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    First on Alex Ferguson by the time he was appointed at Man Utd he had won 12 trophies including a European cup so I don't think the two Alex's are comparable. If you don't think 15 games is enough to judge him on then feel free to let me know what you believe the average manager should get. I don't think you can call Kilmarnock fans entitled, for most of the past 12 years we have been more often than not a relegation threatened side with the occasional uptick in form that generally last no more than two seasons in a row. For the most part we have seen that the assistant stepping up to the big job often ends up poorly, the only one that has been favourable for us in my time has been Shiels. Many managers we have appointed were sacked because they were hopeless and more often than not would have taken us down to the championship if they had been given any more time, again Shiels is about the only one who can feel aggrieved at his sacking, its also worth pointing out that out of our last 10 managers 3 have left us for other jobs rather than being sacked. Not accepting declining standards in everything apart from goals scored under Dyer is hardly what I would call living in cloud cuckoo land, rather it is a desire from the fan base to have some ambition to not just be in the top league to make up the numbers but to actually challenge for Europe, top six and cups. Time will tell us if its the right call, if he gets the job he will receive my full backing as every other manager has but I've set out my stall as I did with Lee McCulloch that I don't think Dyer is the one to take us forward.
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    This 100%. None of the great managers were "great guys" or one of the boys. They drew a line and anyone who crossed it were in trouble. They demanded respect and disnt hesitate to change personnel when it was needed. They were ruthless when needed, and supportive when needed. I just dont get the feeling AD can be the former and is way too much of the latter. Stroking the egos of players at the level weve got will get you relegated.
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    Photoshop it on to legendary players down the ages. Zico, Maradona, Tinotenda Chibharo.
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    You're not seriously suggesting that Johnston, Locke and McCulloch were harshly treated, are you? Competent boards should be able to resist the clamour of fans if they have the courage of their convictions but I don't think ours had much choice in the above cases. So the board and fans were in accord. That only leaves Shiels and Alessio, who split the support but there were no campaigns to remove them and the boards' decisions were a surprise to most. I think blaming "fan power" for our rapid turnover of managers is a fallacy. A more interesting exercise would be to look at the nature of the appointments and whether the fans were behind them. The most contentious ones were probably the promotees. I think Shiels was popular enough, having been part of a successful partnership. Both Locke and McCulloch had a lot of support from fans, although not me. Both of them smacked of taking the easy option and promoting a caretaker who hadn't been convincing. Johnston spilt the fans - I saw it as an imaginative appointment of an up and coming young manager, others thought he had been successful at QoS because of a competitive advantage. I got that one wrong. The others seemed imaginative appointments at the time - Mixu, Clark, Clarke and Alessio. Two were successful and went on to manage their national teams, Clark was a maverick who got mixed results while Alessio had inherent problems which should have been apparent sooner. Successive boards have generally had more success when appointing from outside the club, but the track record is mixed. My point being that, if the board botches the appointment in the first place, the fans can't be blamed entirely if they want the manager removed, after a decent interval. Dyer looks to me more like a Locke or McCulloch than a Shiels. Fortunately, I don't have to make the decision.
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    This isn't a new share issue. Shares have always been available to purchase for £1/share for a minimum of 50 shares. The more supporters who are individual shareholders the better imo, particularly during this severe financial time for the Club when there currently is no income coming in and ongoing costs to continually deal with. As was said previously in this thread - "This has had to be dealt with very carefully as the sales of shares in a private company are different to shares in a PLC which are openly traded. Sales of shares are open to anyone, not just season ticket holders, and always have been, so that is not an issue...it just had to be worded like that." Every £1 contributed to the 'Trust in Killie' campaign on a monthly basis is also buying a share for Trust members and the money received by the Club is greatly valued, particularly just now. The company dealing with the administration of this process, like a lot of other businesses, have extremely limited staff to deal with applications and obviously have to prioritise their own workload. Club staff too are mostly 'furloughed' and the shares are being processed in batches. Indeed, Billy Bowie signed a couple of hundred share certificates this week so they should be arriving on doormats very soon. If you have considered becoming a shareholder in our Club and can afford to purchase some, your application will be appreciated. Please, just be patient with the process just now.
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    I know from personal experiance that being a nice guy , good guy one of the boys etc , eventually does not cut it a managrial level in any field better to be firm , fair and keep detached a bit like SC appeared to be.
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    Re Doncaster, this is when you need leadership and ideas and he ain’t our man. Get him hunted and someone with real business skills in his place. He couldn’t negotiate himself out of a damp paper bag.
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    Good question from Michael Stewart: "Can anyone explain how the club lost £11m, was needing £10m to see the season out, then Coronavirus hit and has deferred huge amounts in wages but can be linked with a £5m signing?"
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    We can't offer him what he wants. He wants to play football, he's not good enough to get into our midfield even at very bare bones. Dicker, Power and El Makrini play ahead of him every time. He wasted his chances last season. Keeping him around to not play does nobody any favours. While he's not good enough to play here any time soon he's good enough to play in the Championship and improve. Hope he does well, wish him all the best, might see him back here one day when he's developed his all round game and is more confident on the pitch.
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    Gary Locke worst killie manager i have seen in supporting killie in nearly 50 years
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    How many games did you give AA before calling for his head ?
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    Sir Steve Clarke doesn't paint faces, but if he did he'd probably be the best face painter in the world
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    I understand that people want to become shareholders of the club, but something just doesn’t sit well with this Sale by the club, we already have the option through the Trust, I get that some have concerns about it but it is a shortened process to getting funds to the club. Starting a Share issue when you don’t have the staff in place to manage it is, sadly, unprofessional! I was hoping we were learning, but it appears not.
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    If we’d went with the Google/Apple version, we’d have a system in place already. Because bojo and his chums decided to give the money to a friend from school instead, valuable data has been missed. Their profiteering in the face of a pandemic has cost many people their lives. There should be a full public enquiry into their response to this crisis, their apparent failure to react to a credible threat, and the way public money has been spent.
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    He's got the physique and the engine to play in the Championship. Not sure about his concentration - he tends to switch off for spells. Not saying he'd be a stand-out but he would get in most teams. The standard below the top six isn't great.
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    Broadfoot is a total down grade from DDF the only thing Big Kirk is better at than him is s**thousing.
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    Add large ego to this as well. He will soon fade away into the distance when he doesn't have Burky to play with.
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    That's easy with the big zip up the front so it fits like a jacket
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    I doubt that many outside Luton have heard of him down here. I think at his best he might get a gig at a middling championship club and keep his place. It's just silly to attribute his motives to a burning desire to right some wrong in England or blame Dyer for not keeping him. The guy is 27 and this will probably be the biggest contract of his career so its going to be £££'s that determine his decision. He's got 6-8 more years in the game with a weakening bargaining position so I can't blame him for that. He was good enough for us that I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on the form dip under AA. A major contributor to some magical memories.
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    “He wouldn’t fit into the group”. That concerns me given the anecdotal evidence around senior players being behind the dismissal of Alessio. As a manager, I recognise the need to make sure that new guys fit in, but that is partly making sure they are the right kind of person and have the right skills for the job, partly making sure that the existing team are not stuck in their ways and open to new blood and partly managing upwards so that when I decide who is best for the job, I get senior management buy in. OK, if they were clearly wrong ‘uns, good decision to avoid them, but otherwise, a good manager backed by his board should be able to make it work. Billy Bowie proclaimed Alessio as the best manager in the league and should therefore have backed him to the hilt in the face of stroppy players in il he proved himself unworthy of the job.
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    May sound completely stupid here but hey that's how some folk are on here for. But i felt if Angelo played Sow in the Kabamba role the first half of the season it may have been a different story for the big man.
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    No abuse from me if this happens especially if Gogic does come in . Dicker didn’t cover himself in glory with Alessio leaving .
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    Get Gogić in and Dicker out I’d say, Gogić only 26 as well. I’ll prepare immediately for the incoming abuse for saying Dicker should be away.
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    Really frustrated me that he got dropped when Broadfoot was brought back just screamed old pals act to me if anything, Del Fabro and Findlay is up there with one of the best CB partnerships in the league. I’m really hoping we start from scratch this summer and get Dicker and Broadfoot our, both been great servants to the club and play massive roles in our success but that was a year ago and a lot has changed, both ageing and in my opinion both got far too big an influence on how the team plays (not in a positive way). Go with a spine of Findlay, Power and Brophy with the likes of McKenzie, Burke and Kabamba helping out and build the team around this, as good a chance as we will get to start over again with the limited numbers we already have. Would also like to see less of a reliance on loan signings because without that we’ll never have any sort of continuity however I do realise that can impact ok the quality of player we get and also finances.
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    Maybe like most of us he hates the bastards
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    he always upped his game v the buns. wonder why?
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    His comments there do nothing but fuel the impression he couldn’t be arsed over the last season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him flop again in England and looking to come crawling back in 12 months
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    Football fans are a fickle bunch, we expect players to show the same loyalty to the club as we fans do, sadly going by Skydogs post it shows SOD couldn’t give a monkeys for almost a full season, and it was noticeable at times. Once a player does this he loses the support of working guys/girls who skin themselves to follow the team, so while I won’t lambast him I can understand others that choose to vent their displeasure, I hope his new employer realises if they give him a 3 year deal that they will only get the good SOD for 2 of the years.
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    'O'Donnell admitted his decision to leave Kilmarnock was made during Angelo Alessio's spell in charge'. That explains some of his performances then. Whether he liked the tactics or not, whether he liked the manager or not and whether he decided to move on he should still have been giving 100% on the pitch and there were certainly times when he wasn't. I've no problem with him choosing to move at the end of his contract but talking like that doesn't do him any favours.
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    Alex Gogic who almost single-handedly snuffed out our attack in the last game at Hamilton is out of contract. St. Mirren sniffing...
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    SOD couldn't be arsed this season and it showed in his performances. Was a good player for us but not sorry to see him go if his hear isn't in it.
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    Not to have a total continuous dig about SOD. But his comment in the paper (which could be twisted) hasnt cover him in glory. "My mind was made up early on about wanting to run down my contract" Doesnt look good towards killie fans who most of thought his efforts weren't his usual
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    If people can afford to pay for games that they will not be allowed entry to the fair enough, we are £100 down on this seasons ticket, I certainly will think very carefully before splashing out £300 plus in the autumn
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    Lovely shirt for a lower league club.
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    It doesn't matter how versatile he is, he didn't want to be here if he's not playing. He won't get into the midfield, he won't get into the defence, even if we wanted to keep him around he doesn't want to be here if he's not playing. The same reason he left at Christmas to go on loan, he wants to play and there's no room for him to play here.
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    More so than ever having the right team around you as a manager is important. Clarke took the time to think of Dyer as his assistant. AA’s staff was a bit hash bash. Dyer forced on him. Was Donati in as a coach or translator? Was he AA’s choice? Then when Dyer took over he went with what was there and brought Billy Thompson back into the fold I don’t know what Dyer specialises in. Tactics, fitness, motivation etc. Does he have the right people about him to cover the other aspects of the game. Maybe if we do go with him permanently it’s bout structuring the back room staff for the clubs best interests rather than loyalty to those on the books.
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    Chairman has done a number on him.
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    He'll have to get it over his heid first!
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    Why would you think I was disappointed, oh and Freddy Woodman was outstanding and allowed us to amasse enough points to keep us safe. why you would jump on here saying a topic had been done to death when it could be very relevant drew me to the fact you were more supportive of Jamie than most. Personally I would give him what he wants and free him, doesn’t like training late, travel from Edinburgh so put him out his misery in my opinion.
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    Pish , dreadful team our players bottled it that night, I’m still having nightmares over it
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    We were 5th when Alessio left, and Dyer seen us drop more places. Alessio sacking had nothing to do with performances, but the fact that certain members of the squad didn't fancy him, one of which has since decided to leave us and go to the papers and say he made his mind up months ago about it. I don't dislike Dyer by any means, but the handling of things since Clarke left has been an utter shambles
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    Dyer knocked several players that Fowler had put forward as well.... can't dump all the blame on JF.
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    St Mirren after Alex Gogic from Hamilton on a free. Hes a decent player, effective and would do a job for us.
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    Stephen O'Donnell would love a chance to play in the English Championship after deciding to leave Kilmarnock but the Scotland defender is also open to staying in his home country. The right-back has rejected the offer of a new deal at Rugby Park and is free to move on this summer. The former Partick Thistle and Luton player rejected a January move to Oxford and has recently been linked with Dundee United, with Celtic previously reported to have shown an interest. Although stressing he needs to play regularly at his new club to be in a position to add to his 11 Scotland caps, the defender is open-minded about his next destination. He told PLZ Soccer: "I would love to have a crack at the Championship down in England. "I was fortunate I had an opportunity to go down to League One in January but I just didn't feel the timing was right. But if I feel the opportunity is the right one down there I would go there as well "I am leaving all my options open, I just want to make sure this is the right move for me personally and professionally because when I moved back up from Luton I certainly loved being around my family, and it would need to be something I really feel I could sink my teeth into if I was to move back down south." O'Donnell stressed he would be interested in staying in the Scottish Premiership, adding: "I am open to a new challenge, one where I will at least be competing to start, and get a good crack of the whip to prove I'm good enough." On Celtic's reported interest, he said: "I heard a lot more rumours last summer. I have not heard anything recently. If that was to arise it would obviously be a great option to have but I don't see that being an option any time soon. But never say never, who knows what's around the corner?" O'Donnell admitted his decision to leave Kilmarnock was made during Angelo Alessio's spell in charge. "Every decision you make in your career is tough but I had made my mind up a wee while back that I wanted to run my contract down," he said. "Under the old manager it was a slightly easier decision but then when Alex Dyer came in, he is someone I have a huge amount of respect for, and I love him to bits, and it made the decision certainly a lot tougher. "However, I am looking for pastures new and I am looking forward to the next chapter of my career. "I hold the club in great regard, I have spent three great seasons there latterly a wee bit disappointing all round, both personally and collectively, but I just feel I needed a change. I have just turned 28 and coming to a stage in my career where I want to try and achieve as much as I can. "This has obviously come at an awkward time but hopefully when I sign up somewhere I will be able to kick on." https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/kilmarnock/news/stephen-odonnell-sets-sights-on-championship-move-after-kilmarnock-exit_399988.html
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    Unlike the bitterness and division of the Labour Party in Scotland ? In the same way that Corbyn enabled the Tories to hammer Labour in the last General election, Scottish Labour have enabled the SNP to hammer them in Scotland by being completely and utterly useless. There is no Scottish Labour Party because they have toed the party line even when it was obvious that doing so would be disastrous.
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    They are gash it’s still one of the worst if not the worst results in Kilmarnocks history
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    It has been a good harvest. The gods have been generous.
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    There were cases of covid-19 in the U.K. by the end of January. The first confirmed positive case in Scotland was the beginning of March. In the month In between the U.K. government did nothing to prevent the spread from areas with confirmed cases, to those areas without any. The next king of Britain was still free to travel from the south of England to his highland home, while covid-19 positive, well into March. The spread of this virus through the U.K. is solely down to U.K. government policies. They had the power to impose a lockdown and chose not to.
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    I feel like this is a conspiracy, lol. Like I'm never gonna see these photos! I've tried viewing this on my PC (300MB broadband), my phone by WiFi and also 4G on my phone and these pictures are not loading at all. Tried refreshing as well. Can someone PLEASE post photos that work (ie, for everyone and right away! lol)
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