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    It's simple stuff. 1. Get the OF to f**k. They're absolute vermin and are at the heart of everything that is wrong with our game. They soak up every player, fan, penny and have zero consideration for the game in general. 2. Reconstruction into a top league of 16, second tier of 14 and two lower leagues made up either regionally or as a premier and lower premier made up from current league 2, highland, lowland and top juniors. These become the feeder leagues. 3. League cup becomes a mini league, followed by home and away fixtures to bring the total number of games for the top league back up. Money is less, absolutely without the scum. But theres an even chance then of six or seven teams winning trophies every year. This is what competition is. Where the OF go, I literally couldn't give a flying f**k, they're vermin.
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    Budge has put her own club in this position, her failure to is rid of a clown of a manager sooner, now to try and save her skin and her own bad decisions she comes up with this AGAIN !! Some of these Jambo fans on the Terrace think they some sort of entitlement. Permanent reconstruction and Hearts going down or forget it !
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    Get doon and shut up, Hearts.
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    Was bad enough when 3 teams went down when TB was manager and would not feel confident of us staying up the way the club is going at the moment too much of a risk for our club just to save a mismanaged team like Hearts
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    How about go with the 14, but bottom position is relegated and 3 promoted. Let’s see Hearts vote for that !
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    Can the club produce Jamie MacDonald face masks? I’m confident they’d limit the risk of catching anything Barrage of red dots incoming in five...four...three...two...one...
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    Even the juniors were better organised! Deciding the league on point average was undeniably more fair than how the SPFL did it. Although, if the curtailed season was decided (as fairly as possible) on point average, they'd be no chance to save the Jambos woeful on field performance off the park.. If the two teams affected weren't from Glasgow and Edinburgh - we wouldn't be having this conversation IMO.
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    If it's not self preservation then yes let's go for a 14 team league Anne. Hearts still go down and Dundee come up to make the 14th team. As stated before do you really think if Hearts didnt finish bottom she would be looking for this. They were last for a reason, they must go down.
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    I was working in Edinburgh when Hearts were riding the crest of a wave under Burley. Amazing how quickly my Jambo colleagues morphed into old firm levels of arrogance and triumphalism. Budge can get tae.... mini Huns right enough.
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    I had the displeasure of sitting behind the Noel one on the train back to Glasgow after one of the games two seasons ago and to call him entitled doesn’t even begin to cover the opinions of that a***hole. In the last decade we’ve had two great opportunities to reconstruct and change our product to sell in a forever globalising market but both times Scottish football has shot itself in the foot. A bunch of squabbling out of touch dinosaurs in suits will always overlook the foundation of our game which is the fans.
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    I think everyone would like to see the leagues reconstructed, the its the only country in the world where you can play the same team 8 times a year, but if there is going to be reconstruction it has to be permanent, and get budge as far away from it as possible she’s only driving it because it’s hearts if it wasn’t she would be sitting in the house given all our ears peace. if the spfl/sfa are interested in it then they need to spear head it and listen to public opinion and put together what the majority of us want to see
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    If they go with this, the richer city clubs will spend big in last season to avoid relegation, while clubs like Killie Hamilton, St Mirren will still be recovering from pandemic an will have a greater chance of going down. Stuff Hearts 12 teams and they go down or 14 permanent.
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    3 from 14 OR 1 from 12, do the odds
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    Seems like our southern cousins in Engerland are happy enough with Special Rules for The Special One. No real pressure on Tory MPs to stand up for the principal of one rule for all. The quicker we get separated from the cesspit down south the better.
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    Hearts a bit of a smokescreen here I think - obviously they are voting for self interest, but Thistle getting relagated by a point with a game in hand is horrendous. And, as it stands, them and Falkirk are going to be marooned in a league which is going to be mothballed for potentially a full season. I don't think we need reconstruction generally, but one way or another there's going to have to be something put in place to save teams and stop job losses.
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    It'll be rejected, as long as the diddy clubs remember that budgie would see most of them out the league at the drop of a hat.
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    14 team league for two years? Not for me! They wouldn't give a hoot about us if we had won 4 games this year. I wouldn't even be getting talked about if it was us, St J, St M etc.
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    Everything pretty much sold out in the shop? (only thing left appears to be XL home tops, and that seems to be about it)
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    That is sage advice; we will need them till we won't need them, then we won't need them. But do we really need them or do we just want them?
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    He broke the rules. End of. Shudda been sacked. Even if he can hide behind the bit about going North, the jant to Barnard Castle shoots it down. They can f**k off. Zero credibility on everything
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    According to the BBC real people dont actually give a s**t. It's all meeja hype and it's time for journalists to move on with peoples real concerns. Like what is Captain Tom's next heroic project?
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    Leave it as it is, yet another pathetic self serving effort by a Scottish “big” club to save their own skins. Can you imagine this being taken seriously if it was proposed by Hamilton or Ross County?!!!!
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    Is it any more of a risk? Just now, if you are 10th you stay up. Yes 3 teams would go down, but 10th or 11th would still keep you up
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    why would clubs vote for this temporary change, to effectively relegate three teams in two seasons time, if budge things this is for the better of scottish football then promote three teams fae championship & relegate hearts, oh wait this pish is only to save hearts, if we vote for this then serious questions would need to be asked
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    I assume based on their projections that they will arrogantly budget to be 4 of the top 6 decided early on, and can then have a half season love-in with each other and not have to come see us diddies? But we can all have lots of extra meaningless games to give us income Cheers Grotbags. I don't like the top 6 as is, but to split the league that early is nonsense. It would basically prevent a late season form team from European qualification and any monies due from a higher league placing - which is made even more hypocritical given the basis of Budge's reason for this whole saga. Why cant we just have a simple fecking league setup like just about every other country in the world? Don't know why I'm actually asking, I know the answer....
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    Love it when people shout that. Sometimes a simple boo just isn’t enough.
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    It is crazy to put the person whose team are set to relegated in charge of reconstruction. I also think moving away from the one club one vote system to some sort of representative system might help. Currently it only takes a few teams to scupper any plans which makes pretty much anything impossible to vote in
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    BBC website says 9 prem teams would need to vote in favour. Mind you, believing the BBC is a bit of a step into the unknown...
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    They were being bankrolled by a convicted thief, fraudster and money launderer at the time, which takes the shine off the Burley era - if 16 games can even be described as an era!
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    Hearts are becoming increasingly more like the Old Firm. Rangers were saying the exact same in 2012. If Anne Budge wasn’t a coward and sacked Levein last season they wouldn’t be where the are now. She is to blame, no one else and certainly not a pandemic.
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    I thought the "temporary reconstruction" plan to help the Jambos avoid relegation had been well and truly kicked into touch a while back. How come it's back on the agenda again? Either re-structure or don't. Temporary to save a particular team just doesn't do it for me. Regarding Beakers's plan to exclude the Twisted Two, while I applaud his motives I fear the result of simple amputation is the beast would grow back in another form. We need to deal with the real problem which is how the money is divied up. Here's an idea, how about all 12 clubs get 1/12 of the net TV income regardless of league position. If you are playing well your stadiums are full and that should be enough of a financial reward. Giving the top clubs more TV money just makes the imbalance worse. If there was not a 12 team league there would be no TV deal.
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    I am totally falling out of love for the game in this country. If Hearts are allowed to get away with this then it’s almost as bad as the current political crass. You lot are diddy clubs, peasants, whereas we are from the capital and get 15000 season tickets sold every year, we don’t care what you all think of us, we will do what we want, the authorities? Oh that’s ok, we’ve got them in our pocket too.
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    If temporary and we agree to this then we are putting ourselves at a serious disadvantage in two years time. No thanks, Permanent or not at all.
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    Stinks of self preservation. It’s permanent or nothing so she can ram that plan
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    Injustice of relegating a team that was at the bottom of the league and had been rubbish all season, where's the injustice in that ? See you in court Budgie, you won't win.
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    All good points, Dyer is the practical choice for now. I might not like it, but it makes sense
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    We will still need them until it is safe to not need them
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  39. 1 point
    I respect the guy just don’t think he’s good enough for the job in hand.
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    Thats very funny tbf
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    Filters almost certainly help stop the spread of particles down to micromillimetre level . A study in the USA shows placing 3 coffee filters inside your facemask stops 25% more particles , don’t know about hoover filters but if they’re “HEPA “ type they’d perhaps do the job . . I’d say it’s more for your own confidence that you’re not spreading it amongst the general population
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    First on Alex Ferguson by the time he was appointed at Man Utd he had won 12 trophies including a European cup so I don't think the two Alex's are comparable. If you don't think 15 games is enough to judge him on then feel free to let me know what you believe the average manager should get. I don't think you can call Kilmarnock fans entitled, for most of the past 12 years we have been more often than not a relegation threatened side with the occasional uptick in form that generally last no more than two seasons in a row. For the most part we have seen that the assistant stepping up to the big job often ends up poorly, the only one that has been favourable for us in my time has been Shiels. Many managers we have appointed were sacked because they were hopeless and more often than not would have taken us down to the championship if they had been given any more time, again Shiels is about the only one who can feel aggrieved at his sacking, its also worth pointing out that out of our last 10 managers 3 have left us for other jobs rather than being sacked. Not accepting declining standards in everything apart from goals scored under Dyer is hardly what I would call living in cloud cuckoo land, rather it is a desire from the fan base to have some ambition to not just be in the top league to make up the numbers but to actually challenge for Europe, top six and cups. Time will tell us if its the right call, if he gets the job he will receive my full backing as every other manager has but I've set out my stall as I did with Lee McCulloch that I don't think Dyer is the one to take us forward.
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    And of course nothing has changed since WW2. Using WW2 as a comparator to the current situation has to be one of the stupidest things I have seen on this site and that is saying something on a site with McLean and BeakerBob on it!!
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    As much as we love Killie there are bigger things at play here at the moment.
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    I think Saint M, St J, Hamilton and hopefully us will be enough to sink this farce
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    In that case he can SOD off
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    Just wish we had moved quicker, as we were free to go our own way. At least, after pressure, we didn’t go ahead with the OF game on the Sunday. Couldn’t understand, like most people, why we were waiting till Monday. Also, better not to sweep COVID outbreaks under the carpet and dump infected people into cate homes. We do have terrible figure for a country with five million people with a large land mass in relation to that. Maybe part of the problem is a lazy/frightened media who collate videos of young children reciting praise for “Nicola” rather that doing their job. Imagine for a second Boris was substituted for “Nicola”. Their would be outrage and rightly so. Not here, though. Absolutely shocking situation.
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    Mark said: “When Stephen comes along to my services, it always causes quite a stir among our altar boys ..... ffs the Catholic Church has a bad name and this won’t help lol.
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    100% - if it were Accies no one would have batted an eyelid. But that doesn't make it right, especially in the Thistle example, or for Kelty and Brora. That alongside working out how to actually have leagues next season might come together quite nicely here though if a reconstruction proposal also helped keep teams in business. Biggeet mistake Budge made in that proposal was the 'premiership needs hearts' line - guaranteed to make everyone furious...
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