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    It seems to me that it would. I'm genuinely interested if posters think I've got this way wrong, but look at the practicalities - I can't imagine any manager based outside of Scotland would want to move away from family and presumably come live in the hotel for a while mid pandemic. It definitely couldn't be someone who doesn't live in the UK. I can't imagine any manager with a family is keen to move with all that is going on and the uncertainty over schooling etc. One of our most likely sources of manager would be from England. Those leagues are going to play on and not finish until late July - so we are cutting down our list of potential managers. The training proposal is a phased return, so a new manager would have to meet and assess the players bit by bit. They won't get a friendly to see them in action and likely won't meet the squad as a whole until a few weeks before the season actually starts. That means they can't properly assess the squad until very late in the window while other clubs will be doing business. I suppose it might work with a Scottish manager who has a fair idea of our squad - but I don't see any candidates there who the fans would want, particularly if we've been given an indication that Wright is off to be national boss and Holt is staying put. Am I wrong in all that? I just can't see how it would work. And I was fully in favour of there being a recruitment process and not just handing it to Dyer - but I really can't see another way.
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    14 team league for two years? Not for me! They wouldn't give a hoot about us if we had won 4 games this year. I wouldn't even be getting talked about if it was us, St J, St M etc.
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    Absolute bellend of a comment. Why don't you criticise the UK shambles as well. But no it's all rule Britannia bollox from you, why dont you head off to ibrox.
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    @historyman and @piffer Yes, I don't disagree. I'm just looking at it as two stages - Stage one, Dyer shouldn't necessarily just have been given the job. The club and the players want him, and that should be respected, but I still wanted a recruitment process to see who was out there. I suppose to be fair to the club they were still leaving a bit of wriggle room by waiting until the end of the season. The performances in the remaining games could have finished him or could have left us feeling more positive - we'll never know. I suspect things would only have changed if he had lost all or most of those games But I agree and I'm not filled with confidence by them essentially making up their mind so early. Stage two - the pandemic and lockdown hit. And very suddenly. Remember this all accelerated so quick that we were still due to play St Mirren a day before that game, which seems insane now. In the situation we are in now I'm happy with the appointment and don't feel that that (this isn't directed at either of you) some of the anger/bitterness is helpful. Some of it seems over the top to me. My view is that we have a manger who is liked and respected by the players, keeping that manager doubtless helped a number of those players to stay and we have a stronger core of players left than I expected. All the clubs are now in a massive fight to survive and fans and clubs need to pull together.
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    All good points, Dyer is the practical choice for now. I might not like it, but it makes sense
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    Definitely NO if only temporary, especially as it is only to save Hearts. Hearts on there own being allowed to compile a revamp of the league set up is just not on. At best it had to be an independant group.
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    f**k sake, McKenzie.
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    The only time a player should be retained is when the club deem them good enough to play for the first team in the future. Always been that way.
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    There are over 6 million furloughed in the UK. I would say any HMRC audit would be a fairly light one to say the least. these young players will be on pennies - we should have retained them.
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    If they go with this, the richer city clubs will spend big in last season to avoid relegation, while clubs like Killie Hamilton, St Mirren will still be recovering from pandemic an will have a greater chance of going down. Stuff Hearts 12 teams and they go down or 14 permanent.
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    So 2 years down the line, we'd have 3 down or 5 down if they went to a 10 team top league ? We'd be involved (with about 3/4 of the SPL) in a massive relegation dog fight. No thanks. Inviting even more teams into the pro leagues, when almost everyone accepts Scotland has too many teams at present, is equally bonkers. Flip side of this is, should it be rejected , Hearts will sue - so I'd let them get on with it.
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    We will still need them until it is safe to not need them
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    Must be permanent.
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    Was this not the same proposal rejected a few weeks ago?
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    Yip that's it, our Covid19 infection and mortality rate can be directly attributed to a throwaway vox pop on STV. How could we all have been so blind? The poll currently on the BBC suggests that the vast majority of Scots are satisfied with the SGs response to the epidemic. Do you not agree that Nicola Sturgeon has shown greater Leadership than Boris Johnson? As to the timing of the lockdown, there was an initial 4 nation approach which I would presume was to ensure a consistent message was conveyed. As is also being highlighted this was evidently the wrong call - but it seems in line with a joint approach determined by the COBRA Committee. Seems to me our desire to comply with their wishes prevented us from taking our own lead on the matter - a decision that NS now probably regrets.
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    Can the club produce Jamie MacDonald face masks? I’m confident they’d limit the risk of catching anything Barrage of red dots incoming in five...four...three...two...one...
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    Starting a recruitment process doesn’t mean making an offer. It means seeing who is available, ruling people out and establishing who is interested and hopefully coming up with a short list to explore in more detail. All of that could be achieved without meeting anyone face to face and I expect we would have been able to have done that on a face to face basis in the next few weeks. Do we know that Wright and Holt wouldn’t be interested? Have we spoken to either of them? I don’t think we have so it appears that we haven’t even considered them at all. And, of course, we have appointed a manager who doesn’t live in Scotland. My point is that we made no attempt to seek applications and consider anyone apart from Dyer. That doesn’t look like me to a board trying to do the best for the club and trying to find the best person for the job. It was Hobson’s choice and that was a lazy and unimaginative approach to probably the most important task they will have all season.
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    Looks like a story has been created to fit the evidence, and the press failed to ask the right questions! Why couldn't his wife drive? Was it a coincidence there was a family celebration (? mum's birthday) when he first got to Durham? Was it a coincidence that it was his wife's birthday when he did his eye test drive? How convienient is it that neither he nor Boris can't remember discussing what he did?
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    A global pandemic where the club can't even meet prospective candidates face to face, a new manager couldn't meet the players and we don't even know when the league is going to start? I agree with your comments on Dyer, but surely a bit of continuity is precisely what is required in this situation? I think there's every chance we might not even have relegation this season. Dyer is relatively low risk in my opinion given all that is going on. "Next season" is really 2021 for Scottish clubs I think - what we are about to embark on is something very strange and potentially stop start.
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    When a player says he is isn't looking to far ahead or is just concentrating on Kilmarnock at the moment this basically means he'll be off ski. This is the problem we are getting ourselves into. Brophy will be the next one. Nobody really minds if they are bought by an English championship team and go on to have a great career but when they leave on a free and end up at the likes of Dundee Utd or Aberdeen that's the annoyance.
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    We should hold a competition to get fans to record some random shouts to make us feel more at home. Stuff like “get it forward”, “Stop fannying about at the back”, “Dyer, get a sub on”, “insert refs name here you’re s**te”...the usual stuff.
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    I think Alex Ferguson was in his mid-30s at that time and was moving up one division to St Mirren. He had also been identified already as someone with exceptional talent and was being recommended by Jock Stein. On the other hand, Dyer is in his mid-50s and his experience as a manager of a football club before being given the job at Killie was 2 months (April - May 2017) at Welling and literally days at Whitehawk in October 2017. I think he was in charge for a mere handful of games in total. If he hadn’t been SC’s assistant and had applied for the job at Killie then his application would have been rejected out of hand. Comparing Dyer to the most successful manager in British football ever is totally ridiculous. Meanwhile, someone like Tommy Wright is available - he has about 7 years experience at St Johnstone usually finishing in the top six and also winning the Scottish Cup on a lower budget than us - and we don’t even speak to him about the job. Locke, McCulloch and now Dyer - when will we ever learn? We haven’t even asked for applications for the job. Why is the board taking the lazy and probably the cheap option? At the one time in our recent history when there is no urgency and we can take our time and make an appointment we don’t even undertake a proper recruitment and selection process. This is massive failing by the board and sadly I think it will come back to haunt them. I sincerely hope Dyer does well but I think this is a massive gamble appointing someone with so little experience to work with a Director of Football who is in the same position. Results since December and the January transfer window don’t do much to back up his claim. Don’t be surprised if Fowler is the manger within a few months of the season starting.
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    It's not shameful at all, its unfortunate, its circumstances, its not shameful. Self righteous patter at a time when clubs are fighting for their very existence, you want them to take advantage of the furlough system to keep people in a job that they would be getting cut from anyway? That money is meant to be for keeping people in a job, not just giving cash to people (who will qualify for other benefits) regardless of the situation. We do it every year, where is the outrage then? It might cost the club nothing, but it costs the government money and we're all going to be paying for it soon through taxes. I agree its not nice not thanking them but again, they don't do that in normal circumstances either so its nothing new, plus there is not much you can do in person these days during lock down.
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    I am totally falling out of love for the game in this country. If Hearts are allowed to get away with this then it’s almost as bad as the current political crass. You lot are diddy clubs, peasants, whereas we are from the capital and get 15000 season tickets sold every year, we don’t care what you all think of us, we will do what we want, the authorities? Oh that’s ok, we’ve got them in our pocket too.
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    If temporary and we agree to this then we are putting ourselves at a serious disadvantage in two years time. No thanks, Permanent or not at all.
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    If it's not self preservation then yes let's go for a 14 team league Anne. Hearts still go down and Dundee come up to make the 14th team. As stated before do you really think if Hearts didnt finish bottom she would be looking for this. They were last for a reason, they must go down.
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    League does need to be changed, but this must be done for the correct reasons and for long term benefit ....IF this was say a proposal without the 2 year timeline it might work ..but it comes over as a rush temporary fix will help a few clubs but at a cost to many others...
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    Nice people, very polite, courteous and very clean.
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    I respect the guy just don’t think he’s good enough for the job in hand.
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    All very Orwellian.
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    I’d suggest population density is the biggest factor. However the impact in high density areas can be mitigated with early and effective track, trace and isolate protocols, combined with hand hygiene, public health education and face masks. The countries with the worst outcomes are the ones who dithered and sent out mixed messages.
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    If they didn't have covid what was wrong with them? Flu season over. Why was kid at hozzy? The whole thing stinks of lies and deceit. No surprise and pathetically predictable.
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    Would it be that much of a problem if we wore face masks, gloves, and adhered to social distancing and family groups ? The club could bring in extra portaloos so that queues for the toilet would be minimalised and provide protective screens and a collection system for the kiosks. I can't see away supporters being allowed to attend for some time but that would mean more space for our own fans in Rugby Park.
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    The track and trace contract is awarded to a company who just happen to have Cummings Sister as a director. She lives in.... Durham. Glaxo smithkline who are partnering on a vaccine amongst other projects also happen to have their site in.... Barnard Castle. Call me cynical or tin foil hat wearing, but if this prick drives from london to Durham and then to Barnard castle for childcare and then to test his eyesight then and it's all innocent then there is only one team in ayrshire and it's not us!!
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    The Eton tosser lies to the queen, shuts parliament down, spends 2 weeks with his lover with an impending pandemic coming turns up occasionall y for briefings, in hospital on death row but was never on a ventilator hypocrite clapping for NHS Workers and still could not do 1 decent thing and sack that lying Gollum
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    Just as it doesn’t add up that someone who does all of this because he is trying to do the best thing for his son then puts him in the child seat in the Range Rover before driving 30 miles to determine if he can still see. if that’s the best excuse he can come up with after about 6 weeks then god knows why he is considered to be indispensable. The guy and the party are without shame.
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    In fairness Findlay sees a lot more of him than we do on a Saturday afternoon. I’d take those comments with a pinch of salt. “Unbelievably well” really? Steve Clarke did unbelievably well in his tenure. Dyer was so so.
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    He was 32 at the time and quickly moved on. AD is 54 with virtually no management experience - four matches at Welling, a few days at Whitehawk and 15 matches at RP. AD's CV looks better when you include assistant manager's positions at Charlton and Huddersfield. It's still a big difference between being assistant to a good manager and stepping out on your own. Regarding Alessio, if it was "an utter disaster and the the whole setup was embarrassing from day one", the players must have been asking how on earth the board came to appoint him. They got shot of the manager but the board remains.
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    The players got Alessio the boot. That’s something they should all be totally embarrassed about and they didn’t cover themselves in glory with many of their performances under Dyer. And if Dyer deserves more games before he is judged then why shouldn’t Alessio have got the same.
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    Smart new Brondby strip from Hummel.
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    Dyer’s very unlikely to make us a top 6 club. I don’t need metrics, data or another 100 games of evidence before coming to that conclusion. 15 games, low pts return, a very poor transfer window and then poor team selections have provided enough evidence for me.
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    O'Neill's shirts for Bohemians over the past couple of years have been edgy, but very good. A good match for Partick who have had a recent tradition of having noteworthy away kits.
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    I think big Del had the potential to be another Dindeluex had he stayed , I’d have him back in a heart beat .
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    He got lucky the day Steve Clarke gave him a call. But for that, there's a good chance he would still be managing in non-league, if at all. From BB's point of view, he would say that he tried going down the ambitious route in appointing AA, albeit I think they got the wrong guy. Once bitten twice shy, better the devil you know, got our fingers burned, etc. We know what we will get from AD and, unfortunately, it's likely to be Bottom Six (or whatever number applies).
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    Your right , hearts shouldn’t be relegated , neither should Patrick or Stranraer mind you funny how Brechin weren’t relegated , anyway as I predicted the full thing is a farce , f innish the season whenever is possible it saves all this nonsense , the biggest laugh now is that Ann budge , a clueless Craig levin lover - is running the let’s have a bigger league fiasco —— Scottish football eh , mind you I hear UEFA on Thursday are going to demand ALL leagues have to complete ALL fixtures
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    Is the meaningless games argument not another way of saying that only games involving the Old Firm matter? What about the seasons where the league has been won by February? Are the rest of the games for that team not meaningless? Giving teams games at the end of the season where the pressure is off would possibly allow young players to be introduced.
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    You could put money on it now that the suggestion will be a 14 team league for a season or two. I don't agree with the way they've ended this, should have been either finished or void in my opinion. Everything will be based around the TV deal and saving Hearts.
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    This is actually out if order, but oar for the course when unionists lose the argument, as they pose almost everyone. They resort to personal insults on the first minister. Sad, juvenile and ultimately self defeating.
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    Ah SWOS. Best footie game ever. You can get it for your PC here https://www.sensiblesoccer.de/
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