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    Has to be 16, 14, 14. You need to be looking at a season with fewer games, so try to restrict league and cups to weekends only. All divisions play home and away, ie each other twice. A larger top division allows those with larger, full time, squads to have a few extra games to generate revenue and, of course, give TV a bigger offering in terms of games to cover. It spreads precious cash more equitably among the full time teams. We need them, as far as possible, to survive to take the professional game into the new normal as intact as possible. The lower divisions can have smaller squads. Fewer games eases pressure on these squads in terms of injury and, as they will mainly be part-time, eases pressure on players to manage their other job, should they be lucky enough to have one. Employers will be putting pressure on employees to consider carefully if they can afford to be taking time off to play football or recover from injury - from both angles. In general, there will be no or few full time teams in the lower leagues. Sad, but required for the game here to survive. Also - allows Kelty and Brora to join. Unfortunately this would mean that over time some smaller clubs would have no chance of getting to the top division. Probably no real change to be honest, and might make some of the cup early rounds less of a thrill with little genuine chance of an upset - assuming teams in the top division appear more talented. If we only look at what is best short term or for certain clubs we will have no professional game in Scotland worth a jot in a few short years.
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    Don’t forget the shouty, red faced, Fleg waving, “Rulz-Brit-Anya”, Scottish Unionists. Give them a s**t sandwich in a Union Jack wrapper and they’ll scoff it down and ask for seconds.
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    I think I bought it! My eyes are terrible and even when I looked closely I thought it might be some kind of custom Killie crest so figured I might as well for £7.50. Waiting on it being delivered along with several other (hopefully Killie) items. Feeling a bit daft.
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    I think they've given up. Only a few days left of their tenure.
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    It was! That's why St. Johnstone overtook Hibs
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    If they had any decency they would resign because that tosser johnson will blame them when the public enquiry comes
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    Whatever happens now, the mask is off! They're there for the most selfish and self-interested of reasons. Deny the truth and you can get a gig in the Cabinet, tell the truth you're out on your ear. The scene was set months ago when Tory so-called 'grandees' lost the whip. 2 months it took for Philip Hammond to go from Chancellor of the Exchequer to being deselected by his own constituency party. And now we're left with the spineless Gavin Williamson, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Mart Hancock, people who will sacrifice integrity for career advancement. They know they lie. We know they lie. They know we know they lie. The only mystery left is how long people will put up with them and their lies!?
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    Coming out of college you enter a draft system, the worst team has first pick and so forth. You can refuse to sign a contract with them but essentially they hold your registration till someone meets their demands. Typically some of the best teams have emerged due to picking a talented kid in the draft, ie Michael Jordan was selected by Chicago when they were amongst the worst in the country.
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    If Hearts were all for the good of Scottish football they would have presented a 12-12-10-10 setup. partick stay up, Falkirk get up etc.Hearts only losers. this 14/14/14 is for one clubs benefit and must be stopped
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    Was bad enough when 3 teams went down when TB was manager and would not feel confident of us staying up the way the club is going at the moment too much of a risk for our club just to save a mismanaged team like Hearts
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    agree that broadfoot & findlay were the partnership that got us third in the league and deserve some recognition, but couldnt really understand us buying a 35 year old player we had freed 6 months earlier who couldnt get a game for stmirren
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    If we’d went with the Google/Apple version, we’d have a system in place already. Because bojo and his chums decided to give the money to a friend from school instead, valuable data has been missed. Their profiteering in the face of a pandemic has cost many people their lives. There should be a full public enquiry into their response to this crisis, their apparent failure to react to a credible threat, and the way public money has been spent.
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    I’ll sign up to the app when Tory party donors aren’t making money out of it.
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    I'd have a lot more respect for these Tories if they wore badges on TV saying 'BS', rather than ones reminding them which department they work for. Say what you like about Scottish politics, but these Tory ministers wouldn't last 5 minutes up 'ere.
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    They are just letting off steam. By the time another Election comes around they will be back to hating foreigners and bashing immigrants and "lefties" as is their collective wont.
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    Just asked to see if it was the just the wrong image or the wrong product... it was the wrong product. I'm going to miss JustSport.
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    The two scientists tho both said they didnt want to be involved politically but then cowardly did not answer the most basic direct question. Arseholes. This is not a political matter that they now say it is and hiding behind. c**ts
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    The Cult of Johnson and his disciples sad indictment of the way people in England especially vote for these inbreds of society
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    They're allowed to 'trade' picks too. If a 'big' team is dead set on one player, they can trade their other draft slots for who they want - as long as the team with 'first dibs' agrees to it. So it's not always the case the 'best' young player will actually end up in the 'worst' team.
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    Nobody gets relegated in American sports either. Its a trade off. Most of the final day action in football, is at the bottom of the table. Best American sides dont have first pick of all the best young players, the draft counts for a lot in levelling out the leagues over there, worst teams are guaranteed first picks on best new players. Would be interesting to see how that worked in European football.
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    Do lots of these sports not have conferences. East coast/west coast or North/South then the top sides from each go into playoffs to decide a national champion.
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    No App? I'm shocked. In the land of zero hours contracts, where government has said it is perfectly acceptable to follow your instincts, who is going to take 14 days off work because somebody somewhere says you may have been near someone who may have been infected?
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    I can't understand how they can even consider the format for a league season right now when we have no idea when football will be able to resume?
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    Hypocrisy thy name is Tory. Dominic Cummings' Durham visit a 'challenge' for local MPs https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-52821811 Your own local MP refuses to condem the man who by his total disregard for anybody but himself may have been a major source of infection in your area in order to lick BoJos bum. But still the brain-dead vote for them. A complete breakdown of rational thought.
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    I get the feeling there's going to be a lot of pressure on clubs to accept this deal. Doncaster talking about clubs in the lower divisions being expelled from the league for not fulfilling their fixtures. He also mentions that the rules can't be changed, but surely if the rules can be changed for a new set-up they can be changed for extraordinary circumstances like the present one, to protect the clubs that can't afford to play behind closed doors. I would like to see more detail about what the alternatives are but it's the Daily Beano so facts are in short supply. As much as I hate Sevco we should have taken the opportunity to get rid of this chancer Doncaster.
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    Yes, it’s weird how the USA of all countries sets conditions that gives everyone a chance.
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    any % reduction is good, but remember to avoid touching the mask with your hands while wearing it, sterilize after use and wash your hands often. Saw a guy in a supermarket recently at checkout, pulled down his mask to speak, took out his wallet, licked his fingers to separate notes and hand the notes to the checkout person. Unbelievable.
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    Prestwick is/was down and one of the potential launch sites for Virgin Orbit. They had their first demo mission in the US this week and it failed. I think they are more likely to pick Cornwall for their UK base if they have one. Sutherland is getting a proper ground launched rocket space port. I'm not sure if they have a launch provider signed up but it sounds like it'll be a smallsatsat launcher like NZ based Electron.
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    Problem will come after the 2 year period...around 8 teams would be relegated from the Championship to League One if the leagues reverted to the 12-10-10-10 set-up for the 2022/2023 season. Can't see it being voted through as what is the benefit to teams in lower leagues?
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    They didn't half muller DC on Newsnight last night! It was 'probably' out-with BBC News guidelines of impartiality, if ignore the actual program and the 15 minute segment where, blow by blow, they demonstratively proved how DC broke the lockdown and quarantine rules, then lied repeatedly to the public about it, including changing a blog post from 2019 in March 202, to claim he'd foreseen covid, being as he is, a great Brexit prophet. It's why there's no point watching BBC News, even if the media prove and demonstrate how you're lying to the media - it's out of order for them to comment on the fact you've been a lying b. - 35,000 dead or not.
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    Looks like they’ve got away with it again as expected. BBC is cowed, English white van men all happy, ‘move on’ time. but honestly did you see that display at the committee from Johnson? You wouldn’t trust him to say his name without at least one lie and one contradiction
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    Leave it as it is, yet another pathetic self serving effort by a Scottish “big” club to save their own skins. Can you imagine this being taken seriously if it was proposed by Hamilton or Ross County?!!!!
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    3 from 14 OR 1 from 12, do the odds
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    They can stick it up their arse
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    Even the juniors were better organised! Deciding the league on point average was undeniably more fair than how the SPFL did it. Although, if the curtailed season was decided (as fairly as possible) on point average, they'd be no chance to save the Jambos woeful on field performance off the park.. If the two teams affected weren't from Glasgow and Edinburgh - we wouldn't be having this conversation IMO.
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    Love it when people shout that. Sometimes a simple boo just isn’t enough.
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    Ok Skygod I believe you.. not seen him play
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    In that case he can SOD off
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    Firstly, he's left-sided. Secondly, he's crap.
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    He is a total hypocritical bootlicking servile w****r. Horrible horrible c**t of a creature. His geography is even worse than his politics, as he seems to think theres no political, geographical, national, or even social border of any kind between Scotland and England. Carlaw GTF and take the rest of your vermin rabble with you. As for his opinion on Gollum, it's amazing how different all their views were on the Calderwood situation!.
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    It's simple stuff. 1. Get the OF to f**k. They're absolute vermin and are at the heart of everything that is wrong with our game. They soak up every player, fan, penny and have zero consideration for the game in general. 2. Reconstruction into a top league of 16, second tier of 14 and two lower leagues made up either regionally or as a premier and lower premier made up from current league 2, highland, lowland and top juniors. These become the feeder leagues. 3. League cup becomes a mini league, followed by home and away fixtures to bring the total number of games for the top league back up. Money is less, absolutely without the scum. But theres an even chance then of six or seven teams winning trophies every year. This is what competition is. Where the OF go, I literally couldn't give a flying f**k, they're vermin.
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    We should have finished the season when possible. Money should have been paid to match 12th place then the rest paid out when finished. Reconstruction needs to be permanent or not at all. Throw this plan out without delay.
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    Can the club produce Jamie MacDonald face masks? I’m confident they’d limit the risk of catching anything Barrage of red dots incoming in five...four...three...two...one...
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    Nothing I wrote was wrong. I can think it was a good idea to sign a 35 year old who couldn't get a game with St Mirren, but I'd be lying to myself
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    Broadfoot looked done when he left and did nothing to change my mind when he came back. He will be another year older and slower whenever the next season kicks off and I’ll be surprised if he’s a first choice by the end of it.
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    Just another piece of nonsense. Try posting something positive for a change, it may alter the opinions you are entitled to have.
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    It certainly wasn't Fowler.
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    Broadfoot was signed because Dyer/Fowler thought it would please certain players. Watch any time Del Fabro makes a mistake in a game and watch him get it tighter from certain players more than anyone else. His face didn't fit, Broadfoot's does.
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    I would hope if you buy a season ticket you would get first chance of buying the Killie masks that a due out
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    Phoenix club already on the cards which seems to have secured the ground. Nomads are a horrible bunch, a Welsh Gretna without the football. That result will haunt the club for decades as there will be very little chance of setting the record straight.
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