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    Have you calibrated your display correctly? Use this image of Manchester United's grey strip from 1994 as reference.
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    I really can't see any way the league can finish .The German idea would fall apart if anyone of the players,coaches ,officials TV crew or any person involved caught the virus .Plus I think fans woud start congrating outside grounds if it was a championship/relegation decider.Null and void or carry on next year without having any cup matches and try and fit the 9 games left in
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    Contrary to their own publicity at times, medics are not omniscient and they will make mmistakes. Particularly with a totally new condition. On the plus side the are very quick learners. So my advice would be if you are going to get Covid-19 the best time to get it will be as late in the outbreak as possible.
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    Hopefully it’s ASDA or Tesco starting the foundations!
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    Seen this on the official website. It’s the best the 150th logo has looked. Would have liked to have seen it used like this on the front of the home shirt this year.
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    Might not need the split next season. 16 teams playing twice could be about right. It could end up being a shorter season.
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    “In the short term, I would say the transfer market this summer will not exist, it will collapse. “Some agents will suddenly understand that they will have to work hard, or at least work; some leagues will understand that money is nothing that is coming automatically every month from heaven.” (Christian Seifert, Bundesliga CEO)
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    This is not good at all.
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    We shout put all staff on this ASAP
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    Scotland voted for New Labour because folk are inherently lazy voters and that was the way folk had been conditioned over the years. Labour supposedly was for the 'working man', right? They had 41 MPs in 2010 but blew it when they got into bed with the Tories in 2013-14. The referendum also woke people up politically, realising that New Labour had done nothing significant for this country since they came to power and the 'working man' vote had been taken for granted over the years. We already know the Tories hate Scotland except for the wealth they can rip from it. Any Labour government is better than a Tory government, that is true in a narrow, technical sense. But, it's also the refrain that sustains the Labour right that delivered Blair, and that's in the process of delivering Blair 2.0. The SNP are not left, they are left, right and centre, a mix that will deliver independence and maybe give us a system where we finally get the governments we vote for.
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    Was reading an interview with Smith the other day. He said that Tommy Docherty told him years later that he had tried to sign him for Man Utd. They offered £100k which would have been a club record at the time but the Killie board mucked about over the fee so United walked away. Of course, Rangers later offered £65k plus two players which was rejected. While two board members were out of the country on holiday, the rest of the board accepted £65k with no players in exchange. Needless to say the two directors, chairman Bob Thyne and secretary David McCulloch, tendered their resignations.
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    See the Beano is doing its bit to catch the national mood
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    The correct decision imo.
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    Fully agree. Medics learning, as are scientists and those trying to develop treatments.
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    Morons. Morons everywhere.
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    What is essential work .My window cleaner is still doing his round ,some local factories are still open ,non essential shops open and I would have been working in a non essential industry if they could get basic material .I thought you were allowed to work as long as you could social distance and were provided with the correct PPE
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    What's equally interesting is that re-laying a football pitch is considered "essential work".
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    Absolutely the right thing to do. After all why wouldn't you furlough all staff. It's a grant after all, not a loan, so won't have to be paid back. It makes sense for BB as will not have a bottomless pit of money
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    Statement from Billy Bowie, Cathy Jamieson and Phyllis McLeish We hope that all Kilmarnock supporters and their loved ones are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and following today’s SPFL conference call, discussions remain ongoing over how and when the 2019/20 season will be resolved and the 2020/21 campaign will begin. During a period where the club has no income, we will utilise the Government’s Job Retention Scheme with our first-team squad, coaching staff, Academy employees and the majority of administration staff placed on furlough leave through the remainder of April and May. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will mean that 80 percent of the salaries of furloughed staff, up to £2,500 per month per individual, will be paid by the government. The club will top up the money received from the scheme to ensure that all furloughed staff receive 100% of their usual salary. Under the terms of the programme, during this time furloughed staff will not be allowed to carry out work for the club. A small number of employees, including Alex Dyer and James Fowler, will continue to work from home while fully following Government guidelines and advice. Speaking on behalf of the Board, Billy Bowie said: “We have taken the time to properly assess the situation, including detailed discussions with PFA Scotland, and have made every effort to ensure that we do the right thing by our players as well as our loyal staff. “As a Board, it is our duty to support our staff and ensure the long-term sustainability of the club while also doing our best to look after our partners in the community. “We have been blown away by the support of our fans during these tough times and we look forward to a day when we will be able to safely return to watching football together at Rugby Park.” Until then, please stay safe, protect the NHS and key workers and save lives.
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    I still think there should be no rush to get a final decision on the top flight. As FIFA had just accepted existing contracts can be extended a few months, there’s no need to make binding decisions yet when all countries leagues are in the same boat. Keep options open with a view to completing the games over the summer, then no one has a real gripe.
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    Got the feeling you're downplaying this year's away top. Picture makes it look like a mucky yellow, whereas it is actually a really bright yellow. The illustrations don't do justice to the brighter tops.
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    Given his history I am sure he sees himself more as a lover...
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    remove the 'time_continue=282&'
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    Another great songwriter and social commentator
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    If the Korea kit doesn't get out this group I'm cancelling the whole thing.
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    Worked well in Zimbabwe!
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    As Killie fans, I know that you are concerned about your club - and many of you are helping during these tough times by joining the Trust, subscribing to ‘Trust In Killie’ or backing Kilmarnock FC in other ways. Your community also needs your support at this time. Whether you can offer practical or emotional support, there are lots of ways you can help those who need a little bit of help. If you live in Scotland, ‘Ready Scotland’ has a webpage where you can log your offer of help. The link to the page is https://www.readyscotland.org/coronavirus/volunteering. For those living in the Kilmarnock area, East Ayrshire Council would love to hear from you directly. EAC Vibrant Communities are providing vital support to residents throughout the area. We particularly need volunteers to help with tasks such as delivering shopping or food parcels, collecting prescriptions, dog walking or offering support to others by phone. These services are vital not only for those who currently use our services but also those whose circumstances have recently changed - either because they are having to self-isolate or because they have less money coming in. Volunteers are not only needed now but will also be needed in the weeks and months to come. For any volunteering which involves leaving home, this should only be considered by those who are not required to isolate and are not in the ‘at risk’ categories. If you cannot leave home, there are still opportunities to get in touch by phone with others who are feeling isolated and anxious. Kilmarnock FC are rightly proud of the Killie family, so let’s make them even prouder by supporting our local community too. If you live in the Kilmarnock area and can help in any way, please contact me at Elaine.millar@east-ayrshire.gov.uk or DM on here.
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    Aww, thanks Virtuocity. Killie fans are pretty special too. Big thanks to all of you who have already signed up. Your area co-ordinator will be in touch soon.
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    Vibrant Communities is close to being the best thing about East Ayrshire Council.
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    Dominic Raab, speaking about Boris: “I'm confident he'll pull through because if there's one thing I know about this prime minister, he's a fighter.” Presumably, in his view, the dead simply didn’t fight hard enough then ...
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    I would expect every club in the country to furlough their staff (both non-playing and playing) eventually. This isn’t the kinda thing that is going to be finished within a month. The ideal and most likely approach in my opinion will be to finish this season no matter what and work a rejigged season for 2020/21. Whether that means no split or whatever I don’t know, I just think in the interest of fairness every party will be looking to conclude this season
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    I thought it was the Witch Road ducking stool.
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    In this crisis there are many people fighting for their life with this terrible virus boris johnson is one of them but the bigger picture is not to focus on one man more importantly is to focus on the bigger picture and have a exit strategy in place to bring the country back to some sense of normality
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    Agreed the catalyst where we are now
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    Unless as the FM has stated the numbers include those whose death certificate state that it was related to covid-19. Yes I know as per bonbon post above that without a PM this cannot be confirmed, but imo it's better to over state than underplayed the death toll of this virus. Better be over prepared than be lost in a sea of holy f**k how do we cope.
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    On a human perspective I wish him well, on a political one he can go f**k himself.
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    How about a government of national unity, headed up by the only person in the country who has a scooby what the hell is going on ...step forward PM Sturgeon!
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    I think Naismith is one of the last players who should come in for criticism given his record of charity over the years.
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    For everyone , suicide rates are massive now
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    General advice for KillieFC.com forum posters: Always work on the assumption that everyone on here thinks you’re a dick, then go from there.
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    Right behind the Government and all the devolved administrations. That’s why the divisive nonsense on the front of that propaganda rag is so inappropriate. It’s in the same category as the knuckleheads who can’t forget 1690. I’ll tell you this, it’s the sort of guff that puts people who want a modern country off independence every time something like this is printed. Extremely unattractive, and an own goal, just like the marches full of braveheart clowns.
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    How about a maximum national wage, say £100 000? Enforced by 99% Income Tax of wages above that figure.
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    Mark said: “When Stephen comes along to my services, it always causes quite a stir among our altar boys ..... ffs the Catholic Church has a bad name and this won’t help lol.
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    First rule of Labour is: Even Labourites don't talk about Labour.
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    Ian Murray is an excellent politician. Hard nosed and and organiser. Heard Blair and Brown on consecutive mornings on radio re the crisis and they were head and shoulders above the current Tory leaders. Blair was right about Scotland and the Nats myth of both being left wing. He rightly said many right wing and ultra pro business figures within the Nats, and also pointed out that left wing Scotland voted for New Labour in droves but abandoned them when the turned left. They then voted for the centrist SNP. A wee socially conservative centrist country that thinks it’s left wing.........till it comes to it.
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