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    Power in for Dicker for me.
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    I d drop dicker as we dont need a holding defensive midfeilder in a 4-4-2 , Mackenzie adds more energy in the centre, Power is the ball winner and allow Kiltie to play again.
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    Dropping Kilite after Wednesdays performance would send the wrong message to everyone. Unless its a forced changed due to fitness then Greg must start tomorrow.
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    Agreed. Nothing but respect for folk that have stuck with Acccies for years and years of that dross
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    Starting to sound like OF entitlement criticising the support of whoever we regard as diddy teams.
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    Currently has made more saves and has the highest save % of any keeper in the league. Also faced the highest number of shots which could indicate a few things I suppose. admittedly His distribution is very poor at times. Certainly can look awkward but I’m not sure he is half as bad as made out
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    I disagree. As a 'keeper for over twenty years, my opinion is that that cross was not one Branescu could have come for. He was at the front post (correctly) when Kennedy sent his, fairly low, cross onto the centre of the six yard line and, not for the first time, our central defenders were second best. The goal though came from our failure to stop the cross being delivered.
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    Dickers passing is getting worse and putting the team under pressure by giving away cheap fouls
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    Thought people might like to see the proposed redevelopment plan for the Moffat end.
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    Dicker, even Rory deserves his place this weekend. Still wondering why dicker is club captain.
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    Outstanding last night. It was the old Greg Kiltie again, before his injuries. In that one game he has shown that he has still got it, Delighted for him.
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    I think a lot of folk had made their mind up that it shouldn't be Dyer when he was appointed, and even had we beaten Aberdeen in the Cup, beaten Hibs recently etc (yes, we didn't so 'the point becomes moot' etc) it wouldn't have changed anything. I wasn't convinced when he was appointed either, as it looked like a lazy option by the board, and clearly a couple of early performances against St.Mirren and St.Johnstone didn't auger well. However....the players are currently busting a gut, they are also playing a lot of good football, the first 40 minutes last night being a prime example. Tbh we look more 'entertaining' now than we did even with SC. Clearly SC made the team harder to beat, but we were never as adventurous going forward. 'If' AD had been backed in the window, and 'if' he had actual substitutes who he was able to bring on to change games, it would be a clearer picture, but he wasn't and he hasn't, in terms of having impact subs to call on. The performances now are night and day from the start of January. Most if not all managers take time to get their own ideas across, AD is moving in the right direction. Is it perfect....no, but the signs are much more encouraging. If he were to be offered and accepted the job over the next month or so, it would provide stability at a much needed time, and hopefully allow Fowler to start moving on pre-contracts and proper targets this time around. If it isn't AD, we are truly back to square one, and I fear a repeat of last summer's horror show, with a new manager coming in late, and scrabbling around for players. AD isn't currently a lazy option as it appeared in December. He has moved the style of play forward in a more positive direction, and is clearly bringing out every last ounce of effort from the players. With a bit more luck and better defending at times, we would probably be looking forward to a Cup semi-final, and be right down the necks of the likes of Hibs and Livi.....its small margins.
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    Mine is on the wall beside my late fathers, in amongst the 97 cup winning squad area. Will not be a happy boy if its is removed completely or not put back exactly as it is. I imagine a few will be in a similar boat. Aside from that the changes look good.
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    Steve Clarke: ‘In Scotland people sweep sectarianism under the carpet’ Scotland head coach on Euro 2020 play-offs, being Mourinho’s No 2 and why he checked his bank balance before becoming a manager Steve Clarke speaks with an occasional undertone of menace that suggests he could have starred on an alternative career path. It is easy to envisage the 56-year-old immersed in a Glasgow crime drama. This is not to suggest Clarke is not cut out for his chosen environment. An icy exterior – sometimes, perhaps, put on for effect – is useful in his line of work. The Scotland manager is not boastful about the individuals he has worked alongside but a list that includes Glenn Hoddle, Gianluca Vialli, José Mourinho, Kenny Dalglish, Frank Lampard and Ruud Gullit emphasises his status. Should Clarke take Scotland to Euro 2020 via the play-offs those in his homeland may hold him in loftier esteem than that sextet combined. Israel on 26 March, then potentially Norway or Serbia, lie between the Scots and a first finals appearance since 1998. “I knew the magnitude of these games and in a strange way that was one of the draws,” he says of being coaxed from Kilmarnock last summer. “It was an attraction because this is a good opportunity but listen, Israel, Norway and Serbia will all be saying the same thing. “The public are a bit disillusioned with the national team. I don’t want to say that’s nothing to do with me but that’s from previous years. I’m reasonably new in this job. It’s important neither myself nor this squad of players take in that it’s been 22 years of doom and gloom. We have to see this as our chance, do our best and not worry about what has gone before.” It is fitting to glance back through Clarke’s fascinating journey, a rugged defender for whom missing out on Scotland’s trip to the 1990 World Cup hurt. “I went in the pre-squad in February, to Italy. I was in the 26 or 28 but dropped out of contention between then and the tournament. It was disappointing to be so close.” By 1994, after six caps, Clarke’s Scotland career was over. Clarke was a Chelsea fixture 10 years before the financial revolution at Stamford Bridge, his last appearance a winning one at right-back in the 1998 Cup Winners’ Cup final. Vialli floated the idea of a player-coach role. “That suggested he was going to bring someone else in to play in my position,” Clarke says. “I wasn’t too happy.” Chelsea would have demanded a fee if Clarke moved to Newcastle with Gullit as a player so he hung up his boots and took a coaching role at St James’ Park. A switch back to Chelsea involved youth-team duties before José Mourinho took a shine to Clarke and hired him as his first assistant in England in 2004. “I think he just wanted someone who knew the club, the league,” Clarke says, somewhat bashfully. “Right place, right time.” He adds: “José was a breath of fresh air for the Premier League. He was great for the players. I liked his enthusiasm, his intensity. His training was really structured. He didn’t have a great deal of time for fitness coaches and measurements, he just put on training sessions the players enjoyed. “We had a great three years together. In football you tend to drift away and on to the next job; you bump into someone after two or three years and it’s the same as seeing them yesterday. It’s a little bit like that with José. We had text messages, eventually that dried up, then he has been away working all around the world. He isn’t going to be that bothered about whether or not I’m keeping in touch. We were really tight knit when we worked together.” Clarke had the chance to remain at Chelsea after Mourinho departed. The appointment of Luiz Felipe Scolari in 2008 was instead the precursor to Clarke’s second Chelsea exit. “I could have stayed. That would have been the easy option. I wasn’t comfortable at being the perennial No 2. That didn’t fulfil my ambition. I wanted to put myself under pressure.” Still, it took until 2012 for Clarke to step into management at West Brom after coaching roles at West Ham and Liverpool. Typically, there was method to that approach. “You know when you take a manager’s job it could be terminal. I was making sure there was enough in the bank to cover that, making sure myself and my family would be all right when I took the plunge. That’s not to say if the chance had come up earlier I wouldn’t have done it. I knew I was ready.” Clarke took West Brom to their highest Premier League finish and points total before a “strange ending” that included being placed on gardening leave. “For the first time in 18 months we lost four in a row and the chairman was obviously nervous. His club, his choice. I can be pleased with my work there.” Clarke took Reading to the FA Cup semi-finals and coached alongside Roberto Di Matteo at Aston Villa. Management might have passed him by before the umpteenth call from Kilmarnock in October 2017. Clarke’s brother Paul played more than 400 times for the club. Steve left Scotland – and St Mirren – at 23. Clarke was branded a miracle worker at Kilmarnock, dragging them from the perennial threat of relegation to a third-place Scottish Premiership finish in the 2018-19 season. “Kilmarnock had been on the phone a few times over the years,” he says. “I’d decided I was finished. I was happy working on my golf and doing a bit of fishing. My wife started nagging that I needed to go and work again. Everything just clicked.” Everything within his control. Clarke made headlines across Britain last February after vehemently criticising sectarian abuse from Rangers supporters during a defeat at Ibrox. A year on he is candid when asked whether the landscape has improved. “I don’t think it has,” he says. “I had been so far out of it and came back – for me it was very clear. “I always put it on the line as the racism one: if you call someone a black bastard, that’s not good; if you call them a fenian bastard or an orange bastard, that’s all right. What’s the difference? It exists in society but it manifests itself in football grounds. I don’t understand it. “There was obviously an amount of frustration on the night … It’s pretty normal that you get an outburst then everything just quietens down, people sweep it under the carpet and it goes away again. That is how they deal with sectarianism here in Scotland.” The Scotland manager’s job should carry a health warning. Alex McLeish used it as a platform to move to Birmingham 13 years ago, but he is the clear exception to an inauspicious rule. Manager after manager has seen prospects reduced as Scotland struggled. “You could have said that same about Kilmarnock because if I’d gone there and it hadn’t gone particularly well, I probably wouldn’t have got another job,” Clarke says. “So it’s not really any different here. I’ve gone in with my eyes wide open. I didn’t think this was a job I could turn down. “If it doesn’t work out, you are looking at a contract until 2022 and hopefully, everything being as it should be, no matter what happens with these games I’ll get the time to build and shape the squad over a number of camps that can get us a qualification.” Clarke has sampled changing attitudes towards international football. “I didn’t earn fortunes but the pinnacle was always to be capped by your country,” he says. “Now I think the pinnacle is securing the next contract.” Pending coronavirus developments, Israel’s visit on 25 March should see Hampden Park at, or close to, capacity. “When I bump into Scotland supporters they are pretty positive. They just want a little bit of success. I don’t think that’s too much for them to ask.” Woe betide any fan who believes Israel will offer a free pass to Oslo or Belgrade. “If I was the Israel manager I’d be looking at how competitive they were against Scotland in their last two games,” Clarke says. “Israel are dangerous, their front players are top-level. I’ll be delighted if we get through that one.” He might even show it. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/06/steve-clarke-in-scotland-sweep-sectarianism-under-the-carpet-euro-2020-play-offs-mourinho
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    Just cos your captain doesn't mean you are un-droppable. We need more of an attacking threat and Kiltie gives us that. Wednesday we needed Dicker to step up as Power was out but our McKenzie was more influential in there so I don't think it's a wild shout to replace him with Power for this one.
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    Spot on. I’ve argued this for years when our fans start slagging clubs like Hamilton. The reality is they are a small club by Premiership standards - people need to get over it.
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    After the victory against Sevco it may swell home attendance to triple figures
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    the shape of the team when we were playing well against the sheep was better however we missed Power when things got tough. Personally I would start with same eleven as we did the other night then see how the game goes Noticed AD doesn't like using to many subs or is that just me that thinks that
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    APPLICATION PROPOSAL The proposals seek to create 175m² of office space, cantilevered over new, modern turnstile arrangements which will improve the flow in both access and egress from the current antiquated turnstile arrangements. Additionally the existing shop which is within temporary buildings would be relocated adjacent to the entrances to the stadium. This will all be intrinsically linked with new changing facilities in line with Sport Scotland requirements. The application site proposes to accommodate a 5-a-side pitch and a UEFA standard a 45 x 60m 9a-side 3G pitch which would meet the requirements stipulated by the Scottish FA for the youth football matches to be played upon. A Memorial Garden which has been subject to previous Local Authority application is planned to be incorporated within this development to offer a complete fan experience at the heart of the Kilmarnock Football Club family community. The proposals seek to enclose these spaces with green cross wire fencing juxtaposed with brick slip wall panel arrangements which will be utilised for commemorative name embossed brick panels which will incorporate new and currently owned name panels. OPPORTUNITIES & CONSTRAINTS Access and Circulation Access to the site is via Dundonald Road a clearly delineated route of access which becomes less formal as you enter the site. This demonstrates that the main pedestrian access is currently provided from the South West side of Dundonald Road immediately after access to the site and the proposal see to maintain this long standing successful strategy. Access to the East stand is currently lacks formal delineation other than immediately at the turnstile entrance below the South Stand and across the ancillary space that forms this proposal. It is the intention of the proposal to create a clearly defined pathway route for match day entrances and relocate, and upgrade, the turnstile access to the East stand, placing it immediately adjacent to the current security offices. The widths and flow of this access egress have been carefully considered to ensure that the flow rates achieved on egress from the enclosure are improved the designated path way route linking Dundonald road access. The maintained width is also sufficient for emergency vehicle access when required. Access to the Moffat stand is not clearly identifiable other than immediately at the turnstile entrance below the Stand which give access to an informal pre match fan zone this access is also across the ancillary space that forms this proposal. It is the intention of the proposal to create and upgrade turnstile access for match days and maintain a secure entry point to the new facility at all other times. There is an 80m² Retail space which will have level entry access from the courtyard space created in- front of new premise entry points. The widths and flow of this access egress have been carefully considered to ensure that the flow rates achieved on egress from the enclosure are maintained, or better, than against the existing rates which already meet the most stringent requirements. In addition a second larger egress and emergency access gate is proposed to ensure free flow at all times. 4 | P a g e 18.222.DA The general encapsulation of the 3G pitches is, as previously noted by means of green cross wire fence brick slip arrangement panels. The layout of these is proposed to be developed in a manner that allows spacing for gated arrangements between the panelling where required. These would be to allow the space to be utilised as an enclosed fan zone on match days but also to ensure the current triage and emergency access arrangements are still maintained. The 3G surface is an appropriate all weather surface that can accommodate foot traffic and, in the event of emergencies, vehicular access. Furthermore on regular club days when access is not required to the stands, in order for the pitches to function fully there is a break gate at the North East corner of the 9-a-side pitch. This would be in the closed position on match days but open at all other times. Vehicle Access The proposals seek to make no changes to the current vehicle access, egress and circulation strategy. The Park Hotel parking is not affected by the proposed layout and the one way delivery system that is currently operated around the hotel also remains unaffected. The Football club parking arrangements also remain unchanged. On match days access to both car parks is stringently controlled and is allotted to specified guests by prior agreement and there is no public vehicle access. The end of the formal Dundonald Road delineation is stewarded and cordoned off to vehicles successfully-These proposals seek to allow this arrangement to remain unchanged. SURROUNDING LAND USE The site is generally encompassed at its extremities by stadium, residential housing and the Park Hotel. The Residential element is only at the East of the development site and furthest from the new office block which sits immediately adjacent to the existing public access to the Park Hotel. It is foreseen that the new proposals will have a neutral impact on the residential settlements by comparison to the existing context and likewise the proposals offer an indifferent position for the Park Hotel also. VISUAL AND NOISE AMMENITY While the proposals will enhance the quality of product that Kilmarnock Football Club offers to its fans and local community it does so without changing life for the local residents and co occupiers serviced by Dundonald Road. The outlook from the all properties towards the stadium will be enhance by the addition of the 3G pitches and a developed site, no additional noise or negative visual impact is expected. 5 | P a g e 18.222.DA UTILITES Given the proximity to existing buildings and the scale of the additional physical built elements of this proposal it is clear that the appropriate utilities and infrastructure is available to serve this development DESIGN All Part of the Masterplan The Masterplan arrangement of this design is clear, the drivers being to utilise the space to enable the enclosure of the 9-a-side pitch which must meet specific space standards and also accommodate a mandatory 3m run off beyond the extremities of the pitch. This then informs the locations of both the development block and the 5-a-side pitch. The Brief extended to the improvement of the existing access and egress strategy, via the introduction of new turnstiles. The introduction of a new path way encompassing the entrance courtyard and memorial garden currently only stand by simple white line delineation. The new proposal includes a formal 1.8m wide path way. The Aesthetic The new office block and shop seeks to reflect the industrial appearance of the stadium whilst complimenting the revived Park Hotel ‘chic’ developments. Drawing inspiration from precedent such as the Brox Park container development, shopping centre, in Croydon as well as Liverpool FC/TV‘s media centre - the shipping container style reflects the Architectural style of the stadium including stair enclosures of the Moffat and Chadwick stand. CONSULTATION Stadium Safety First and foremost, the development must meet the requirements of stadium safety for match days and day to day running of the club whilst offering the best possible enhanced fan experience. Several focus group meetings took place between the Architect and stadium safety team, headed by Marc Gajic. The proposals allow the current strategies to remain in-place but assist in the flow of pedestrian traffic and emergency access to the betterment of the clubs polices. Through design development, additional gated egress and entrances for triage and emergency vehicle access were added. Modern turnstile arrangements allow a better flow of fans into the stadium while ‘flood gate’ alternatives offer higher flow rates of egress to what the stadium currently has.
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    Possibly the most bigoted, maddest, grievance laden, poor us, offensive (to countries that really are oppressed) post ever made. This type of stuff is a total embarrassment to all reasonable Scots and makes possible converts run a mile from this blood and soil garbage.
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    Way better than what you read on this forum.
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    His touchline conduct is absolutely appalling. Chasing players down the touchline, shouting abuse at officials and whinging non-stop. It amazed me, last night, that he didn’t get sent to the stands.
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    Just as Kabamba in the team has enabled Brophy to do his best work with a partner, so it is with Power and Dicker. Power in the team enables Dicker to sit deeper and protect the back four. His strength is his positional sense which compensates for his lack of pace. There is less onus on him to get further forward, which minimises the risk of getting caught upfield if we lose possession. Power does the midfield ball winning so well. While Kiltie and McKenzie have their respective merits, Kiltie has a creative edge.
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    2nd goal, Kennedy did well to get the cross in and O'Donnell could have done better, but if it was at the other end do you think Lewis would have stayed glued to his line? I don't and any half decent keeper would have collected the cross without a fuss IMO.
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    So completely change the partnership that has been working for 2 months solid now. Stupid. Happy for Kiltie to play in place of Rory on the left atm. As I caught a glimps of Rory holding his leg a d limping about for th elater stages on Wednesday night
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    No chance - Brophy and Kabamba are playing great together. Hamilton would love to see us play two small strikers up top.
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    Branescu is nowhere near as bad as is made out here. Just our fans seem to need at least one player to single out for abuse, and right now it's oor Larry
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    Theoretically he could drop big Kabamba who didn't have his best game on Wednesday and play three in central midfield (Rory or Kiltie as a 10). However, I think we need to stick with the 4-4-2 and the big man up top allows Brophy a lot more space to work so I think Dicker's got to drop out. Let big SF have the armband and maybe give Dicker a jolt?
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    Kiltie and Rory both deserve their spots after Wednesday. I'd drop Dicker for Power. Won't hurt to rest him and will send a clear message that performances are rewarded.
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    I couldn't agree more, it was the first time in a long time I haven't seen him looking like a boy scared to get hurt. The Dunfermline loan has probably done his confidence a power of good, he seems to have come back with the realisation that he's not made of glass.
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    Give it a rest. The players who have been playing have been playing well consistently. It's Kilties job to play well enough to earn a consistent start. If he keeps his level of performance up then he will keep his place like anyone else. McKenzie, Power, Dicker and Burke haven't been dropped because they've all been good enough on a regular basis to keep their place and they're all big players for us. It's up to Kiltie to make himself a big player for us, you don't get the game time by showing flashes. If he can cut out the anonymous performances and turn in games like Wednesday on a regular basis then he can quite easily be up there with Findlay or Brophy in terms of being an asset for us. He's not being kept out the team because the manager is against him in any way, he just hasn't done it often enough to show he should get a run of starts. He's given himself a good shot at it on Wednesday and I hope he keeps that level up. He's had a few good sub appearances, he's started and done well, run with it.
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    100% this. You don't need to win the ball, just stop the opposition player winning it or make it as difficult as possible. I'm sure if we had had Waters this season we would comfortabley be in the top six and if we had Bachmann we likely would be in a European slot.
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    Height has nothing to do with it, I can only recall Taylor being done once in an aerial battle in all the years. He may have been small in height but he made sure the opposition new he was there and ready for the fight. It's not always about getting to the ball, but making your opponent think twice about you and it often turns out it's enoight for a little doubt to creep in causing them to miss. As it stands teams now Niko is weak defensively and use it to their advantage.
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    As long as the exit is via Helter Skelter count me in.
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    He's now the second highest Scottish scorer in the SPL over the past three seasons. Only Forrest has scored more (and only 2 more, so Brophy may pass him soon). Not bad for someone many were writing off before Christmas. I thought he was outstanding last night and is very much back to his best. The shape of the team and the introduction of Kabamba clearly suit him, and we know from the first half of the season what he can't do, but let's celebrate what he can. Skill, strength and attitude. It would be great to try and tie him into a deal with a release clause. I guess certainty around a manager might help that, but if he continues his current game a goal strike rate he's likely to be off in the summer. Very difficult to replace.
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    Yep 100% agree, those above are not the only two options, why would we lose Brophy and Findlay if Dyer left, or even SOD, these players signed before Dyer was even at the club. If those first two go then its because we have accepted bids for them, nothing to do with the manager. I'd like the club to go through a full recruitment process for the best manager and then take it from there. Also the 'possible top 6' with Dyer, why wouldn't this be possible under the other option. The poll should be whether you want Dyer or a new manager, without complete guesswork which will influence opinions.
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    The thing that gets on my goat is the way him and his assistant take it in turns to try and manipulate the 4th official for the full 90 mins. The 4th official needs to grow a set and put them in the stand.
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    Where’s the turnstiles for access to the East Stand as none appear on the plans?
  43. 2 points
    Perfect reason to add to the reasons why they won't get it again. Plans looks cracking - RP and surrounding area/stadium footprint will be one of the best, if not the best in the league for facilities (Hotel, Killie Club etc)
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    I wonder where we would be or could be if we had recalled Waters from St Mirren in the transfer window and played him in place of Niko. There are too many times he seems to be daydreaming or ball watching and very lightweight in his tackles, he can be good going forward but I prefer a defender to be better defending than attacking.
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    Why ? Our support home and away is better than most
  46. 1 point
    Me too, we NEED to win this game and I'd go with Kiltie for more attacking options.
  47. 1 point
    100 % this. I've yet to see him challenge anyone in the air. I thought he was great first 2 or 3 games but the more I've seen of him the more I think he's not a bad footballer but he's never a defender.
  48. 1 point
    Importantly for me, as well as playing well, he didn't hide after several cynical fouls on him. Would've been easy for him to do that after his time of it with injuries. That lot really are a rancid excuse for a football team.
  49. 1 point
    I’ll throw in Andy McLaren as better too.
  50. 1 point
    Scored in the cup game. Tonight it was his Knock on for Brophy to run on to when he hit the post. Set up Brophy for the shot that Lewis saved well. Not perfect but he’s a big part of the team’s transformation and a vital player. Great signing. Let’s not start to get on his back.
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