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    I fear for this to really hit the fan. People aren't listening to advice to isolate and distance from others and in general are just not taking things seriously. Time to take more drastic action I fear.
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    Bit of light relief from the current doom and gloom. 7:45 KO
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    Great view up here from the back of the main stand. I'm 10 btw.
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    I see on the bbc sport web that Scottish football suspended until 30th April. Must have decided that late on last night. Just like there England counterpart at this moment in time I don’t care as all I’m thinking about is all the welfare of all Killie fans and football fans in general
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    Pick him as keeper instead of Chad ...
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    Nearly every independent commentator, economist and world leader acknowledged Gordon Brown’s role in bring leaders together and help drive the necessary measures to avoid a deep depression during the financial crisis. What a pity people are so churlish. I always try to give credit where credit is due, and for all my criticisms of Nicola Sturgeon, I can say without hesitation she is head and shoulders above Johnston at present. She is also a stark contrast to the image being presented currently of the previous leader, who it seems to me, at the very least, abused the power of his office with his behaviour. I am happy to stand behind her while she handles this crisis.
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    1929 Scottish Cup Final v. Rangers 1938 Scottish Cup Final v. East Fife 1938 Scottish Cup Final v. East Fife 1957 Scottish Cup Final v. Falkirk
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    Name Killies best 11 but one player with different nationality for each position. Stolen from Twitter. I'll start. 3-1-3-2-1 GK- Bachmann(Austria) CB- Fredfie Dindeleux(France) CB- Manuel Pascali(Italy) (c) CB- Kristoffer Ajer(Norway) CDM- Alan Power(R.O.I) RM- Danny Invincible(Australia) CM- Yousouff Mulumbu(DR Congo) LM- Rory McKenzie(Trinidad & Tobago) CAM- Alexi Eremenko(Finland) CAM- Mehdi Taouil(Morocco) ST- Kris Boyd(Scottish)
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    McGowen kept the big 7 foot donkey quiet all game.
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    Didn't he ask to ref a game at Rugby Park as his last match? Further annoying the bairns.
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    Sandy Roy my favourite linesman.
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    Was the best player on the park by a country mile that day... the chase and tackle on McIntyre was superb.
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    Truly sorry Wrangodog and kicking myself trust me.
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    Got my ticket through the Daily Mirror
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    Hope we can hang on to this lead, I'm a nervous wreck here.
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    We need to get another to make sure I can see them coming back into this!
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    If it’s not tonight then I wouldn’t bother to be honest. In fact, don’t bother!
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    Good challenge. Here's my go. I must add this is from my lifetime of supporting Killie (1998 - Present). 3-4-2-1 for me. GK - Daniel Bachmann (Austria) CB - Kristoffer Ajer (Norway) CB - Michael Nelson (England) CB - Manuel Pascali (C) (Italy) RM - Dean Shiels (Northern Ireland) CM - Alan Power (Rep. of Ireland) CM - Youssouf Mulumbu (DR. Congo) LM - Steven Naismith (Scotland) CAM - David Fernandez (Spain) CAM - Alexei Eremenko (Finland) ST - Dieter Van Tornhout (Belgium) Couldn't leave out DVT because its his celebration week!
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    Read today that the UK has more cases and more deaths than Italy had at this stage from when it first started. Could be rubbish but just thought i'd share the info.
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    AYE like the wasters panic buying at the Supermarkets
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    This is an "auld classic" I know but I plan to go on Saturday assuming they will take my money at the gate. I know I am "jist an auld git", it's a chronic progressive condition with no cure. Can anybody confirm they huvenae done a "Livi" and it will take me 2 hours on their website to get an e-ticket or anything daft like that?
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    Or might it be old RP looking towards Dundonald Road with the ‘segregation’ fencing?
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    Porteous scored in a 1-1. Reilly scored in another 1-1 in 1992-93.
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    It's not "talk." It's what's happening (in England). I'm going to be in work Monday, possibly through the Easter holidays and for the foreseeable future.
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    They are all good, the Tommy Wright one made me laugh out loud.
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    It was a saturday. They came back from 2-0 down.I got done for speeding on the Western Road on the way back f**kING s**t DAY allround
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    The Monday Club is also a group of conservative bigots, racists and misogynists.......just saying.
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    Pasca been doing a lot on Instagram recently with a former team mate. Tonight Killie fans have been invited to join them
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    Joins me on RockSport today at 4:10 to chat about content and communication strategy and about Scottish Football as a whole. Killie content again today on the radio ;-) rocksport.tv or TuneIn radio app if you have it and we’re on Virgin Media too. If you’re on the website, we have quite a lot of Killie content ranging from the Ladies team and their manager to Chris Kyle the first team analyst going in depth behind the scenes and Cathy Jamieson & Jim Thomson talking about the Killie Trust. Also last night’s (Monday) Talking Football had a lot of Killie chat on it. I’m also now co-hosting the show until further notice. Doing my bit to spread the word about Ayrshire’s Finest! We Are Killie Cheers, Gav
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    3 Generations of Killie supporters that day. a cup final win against the green a£&e cheek a dive in the last few minutes not given as penalty in Glasgow ???? if only Killie could do birthdays like this. o they did. Cheers to all the boys in 2012. this one was a bit more memorable than the previous birthday cup final.
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    Cancel your Direct Debit via your online banking. They'll be in touch pretty sharpish.
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    To be honest, I don't find her funny in the slightest.
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    She’s as funny as an open grave. Acts the common wee woman, but sent her kid to a private school to avoid the plebs.
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    General advice for KillieFC.com forum posters: Always work on the assumption that everyone on here thinks you’re a dick, then go from there.
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    Give it a rest. The players who have been playing have been playing well consistently. It's Kilties job to play well enough to earn a consistent start. If he keeps his level of performance up then he will keep his place like anyone else. McKenzie, Power, Dicker and Burke haven't been dropped because they've all been good enough on a regular basis to keep their place and they're all big players for us. It's up to Kiltie to make himself a big player for us, you don't get the game time by showing flashes. If he can cut out the anonymous performances and turn in games like Wednesday on a regular basis then he can quite easily be up there with Findlay or Brophy in terms of being an asset for us. He's not being kept out the team because the manager is against him in any way, he just hasn't done it often enough to show he should get a run of starts. He's given himself a good shot at it on Wednesday and I hope he keeps that level up. He's had a few good sub appearances, he's started and done well, run with it.
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    In terms of media coverage did anyone see the back page of the National on Thursday? Full page pic of our team celebrating Brophy’s winner with a Killie Won headline rather than “Rangers Lost” that’s more like it
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    From the Laws of Football - No offence There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from: a goal kick a throw-in a corner kick
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    First phase: Kabamba clearly onside Second phase: Brophy clearly onside 100% non-issue
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    You need to have a good look at yourself here. Stop with the cult nonsense, if anyone is in a cult its unionists, they are the ones who have an abnormal view of things. Independence is normality unionism is not But then this wonr stop you, you've absolutely lost it, delusional to a point from which there is no return. You will.support a Tory chancellor and government before you'll support people who actually care for your family and their futures over that of the 1%. If there is sufficient corroborated evidence then throw the book at him and lock him up for a very long time, if not he should sue the s**t out of those who accused him, the civil service and the newspapers.
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    Go back and look at your support for the union on every bloody page and also direct support with your extra Cash for Scotland nonsense in another. You're an absolute clown, union at all costs no matter what the damage to Scotland. In a time of serious concern for the health of the people of this island, countries and plant you cannot stop yourself putting in sly little pointless digs. Away and keep yourself and your family safe and give the whole thing a rest, it only further confirms your bellendness knows no bounds.
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    You’ll still be there squirrel , what would the 20/20 do without you , I agree with season tickets ours for sure will be well down I’d expect, to me last year was the peak
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    No it’s not, your party did & let working people down. You will always support the Labour cult no matter what they did. And if Salmond is found guilty he should be hung drawn & quartered. There is a long list online of Labour politicians that have been convicted of sexual offences. Why don’t you post that. Wait a minute it doesn’t support your anti independence/SNP agenda.
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    Every UK government since 1979 has been has been right of centre. Voting Labour makes no difference. That's why the NATS are doing so well.
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