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    Motherwell (who are now essentially having the season we had last year, round about the same points now), are an interesting comparison. Had a look at the business they did towards the end of last season and early summer, as seem to remember them being well ahead of the game. They brought in: Declan Gallagher (pre-contract April), Liam Polworth (pre-contract April) Jack Carroll (April), Casper Sloth! (May), Jermain Hylton (May), Chris Long (early June), Sherwin Seedorf (early July) Devante Cole (early July). All of these players, bar the unfortunately named Sloth have been key for them this season. In other words they hit the ground running, by pre-season the squad was in place, targets were identified really early and they were all set to go. Significantly, they have a Head of Recruitment, Martin Foyle, who had been manager of Port Vale, Hereford and Southport among others, a man not only with a good range of managerial experience but had also worked as Head of Recruitment for Northampton, so had experience in that role as well, and presumably, a decent contacts book. In addition they sorted out their management team by getting Robinson and Lasley tied up on improved contracts as soon as the season finished. Looking at all that it is clear to see what Well have built this seasons success on....a proper structure, with early recruitment. Of course we are talking about a similar sized club, with comparable resources, but it is night and day from how we have operated since the summer.
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    That’s not quite how I see it. I would summarise the boards decisions like this: Mistake 1 - it was highly likely that SC would leave in the summer but no contingency plan had been put in place. As a consequence it took far too long to appoint a new manager and a very crucial part of the close season was missed compounded by the fact that we started early in Europe. No time to plan, no signings and then after the European exit no friendlies. Mistake 2 - sacking AA (who was announced as the best manager in Scotland according to a board member a few months before) far too early without really giving him a chance. Reasons still unknown players probably involved but let’s be honest it wasn’t based on results. Oh, and failing to even learn from what happened in the summer, there was of course no contingency plan for his replacement. Cue more uncertainty for players and fans alike Mistake 3 - appointing Dyer until the end of the season. Not ideal but it was understandable to appoint him to the Christmas break but to appoint him after the performance at St Mirren was a disgraceful decision. Hardly a massive surprise to get more of the same at St Johnstone yesterday. Mistake 4 - appointing James Fowler to a role that he has no previous experience of. They may as well have appointed him as manager. At least he had done that before. Mistake 5 - not spending any of the money that came in from sale of Taylor and comp for SC. And they seem determined not to learn their lesson here and do it again this window. That to me is unforgivable. Sow and Jackson? Give me a f***ing break. They were as totally rubbish as I expected them to be. For me the whole situation is not confusing nor contradictory. The board have continuously and consistently made the wrong decisions and as someone has pointed out the single best decision they made was handed to them on a plate by the Trust. Their mismanagement of the club since May is there for all to see and where we are sitting today (7 league losses on the spin, weak squad and manager who doesn’t even want the job) sits firmly on their shoulders.
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    If we signed Slater might as well chuck it.
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    El Makrini or Wilson should have been on for Dicker on Saturday. He was poor and replacing him would have sent a message to the group.
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    That is a feeble excuse IMO.
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    So let me get this straight - The board have to replace the best manager we've had in decades. So, they bring in Alessio who has played at the top level managed at a lower level and has been a coach/assistant at the very top of the game. The board were wrong to appoint Alessio, they should have appointed Dyer, who doesn't want the job, and they should have brought in someone to help them with more football experience. So they bring in former player, coach and assistant (and club legend) Fowler. The board sack Alessio as he fails to live up to expectations and many fans were not happy he was hired in the first place, but they were wrong doing that as they should have given him more time. So they appoint Dyer until the end of the season, who now is willing to take the job. Results don't improve immediately so the board were wrong to appoint Dyer. They should have given it to him earlier; they should give him money to spend; they shouldn't give him money to spend as he's only here for six months, and three matches in they should sack him and appoint Holt? Oh and sack that Fowler as well as he's not managed to turn the whole club around and put an infrastructure in place in a few months? Have I missed anything? I can't be the only one struggling to follow this. We currently want them to sack the second manager this season and appoint another former player, coach, assistant (and club legend) who may or may not be picking the team at a Livi side who are getting a few results here and there, certainly a bit more than us at the moment? Is that the current state of play? Apart from wanting the "idiot", "stupid", "hopeless" board to bugger off as well of course. I appreciate the OP here was trying to cool the jets a bit and is seeking some serious discourse, but it doesn't seem to be a view shared by many if we continue to those who think the way forward is to be the most in your face and shout the loudest. Be careful what you wish for.
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    This story of the finance person being off sick does not surprise me one bit, I immediately thought of the experience anytime I try to buy anything from the club...amateur hour. Why would the finance department be any different. Last year when I bought my season ticket, I did so with Zebra finance, when I went to collect my tickets I was told they couldn't verify my finance, even though I had a confirmation email from the finance company......and the reason I was given in the shop (no word of a lie), "you'll need to wait a week until the finance girl comes back from holiday"
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    As he's off sick.
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    I think its fair to say that everyone on here wants AD to make a success of it. As far as it being 'personal' goes, other than folk questioning whether he really wants the job, or whether he will be able, based on performances thus far, to keep us safe this season. Other than that, many posters have (rightly) said that AD is a thoroughly decent and very nice guy. Everyone is also very appreciative of the part he played during the SC seasons, and indeed tbh I can't ever recall an assistant manager being more popular at RP. I have no doubt that AD knows the areas of the team which need to be strengthened. After all, he has been in the game a long time, both as a player himself, and a coach. However he is up against it in fairness, as so far, he hasn't really been backed in this window, which is now just 4 days away from closing. Okay, he has been able to get Harry Bunn, a player he clearly knows, as well as Kabamba. If the board are serious about letting AD make a real go of this, then in the next few days we should see a new goalkeeper, probably a CH, a No.10 and a couple of forwards (at least) coming through the door. If not, it is AD I feel for, as like AA, he won't have been given the proper tools to work with for the rest of the season. I don't 'blame' AD, I blame the board for not being more proactive this window. A counter argument no doubt would be that AA 'brought' in 11 players around the summer (Branescu, Koprivec, Niko, DDF, Hendrie, Johnson, El Mak, Sow, Jackson, Millar, and St,Clair). However, of those players only Branescu, DDF and El Mak have enjoyed significant game time, and most of the signings felt rushed and last minute, particularly Sow, Jackson, St. Clair and Johnson. At the same time he wasn't allowed to properly replace the likes of Bachmann, Broadfoot, Taylor, Mulumbu, Jones, Boyd, McAlenay, et al, as, when signings are last ditch at the eleventh hour, you are looking at quantity rather than quality. Again, if by Friday night, AD has been dealt a proper hand by the board in terms of significantly strengthening this squad, then lets see where it goes from there. He is a man badly in need of a result, hopefully on Saturday...
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    Haha cheers everyone glad it’s giving folk a laugh. Been badly needing one recently
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    His business is his business but as a shareholder of the football club I would like someone to explain where the money from the Taylor transfer, the SFA compensation and the higher than budgeted league finish has all gone because as far as I can see none of it has been invested in the playing squad. I can’t believe that our player wages are higher than they were a year ago. Something isn’t right.
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    The decline in the players Fitness and shape seems to be getting worse since AA left..just saying
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    Third when Angelo left seventh now and only going one way. Oh and the captain is a trouble making bumped up w****r
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    RIP. Was the holy grail of Panini 78 stickers. I took about 100 doubles to school and eventually got him in a swap. Then like an eejit decided to get involved in a chase and dropped them all on the playground. An almighty scramble ensued then I heard one voice pipe up "Ya beauty, Rob Rensenbrink!" He remained the blank space in my Holland squad
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    Craig Slater, jesus man this is how far we've slipped
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    Friday press conference - “everyone pointing in the right direction, the togetherness is back. The two new signings have taken us to another level”............. Post Match Saturday - “We're not good enough at the moment. I'm not saying they are not giving 100% but it's 100% of what they've got and, at this time, it's not good enough“. That in itself shows the contradictory, muddled thinking and mixed messages that will undermine the squad and the info and strategy he’s trying to get across to them. We need a strong respected character to turn this ship around and we need it now.
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    What are you suggesting? That we blithely accept our fate? "Oh well - the owner put in investment one time so he gets lifetime immunity from criticism."
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    The 3 man midfield worked past couple seasons because it let Dicker sit and dictate play, break things up if need be. With the 2 man midfield he's further up which leaves space in behind. He doesn't have the pace to recover if it's played passed him. I'd like to try El Makrini in there with Power, would show the team that noone is above being dropped and would give us a lot more energy in middle. Would let Makrini show what he can do in his preferred position.
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    It really is extraordinarily straightforward. SC was leaving for a "better" job at the end of last season and the board should have taken action then to build on the momentum he had provided. They did not. For 9 months now they have done precisely hee haw, hoping for better days. They appointed a highly qualified "manager" without any of the basic skills necessary for the job and the inevitable train crash followed. So now we are in crisis management mode. We are no longer "building for the future" we are fighting for survival and making bad choices at every turn. I have seen nothing from the board to indicate they are even aware there is a problem. That is the concern I believe that was shared by the OP.
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    There has been some totally OTT vitriol on here in recent days, heightened by yesterday's pathetic capitulation at Perth. It should go a huge way to reducing tension if the Board was to say something publicly about their vision and their plans - providing some reassurance that there even is a plan would be a start. In the absence of any direction or even communication from the Board, it is understandable that people jump to conclusions, but this is starting to get toxic and it is not going to get better in a vacuum of communication.
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    Yes from me, if he gave us 10 goals till the end of the season.
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    I suspect the silence from CJ is more to do with the actual impact the trust member has on the board than her ability or personality.
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    Them’s the facts bud, I would drop him and the RB straight away.
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    We really, really need to come to terms with the fact that DT is s**t and stop all of this. The baffling thing is how highly he's rated by some Killie fans...
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    Or sack a manager without having a replacement lined up.
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    Just wait until about 9pm tonight
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    Classic forum stuff in getting all worked up about a player we haven't been linked to and 100% won't sign...
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    Think we need to accept that AD is here until the end of the season now, unless he chucks it himself. Even if there are defeats against both County and Hearts the board would have to admit that they have made a roaring hunt of the whole situation, but can't see that happening. Hope seems to be pinned on St.Mirren and Accies somehow being worse than us over the next few months. After we bring in probably 1 more player on Friday night (if even that), this will be the squad for the run in. Need to strap in for a few weeks of 'must work harder' comments I fear.
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    ...and there it is, the forums have hit the levels of the Facebook group
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    If Dyer signs Slater then we have clearly lost the plot and are desperate.
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    The reality is that’s the “bounce”has certainly evaporated Fail to prepare and prepar to fail is a message the board are simply not getting. Was the pre season disaster down to Kirsten? I don’t think so. Did the board assume that AA would be able to make signings, organise pre season, learn a language , buy a house, move to a different country, work with players far inferior to what he was use to - all with the pressure to get results from day 1. Who was helping him? Kilmarnock FC should be a team, consisting of fans, players, staff and directors. For succcess we need to move forward together. for that to happen the “team” needs a leader. Contrasting our fortunes with the mood, attitude and excitement in the stands of Hearts yesterday and we have fallen so far. While I appreciate we are not on the same finincial model Hearts have invested in players like Boyce and Naismith. At the same time ( and no offence) we are trying our hardest to morph into Hamilton or st mirren or even Partick. its time Billy and Phylis started to lead from the front.
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    I hear source Sunderland offer McNulty loan list
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    Bowie paid a fortune to get us out of debt, upgraded the facilities, pumped money in lean months, yes he got the hotel but it wasn't exactly making a fortune. They're upgrading to make it more profitable. See at the end of the day, he can do what he wants with it. We still have a small shareholding so might be beneficial in future. If he goes and buys 10 new tankers for his main business we gonna moan about that too? People need to get away from the idea of a sugar daddy owner who flings cash at every problem. We've been there done that and were very lucky to not pay the price. There will be soft loans owed to Bowie just now that he has every right to call in if he wants. That could cripple us. That being said, there's always room for additional outside investment and folk coming in and buying shares helps.
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    I was shouted down a couple of weeks ago when I said it was a shambles. I live and breath Killie and that is why it hurts so much. When players take control it never ends well. If the stories are true and one or two are causing unrest then get rid. We now do not have much time and everyone else is improving
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    Angelo was hard to listen to at times because of the broken English. Dyer is becoming even harder to listen to.
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    I pay my taxi I pay my bus I buy my programme I buy my admission I buy my pie and Bovril I shout encouragement and cheer when deserved . I / We have the right to boo and criticise when appropriate..and no tosser will or should be telling us otherwise. We have attended at Rugby Park for over 50 years through thick and thin we have viewed some brilliant and awful seasons been at away games where only the brave would go in the foulest of weather . We only ask that the club be run efficiently and that the manager and team be of a standard that does us proud. Alas an owner a with short arms and deep pockets a Manager with no passion or ideas and a team with little talent can never fit this bill. ....I understand that being a club owner is not an easy task but if you want the fame and glory it must be paid for as the old adage states How do you become a football club owner millionaire ? Answer : Start off as a Billionaire. SPEND SOME MONEY short term pain long term gain.
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    Dyer goes or we are really up s**t creek. Fans will resent the players and the board even more if nothing is said or changes. Dyer didn’t want it and shouldn’t have been offered it. I am so so disappointed we are back at this stage after looking to have really turned a corner. The going down to mediocrity without a fight that seems to be going on should not be accepted by anyone at the club. Fans will not and shouldn’t let this go on much longer. Biggest week in a long time coming up. Manager has to go and they need someone in to kick a few arses. Fans deserve better and I cannot see this current situation turning into a positive one.
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    Wilson was the pick of them, easily our best player. None of the others you mention did themselves any favours or made any push towards selection of the first eleven. Seemingly Frizzel and Connell are injured.
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    I thought the Killie trust had a rep on the board who would tell the Killie trust and fans what was going on ??? Bloody doubt that eh , MPs liars and bulls**tters till death
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    DT the next willie gibson, think championship is his level
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    Maybe want to relieve st mirren of their left back then.
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    If we recalled Waters from St. Mirren at 23:59 on Friday would that be underhand or good business ?
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    Hopefully you are not James Fowler
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    Apparently JRM planned to debate the claim of right in the house of commons this week, and with their majority remove it. Only issue for them is the claim of right existed before and outside of the treaty of union and act of union. It's not something which is, was or ever will.be within WM sphere of control. But it gives you an insight into their thinking... complete and utter removal of any say, power or decision making within Scotland. They clearly believe they can remove powers from Holyrood and eventually remove it altogether and we will si.ply s**t it and say ok sir, ever so sorry sir, etc. Mark my words this will end very acrimoniously and not in their favour. They will end up surrounded by people they have pissed off to the point we will all have the power to switch their lights, and water off. Arrogant and ignorant warmongering arseholes with a misplaced air of superiority.
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    I’d take any striker at the moment. Even Jon Stark on a pay per play basis!
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    It's really no different to what every manager says prior to a game is it. "We're looking to get a positive result", "We're hoping to do well and get some points on the board" etc etc etc. Same as before every game it's "it'll be a tough game", "we need to respect the opponent" etc etc. If he said we're going to win the game and then we lose is that any better? It's fuel for the opposing teams manager and the media. Don't remember Clarke ever saying we're going to win this game or that game. It was always generic stuff. Dyers only mistake is he said we needed at least a point rather than making it vague and saying "a result". What happens in the changing room isn't always the same as what's portrayed in public. I imagine that Dyer will be furious with the players and will have made that known to them.
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    If you cherry pick individual opinions from various supporters, you can easily create a narrative that frames the Killie fans as inconsistent. In reality, all that most wanted was to see some evidence of forward planning. We knew in April that Clarke was leaving, yet no appointment was made until two weeks prior to CQN. Bowie stated at the time that he though that we had secured "the best manager in Scotland", yet sacked him six months later, five weeks after winning manager of the month. This was, by many accounts, to avoid having to pay any compensation as part of a release clause. We then appoint the cheap option, Alex Dyer, despite Bowie having stated that the one thing he had learned as Chairman was never to go with the cheap option as manager. From an outsider's perspective, it appears as though the board have no idea what they're doing. The club was a disaster prior to Clarke (11 signings in one day, the Lee Clark circus, plastic pitch, trying to convince Jig to stay on) and there's little evidence it's anything other than that post the great man leaving. Contrast this to Motherwell's approach to planning for this season and the frustration of Killie fans is very understandable.
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    Agreed. Monty's not cutting it.
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    Says who? Made up pish
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