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    I've driven to home games and away games for the last 40 years as I don't stay in Ayrshire. I have also been a season ticket holder for more than 30 years and am a shareholder yet I am excluded apparently. What a fu**ing joke.
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    Please be assured that Cathy has been fighting this method of distribution 'tooth and nail'. Unfortunately, she is on holiday and not at the coalface. If the Trust get an allocation, we will have an open and transparent live draw for 'TiK' subscribers. The Trust Board, who also subscribe, will be part of this draw and will not get favourable consideration. I'm disgusted at the way in which this has been dealt with and feel for the majority of Killie fans who are being marginalised here..
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    What a way to treat fans who travel hundreds of miles every week to follow killie. ST holder, shareholder, TIK and privilege seat holder who travels to every game from Falkirk yet because I don’t travel on a bus from killie I don’t get a chance of a ticket! Disgraceful decision to loyal fans. Seen chat on here about cathy and a clique. Laughed at it then, now I’m not so sure!
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    What if you travel to every game by car or train?
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    The main contributors on this forum seem very quite tonight.
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    What a way to treat fans who travel hundreds of miles every week to follow killie. ST holder, shareholder, TIK and privilege seat holder who travels to every game from Falkirk yet because I don’t travel on a bus from killie I don’t get a chance of a ticket!
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    So a non ST holder on a Supporters bus gets priority...bull f***** s***
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    Terrible decision from the club. I feel for those who travel to away games themselves or on public transport. Really surprised at this. Tinpot club mentality. The precedent had been set for other cup games.
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    Away an set up your on trust, work tirelessly and without thanks for years, put together initiatives, organise and arrange improvements to the stadium, raise and transfer over 100k into the club, go on to raise a further 50k and counting to go into the club in the future. Be a driving force in bring safe-standing and improved disabled facilities to the club. Then once you’ve done all that come back on here and I will make nasty vindictive comments like yours and see how you feel. Folk like you need to realise that there’s people behind the trust, and comments like that a nothing more than a form of bullying. Shameful so it is.
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    The SLO, devotes huge amounts of time, for no financial reward, or reward otherwise. Is highly visible and engaging on matchdays, in fact highly visible just about any time I’ve popped by rugby park or the hotel. To start labelling people as “hand picked” and the associated implication is lazy and plain wrong. If you have no idea what he does but would like to know more perhaps reach out and ask for a chat. I’m positive he will make time to do so. Perhaps like everyone else on the forum he was preoccupied or had something going on in his personal life. One perceived poor engagement with one fan doesn’t mean he deserves to derided like this on a public platform. It’s nothing short of bullying and it’s the 2nd time I’ve called out such behaviour on this forum today. It’s disappointing to see. Perhaps when he “moves over son” you would like to put yourself forward? Would you be comfortable doing so and having such accusations and abuse directed at you?
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    I’m not saying they should be but are Cathy and the SLO positions now under threat? There to represent the whole support but neglected the interests of the vast majority
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    Some guys only there for a piss up on away days, get priority over season ticket holders. Shambles.
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    It's a bit warm for the long socks today. I'd hardly call 10 a bundle.
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    Sorry @Gaz of the 20/20. If you can almost guarantee that they are season ticket holders then they should be afforded the same chance as other season ticket holders. Plenty of posters on here with season tickets make their own way to games especially those outwith Ayrshire. Your comment about a better atmosphere with the supporters club being there is utter s**te, at best you're clutching at straws, trying to justify the clubs decision because it suits your own ends. It stinks of me and my mates are sorted so tough s**t everyone else. Season ticket holders invest in the club regardless of whether they members of supporters clubs or not. After the great decision about the Moffat Stand last season this is a monumental own goal by the club, just when it seems they are getting things right they have made an arse of this. People have mentioned handing season tickets back, that's not the answer. However this decision may impact on future season ticket sales as fans may ask, what price loyalty? I sincerely hope they reconsider their decision because if they don't then the stench from this is going to fester and linger for a long time.
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    Has it been confirmed how many tickets are going to the buses? There can't be that many supporters groups, can't see each supporters club getting much more than the amount of their regular members. We need to calm the f**k down here, this has been a very embarrassing read. The guys who go on the buses every week, all likelihood is they're largely ST holders, not a bunch of randoms off the street. So get off their case. I might be wrong here but I'd expect if the club approach the guys who are running a 30 seater and ask "How many tickets are you looking for?" If the answer is "100" the chances are they'll at the very least have to justify that. The problem is the stadium. The problem is the lack of seats. Talking of cancelling season tickets over not getting a ticket to a game ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE wants to go to is pathetic talk when we are all supposed to be in this together. The club have tried to find a way to get tickets to guys who watch us home and away and it's not been received well, largely because we all want the solution that helps us out personally - the solution that doesn't exist. ...and no, I don't regularly travel by bus and no, I don't have my name on a ticket...
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    Perhaps no right and wrong way...but privilege seat holders who have continued to purchase season tickets all these years through thick and thin have been certainly let down
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    So if I want to go to away games I need to drive from bellshill to killie to get a bus. Stop talking out your f**king arse.
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    Let’s be honest the administration side of the club has been shown up big time over the last few weeks. Three times I’ve travelled down to the shop for my season ticket which I’ve still to get. No strip. Very little in the way of 150 or Euro merchandise. Now this mess. What started as a dream is now a frustrating mess.
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    So are all these supporters clubs running buses to Wales or are they just going to hoover up tickets and head down on their already booked trains? Shameful
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    Make sure that the supporter's clubs get first dibs
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    Impossible to make everyone happy in this situation but the club seem to have found a way to please almost nobody... Credit where credits due...
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    Nobody represents the opinion of all Killie fans. That's just ludicrous. Regardless of who is on the board I can only see positive action from those that are on it over the past couple of seasons.
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    BLOODIE RIDICULOUS If only people knew the amount of time and effort Jim Wilson hass put in behind the scenes over the last 30 +years they would maybe appreciate him more .and if all he gets out of it is to get first dibs on a couple of cup tie tickets so be it ....long may you continue JIM WILSON
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    Cathy Jamieson i believe was the pushing force to give killie fans the moffat stand against sevco not billy bowie so give credit where is due
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    Exactly this . I'll have to either ballot tickets or go on attendance and tell folk that go on bus we've not enough. I'm certainly not gonna feel guilty for something that's 1) not my decision or 2) Out my hands. Seems the folk that run buses are guilty of well, running buses. Not gonna even reply to the pathetic mud slinging.
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    At best it’s shocking statement badly worded, let’s say 5(?) buses who go regular were given 25 tickets each to have their own ballot. I really don’t think anyone would have had an issue with it. What is missing here is the detail, how many will be left once the buses get theirs ??? And how will these be issued ?? For the record as said earlier I think this is an appalling decision, why change how thing s have worked in the past. Why is the club creating a set of Uber fans, why are those who go on a bus now ranked above those who go by car, or other means ??? This could actually create divisions between fans judging by comments on here, at a time when everything was going so well. No easy solution granted, but why not just put them on sale to season ticket holders on a first come first served basis at very least. if folk wanted to camp out then so be it as long as they had a season ticket. of all the options discussed on here in recent weeks this option wasn’t even on the radar. Madness.
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    I’m disappointed with the decision, the options of a blind ballot however could NEVER work, you have families, friends etc driving down or getting train, chances of them all getting tickets were minimal. Supporters buses that are basically going every away game also have such groups, this method of distribution assures at least some families getting tickets together. Its the first game back, easy to get to and everyone wanted to go, the blame (if any)lies with the Welsh FA, they need to plan for potential larger supports prior to each season and have contingency in place, the team will pump this mob, save your pennies and book up Belgrade because that will be a real Euro jaunt!! Remember KTWD and calm down about sending ST’s back
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    Maybe this is a wee bit off the wall. Supporters buses will use approx 350 tickets. that leaves 452 for another distribution. How about anybody who can prove that they have booked a room for the game before today and have a ST go into a draw. They must not be on a supporters bus and if there is less than 452, then they would all get a ticket. Maybe not......just an idea.
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    This is open to all kinds of misuse. I was never going to get a ticket, accepted that and felt it was fair enough as I’m not a ST. But to hand over allocation to supporters’ clubs is f**king ridiculous. I go to a lot of away games, for what it’s worth, but never on a supporters’ bus after a really s**tty experience when I first started travelling.
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    A rare blunder by a typically well informed board if true. Outdated notion of how folks get to games. Season ticket holders are the lifeblood and should get priority. In fact, the more I think about this the less likely I’m inclined to believe this is the decision.
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    My prediction was correct then thought I wouldnt get a ticket despite being a shareholder, season ticket holder, only missing 4 league games home and away but just not a member of a supporters club. Oh well...saves me coming back from holiday to watch the game then which I was planning to do. At least I know my place in the pecking order going forward. Very frustrating when you are at Dundee midweek with only 96 fans, ICT away with 125 fans, Parkhead with around 250 on more than one occasion. Difficult decision for the club though I suppose someone had to miss out.
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    Will just need to watch it after subscribing at the start of the league season then, eh? Load of commotion over nothing.
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    Its not me thats distributing tickets. What do you want me to say about it? I can't sort this situation out. I'm just giving an opinion on the opposite side of the argument and met with seethe from grown men over fitba tickets. The tickets haven't even been announced or allocated, i may not even get one, but i hope i will. Congratulations, you deserve a ticket. Unfortunately i can't sort that out for you.
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    Like probably every ST holder, fuming at this decision. However, whatever way the club decided to go on this, they'd have got crucified by some element of the support. It does seem strange, though, that the element you choose to piss off are your ST holders. Although, a large proportion of those that travel on buses to away games are also likely to be ST holders. Isn't it time, though, to all settle down and forgive the board's mistake, as it is - everyone will agree - the first mistake they've made in two years. Let's cut them some slack, accept they've f**ked up but move on, hoping they learn from this. What was SSC's motto? 'Together we are stronger'. Well, this is one of those times when we have to stick together.
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    I tried the say this weeks ago, but as usual most people are all sugar or all s**t. The season ticket situation has been a shambles from start to finish. The strip has been burgled as usual, and now this. I can’t go to this game anyway, but everyone I know is feeling very let down. They need pressured to reverse this madness. As some have said, some of the fans who boasted about withholding funds from their own club while boosting the coffers of the opposition are now getting priority.
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    I trust that supporters buses will appreciate the views of all fans and approach the club to advise them to think again.
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    Have never been on a supporters club bus or otherwise. Have travelled from Dumfries and Galloway for over 50years by car or train. As logic would tell you never enough people to travel with. But to exclude ST or Shareholders and only allocate to one section of support is unacceptable . It is a difficult situation for the board but it should have been dealt with in a better manner.
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    Difficult not to buy into the idea of a clique now to be honest.
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    Pleased to say our plans came to fruition and that I, along with a few others, are sponsoring the match ball
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    Absolute shambles, season ticket for 17 years go to every away game but because I drive to them I’ve next to no chance of a ticket, board members looking after their pals, thought we were by with that.
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    Wonder home many that were not a penny more and put nothing in to our club but to others will now get a ticket
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    The Trust is a load of s**te? It's put £100,000's into Killie over the past few years. Wish we had more s**te like that. The Trust got a seat on the board as the stumped up £100k and choose to elect CJ to be their rep. The Trust has continued to put money in since then, I know I put in £200+ a year into it and plenty others do too. IF the club are comfortable with the Trust having a place on the board then surely you are doing Bowie etc a disservice by repeatedly slagging the Trust? I thought we were all aiming to galvanise the club/support as one? If any of these "more deserving" people had stumped up cash/or were nominated by the folk paying the money then fair enough but they never.
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    This. I have complete admiration for Jim and no slight was intended. But Drew Wylie hates the fact that Cathy Jamieson is the Trust director and would like to have seen Jim in the role. My point was that, whoever the Trust director is, it is BLOODY RIDICULOUS to expect them to put their hand in their pocket. Hope that clears up.
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    I'm a proud member of Cathy's Clique. I'm getting two tickets so I can take my dug. #whoyouknow
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    It's very satisfying to have a situation where we don't have enough tickets for an away game in another country in the Europa League. If only I could go back and tell 2015 me that it gets so much better.
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