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    You are right. It is an open forum and football is all about opinions and being respectful of the opinions even if you disagree. I'm definitely not trying to be the big 'I am' here and, anyone who knows me will vouch that the profile that comes with being the democratically elected chair of this fans organisation doesn't sit easily. I'm consistent in preaching the gospel about trying to unite all our fans to join the Trust. To try and make us a bigger and more effective organisation in helping our Club and our supporters. I'd love our Trust to be the trailblazers in initiatives and community related projects and not be in the wake of Hearts, Motherwell, St. Mirren etc in this regard. Not easy when there's constant negativity hitting the Club on all fronts. Our aim has always been to do what we can to help the Club to be all it can be. I believe that every person on this forum cares about our Club and could maybe do that wee bit extra to make us better. This can't be done in a piecemeal fashion. There has to be a level of organisation. That organisation is the Trust. If you don't want to join, there'll always be something you might be able to contribute but we've created the mechanism for you to do it. I've always believed in meeting our biggest critics head on in an effort to turn the tide. DrewWylie did appear, just not at the time I'd initially arranged and I wasn't aware of that until much later. I contacted him to reschedule and hoped there would be a 'cease fire' until we had the chance of a blether face to face about his constant and completely misinformed criticism of the Trust and, in particular, our representative on the Club board. After nearly two whole days on Thursday and Friday working on stuff with various people from the Club, it's disheartening to read the 'same old, same old' on the forum from him. He rightly said in his PM to me that he 'didn't see what this was going to achieve' so I won't be wasting both my time and Cathy's again with further dialogue. The Trust will move on apace, leave these dinosaurs in our wing mirrors and we will attempt to communicate our business to one and all in a better fashion in the hope that it'll encourage others to join and help. I'm available to discuss all Trust stuff with anyone and everyone to achieve this. Ironically the Trust pay for these forums in their entirety to allow criticism to be levelled and everyone's opinions on all matters to be aired. Justified criticism I'll hold my hands up to and try and make us better. Lies, misinformation, back stabbing and abuse I'm quite prepared to take on and call out. Unfortunately, it comes with the role.
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    I don't think people appreciate quite the level of effort that goes into creating the media content at the moment. Many a time the guys work long days and then are required to do extra at night to allow things like Killie TV highlights to go up cutting down their personal time. Also like any smaller organisation people are expected to pitch in areas that are not their expertise, the guys don't just deal with the media side of the club.
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    So the Trust Director took time out of what no doubt us a busy schedule, and travelled to meet a fan, who didn’t have the decency to turn up. I suspect he chickened out and will never show up. Cathy really needs to try harder and work around his booze and rest days. Some people’s sense of entitlement and sheer bad manners never ceases to amaze. I wouldn’t spend a second more on him.
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    Bit strange folk giving up their time and money to run a supporters trust have to arrange meetings to justify themselves to other fans who don’t contribute to the trust. If it was me, I’d wonder why the f**k I even bothered.
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    I'm not kidding myself. the boycott brought Bowie to the table, he's been quoted saying that himself on several occasions. Bowie got shot of MJ when he realised like everyone else had by then that he was only in it for the money and the club was getting shafted left right and centre. That's a fact my friend, no matter how anyone else who supported the man killing the club try and spin it. Let it go and move on. None of us are claiming to be "heroes", we were just fans forced into a bad position to stop the rot. I don't want credit or praise and I'd be happy if it was never to be mentioned again, but there are utter fannies who constantly bring up NAPM and slaughter anyone involved who refuse point blank to let it go and I don't see why we should have to sit back and accept the abuse when all we did was the same as the fans did back in the 80's which was protest in the best way we saw fit.
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    Johnston is still a prick. Just a rich prick now.
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    Not sure why this guy’s ramblings get so much attention. He’s an utter bore.
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    I think it is a crying shame/disgrace that fans put in hours and hours of unpaid work to help the club and fans and get abuse. However they keep on going because they love the club.
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    Agreed. Either put into the trust or don’t, it’s quite simple. I contribute each month and tbh I am delighted at the tangible results so far. Safe standing for me is a great addition for those who like standing at football and the planned disabled facilities are much needed and an excellent idea. really don’t understand what the negativity is all about. no one is forced to contribute.
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    It's not true. It's not untrue either. The fact is that he always planned to trouser as much as he could and then exit stage left, what happened with his poor wife probably expedited the situation but the least said about that the better, i wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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    Always trying to find something to have a go about. I said he took action against a regime that was dragging the club down, I never said he boycotted. Horses for courses, you do what you think will have the best effect and when it came to MJ all he cared about was money so it made sense to hit him where it hurt. There were a few physical confrontations in the car park at the time which I witnessed myself - if you are trying to condone one kind of protest as opposed to another I think violence would be frowned on in this day and age. For the record I supported those who rallied against the Lauchlans just as I supported those who rallied against Michael Johnston and I'm not sure what kind of stupid doesn't understand that if boycotting a few matches helped get shot of MJ then the end result could only be good for the club. It's a matter of choosing where you drew the line and how far you were willing to go for the greater good, some of us gave up a few games so that the club could prosper, we sacrificed our Saturdays so you could still have a team to go and watch and all you do is constantly have a go about it and put yourself on some sort of moral high horse; the irony of course is you look down at fans who boycotted but you laud the car park lynch mob. I honestly don't know why I am bothering to reply to this as you clearly didn't understand the situation then and it seems you still don't understand the situation now and I'm guessing despite anything anyone says, that you never will - because it suits you not to. Internal strife at a football club is never pretty but at the end of the day its only the result that counts. The fans won out on both occasions whether you agree with the methodology or not, maintaining factions and creating divides in such a small support is just daft, we all want the same things and no one is 'better' than anyone else.
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    So you didn't support the fans against the Lauchlan regime either? I'm sensing a theme here. For the record I bought a family season ticket as well as my own after MJ left and donated the other one to the hippo's ticket campaign. The cheek of the bloke helping all those families get the matches eh.
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    Jeeeez! This is the kind of moronic rubbish that I was hoping to avoid you continually spouting about Mr Easterbook. Could you not have at least maintained 'radio silence' until we could reschedule? Cathy and I were both there yesterday at the time originally stated but unfortunately, as I was doing other Trust business that morning at the Club, I missed your PM on here trying to arrange an earlier time. If I'd known that, I'd have saved Cathy a needless journey. You and OldKillie should really keep schtum with your prejudices and negativity until you hear the truth instead of once again embarrassing yourself in an open forum.
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    I’ll take Kilmarnock’s one or two halfwits over Sevco’s thousands of rancid, sectarian hooligans. A despicable new club. An unwelcome addition to our game.
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    Is he like this in real life or just on here?
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    If you are referring to the action taken to get Michael Johnston out the club then one of them was me and might proud of it I am too. Just like Jim Wilson etc before us took action against the Lauchlans, something had to be done and hitting the man who only cared about money in the pocket was the only way to do it. It was f**k all to do with the Trust, they no doubt had a few people involved but it was fans from all over who took part and in the end it brought in your pal Bowie and the rest they say is history. I'm amazed that anyone can hold a grudge about something that never actually happened against people who weren't even involved, and they missed games so that YOU still have a club. If you don't understand that then its pointless trying to explain it any further. I thought all this was over and we have new problems to face but it seems that some fans get an idea in their head and can't let it go.
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    48 pages of nothing. Nearly 100000 views. How many more before we get even one new face? I will check back next Friday.
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    You're right, loads of questions, it should be an open book, I think the problems start when the questions are actually just unwarranted abuse, false accusations and nonsense speculation. I'll start to get concerned in 2120 because that's how long it would take to get a controlling share of the club at the current rate. I say concerned, fans have the controlling interest in some of the biggest clubs in the world and in the main do okay, but I've seen this explained to you loads of times and your like the proverbial dog with a bone. You have a platform here like everyone else so if you're clever you'll you it to get your own point of view across. If you're really clever you'd get involved and change things from the inside. The trust is a democratic organisation, if the majority don't want to increase the shareholding in the club then buying share would stop, think about it. I don't agree with you here but its how democracy works.
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    Worst. Craig. David. Cover. Ever.
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    Bit on Nisbet on the BBC. Kiltie and him have had a decent run together and still only 22, would like to see us sign players like this, appreciate a fee could be involved and could be a bit of a punt to see if he can move up a level but if successful could provide a profit. Worth a go imo https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51068080
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    Unfortunately the longer we go without a rumour or a signing that expectation from the support will increase. If Kiltie doesn’t score a hat trick against Queens Park and create another three for others then he will be slaughtered by some on here and in the stands.
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    Here's me thinking you were the world's foremost expert in sarcasm!
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    I don't think you're cut out for the internet...
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    I had a civilised discussion with Michael not so long back and he appears more pragmatic about it now. More facial hair, less angry. He never wanted the job in the first place but it turned out to be very good for his flagging career so he stuck with it until he could find a suitable way out. It lasted "a hell of a lot longer" than he expected and that's a direct quote, and the beginning of the end for him was actually learning about what happened with Gavin Masterton and Dunfermline which gave rise to the bank debt write off plan. We were very close to going under a few times but we got lucky on a few fronts at the right times and that pulled us through, but when Billy Bowie approached the club to help when things were going from bad to worse, that facilitated the whole plan and that's how he walked away when he did. I think I equated him to the anti-christ back in the day but it is amazing how getting older and ill health mellows your attitude. One day I may even laugh about Tiny Wharton and how simple football used to be, one day.
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    Few weeks without the football and no real information coming out of the club about signings - time to start arguing about NAPM i'nt it?
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    f**k me, get over yourself!
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    The answer to my quiz question, "Which footballer had three feet?"
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    Steven Gerrard sliders.
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    Chicken Alfredo main course
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    From the stands, I think he's a Championship player. As I think Motherwell assessed him to be when they didn't offer a new contract. And as I think a parade of managers have also assessed him to be. I'm baffled as to why a player who looked miles away from this level anytime he started is seen as some great loss. The only argument I can see for keeping him is numbers, but if more are coming in then fine.
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    What we get now is reports when there is something to report. Kiltie has returned to the club let’s interview Kiltie. Dyer is manager lets interview Dyer. Where is the stuff to keep us ticking over between the normal pressers. More training videos, more player chats, more of the fun stuff. The podcast is great what what happened to the carpool karaoke or players making video diaries of training etc. That we had before.
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    Problem is we dont have a midfielder who can find the pass for the striker to have a shot
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    It didn't seem to adversely affect Mulumbu or Greg Stewart.
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    If so, both deals would have been done at the same time I imagine.
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    I make the monthly payment to the trust but have never even spoke to the guys running it and don’t know them personally. I didn’t take part in that NAPM business but could understand why folk chose to. i just can’t understand the negativity towards them, especially now there are benefits being seen by their involvement.
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    Well said, Sir!!
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    The winter break is s**te.
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    Surely the whole reason of a media presence is to get our club into various media outlets and raise the profile of the club. We need some good news stories out there to attract fans and sponsors. For whatever reason this isn't happening right now.
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    Brilliant, you couldn't make it up! Just quoting this before you realise you made an absolute arse of slagging off the trust. You realise of course that you are siding with them here? They are also saying they were nothing to do with getting rid of MJ. Away and lie down.
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    Quelle surprise, another paninaro (hahahahaha) dinosaur jumps to the defence of his 'leader'. Surely as an anti trust thread we are due a post by the guy from Birmingham with the chip on his shoulder?
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    That's exactly what this thread needed, a Friday night when everyone's on the bevvy.
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    I am not aware of what Jim chose to do during the MJ debacle, but all I would comment is if he decided not to boycott when many others did, then I find that a tad disappointing, not that it matters that much now. But he deffo was at the spearhead of the Anti-Lauchlan protest/boycott, so disappointing to hear he took no part in MJ boycotts. Purely personal opinion it has to be said.
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    You really should be embarrassed posting nonsense like this. Forget the past and look forward, positivity in the fan base breeds positivity in the team.
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    This is the hardest window to do anything in. Players r not easy to come by especially players who have actually been playing for there clubs. Will need a bit of luck to come out of this significantly stronger.
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