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    Feel a lot of the stuff in this thread is harsh tbh. By all means give him a rest for a game or two but some of the generalisations about his (alleged lack of) capacity to improve, his attitude and /or whether or not he follows the SevCo are completely OTT.
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    I think the reason JJ probably gets a harder time from the support is because he's blatantly running his contract down leaving us with no financial boost for resurrecting his career whilst playing like dug s**t in all but 45 minutes against St. Johnstone. I'm sure if he signed a three year deal and had liked pictures on Twitter no one would have batted an eyelid.
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    Realign the price with other league matches. £22 a ticket when we are giving them 8,000 tickets is already generating significant income. Dropping the price by £4 to encourage home fans back is a worthwhile trade off. Hold the away fans back for 10 mins at full time to allow Killie fans to leave without fear of altercation. Make it easy for family season ticket holders to ‘bolt on’ an upgrade for each old firm game at a special price to encourage their attendance. Delivering on each of these actions will go a huge way to seeing more Killie fans attend these games
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    Defenders doubling up on him does not excuse his pisspoor running off the ball never mind the fact that his shooting is rank (apart from his worldy against Hibs last season), he rarely puts in a good cross or makes a defence splitting pass .... but by god he can run fast!!
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    While he’s not in great form the fact that opposition teams are doubling up on him creates more room for our other attacking players, not sure our other options on his position would get the same attention. Given how astute SSC is I’d expect he’s happy using that to his advantage even if JJ doesn’t quite perform as well.
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    We currently have a management team that has probably never been matched for ability to change games, win from behind and have us playing fantastic football, but still we have people making repetitive comments about one of our first picks and how he should be dropped, rested, or whatever, maybe we need another Q&A session with SC and AD so they know they are getting it wrong. Please don’t say it’s just opinions, because people are stating that it is obvious he needs dropped, not to those that make the decisions TF
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    I'm hoping he can pat Broonys heed again as we run oot the clock on a Sunday victory... mon the JJ
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    That’s the attitude that has allowed these f**kers to do whatever they want. We cannot let this slide, almost complete unity in the press, pundits, fans and clubs on our side here. Back down and we’re f**ked.
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    'dugs**t in all but 45 minutes' Wow.
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    Aye. Another laughable statement from our resident forum football manager. Thank f**k SC doesn't feel the same about JJ as most on here.
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    My eight year old granddaughter going to her third Celtic game. She loves it. Surely adult men can pluck up the courage to go.
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    The intrinsic arrogance of the Westminster Elite is well beyond human description. The EU said the chequers plan crosses some of their red lines and violates the founding principles of the EU. The Westminster Elite respond by saying the EU will simply have to compromise because chequers is the only deal available and the EU want a deal so there. In my view no deal will be a problem for the EU but it will be a catastrophe for the UK. IMO, while some nutters on the Tory right relish the prospect, UK parliament will not sanction no deal, so who has to compromise? Answers on a postcard.
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    It is safe, folk have just got it into their head that it's not. The pubs in the town will be full of tims on sunday, same as it was last month against Rangers and there will be zero issues.
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    I'd have to agree with your there mate. He's been poor recently. Players can have bad games but he doesn't appear to be making the effort. Defensively he's worse than a man down. Pretty poor when Chris Burke who is 10 years older has been our best wide man.
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    Very moving programme tonight. Partly as it's the anniversary of my Mum's death 6 years ago today so I can understand the emotions of the Burns family at the end of the programme. A wonderful man who will be remembered forever whenever the history of Kilmarnock Football Club is being told.
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    Ripped Taviner ,got the penalty against the sheep ,scored at the tattie dome and set Boyd up against Sevco .Aye all he can do is run
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    Spot on in every point
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    Shocked you’d even consider taking Stewart out the team. He and Brophy are forging a partnership. Both have two goals in their last two games. Confidence is high and they’ll both fancy their chances against the Celtic defence. Would be crazy to take that goal threat out and replace it with McKenzie. I wouldn’t be surprised if McKenzie did come in elsewhere in the team but not as a striker.
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    Coming up for the game with 3 others, hopefully a decent home crowd
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    Massive overreaction to the perceived lack of safety at these games. There have been a few bad games due to certain circumstances but the vast majority pass with no incidents whatsoever.
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    The security requirements are way over the top as the demand by away fans is satisfied by their existing allocation. The price is prohibitive, as the game is often on TV and we usually don't often get a result. We need an imaginative promotion for Killie fans, like buy one get one half price, while leaving theirs at £27. We need to encourage family ticket holders. Even though safety is OK after the game, we may need to do something to reassure people.
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    Much as we would all prefer this option who under writes the approx. £100k in lost revenue. Would we attract an extra 4,000 Killie fans ?
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    Only give them one end of the park like it used to be !!!!
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    He's not going to progress very far in the game if he can't deal with being double marked in the SPL.
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    island mentality. you could only dream up brexit if you lived on an island. its how mainland europeans see us anyway! to the europeans we're just a bunch of mad islanders, who drink far too much lager in the sun, on our 2wk trips to the mainland we're soon gonna need visa's for.
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    The point is the snp are already miles ahead of the momentum / corbyn agenda, cos the tories haven't charged for access or dismantled public services to quite the same extent in Scotland as down South.
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    I am old enough to remember when people thought the council providing housing to those who would never be able to afford a mortgage was part of God's plan. Then Hilda happened and the solution to stopping councils from providing housing was to let people have mortgages even if they could never afford it. People waited for the system to rebalance itself but then Tonee happened and just made things 10 times worse, making students take out loans and privatising the railways. Then people in Scotland said f**k this and started voting for the SNP. Now the people at Westminster just keep waiting for the Scots to "come to their senses" while negotiating a Brexit that can only force the country much further to the right. I anticipate a long wait. P.S. quite how an educated chap like Corbyn cant grasp that a UK alone in the world and begging for trade deals would be forced to water down employment law and reduce social provision is beyond me.
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    It’s Adam Frizzells brother, if you look at his Instagram there are pictures of them together. He’s just simply liking a post from his pal.
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    QOTS home 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMY_NB8Rvqo Accies away 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBKExP9kQAo Both @Philo gers home 1980 (Naw, you don't want to watch this) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjfeGBH5Rxg livi away 2003 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egkh8CMzpVg Both @RayD
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    Do you see the author's name? Looks like one of the Frizzell family... Calm down.
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    Aye BigD sad reading i'm afraid, the lad came to us on a 6 month loan contract from Burnley with lots of promise which didn't materialise.... Wish him well but think his story the tip of the iceberg as young lads with lets be honest only promise, given huge wages which their immaturity can't handle and there is always plenty hangers on to help them down the rocky road then drop them just as quick when the money dry's up...
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    A clear example of where speaking the truth just gets you in the s**t and encourages politicians to lie all the time. The woman was a "bigot". Sadly mentioning this to a colleague lost him the bigot vote.
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    It was the national debt, QE money that went to richest 10% and the bank bailouts - with no additional regulation on bonus' (unlike the eu banking system) that did it for Labour. Led to the old left battering the new labour / red tory element of your party from within. The electorate didn't punish Labour really badly, Tories needed a coalition which killed the Lib Dems, now they need the DUP. Remember Gordon Browns massive error with that old granny on the telly during the election campaign where he called her a bigot after she'd complained about what went on to be the Brexit referendum. labour were, as a workers party, completely out of touch by that point. 13 years in government, these things happen to all parties - SNP perhaps being the exception - the carrot of independence is yet to be achieved. Still, the tories are yet to have any fall out from their eu / brexit internal fight, but being mostly posh public schoolboys, you'd back them to sort it out and shake hands long before the Labour party ever did. Labour are now irrelevant in Scotland for different reasons, but that's got little to do with 2008 crash - SNP were on the rise at hollyrood before that. If you compare Donald Dewar or even Jack McConnell to Richard Leonard there's no comparison, it's not what Labour are saying thats the problem - it's the calibre of labour politician in Scotland thats the fundamental difference to previous generations.
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    You don’t think it can be both? If the woman feels she’s been sexually assaulted, I applaud her courage in reporting it. However, both the accuser and the accused should have been afforded anonymity during the investigation. That is Scottish Government policy. For whatever reason, Alex Salmond’s name and the nature of the investigation was leaked to the Daily Record and a well known Labour supporting political journalist. It has done nothing to help the accuser and has quite possibly been prejudicial to the accused. Now I’m not going to go down the Beaker route of thinking it’s some kind of master plan by Westminster to damage the SNP. However at a time we should be focused on the damage Brexit is about to inflict, we’re discussing possible sexual misconduct, primary one testing, and scallop disputes. I also know that when a magician is waving one hand around, they’re usually up to something with the other.
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    Dicker must play. One of our most effective players.
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    I don't see why he would have to be. That's the problem with the whole system at the moment, apportioning blame and demoting refs for the next game obviously means they'll be on the defensive and never own up to a mistake. The focus should be on coming to the right decision.
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    Grant powers to the match commander. If they see or hear enough sectarianism, they stop the match. Innocent team is awarded 3 points and a 3-0 win. Guilty team is fined heavily and deducted 3 points, If its both teams at fault, they both lose 3 points and are fined heavily + made to play next game behind closed doors.against each other. Pipe dream I know, but we can dream.
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    KILMARNOCK manager Steve Clarke has taken legal action in his battle with the SFA, who have charged both him and the club for bringing the game into disrepute. The 55-year-old has been accused following a statement he made over the failure of an appeals tribunal to rescind the red card shown to midfielder Gary Dicker by referee Willie Collum during a match against Hearts last month. Clarke also claimed that the matter had been pre-judged as a result of Collum having been tasked with officiating at that week’s Celtic v Rangers Premiership meeting. The Ayrshire club has also been charged due to the fact they put the manager’s statement up on their website. Clarke has also been charged with making critical comments concerning the performance of Mr Collum but he intends to take the fight to the authorities. “Myself and the club will have legal representation,” he said. “I think the charges are serious enough for that. We can lighten the mood in here when we talk about it, but these are serious charges; I don’t like being told that I’ve brought the game into disrepute when I look at a statement and see nothing wrong with it. “There will be no retractions on my part. Like I say, this is serious and we’ll be treating it accordingly. I don’t know what the SFA is like when it comes to hearings but in England 99% of people who have one are found guilty. I don’t know what the percentage is like here. “It’s nice to have the chance to state my case and it’ll be equally nice for them to explain to me why I’ve been charged with bringing the game into disrepute because I just don’t see what I’ve done. “They cite the relevant rules but, inside them, there are five or six possibilities which could be attached to the charge. What’s annoying – and I know it’s pedantic - is that they can’t even be bothered to spell my name properly. That’s just wrong. “I stand by everything I said in my statement – no retraction – so I look forward to the hearing. “If you’re going to the lengths of charging someone and sending them a document of that size then the least you can do is show some respect and get their name right. I won't use the word amateurish but certainly unprofessional.” Clarke also expressed disgust that the SFA’s charges were addressed to Steven Clarke when his Christian name is Stephen, a matter he believes is indicative of the authorities’ lack of attention to detail. “I gave it back to the person who handed it to me and said: ’Please inform the SFA that that’s not me’ and asked them to send it back with the correct name on it,” he said. “It took them two goes but they eventually did it. “If this had been a criminal case I could have accepted it and probably got off on a technicality but I’m not a criminal – at least I don’t think I am. “This is part of the process but the biggest disappointment for me is that the club has been charged because they don’t deserve to be. They’ve done nothing wrong. “If the SFA think I’ve done something wrong then that’s fine. I’ll fight my corner but there’s no way the club should have been charged. “I believe the club were charged because they put it on the website but it’s my statement, so I’m the one who deserved the charge…if the charge is deserved.” The SFA issued a statement last night stating that changes to judicial panel protocol had been made following extensive consultation with clubs - and stressing that the system was continually being monitored. The statement read: “There has been much discussion and debate around the changes made for this season to the Judicial Panel Protocol. “One key change that was made was in respect of unseen offences of serious foul play and violent conduct. As of this season, the match referee is no longer asked to provide a statement of opinion. This removes any perceived conflict where the match official is placed in the position of reassessing their original decision. “Instead the Compliance Officer asks a three-person panel to review whether a sending off offence occurred. Only where all three individuals agree that a sending off offence occurred will a Notice of Complaint be raised. “The panel are drawn from a pool of former Category One referees who remain active in the game and are therefore up to date with the any modifications to the Laws of the Game and current coaching guidance. “This panel is only used to assess unseen offences of serious foul play, violent conduct and spitting. It is completely separate and distinct to the Judicial Panel itself who are tasked with reviewing Notices of Complaint and Fast Track Claims. The Judicial Panel is made up of people from across the game. “The overall changes introduced this summer were the subject of discussion and input from two separate working groups comprising representatives from across Scottish football, including clubs, managers and players who met on numerous occasions to discuss and agree to these changes to the Protocol. “The SPFL Competitions Working Group, which includes representation from all four leagues, were also consulted during the process. Systems used across other national associations, including the FA, were considered as part of the process, and influenced the recommended approach. These recommendations were approved by the Scottish FA board and all member clubs received details of all the changes in writing at the start of the season. “We are always open to making the system more transparent with written reasons for Fast Track proceedings now published on the Scottish FA website alongside details of all Notices of Complaint and Claims lodged and dealt with under the Judicial Panel Protocol. “The clubs, players and managers are represented in the ongoing review of the Judicial Panel Protocol and we will welcome any input this season through our usual processes. “In addition, our Referee Operations Department will continue to offer the opportunity to clubs to be refreshed on the current coaching guidance given to referees and any modifications to the Laws of the Game in the future.” (Herald)
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    He says himself he's not playing as well as last season yet. At least he recognises that. Also makes the very fair point it's hard to hit some of the same heights when he has two and three men on him. Think some folk on here need to give him a break.
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    Aye, time and a place for these restrictions. A game in September at 1215 on a Sunday when you'll see Celtic fans punting spare tickets for their end outside the ground, isn't one of them. Totally different scenario for a post split game when they are going for the league. Plenty Huns were holding up tickets trying to get rid of spares last month.
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    Can’t take Steve Clarke out. Apart from him being god and Chelsea’s best ever right back. Captained them toEuropean titles and FA cups.
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    Phew....was really worried about the potential back four to start against Celtic.....until I heard Scott Boyd had a virus.....
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    I get what you’re saying guys but surely the safety of our supporters is first and foremost.
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    Wind your neck in. You've hun pals. I've hun pals. My mate posted a pic from Benidorm earlier for Rangers game. i liked it. Doesn't make me a hun.
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    Regardless of team it was a sending off.
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    Back to SOD, I do hope he signs quickly, no doubt the sisters of doom will start circling around, at which point Mr McLeish (Scotland manager) will receive his orders to drop him from the international scene to reduce his value. What has made me so cynical I wonder?
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    Much of Scotland has come to its sense it’s just the unionists who we are waiting to join us in sensible land.
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    Main issues are the feeling hemmed in and that we bent over to them both on the park for years. Folk wont admit it but they wont go because they think we wont win..
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