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    I hadn't realised until recently that this statement was introduced by SSC. It's easy to make a statement but difficult to put it into action. In our case it has been - team and fans aligned; sparkling football; rising crowds; and some of the best atmospheres home and away in years. Whilst the Jones saga has understandably vexed many people, we as Killie fans are actually in control of how it affects us and our club. We can either hold on to all the frustration, annoyance and bitterness and let it blight the togetherness of the last year, or we can make a conscious decision to draw even closer together, ignoring the years of feeling helpless in the face of old firm power. We have our own power. We have our belief. In Stevie Clarke we have a manager who in my opinion can lead us to the title. Let us up the ante. Believe in what we can achieve together. We are not the people - We are Killie. Together we are stronger.
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    If we are ok with our players Tweeting WATP while still employed at the club, we should close up shop now.
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    Imagine JJ was your live in boyfriend and you have a joint lease on your flat with only a few months left. You keep asking him to extend the lease but he refuses. You then hear that at the end of the lease he's moving in with the burd up the street with the bigger house who lives beyond her means who he has always fancied. Do you still let him sleep in your bed and welcome him home every night with loving arms and cook for him?, naw. If he doesn't move out immediately, he's on the couch.
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    I hate rangers more than any other opponent we have or are likely to ever face ---- the full club is the scum of the earth and the sooner they go bust again the better
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    Watp being mentioned should mean every single one of you on here should be wanting him gone right now. Disrespect. Idiocy. And selfishness. I don't want anyone like that playing for my team. Bye Jones. If you don't want him gone after this then you are a tit.
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    That’s the last straw for me - his grammar is putrid!
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    After all the twitter carry on yesterday it had to be “confirmed” by some means, a bit of respect letting it get confirmed tomorrow would have been nice but that says more about Rangers than us. Was as it a poorly worded tweet? Yes. Did it show a lack of respect to current employers? Yes. On the flip side, Jones has just endeared himself to the club and fans who are going to be paying him a considerable wage for the next 4 years so did he do the best thing for himself? Yes. As as I said yesterday, this is football folks, accept it and move on. Kilmarnock are bigger than this pantomine of Jones PCA. On on a side note, anyone who wishes harm to the boy or in particular the breaking of his legs should be throroughly ashamed of themselves. That’s the mentality of other knuckle dragging fans, not our club. Deplorable comments.
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    When the nation is question is a bigot infested s**tehole which believes that being a proddy or a Catholic is the be all and end all. Utter morons.
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    His first f**king tweet with the WATP pish. Get the prick hunted out RP!!
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    Sorry but not wearing that. We've been trying to increase his contract for over a year. He's had numerous offers, one of which would have made him the top paid player at the club. The current situation is entirely out with our control. If we'd have offered him any more it would have rocked the whole wage structure and upset the harmony of the rest of the squad.
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    Must be an exclusive invite for only the top Killie fans. As a season ticket holder I’d have expected some correspondence when the organised such an event. I know you can’t please eveyone, but the clubs as much mines as anyone else’s.
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    Sorry guys feel a bit emotional tonight,maybe distance from family and Killie, so waited to make this post at 8pm UK time,which I believe is when the process started for the formation of our club Happy birthday to The Kilmarnock Football Club KTID
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    Play him in the cup v Forfar. Cup-tie the bugger. Hat tip to facetsquared on the twitter.
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    Correct. They could have used their reinvention to distance themselves from their previous incarnation. Instead they chose to double down to keep the knuckledraggers on side for financial gain. They are a cancer at the heart of Scottish society, never mind Scottish football. Despicable organisation.
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    My view is this. If he has singed a pre contract with them, he now has another agenda. Even if its subconscious. I dont belive he could honestly be 100% committed to playing for us as his mind would be on this larger contract that awaits him (say he gets injured in that 50/50 ball vs Livingston!) maybe he will think twice about the challenge. If he has singed a pre contract - thanks for the memories and enjoy keeping your fitness up in the reserves while we play a team who are dedicated to beating those arseholes, rather than joining them.
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    My take on it is it's more the manner in which it's been done that sticks in the craw of most supporters. There was nothing to stop JJ having an agreement in place with Rangers without it being made so public. Jones could have easily insisted on it remaining private or at the very least continued speculation, if he wanted, then confirmed his departure to them at the seasons end. Yes, the other squad members have probably known about his intention to sign a PCA for a wee while now but ask yourself this.... What effect will it have on his teammates should he stay put and play a part in matches, as it's inevitable that booing/critisism will stem from the stands the minute he makes a mistake, bad decission or goes into a challenge half heartedly. Everyone knows this story has either been leaked from within Ibrox or through his agent in an attempt to either .... A) unsettle the harmony between our fans & players thus attempting to derail our challenge. B) force through a move immediately. As far as I'm concerned the way this has played out smacks of a player not fussed about how this affects Kilmarnock FC.
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    He has finally shown his true bigoted colours! Thinks he's the absolute bollocks, hope he rots till the end of the season! He's fracturing a support that had finally became united can't be having a wee rat like him disrupting our season no player is bigger than the club! A quick glance at the replies to his tweets from the peeoples makes me grateful that we support this great club, bunch of self entitled, self obsessed, bigoted scum. f**k Jordan Jones KTID
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    The most entirely predictable action from Jones. So those saying he won't be affected by his move to the Huns - how you feeling now. Classless prick. He can never play for us again. We're paying him and he's tweeting WATP. f**k sake. If discipline the bastard for gross misconduct
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    The second tweet is too little too late imo. That’s got to come first or be put out at the same time to be genuine. If there is no deal to be done put him on gardening leave. See how he likes no involvement in football for the next six months. Completely disrespectful to our great club.
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    Dumbarton 2 Forfar 3 I went along today for the league game between these two and thought I’d give a bit of a write-up on our Scottish Cup opponents. Forfar started with a 4-4-2 formation with Dale Hilson and John Baird upfront. This became a 5 man midfield as the game wore on with Baird dropping deep and Hilson buzzing about like a League One Eamonn Brophy. In truth he played alright but nowhere near fast or strong enough to play at a higher level despite tapping in the first after a strong run from Celtic’s Mark Hill. Mark Hill and Thomas Reilly, formerly of St Mirren, dominated the midfield at times but I doubt they are mobile or strong enough to outwit Power and Dicker. Forfar played a decent passing game and were impressive when knocking it about even if they lack any real pace. Dom Thomas ran the Forfar defence ragged at times and was clearly a focal point with Dumbarton’s players looking for him more and more. The ease at which he glided past Eddie Malone at left back would have Greg Stewart, Burke and O’Donnell licking their lips. Overall it was a good game at a Baltic stadium and although Forfar came out winners in could easily have been a draw. Forfar’s keeper is definitely not the most commanding and countless Dom Thomas crosses would have resulted in a goal at a higher level.
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    I agree with Guff92, some of the reaction on here is OTT. People wanting to punish him and give him dog's abuse for doing what is his right, and signing a contract which will bring him much better financial benefits (until Sevco go bust again, lol)? Of course it's disappointing that he'll go to f**king Sevco, particularly when we are having such a good season. And of course there is a risk that his form falls off a cliff as happened to him during previous transfer windows. However, JJ has always sounded fairly honest to me, admitted the transfer talk got to him before, and has consistently said that he respects the fact Killie gave him a chance when others wouldn't. I don't expect him to stop trying a leg when we are in with a shout of qualifying for Europe. I also think that if he were to start playing s**te, SSC would park him on the bench or reserves pretty fast. If I was at RP watching him play for the Huns, damn right I'd boo him. If he remains our player for the rest of the season, I'd be cheering him on and encouraging him to do what he does best. Any other course of action is only going to negatively affect the player, and much more importantly, the team we support. He's not irreplaceable, but if he is on top form he'll still be an asset until the end of the season.
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    After 4 years warming the hun bench.
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    Would only have to bring him on at the end for five minutes merciless barracking. Drop him on the Wednesday, sell him on the Thursday (or later).
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    For me its simple. We don't play him and put him on guarding leave. Deny him the chance to train and benefit from the use of our training facilities and sports scientists. That will make sure that he will be right rusty when he finally joins the scum in the summer.
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    Fine him 6 months wages and let him rot with the youths. I don't want him wearing the stripes again. Overrated anyway. Second tweet is only after he's realised our backlash.
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    Completely lacking class. Get him to f**k.
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    Firstly I don't think folk listen to me or Sandy much, or Nancy would have exited stage right a helluva lot sooner! Secondly my opinion is that this is a KFCSA event in all but name. Their committee had the foresight to book the hotel (which we don't own so they have to pay top whack for) on the relevant date when the club were too busy with other things to plan that far ahead. I do know that the club have been involved to an extent latterly, but mostly its been the KFCSA who have taken it on and run with it. I would have booked the Grand Hall too, but they've done that recently for the cup win anniversary and it was a massive undertaking and financial risk so I can see why they didn't want to go down that road again. With the number of fans we have and the number of spaces available there were always going to be fans missing out. The KFCSA have a duty of care to their paid up member clubs and as far as I know the tickets were all taken up instantly, with most clubs having to pick and choose among themselves as to who got to go and who didn't, not easy for them either. The first I even heard about the event it was completely sold out, which doesn't seem right, but that would happen even if they'd booked the Grand Hall. Pretty sure that the club will stage quite a few other 'official' events and that more fans will have the opportunity to attend. Due to the holidays there will only be one of the Club Directors even able to attend and I don't see the other two not wanting to get involved at some stage in a 150th year event so you can rest assured this is not the only chance to celebrate the anniversary. Not ideal, but I think they've done a more than reasonable job on the whole and its just a shame that more people can't be accommodated on the night. Mr Sherry may wish to further comment...
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    From a purely professional point, I know in my line of work and the majority of professions, if you are leaving your current position to work for a direct competitor you see out your notice on garden leave. This is no different, they are a direct competitor so stick him on the bench/garden leave and focus on the job in hand with our season
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    Sevco have already won out of this. Look at the disharmony they’ve caused in what has been our best season for years. They’ve effectively rendered one of our best players useless to us for the rest of the season as well. The last thing I’d do is cave in to Sevco and let him go there now for peanuts, that may be the ideal thing to do in theory but we’d just be doubling down on a bad situation. We keep him until summer. We let SC decide what to do with him. I’m pretty sure that plans are already in place to render him a fringe player if he signs the PCA...which he’s perfectly entitled to do. What we shouldn’t be doing is slaughtering him all over social media and giving the world reason to ridicule us, because this situation is not of our making other than it was us who afforded him the chance to shine and that’s allowed him to drum up a contract elsewhere that we cannot match. What we should be doing is raging about the SFA and how they are allowing a club which has already went out of business once to operate out with their means and continue to try and buy everyone else out of the game in exactly the same manner which saw so many people and businesses lose out financially when they went bust before.
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    The ‘letting him leave on the cheap to Rangers in January’ is the worst solution for us and totally unacceptable.
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    Just a dinner is a bit poor. Should be something that all fans could attend and not just an exclusive few
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    42 pages of drivel making a lot of fans look silly. Acting like old firm fans, embarassing. Dont wish the guy any luck signing for them but let’s move on. If we HAD to replace someone, it would be him for me.
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    For me, this could galvanise the rest of the squad. I wouldn't play him again, but thank him for his service and sell him immediately. I don't see there is any way he can play for us again, especially the first game after the break against Rangers. It is a chance for others to come in and prove they are better and can fill the space left by JJ. It is also a chance for the rest of the players to stick together and prove we are a team and not dependent on one or two players. He doesn't make the team, he is only part of it!
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    Get this wee Hun bastard to f**k. I told you he was gonna tweet something like this. Classless as ever! This has only brought our support together on our 150th anniversary. This has given us a cause let's back our club and get rangers beaten in two weeks time. Killie will go on and he will fester away in company of scum.
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    I have no problem signing a pre contract with them. He has done well for us. Would rather it wasn't Rangers but such is life. Disappointed that it is Rangers as you would like him not to come back to haunt us. What is ridiculous and down right disrepectable is posting that kind of tweet when he is still a Killie player. Judging by the kind of people like Jim Traynor and Steven Gerrard at Rangers, this kind of stunt is to damage us on the title run in. I think the only thing we can do is stick him in the reserves.
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    I was all for wishing him well regardless of the club he signed for either at the end of the season or on pre-contract. After that tweet though he should be left to train with the kids. He should not play for us again this season. There are ways of handling things and he could have handled this alot better.
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    Gads, away and support rangers
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    Sorry folks after his tweet all respect has gone. A total kick in the teeth for Killie. I genuinely never want to see him wear the stripes again. Feel the tweet really somes him up.
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    As a new club they were damned lucky they were allowed to start in League Two. Still, it was an opportunity for them to show a little humility and not be as odious a club as their previous incarnation. Sadly the authorities have bowed to their undue influence and have turned a deaf ear to their sectarian singing and they also appear once again to be trading outwith their financial means without question. If they were to go bust, it would be the best thing to happen to Scottish football, since Rangers went bust
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    Can’t believe some people are defending his decision. Moving to a direct rival in the league. Exact same to what Mulumbu, Boyd (x2), Naismith etc. If Jordan moved down to England and showed a bit of ambition I’d give him the best of luck but going to a rival in the league is just not on for me.
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    Absolutely right mate, as should the fans meeting which I suggested at an earlier point last year to canvas opinion of ALL fans as to the best things to do to maximise the benefit of this amazing opportunity. Sadly we have a situation where only those and such as those will be able to enjoy whatever it is that’s happening tonight. So much for ‘Together, WE ARE KILLIE.......etc....’. Sounds like an inclusive clique.....Grand Hall would easily have sold out if it had been organised....... I’d also like to hear the SLO and the KFCSA and Trust leaders views on this. What do Sandy and Barry think, as individuals who do more than most to speak up for all fans.....?? Bit disappointing and poor, especially today when we are all the talk on the radio etc......
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    He has absolutely no control over what is printed and tweeted by the media. He has kept a dignified silence every time this matter has arisen, he was even honest enough to admit it affected his form in the past. He signed a contract with us and he allowed it to run down, if we had been sharper we should have increased his contract much earlier than we attempted to but we now pay the price.
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    We could allow him to go out on loan in England if he doesn’t fancy rotting in the reserves. Strengthening the squad of a direct rival for a pittance seems madness to me.
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    What formation is that post in
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    There’s no point us all getting at each other’s throats. It’s a tough one to take and the tweet lacked any shred of class. But it’s the 150th anniversary and we have had a superb season so far. Let’s not let this derail the positive vibes around the club. If there’s one man who can manage this, it’s Stevie Clarke. I’m sure there will be a winger arrive this window regardless of where JJ is and we can continue to push for European spot and a cup final. KTID
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    And here is where your arguement falls. He has shown with the first tweet that he doesn't care for Kilmarnock or the fact that we gave him the opportunity to save his career. He only tweeted "thank you Killie" after receiving backlash for his "WATP" tweet. In those 2 tweets he has shown that he cannot be tristed professionally imo. There are plenty of other Rangers supporters within our ranks and who dont tweet the same drivel. If you cant conduct yourself off field in line with you CURRENT employers you dont deserve to step on the pitch. Same stands for all other players
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    I’ll give you a valid response - you’re making yourself look like a clown.
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    Play him in the next game and sub him after 10 mins.
  50. 3 points
    Was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until I saw that lmao. Utterly classless.
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