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    That intellectual lightweight of a journalist weighing in in today’s paper. Same blah, blah about making mistake in manager ......it’s one thing us killie fans having a moan And slagging our club but when twats of outsiders do it, it’s time for us to bite back. Whatever folks feelings right now - nobody slags our family. Let’s rally round and turn appalling start into a success story by providing our full support. With a few good signings, gradually improving English with the manager, we may still be on the brink of the most successful period in our history. We won nothing under Clarke. We were consistent but lacked the final sting in cup games versus dons and rangers. To progress, maybe we need to adopt a different approach with better players. This will take time. Alessio was not a wall flower in the success of juventus and Chelsea. He was an integral part of the success. It’s time to get the killie bandwagon back on track. Let’s stick together and believe again in this set up. Cut the panick after one game or his failure will be a self fulfilling prophesy.
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    What is done is done, we now have a league campaign to look forward to, Angelo will still be manager. Time to stop all the negative stuff, start to promote season opener against Rangers, get a big Killie support in the ground to roar the lads onto victory. Or are you just going to do what the media and OF fans said you-would and disappear back to watching on TV. Your team needs you at Rugby Park on August 4th .
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    Must he be black? Not sure his colour makes him a better player...
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    Bollocks, our style of play didn't lose us the game against nomads. Our players did that, even with a totally different set of tactics we should have had more than enough to put them away and away well. We missed opportunities when we shouldn't have. Tactics doesn't misplace passes, poor play does that.
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    Ever since the club’s first tie in Europe against Eintracht Frankfurt, I’ve regarded playing in Europe as the club’s main objective. Lots of famous names from big cities have visited RP and failed to go away with a win - Real Madrid, Leeds Utd., Nice, FC Zurich, Lokomotive Leipzig, Frankfurt - and the club has put our wee town’s name on the map. I don’t regard the Europa League as a welcome distraction. That phrase applies to fripperies like the Intertoto Cup, not a competition the club has striven to reach without success for eighteen years. Losing to a Welsh club whose average gate is around 300 is a disgrace. It’s not something you sweep under the carpet three days later. The professionals at the club can try to knuckle down and focus on the next match. That's their job. But the supporters are entitled to be hurt and not feel the need to apologise for doing so.
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    Brilliant. Let's try and replace him, as well as finding the other striker or two we're already in the market for. That'll be easy peasy. We might be worse off but at least we'll have a million pounds in the bank. Come on, unless we're up s**t creek financially then there's absolutely no need for us to sell at that price. Cardiff and just about every club in the English game chuck about money as if its going out of fashion but we're prepared to let Cardiff take our only striker for peanuts. No thanks.
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    You’re quite comfortable evaluating a manager based on one though.
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    Lee Erwin would be a good option in my opinion
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    People need to rein their emotions and expectations in. All the pieces of the jigsaw almost came together for SC for one glorious moment in time. Even if he was still with us, he’d have had to make changes this year. And even then he’d have struggled to replicate anywhere near the success we had last season. So when I read fans suggest AA should’ve just stuck with SC’s formula, I think Why even bother with a manager if you’re not going to let him manage? We could’ve saved a fortune by just putting a sign up in the changing rooms saying “as you were boys”. It’s not like there was huge changes anyway. AA hasn’t taken a sledgehammer to the plan We played our most experienced keeper. Our usual back four. Three hardworking midfielders as favoured by SC in important games. Two hardworking wide men and a lone striker up front. Swap in Bachmann and Mulumbu and it’s pretty much the team we used since GS left and Jones chucked in the towel. Sure there’s been some tactical tinkering. Our CB’s split much earlier when we’re in possession, SOD and Taylor’s starting positions seem slightly higher, but the patterns of play seem the same. I seriously doubt Taylor and SOD have been told not to close down as quickly as before. I can’t imagine Broadfoot was told not to jump to deal with a routine cross. I’d be extremely surprised if Findlay had been told to wait to foul their player until he was in the box. No manager instructs players to misplace or under-hit passes. The Scotland job came at the right time for SC. He’ll have known as well as anyone from his time at WBA. When you take a team to their highest league finish, invariably everyone expects more and quickly forget how far they’d come. Bachmann was going to be difficult to replace. Broadfoot, Burke, Dicker and Power aren’t getting any younger. Boyd showed that you can go from league top scorer, to bit part player and retired in a blink of an eye. The squad was due an overhaul, partly due to our over-reliance on the loan market and partly due to the dearth of talent coming through. Would SC have rushed in to replace them or waited for the right men to become available though? I think deep down we all know the answer. I’m not suggesting we wouldn’t have been competitive with SC in charge. I think we’ll still be competitive this season. However I think the only noticeable difference would have been our preseason would’ve been better organised. AA can hardly be blamed for how long it took our board to employ him or the lack of time to prepare. I wonder if AD was tasked with keeping things ticking over until a manager was appointed and the slipshod manner of our preparation is the source of any tension between them.
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    Really? Pidgin English when we've heard the guy do press conferences? Accusing him of immediately deciding to rip up the template when he neither said that or did that? His time being up before playing a league game? New faces and exotic names? Who's that then? There's a nasty tone to all of that - from the same people who were telling us McCann deserved more time after eigth straight defeats...
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    I would call Parks a c**t. But, c**ts are useful. I wouldn't piss on that stain on journalism if it was on fire.
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    To be fair, Sevco fans know plenty about ineligible players. They used to field 10 or 11 of them on a regular basis.
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    I don't think we are getting worked up unnecessarily. Personally I am less than impressed with the way the club appears to have been run since Clarke left. We took far too long to appoint a manager and the lack of activity over new players, especially if we want to play a more expansive game, is extremely worrying. We waited 18 years for European football and have totally screwed up that experience - we should have been far better prepared in terms of appointing a manager, getting our match fitness, bringing in new players, working on tactics than we are. As a consequence we have also managed to deflate many of the support, especially those who had come back to watch us and lose the additional revenue that we should have earned. There is also no word coming out yet about any friendlies, something that I now believe is a priority, especially if we bring some new players in this week. IMO this close season has been a complete shambles.
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    We should have had at least a couple arranged. Almost seems as if where we’ve used the league cup as pre season in recent years we’ve tried to use Europe this year. Only it’s backfired and we are sitting on our arse for two weeks before the first league game having served up a total shambles in Europe
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    If Brophy leave Kilmarnock 1million to Cardiff city than Kilmarnock need sign someone replace him
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    Is your mate Chinese? And that was AFTER you edited it?!
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    Mentioning May’s hair as a negative is f**king pathetic chat.
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    I don’t think it is the case. I think the summer has been an utter shambles, culminating in out worst ever - and most humiliating - result. I accept this is not all the manager’s fault but surely people have a right to be very angry and very concerned? It doesn’t affect how I will get behind the team - that is always 100%.
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    I do blame the manager for the shocking result over two legs. I agree with the Vogts comments. Clarke made things simple for the players though mentioned he would introduce a more complex playing style later though we never did see that style. I suspect because he didn't think the players were capable of such skills. I have listened a little(still too much) to Neil McCann talking about tactics and playing styles and he really makes it very very complicated. Football can be a simple game and Clarke proved that by keeping things simple you can beat teams with better technical ability that yours. Exactly as Nomads did to us on Thursday. AA very quickly needs to realise he is no longer dealing with elite players ad that his job of coaching is worlds away from his jobs in the past. Another huge issue is his ability to communicate his complex style to the players with his poor english. If he cannot accept that then he will be a total failure at a club like Killie. The only way he will be able successfully adopt his expansive playing style will be by getting players in on loan who in real terms are "too good" for Killie and by that I mean way out our price range. Over to you Angelo?
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    2 days on and Thurs nights shambles is definitely the lowest in 25 years for me. Lower than the Hibs cup final and a near fist fight with my old man when he left after the 3rd goal. I went to Shelbourne/Glenavon as a kid, which were great and was lucky to go to France in 98. A proper holiday/adventure with massive football matches at the centre was it for me. As I've got older, I realised that was some of the best times and my favourite memories. As an adult, that desire for another trip has grown stronger. Watching the likes of Motherwell and St Johnstone do it regularly has made me insanely jealous. The last 2 seasons have been incredible... that feeling beating Livi to go top of the league in Dec. The atmosphere walking out the ground that night. Scudding Rangers first game back post split probably eclipsed it. For a year or more we were dreaming of a european trip. All the emotion of the last day of the season and we were there. It was happening, the build and excitement of the draw. Booking flights and accommodation. I was down last week, and it was great, but driving to Chester is not the same. Belgarde was it. Beers in the sun, 1k+ fans in the square, playing against a proper team with history and passionate fans. I've waited all my adult life for this. It's probably the last chance I'll have of going on a trip like this with my Dad (he's pushing 70). I turned up on Thurs convinced we were through. Under no circumstances could I envisage us going out. Getting beat off a team with more fans in the directors box than in the away end. There's always a next game/season but realistically, will there be another Belgrade?
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    I wasn’t encouraged at all and as you point out his total inability to make changes when things weren’t working is a huge concern. Yes, we need signings but to not be in the next round of the Europa League with the draw we were given is almost unforgivable. He has made the worst start imaginable and there won’t be much goodwill left if things don’t start to improve very quickly.
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    It could also be laid at the previous managers door for leaving without proper planning in place or it could be laid at the door of the assistant manager who was overseeing things with no gaffer in place. There are too many people it could be blamed on.
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    obsession about being prepared for the start of the season considering we just lost a two legged play off against amateurs?? Wouldn't really call that an obsession.
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    Brophy is decent but no more than that. He shouldn't be anywhere near the Scotland side but we are desperately short of strikers so he is apparently in the mix. That says more about a lack of talent rather than outstanding ability.
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    I think folk forget, Kiltie is only 22. For a guy of that age to have been hampered by so many bad injuries but have shown so much talent at a young age, there is plenty of time for him to recover to his best, which is in my opinion, at this level.
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    I mean Kiltie was Morton's best player when he was with them last season so don't see why he would struggle if he went again but hey ho, keep wanking yourself off to the wet look merchant.
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    Absolute pish. No surprises based on your opinions on beasty boy Jones.
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    He was s**te in Wales.
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    I think he is a better player than coulibally but I think that type of deal was a one off. In pure business terms we should negotiate and take a reasonable value, £1.2 to £1.5 m. He has plateaued for me. I was very surprised he got a Scotland start but this helps his brand value. Whatever we think of brophy, AA style of play is unlikely to suit him. He’s not great at holding the ball up and link8ng others. He’s a lone wolf. Good to bring on if chasing a game or when when adopting a defend from the front approach away at Celtic park. But lacks the subtlety needed in the new way of playing. Strikes me as ambitious guy from little bits I hear. All in all, summer a good time to cash in. But only if we have a 2 or 3 strong replacements in in the next fortnight.
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    You have to be joking? His penalties are terrific. And he’s taken some vital ones.
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    Being left with a threadbare squad is a bigger issue, and I believe his first half tactics had Nomads chasing shadows and only poor finishing by our international players stopped us being through to the next round by half time. lets give the guy a chance , unless you can think of someone else ready to step into the fold and replicate Clarke’s methods with immediate effect.
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    If we don't get somebody to play alongside him. Or be able to give him the right service. he wont be worth 1 million very soon
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    £1 million up front and a decent sell on clause is decent business.
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    The five years have flown by.
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    Back of the net sir. Throw in the season ticket shambles, poor quality of the new kit, lack of a glamour friendly so far and the past 8 weeks has been a total damp squib and complete clusterf**k for our 150th year.
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    Parks is the definition of a footballing dinosaur who thinks Scottish football should just be a big boys club for a select group of people. If a newly appointed Scottish manager had been responsible for the other night’s result, he’d have been saying how absurd it is to be putting the boot into a manager after 2 games and how they need time to turn it around. But when it’s a foreign manager from outwith the Scottish football bubble, he can’t wait to get stuck in and rant about how the appointment is obviously such a mistake off the back of one terrible result.
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    Love when a thread turns into whether people can spell or not. It's a forum not your English school tests ffs
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    I would have been delighted with Darren Moore.
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    It's all very well and good saying that but that doesn't cut it for me and I doubt it will cut it for many others. For the first time in donkeys we had a brilliant platform to try and build on and at the very least we were stable and secure. If that all gets ripped apart now then we should just accept it and so should the board all because our new manager needs a season or two to implement his ideas? You don't get that sort of time in football and you are kidding yourself on if you believe that you do. The board shouldn't be looking for someone to come in and implement radical new ideas with potentially disastrous consequences because it wasn't needed. In SC we had someone who turned our fortunes around and 'gave us our club back'. That was not Alessio's job, his job was and is to try and consolidate our position and if possible, improve it.
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    Can remember after the (first) time we beat Celtic at RP reading a brilliant analysis of SC's tactics that day by a Dutch (I know , and yes he was Dutch) commentator. To the 'untrained' eye (ie not a sports journalist or coach) we had simply kept it tight, forced them into wide areas and then 'doubled up' on them with the full back and winger working in tandem. (this was the match when Celtic who had only lost one League game at Tynecastle had one shot on target in the whole match and Mulumbu scored the winner). However. when the game plan was broken down by the journalist it looked brilliant. The way SC had set out to completely nullify Celtic's strenghts in every area wasn't just 'keeping it simple' it was a plan that no other Scottish side had come up with. Remember how often Derek McInnes did interviews prior to each of their cup finals or big matches against Celtic and said 'Ive worked out a different plan this time, we've learned from the last game' etc. Yet each time..victory for Celtic. The work which SC and AD put into these matches was phenomenal. So, yes, for a new coach to come in and say, 'we will try a more expansive game',even with the same set of players isn't something which can work overnight if at all. However....when Mixu was appointed can recall being at the first League game at Ibrox, which although we lost 2-1, thought 'we played a different and more encouraging brand of football today'...it took until late October for Mixu's methods to click with a 3-0 win at Tynecastle, and we never looked back. Where does this leave AA...not sure. Agree that we have a group of players who have been used to coaching of the very highest level for 2 years. Can AA turn out longer term to be another Mixu with his ideas, or an Ian Cathro with his laptop? It could be that the squad we have are suited to the tactics which SC employed so successfully and perhaps their strenghts aren't a more 'expansive' style. It could be that AA just isn't cut out to manage in the environment of the Scottish game. 2 games in, one utterly horrendous result,...by the end of October this time we will certainly know if its Mixu..or Cathro.
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    Surely AA has to be given 11 matches i.e. to play all the teams in the league once before we make a judgement on him.
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    All about opinions, but I have always hated this reading of Clarke. I've never seen a Killie side more tactically drilled than Clarke's - that's got nothing to do with being simple. The work Clarke's team did off the ball was incredible. That came from being drilled about our system and the opposition system. The off the ball movement shifted depending on who we were playing too, which is even more work. The way our midfield and defence would overlap when defending and shift and change into attack was all about tactical work and coaching. Parking the bus is easy, defending low then have the awareness and the positioning to counter attack and actually be a threat is so much harder - that's how we got results against Rangers. Levein is a manager who keeps it simple and Hearts results were largely dreadful against better sides. The players said again and again in interviews that they were unbelievably impressed by Clarke behind the scenes. I think because he said little on the interviews he was taken as being a straight forward, old school manager. I think he was nothing of the sort. The complaints which I've read on here and heard elsewhere om Alessio seem, if anything, to be the opposite - the players don't think they are being worked hard enough in that regard. What he's trying is good but doesn't go far enough. There's a totally legitimate argument that a manager like Alessio was always going to risk getting that reaction from the players. But I think we were damned if we did and damned if we didn't. I reckon it's just as likely that that squad would take against someone like Holt for being too simplistic. We might well find that squad have been ruined by coaching which is too good...
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    Absolutely. I’m not buying into re-evaluating every player downwards based on one dire performance. Brophy was tremendous last season, hitting double figures in an injury-hit season playing lone striker. He did it well but it’s not his game. To get the best out him we owe it to him to recruit a number 9 or at the very least a number 10.
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    I am sorry but that is nonsense on so many levels , you post on a forum for Killie fans , stating you hope one of our own players struggles ...and not only that but want a player at another club in our league to prosper bizarre post for a supporter of our club
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    Finishing 3rd brought its rewards along with increases in sponsorship and ST sales so income streams had increased season on season Did seem from BB comments both in the press then at the KFCSA AGM that was a significant increase in the overall budget this season for the Manager , in fact got the impression from his replies at the AGM and from other rumours at the time that several deals were close to getting agreed at that time ..........for whatever reason those did not happen...... Come the end of the "window" will be interesting too see how that budget has been used and it if does seem "higher" , given players who had moved on including a couple of the high earners....... but IMO fact we were not prepared and had at least a few new additions in and ready for the European games will still be seen as a big mistake
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    Is there still a league season to play? I thought we were already relegated.
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