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    Ohh the North Region Juniors.
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    In a decade of s**tposting, this site has brought you delights such as the zone valve, hot dutch wifes, Setanta and Alan Frizzell. It is fitting that we close the year, and the decade out, with the latest killiefc.com meme - North Region Juniors!
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    Send it on loan to the North Region juniors for 6 months
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    Have you heard of the North Region Juniors?
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    Absolute nonsense, A lot of complete heads gone moments across the forum today. Dicker was part of the best midfield pairing outside the Top 2 last season. Also would like to remind everyone how pish we were last season when dicker was missing. He is an integral part of our team and is a leader on and off the park.
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    Tackle of the decade: Taylor on Barton Save of the decade: Bell's as mentioned above. Maybe not the best, but probably the most important.
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    he knows the players, he knows us, he was here under ssc, he should hopefully know what we need. from here on in its in AD we trust.
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    Nobody better than Kenny Shiels imho to run the entire youth setup..... probably the last time I remember thinking there was a long term plan in place for youth/future of footballing operations at the club was when he was in charge.
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    Unpopular opinion here but I hope the board are considering Dieselfeet for the managers job long term. Has good contacts in the north region juniors and knows a player when he sees one.
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    Imho the most important part of JFs job is to create and over see a productive youth system for the club....... it, sadly, seems to have been ignored in recent seasons and a 'short termism' attitude embraced ( heavily relying on loan players)..... the only thing that 'short termism' creates is boom and bust...... as it stands we will have something like 4 1st team players under contract at seasons end and nothing coming through our youth system..... surely our approach has to change going forward ?
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    Ok, but i warm you this is going to be long and rambling. I’m going to start with the assumption that not much has changed in AD’’s life in the last 6-7 months to suddenly make him think he wants to be a manager now. That makes me wonder why he wasn’t more proactive in the summer. His boss has just left. We have a big season coming up. The board are dithering about appointing a new manager. He has the ideal opportunity to show them he’s the man for the job. Organise a decent preseason, get a few friendlies lined up, get some of the players he and SC would have obviously discussed bringing in, invited along to training to have a look at them. He could’ve been working on fitness regimes or nutritional plans to ensure we were in peak condition for the start of the season. None of this would have gone to waste is someone else got the job, but he did nothing. Why? The second aspect of my reasoning is based on experience of how things work in changing rooms and the work place in general. One or two influential individuals can make or break any proposed changes. If you can get them on board change can be a breeze. If they’re reticent you’re fighting an uphill battle. Think back to AD’s pitch side demeanour. Remember talk of him being ostracised and potentially leaving. Is it too much of a stretch to think he would have been having words with the likes of Broadfoot and Dicker to say “this is nothing like the gaffer would’ve had us doing”. AD has been around dressing rooms long enough to know how these things work. Watching our season unfold has been like watching The Damned United for millennials.
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    What a load of supercilious s**te. Oooh, you played in the North Region Juniors! Pretty much all of us have played the game, whether it be a kick about with pals or levels above that. I played for Stewarton Annick and I can guarantee, you're no more qualified to "know a fitba player" than I am.
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    The board are certainly not untouchable and they have certainly made mistakes, but the venom in the criticism is absolute stupidity given that there is no one waiting in the wings to come in and all three of them are not only doing the work for free but paying for the privilege. Well two of them are, fans are paying for the third one and by all accounts she's doing the best job of all despite all the laughable comments on here about her having nothing to bring to the table etc. because she used to be a politician. Ask the people who work at Rugby Park, they won't be long in telling you. Is there some sort of qualification for being a football club director these days? If there is I must have missed that but I'm amazed how many Joe Punters on the internet think they could do a far better job with their degree from the open university in s**thousery. The club needed someone more football orientated, they went and brought in a head of football operations and unbelievably he's getting slaughtered already by some. I think that the biggest mistake they made was not bringing more expertise on the board and spreading the load a bit while the going was good and Steve Clarke was still here. Everything that has been happening this season emanates from the end of last season and we are seeing the results of it now, it was always going to happen and I'm actually surprised how well the team have done up to now - although they have to hold their hands up to their part in all this, they are not untouchable either. All this bollocks about the board having learned ZERO from the summer is just tantamount to "down with this sort of thing" placard bearers. Loads of stuff has changed and is still changing but its a results based business and as soon as we get a run of bad ones the same old nonsense gets trotted out and repeated ad nauseam by fans who haven't got a clue how to resolve anything but think that there is some magic formula available which will give instant success. Sign Millar (that worked well), sign Mulumbu, spend money, spend more money, buy players, stop spending money on revenue streams like hospitality - we have our fair share of business gurus (morons) and that's a fact.
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    The loss this morning of big Jim "Tim" Turnbull has certainly provided me with some well needed perspective on the whole Kilmarnock FC situation. Killie fan, Burns stalwart, Bellfield legend, the best and most "weel kent" school/chapel/supporter's bus driver in the county and, I'm proud to say, my father-in-law. You bet we will be belting out "Paper Roses" at the funeral. Love you Jimbo- See you in the next one, have a good time.
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    We’ve had the goal of the decade and team of the decade. So let’s honour those at the back. Save for me was Bells in the League cup after Sissokos error. Maybe not the best ever but crucial in that one. Honourable mention for McDonald who I think made three at point blank in the cup at St Johnstone. Tackle Findlay at St Mirren last season sticks out. We were on a bad run not winning or scoring. Striker through on goal and big Stu comes out of nowhere. Honourable mention to Power nearly taking off Ryan Jacks head
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    Bell's save from the Stokes header in the same game was a better save for me. Sticking with that game Nelson's tackle on Stokes right at the end was perfectly timed.....
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    Ah, you've been trawling the Internet.
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    Would love to see him at the club in a role like that.
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    This forum is a cruel mistress to any poor soul who makes a misstep
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    Have you heard of the championship?
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    Our youth?! Kiltie is almost 23, Waters is 22, Wilson 21, Frizzell almost 21. Only Cameron can be considered youthful at 19. We have no youth to promote. On average, we probably have just one player each season making their first-team debut and most, like Will Graham, then disappear. Youth system is a big disappointment.
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    I trust the directors to make sound decisions off the park which I think they've done with some of the superb redevelopment work. My worry is on the park however and the footballing decisions that are made at boardroom level. That being said, really hope AD is a success though and we can look back on this in May/June as being a stable appointment to see out this season allowing us to kick on next year and challenge for those spots nearer the top of the table.
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    Not one person here can affect anything, nor will their opinion mean anything in history. As there were no other clear and obvious replacements available why not back Dyer and reserve judgement until after the window and a good few fixtures. I mean what really is being pissed off before then going to achieve? Just a bunch of petulant men who have better things to do crying into the wind.
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    Best wishes to Alex.
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    Good luck Alex, I am right behind you and hope all Killie supporters are also.
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    Did he or did he not offer to invest money? Marie Macklin. Of course shes not interested cause the college is at Johnny Walkers now so she cant rehome us and get houses built at rugby park
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    Can I wish all my fellow killie fans wherever you are a happy new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one.
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    Save: MacDonald kicking off the SSC journey Tackle: Taylor sending Barton into orbit
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    What plan of transfer target with kilmarnock?
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    Aye, but their fans were Bonkers!
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    I’m sure this is something Fowler will look at in the future. Unfortunately it takes a back foot at the moment due to problems with the first team. Fowler was involved with the development sides under Alan Robertson as a player and assisting him with coaching he’ll have a decent idea of what’s required. That will probably mean big changes and potentially a change in personnel. A few of us were talking about it and wondered if Kenny Shiels should be someone we should look to get in at that level as head of youth. Before Mixu brought him to us that was the level he made his name and had a very good reputation.
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    But did you win anything? I won Ayrshire district cub scout 5-aside tournament TWICE! Let's put our medals on the table
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    Let's take a step back here and questionAA's part in where we are today leaving aside the debate on whether certain players bought into his methods or not can we honestly say his undoubted experience of some of the top European leagues bore fruit in any of the potential targets he was supposedly going to bring to us.As much as I wanted this to be the case and for him to succeed with us we honestly could no say we saw any improvement on the park.I do concede there is possibly as much blame on the players as him but for a man with his cv and who had dealt with some of the top names in football this shouldn't have been an issue to deal with some ayrshire tatties! Billy Bowie made a massive mistake and it has cost him financially no doubt but it is up to ALL of us to pull together and back Alex Dyer and the players for the rest of the season!
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    Kiltie is still living off a game which is now nearly 4 years ago. He has done nothing since that Falkirk match to show he is anywhere near good enough to be a top flight player. Out of the above mentioned players Waters is the only one to demonstrate he can be a competent SPFL player. Cameron is young but needs regular football. A loan move to the championship would be best for him. I’d punt both Kiltie and Frizzell tomorrow. The former may have been unlucky with injuries but the latter is no where near good enough and will struggle to make it as a professional.
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    They had more experience on the board in Kiltie & White. BB decided Kirsten Robertson (among others), was a better person to keep!! Look how that turned out. BB may we’ll have done lots for Killie, but he’s an egotistical man, who couldn’t seee the woods for the trees, losing 2 valuable directors who brought a lot of good to the table.
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    This. That's all that needs to be said just now.
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    I agree with half of this statement.
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    then off they can f**k.
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    I think we could do a lot worse than to appoint someone who has worked under the current Scotland boss as well as a manager with experience at some of the biggest clubs in Europe. He has been able to see what has worked well for us and what has not worked at the club. I am optimistic.
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    Since Fowler pitched up our "football operations" have yielded 1 win in 8 games, our manager has been sacked for reasons which remain a mystery and the fans have been given no information on what the game plan is. Prefer to wait and see how things pan out in January before being over-critical but the lack of basic scenario planning does not suggest this board is on top of the situation!
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    I hate the OF but want Celtic to win the league again just to f*ck off the Huns as they are unbearable last year. Does that make me a bad person?
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    Therein lies the problem with Scottish Football. The bigot brothers scoop up all the talent from the rest of the diddy teams, have no intention of playing them, thus weakening the league. The players disappear into oblivion and the knock on effect is Scotland's National team suffers. Celtic and The Rangers - the scourge of Scottish football. Get them both hunted
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    Tim was a real good guy. He drove the Bickering boys (Killie Club) bus to hundreds of games over a few decades. I am proud to have known him as a friend. RIP auld pal.
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    Would also like to remind you how pish he’s been this season.
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