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    Dyer has respect from our best player but not some fans. cmon guys, let’s support the team and the manager!
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    It never fails to amaze me how some know more about how football works then the football people themselves. We are in the middle of a lockdown and pandemic and nobody knows which club will survive this. I am confident that we will survive, but until we know if and when football will return, why would you offer a player who has a year of his contract to run and extension? It does not make business sense. When all has settled down I am sure that SF will be first on the list of JF to get another contract sorted out. Contracts do not happen overnight. There are weeks of negotiation with the agent who will always look at alternatives and hold off. Have I said this before?.....I do not like agents! Parasites of the game. Take millions out of the game and put nothing back!
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    Could read with a pinch of salt. Could also mean "unbelievably well... given the mess he was left". Findlay is a player whose opinion has always seemed to be honest and straightforward. If he supports Dyer and tells us SoD was fantastic behind the scenes I reckon that should have a bit of weight to it. More than anything though - good to see a positive interview. Would quite like him to be captain.
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    Dom’s explanation all seems very plausible and reasonable Imo. On a totally unrelated matter. If anyone asks why I appeared to be at a lock-in at my local pub this afternoon there’s a perfectly simple explanation. Ten of us all just happened to go and check on the publican to see if he was ok because nobody had seen him for a while. We thought he might need help or some shopping or something. Any group of responsible citizens would’ve done the exactly the same. Before going there I noticed there didn’t appear to be anything wrong with my eyesight so obviously I didn’t want to risk driving in case i was delirious due to an underlying infection. As I was also unaware of any persistent cough or temperature, I decided I better check for any altered sense of taste or smell. Unfortunately, the publican had given all the snacks in the bar to a local food bank, as any responsible citizen would, so I was forced to overcome this problem by drinking lager. While drinking my pint it occurred to me that the others may potentially have come into contact with an infection, so I decided to insist that they all test for altered taste and smell sensations, as and reasonable medical professional would do. Then I remembered this virus can be in your system for a number of days before showing any outward symptoms. We decided to self isolate and repeat the testing at intervals to track any changes. Unfortunately it seems that I may have some kind of infection. The room is spinning, my speech is slurred, my vision is blurred and I could murder a kebab. I think I may need a week in ICU chatting with Kiwi nurses and perhaps a bed bath or two to keep my spirits up. #pray4zorro.
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    Rich over privelaged twat is unapolagetic about behaving like a rich privelaged twat. The fact BoJo wont sack him tells you all you need to know about who is running the country. Independence anyone? I mean the SNP may be a bunch if incompetents but at least they are elected incompetents.
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    Just a coincidence that the trip was on his wife's birthday
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    Hes just been busted. Barnard Castle trip a sham.
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    Sadly there is no comedic part to this. At the end of the day the lot of them are all just members of the rich, smarmy, entitled boys club who think it is perfectly fine to snort cocaine and drive around the country spreading infectious diseases while making up rules to put the less privelaged in jail for the same. The whole thing is like some grotesque scene from Tom Brown's Schooldays with the bulk of the population tugging their forelocks obsequesly.
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    Better together.
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    No, the conditions which allow corruption to grow is the suggestion that ‘they’re all at it so we couldn’t possibly be any better of’. Independence isn’t a Hobson’s choice between you either get the SNP “cooking the books” or you can’t have Independence. Loads of countries became independent from the U.K. without electing the SNP to rule in perpetuity. Other political parties are available. Some places became much more corrupt, some places became less corrupt. That’s the way of the world.
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    of course he wasn't wrong, he knows better: " I can understand that some people will argue I should have stayed at home in London. I understand these views, I understand the intense hardship and sacrifice the entire country has gone through. However, I respectfully disagree. The legal rules inevitably do not cover all circumstances, including those that I found myself in. I don’t regret what I did and as I said, I think reasonable people may well disagree about how I thought about what to do in those circumstances but I think what I did was actually reasonable. " I found this one amusing: "However, his eyesight had been affected by his illness and so he went for a short drive to see if he could drive safely - to the town, Barnard Castle." Just as they advise when learning to drive, if you can't see very well just try a short drive (of about 30 miles) to see if you can still drive OK.
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    They also help players get the best possible deal for themselves and not get exploited by clubs. Would you have a talented teenager going in and representing himself in contract negotiations?
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    Cummings won't be resigning. Given how it was covered up by those at the top of the BBC when others, (Ferguson, Scottish CMO) got the boot for less of an lockdown infringement. None of them actually had Covid, but were exposed in the media and then got the boot for undermining the message. Seems obvious DC is considered too important an asset for the gov. to lose. New massive majority, Brexit 7 months away, BoJo would see it is short-term-ism getting rid of the architect of the whole leave campaign. Will need to be a sensational amount of heat on DC, before he gets the chop. That heats more difficult to build up, when we're talking about the events of a couple of months ago. Maybe why Laura Kunsburg declared it 'un-newsworthy' back in March eh? I agree though, could see lockdown ending sooner as a result of all this. Which funnily enough, was Cummings herd immunity hypothesis in the first place.
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    There’s opportunity in this crisis for smart operators. If at all possible we should be doing a deal for the boy Nesbit at Dunfermline, they need money, and will probably be in no position to turn down a sensible amount, even doing something with staggered payments or performance related.
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    As a club we need to smarten up in transfer windows. Waiting until the end was the Steve Clarke way. We seem to have gone down that route in the last two windows because it worked for him and it’s failed miserably. We need to find a way that suits us. As you say smart signings first. That could be a case of getting guys who are going to keep you in the division. Once we’ve built a decent foundation we can be looking for the Stewart’s who come available later in the window.
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    I think Alex Ferguson was in his mid-30s at that time and was moving up one division to St Mirren. He had also been identified already as someone with exceptional talent and was being recommended by Jock Stein. On the other hand, Dyer is in his mid-50s and his experience as a manager of a football club before being given the job at Killie was 2 months (April - May 2017) at Welling and literally days at Whitehawk in October 2017. I think he was in charge for a mere handful of games in total. If he hadn’t been SC’s assistant and had applied for the job at Killie then his application would have been rejected out of hand. Comparing Dyer to the most successful manager in British football ever is totally ridiculous. Meanwhile, someone like Tommy Wright is available - he has about 7 years experience at St Johnstone usually finishing in the top six and also winning the Scottish Cup on a lower budget than us - and we don’t even speak to him about the job. Locke, McCulloch and now Dyer - when will we ever learn? We haven’t even asked for applications for the job. Why is the board taking the lazy and probably the cheap option? At the one time in our recent history when there is no urgency and we can take our time and make an appointment we don’t even undertake a proper recruitment and selection process. This is massive failing by the board and sadly I think it will come back to haunt them. I sincerely hope Dyer does well but I think this is a massive gamble appointing someone with so little experience to work with a Director of Football who is in the same position. Results since December and the January transfer window don’t do much to back up his claim. Don’t be surprised if Fowler is the manger within a few months of the season starting.
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    Do hope the club at least try to start talks on a new deal asap ***** STUART FINDLAY admits he’s desperate for Alex Dyer to land the Kilmarnock job on a permanent basis. Dyer was handed the manager’s role until the end of the season after taking over from sacked Angelo Alessio in December. But the 54-year-old’s audition for the hotseat was cruelly cut short by the coronavirus pandemic which brought the Premiership campaign to an early end. Dyer - also Steve Clarke's Scotland No2 - kept Killie in the race for a top-six finish and guided the Ayrshire club to a memorable 2-1 win over title hopefuls Rangers. And defender Findlay believes the popular Londoner deserves a full crack at the job next season and revealed the whole dressing room is behind him. “When we were under Steve Clarke, the new gaffer was the assistant and he got on brilliantly with all the boys. “It’s a really hard thing for someone to go from a number two to the first-team manager. “But I think he’s done unbelievably well. I think he’s got massive respect from all the boys in the team, especially myself, and he’s someone we all want to play under.“It’s not been announced yet but if he does get the job then I’d definitely look forward to working under him. I believe he would do well as our manager. “We all want to listen to him and take his advice on board. He’s someone that we want to play for. “The respect we gained for him under Steve Clarke and the respect we gained for him under his own accord, it speaks for itself and I think everyone would agree with me there.” While Dyer’s future has yet to be thrashed out, one player who definitely won’t be at Kilmarnock next season is Stephen O’Donnell. The 28-year-old right-back decided to leave the club on a free transferand Scotland team-mate Findlay admits he’ll be a big miss. He said: “Stephen’s success speaks for itself. He came in at right-back and made the position his own and that’s been rewarded with his Scotland caps. “He was the PFA representative for the club so he did a lot of work behind the scenes in the last couple of months, especially with all the lockdown stuff he’s been doing “He’s a guy that will definitely be missed. He’s been there through all the good times we’ve had over the last few years. Whenever you lose anyone from that sort of era it’s always a sad one. “It’s one of those ones, when you get to that stage in your contract you have to make the decision that’s best for you and your family and the people involved. “Obviously, he’s had a good time with us but he’s felt it’s probably the right moment for him to move on and see what else he can do for himself. “Wherever he does end up obviously I wish him all the best and hopefully it works out well for him.” Former Celtic kid Findlay could find himself in a similar situation 12 months from now. The 24-year-old is in the final year of his deal and has yet to open talks over an extension. He said: “Everything to do with football has been put on the back burner. “It’s all up in the air and I think there’s more pressing matters with boys that are maybe out of contract or leaving the club. “I’m not in any rush to force Killie to do anything. It’s obviously a very hard and stressful time at the club and some things are more important at the moment. I’d rather just get back to the football before I start thinking about things like that. I just want to start kicking a ball again, that’s the most important thing for me. “I’ve not even thought about my future at all. At this moment in time, I should just be winding down and enjoying the off-season. The fact you’re at home for ten weeks and have not kicked a ball puts things into perspective. You don’t really think about what’s going to happen in the future. “You just look a week or two in advance and try and see a way to get back doing what you love. It’s hard to try and think past that stage.”
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    Where is that Russian Report must have left it in the fridge he was hiding in?
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    When a second wave hits, and they want us to lockdown again, c**ts will c**t, rather than obey this time.
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    Did you really expect the BBC to give him a hard time ? They had two journalists on after his statement, from the Observer and Sun on Sunday and both were highly critical of what Cummings said and didn't say. Both were incredulous that an adviser should have given his statement from No.10 in the first place. The Tories are in a position to sit this out because they don't care about public opinion and won't need to for another four years. There are millions of people raging about this tool, I'm one of them, but there are also millions more who don't give a damn about it.
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    I meant once we are out of lockdown, but to be fair if I jumped in the motor with a full tank of petrol and started off down the M74 I could just tell the cops that I was acting on instinct?
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    The met polis have a unit that deals with these types of things. Wonder how many FOI requests they'll get to see if eejit features contacted them?
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    Went for a 30 mile test drive!? FFS the lies and complete lack of contrition is unacceptable! This guy shouldn't be the story but suppose it must be better than counting the bodies.
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    If we are going to sign players early we'd be better signing guys who can play in a few different positions. Our squad (which was threadbare to begin with) is going to be smaller again next season, so having a few guys that can fill in in 3 or 4 positions have to be a priority. That's why I was surprised that Shug Wilson was allowed to leave, but maybe it was his decision to go rather than the club. There will be guys being released from down south and possibly Europe who would have never normally considered coming up here but will be desperate for a contract so we should be looking as far and wide as possible. And as mentioned above, if the Championship isn't starting until later up here we should be looking for 6 month loans for the best players from there. Dare I even suggest a 6 month loan offer for Dobbie if Queens aren't going to start until January?
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    We should hold a competition to get fans to record some random shouts to make us feel more at home. Stuff like “get it forward”, “Stop fannying about at the back”, “Dyer, get a sub on”, “insert refs name here you’re s**te”...the usual stuff.
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    I find it completely baffling that so many people with completely s**t quality of life; up to their eyes in debt, two or three jobs, very little job security or protections at work, have allowed themselves to be convinced they’re middle class and would lose out under the lefties.
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    The biggest in the UK, HC One is based in Jersey, but the company seems to have a complex corporate structure, with the ultimate owner based in the Cayman Islands, the dubiously sounding FC Skyfall LP. It's hard to believe their first priority is the folk that they care for and the carers that work for them.
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    If you really want to know how good a care home is, check out the costs. The more you pay the better the service. It’s as simple as that. Its the capitalist dream, but not one shared by the creators of our national health service. Care should be provided free at the point of care and based on need not by ability to pay. We seem to have forgotten how hard people fought for these rights.
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    It won’t surprise me to see Johnson attempt to shift the agenda by announcing an end to some part of the lockdown on Monday/Tuesday , if Cummings hasn’t resigned by then . Barbers and beauty salons reopening ?
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    Nothing I wrote was wrong. I can think it was a good idea to sign a 35 year old who couldn't get a game with St Mirren, but I'd be lying to myself
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    Just another piece of nonsense. Try posting something positive for a change, it may alter the opinions you are entitled to have.
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    She has been less than impartial in her reporting in the past but this takes the biscuit. Why not just get her to wear a Tory rosette every time she appears?
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    Waters has proved himself as a rock in the saints defense last season. I think hes good enough. He showed some qualities when GT was injured couple seasons back.
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    Everyone does remember that and I’m sure everyone appreciates the effort from these players that season but the season just finished can’t be ignored, Broadfoot had no improvement on the team when he came back and also slaughtered our training when he left just to add insult. The way some of the senior players behaved in the first half of that season was shocking. They can all moan about the training methods but regardless of who was the manager at the time those players made a total mess of the CQN games. We could’ve had half the folk on here managing the team and we should’ve beat them comfortably. In no other job would you be allowed to just down tools because you weren’t a fan of the boss. This season should be about re-shaping the team in my opinion, Dicker and Broadfoot are free to go in my opinion, thanks very much for your efforts but it’s time to move on and see if we can create a team with some longevity and continuity in it. We’ve not even had a keeper signed permanently for 3 seasons now in Woodman, Bachmann and Branescu(although I’d take a Bachmann loan deal again in a heartbeat) all very good players of course but would be good to have some consistency rather than having to start from scratch near enough each year because of loans etc. Teams like Livingston, Motherwell etc seem to be able to get decent players signed on permanent deals and all at decent ages as well so why can’t we.
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    I think we will need to be quite creative when we return on how we recruit players. Here's one I came up with when reading about the Scottish Championship potentially not starting until January. Dunfermline have just released 17 players so they seem to be feeling the pinch, would it be possible for us to agree a six month loan deal for Nisbet? Would mean that he would be fully prepared for when they return as well as getting one of their biggest earners off the books while they are shut down. We get a good striker for a pittance and can then potentially agree a deal to sign him the following summer.
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    Not sure why Killie1961 got minus votes. This asshole was showing symptoms but still travelled ffs! Regardless of the pathetic excuses coming out to defend the creep, it is not acceptable. The arrogance of this govt will prevail. I've a good f**king mind to go to the seaside now but wont out of respect for Zorro and his colleagues.
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    As much as I would love to renew my season ticket, I honestly couldn’t justify £350 to watch us on the tv behind closed doors. hope there’s a better solution and we can all rally behind the club by attending matches again soon.
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    It's a lot more socially responsible than taking people's money for "ghost games".
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    Gary Locke worst killie manager i have seen in supporting killie in nearly 50 years
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    Clearly never met half the working class population of England.
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    if they sell season tickets you know how thats ma seat brigade go on, what if the full row buys a ticket then club ask you to social distance so majority then have to move.....imagine the carnage
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    At the end of the day how can you think a Tory government is better than Independence
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    The Romans never made it up here either mate. You’d be as well asking why life expectancy in Scotland is lower than England, or rates of alcoholism, drug dependency greater. Why deprivation rates are greater over many generations in Scotland than England. Wages are lower etc etc. P*sh weather another factor. As almost all the international points of origin into the UK are in the SE of England, people also have to travel many hundreds of miles to get to Scotland and as we all know, travelling within the UK is prohibitively expensive.
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    Dear oh dear. The SUN and ALL mainstream media are in cahoots to make sure the establishment isnt rocked. Simple, which is a bit like you.
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    Away and throw s**te at yerself man ffs. You talk some s**te but that one above is a doozy
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    You really are utterly delusional. Csnt quite get how you equate his behaviour to the shambles WM is making of the economy, when he or rather the scottish government has control.over hardly any of the main economic levers. And I have not airbrushed him out, I have condemned his behaviour. You are an absolute clown.
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    Wondered how long it would take you. but totally unacceptable behaviour for ANY human being never mind a politician and senior minister. Rightly resigned but I’d have preferred to have binned him totally. Never liked him as a minister at all.
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