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    My great grandads commemorative Scottish cup cup. Was given to my dad at a young age, he was told it has to only be drank from when we win the Scottish cup (therefore only been drank from 3 times in 100 years) my dad managed to raise a glass in 1997. Hopefully I can share a drink with him soon!
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    Nothing strange at all about his wish (if true) not to move home. He has a new baby and is presumably close to family support which is very important with a young family. People often chase the money though nothing better than being happy with family close by. It may not be possible or desirable for his wife just to quit work. If he goes to Aberdeen for example it could involve him living away from home on his own. We just need to look at the Gary Dicker interview around Christmas to see how miserable he appeared to be when living away from his family.
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    Of course! Thanks to @Philo for providing the video for us. 47 seconds in
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    Shearer....man against boys.
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    Djorkaeff - he kept possession like it was a beach ball in a phone box
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    We’ve been conditioned to think competition for European places or relegation fights has only happened since the top 6/bottom6 split was introduced. A top division of 18 will still have European places to fight for, or relegation to avoid. You could even introduce play offs for a European place or the last relegation slot which I think happens in some countries (Netherlands?). Don’t agree with the notion that you create a massive dead zone in the middle. We’re football fans-there’s always something to play for. You want your team to finish as high as possible, break your record points total,(ie Killie in SC’s first season) have an unbeaten run, your striker to finish top scorer, fewest goals conceded etc etc. It’s not possible to have something major at stake for every round of fixtures for a full season. How do all those leagues in Europe cope with 20 team divisions and the ‘massive dead zones’? 34 league games, playing each other once home and away seems about right to me.
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    Yes, clearly had inner ear problems affecting his balance. Odd that it seemed to kick in most when within 18 yards from goal...
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    My late mum was brought up by her aunt ( my"grandma" in Springburn) My gran was originally from Mauchline and worked as a conductress on the Killie trams! but the whole of that family originated from Ayrshire and that is the reason I have supported the mighty since the later part of the 1960's! Guid auld Killie was one of her favourite sayings especially when we won and more so whenever we beat the old filth much to the annoyance of my largely hun supporting relatives!
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    With respect to social distancing, you have to admire Bobby Fleeting’s vision in building a stadium three times too big for us.
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    Totally understand this. Hope he stays safe and just as importantly, happy.
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    It also looks bleak for the elderly. My 95 year old dad doesn’t do internet and keeps cheerful but is clearly finding it tough living on his own. Can’t see many like him putting up with an extended lockdown - he will take his chances, I am sure...
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    Given all that has happened there is no way anyone other than Alex dyer will be manager for next season
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    Teddy Sheringham the night Portsmouth gave us a hiding pre season
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    The grand opening of the completed Rugby Park
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    Avoiding the usual names that at have already came up, one I think of, as much as I hate to say it, was James Maddison at Aberdeen. Looked like he was gliding above the turf. Absolutely strolled it and dictated the game. Hayes and Mcginn either side of him and Rooney up front ran us ragged that day
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    Hi everybody how are we all doing ? Hope your all well and safe and it won’t be long until we are all back in our beloved rugby park. I’ve missed you all especially the banter at home games. Keep safe everyone and look after one another
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    But they’re not, the death rate per capita in Sweden is more than double that of their neighbours.
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    That’s the one that sticks out for me. The boy Sforza in the middle of the park was decent as well.
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    I don't give a damn about Celtic and Sevco (there is no Old firm), I just remember sitting in the sun and sheltering from the rain watching utterly meaningless end of season games where nobody could affect European qualifying or relegation. A sixteen team top league is the maximum Scotland can support with our population. Norway have a similar sized population as us and they have two leagues of sixteen. This is all a moot point anyway, Celtic and Sevco will vote down any league proposal which has more than fourteen teams in it.
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    Is the meaningless games argument not another way of saying that only games involving the Old Firm matter? What about the seasons where the league has been won by February? Are the rest of the games for that team not meaningless? Giving teams games at the end of the season where the pressure is off would possibly allow young players to be introduced.
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    I think the Killie family are pure steaming and have no need to pop on the forum , unlike me , I’m in my house bored to tears
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    My Uncle played for Killie before the war, here is a part of his signing documents.
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    First major trophy.
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    Was it not Mike newall that got the hat trick
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    Still got the souvenir programme in a box somewhere. A five nil pumping. It was rumoured Kenny Dal might be taking the field at some point, unfortunately that didn't happen although he wasn't needed.
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    I agree with the stadiums staying closed for now. They exist purely for people to gather in mass - which is an obvious no go. Same with pubs. However I do think they need to find as safe a way as possible to get the games on behind closed doors and on TV for people to watch at home. It's called a living room - not an existing room. We are coming towards a critical point as a society here. We've done the right thing locking this down I think but it can't go on forever, it just can't. The best thing the governments and leaders can do now is begin to introduce safe and sensible strategies for some normal activity. Of course, I'm not advocating you get 10 of your mates round to watch the games. Totally idiotic and disrespectful if you do. But These past 6/7 weeks have changed us forever. We will always be more careful with hand hygiene, social distancing now. Eventually we'll need to take steps and risks if we want any kind of normal life back. Eventually we need to trust that society will look after each other as best we can. If small, safe steps aren't introduced or planned for soon - - like live sport returning on tv - then I worry that people will take it upon themselves to take larger riskier steps out of boredom, mistrust and frustration. We need guidance on how to move life forward, safely.
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    This was the official programme:
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    And WAS A good crowd if i remember 10,000
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    After a day off to give the lads some rest, we're back for the first of the quarter finals.
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    Brian Laudrup , I seem to remember him tearing us apart at home in one match
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    Personally, I wouldn't be taking any advice from a Facebook account called UK Keep Britain United. With the proliferation of fake news over the past few years, the source has to have some sort of credibility!
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    Speaking to a couple of Dons fans it seems he did a bit of a U turn on joining them. A deal had been agreed in principle but he didn’t want to be away from his wife and new baby. Looks like any move will need to be travelling distance from his home or involve the family moving. Our position might be stronger to get him to stay now than it has been for a while. United is not a step up for him. I wouldn’t imagine it would be a huge increase financially. It’s not going to improve his prospects of Euro football or international prospects. What’s maybe working against us now is the uncertainty over the managers role and our recent performance in the transfer market. Would he sign on knowing we could struggle to get the players in as we have recently to improve the side.
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    Didn’t realise that always though he played his best football at spurs and lazio
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    Djorkaeff a standout. I was always thought Henrik Larrson was outstanding to watch at his best, painful as it often was...
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    Not bad at least your getting fed
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    Steady on your a married man
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    Although Lambert won a Champions League medal I’m not sure he got the fanfare he deserved. He was a great player
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    I'm not really bothered about the format, as long as it doesn't include Sevco. Please die (again) you bigoted, sectarian, steaming turd.
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    "The SPFL have different options. They can continue as they are, look for a short-term fix or look to put something in place for longer term. “My guess at the moment is something for next season but we have to wait and see..... I'd be extremely disappointed if we voted for a short term fix to save one club, considering this little gem from Ann Budge yesterday..... Hearts should be saved from the drop because they made..... "substantial investments to try to avoid relegation"
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    I love all the photos from the open day(s) but this is my favourite- TB is like the Pied Piper! What a man.
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    Great idea. My only fear is that there are worse things than COVID 19 lurking in the bogs at Scumerset
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    You dont half like throwing insiuations at independence supporters, and you're clearly still totally unable to separate the SNP from the wider independence supporters and movement. The SNP are not the independence movement and the independence movement is made up of much more than the SNP. Brexiteers however, are made up if british nationalists, racists, xenophobes but mostly people who were and are disillusioned with their current status but have been hoodwinked by the media who are controlled by those who created these peoples problems.
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    This is just as wrong as the scarves arsewipes who frequent every independence March giving natzi salutes while waving a union flag. There are idiots and w****rs on both sides, but they do not define the movement for independence or the debate, no matter how much you pick our individuals to paint it as so. This is hate speech and they should be punished accordingly, but the natzi salute is likewise and two wrongs do not make right. Punishing and breating ome while the other is seen as patriotic and a good unionist is likewise wrong. If you're on Twitter you should report them, other than posting snagits on here alone.
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    This particular example of odious comment must be condemned unreservedly. Offensive in the extreme and the independence movement needs to self-police wherever we see encounter such stuff. It is vile. This disgusting w*nkbag is no ally of anyone. I share your disgust
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    That is totally shocking. The person who tweeted those words is a complete ar*ehole. That person is not what decent Independence supporters are about. What kind of mentality would someone have to type that. Has to be condemned by all right minded people.
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    Labour had Brian Donahoe as an MP for decades and he was king ned. His parting comments after losing his seat summed him up and his contempt for the electorate. A complete bigoted c**t to boot. Funnily enough, never ever heard to have a go at him auld pal! Then there's Ian Murray - imagine the SNP has only one MP and they dressed up like this (obvs not a UJ suit) You'd be in uproar! As for Brown, he should know better than to say that but it's hardly crime of the century. It's only a few months back there were shouts at an SNP speaker to "commit suicide" in the chamber at Westminster so Brown using a few choice words (tame as they are) hardly touches the surface of inappropriate behaviour in that place. You;ll hear worse than that shouted by MPs from all parties on a weekly basis during the rabble that is PMQs.
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    Nothing at all wrong with her celebrations on Jo Swinson who appeared even more hypocritical and unlikeable during the debates than I thought possible. Added to the fact that she was a UK party leader, had taken the SNP representative to court to stop her telling the truth in leaflets and that the SNP candidate had only recently recovered from cancer, if crass is the best people can throw at the FM for the celebrations then, I'm happy to accept that. Respect is earned and swinson, Bojo, and almost every other unionist politician in Scotland is deep in debt, they are a****st the most anti democratic people I've ever heard. Dpuglas ross this morning was an absolute hypocrite and the lengths the yoons are now going to to deny the right of the Scottish people to determine their own future will spectacularly backfire. Once in a generation was a term used to describe the opportunity we faced, it isnt statute it isnt recorded beyond the minutes of the Scottish Parliament which Ross tried to use as his evidence for so called promises, yet refused to accept the same evidence on Brexit or other matters.
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