ticket. Needs coordination at national level. Maybe it’s the the third mojito talking ( it’s 5 o’clock somewhere) but we needs to seriously address the the match day experience if we care about future participation by the young marginals.
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    Have to say i'm pretty fed up with the part time support that we get. Whenever there's some big occasion cup final, Ayrshire derby ,relegation decider we suddenly have a mass of people appear out of nowhere to try and sample some glory. I know most clubs get this but it make me irate that these people put nothing into the club then come along to reap the rewards when it goes well. No doubt the people of Kilmarnock and Ayrshire will turn up tomorrow to claim their freebies before scurrying off to ibrox, Celtic Park or their sky box's until the next big event. To make it clear im not bashing those who need to travel large distances or have legitimate reasons for not making most games.
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    I’d suggest a betting company is much worse. Certainly more addictive. Personally, I wouldn’t like us to have a betting company sponsor the shirts but the truth is theyd probably offer the most money.
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    Bas Savage and his moon walk
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    I think Steve Clarke knows what we need, what system to play and who to play in said system. Don’t lose any sleep over it lads, we’re in good hands.
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