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    KICK THEM OUT !! the rest of us cannot sit idly by and let this MOB hold a gun to our heads. All because they did not like the results of these votes ! In fact replace them with the highland and lowland league teams .
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    Well you certainly can’t get better value than absolutely free and it’s to the clubs credit that they managed to retain that scheme for so long. However, as a £70 season ticket for an under-16 works out at less than £4 per match I don’t think anyone can argue that is anything other than a great deal. I doubt there are many other entertainment choices (cinema, bowling, golf, etc) that could compete with less than 4 quid for about 2 hours.
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    He certainly wasn’t the sharpest knife in drawer as he showed by going back to Pittodrie. I agree his intellect is unlikely to have improved at Sevco...
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    Wasnt that impressed with what i saw of him this season to be fair .think his career in decline
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    Really? You must be joking. He is still an excellent player with great technique and intelligence and a will to win that’s just as strong now as it was when he was a youngster. Probably the best player that has come through our youth system since I started going to games regularly about 40 years ago.
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    Sounds like the real reason for accepting leaguer reconstruction. As a point of principle the SPFL should see them in court. After 3 months of lockdown which was unfair on everyone, we could all do with some football ASAP. If Hearts want to prevent the nations football starting cos the fallout from covid19 was 'unfair' on them - good luck to them. Global health pandemics result in 'unfair' outcomes for some, seems a fact of life.
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    The bottom part is one of the best bits. Hats off to Fowler. 5 weeks ago we were slap bang in the middle of this pandemic and Fow has worked hard to get a deal done.
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    I couldn't care less about any team apart from Killie.
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    I'm with you. Naismith would bring so much more to the club than on the pitch performances
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    It is becoming clear that their strategy is to delay the season In the hope someone goes bust and they retain their league place that way.
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    He’s never been great. We’re it not for the Huns Mk1 implosion and starting again at the bottom he’d never have got a sniff of signing for his beloved bigots. We can do better than that knuckle dragger
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    Could killie go back in for Craig Bryson this season? I spoke to him last year and found him to be an utter gentleman, and totally honest, he said that he wanted back to killie when he left Derby, but they never replied to him, my opinion is that he’s not that badly or regularly injured as reported, I just think he doesn’t like the travelling up to Aberdeen and being away from his family here in Ayrshire. I for one would take him in a heartbeat.
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    McLean was right. Plenty ofracist bigots up here. Sadly for him they wave the union flag he wants to protect.
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    Scotland as an independent country could send these cretins into an early grave. Bit like their team.
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    Another day of shame for British nationalists in Glasgow. This time they weren’t there to protect statues. This time they had asylum seekers to attack.
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    If they LOSE the litigation they will claim £10m compensation? That's an interesting concept!
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    Far from a deal breaker unlike the Stewarton Hun
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    This ..... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5648689/hearts-sfa-membership-revoked-court/
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    I’d rather watch grass grow than that junior s**te
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    Great player for us, Brophy still here and we know they work well together. No brainer. Still a rat until I see him with the scarf above his head though.
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    I would only want to take him permanently
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    I'm a bit lost but I think there's some Halliday/Naismith confusion here.
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    See. Double standards!
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    I've got a funny feeling that Alex will prove a lot of his doubters wrong listening to him he really has bought into our club and I wish him and Andy millen all the best let's all get right behind him and the team this season ktid!!!!
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    Enjoyed that I'm desperate for him to do well.
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    Was not my first choice, but a real nice guy ! 100% behind him, was undecided about season ticket due to job. F**K IT !! going for one today time to step up.
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    Personally, I think Dicker's performances are being talked down because people have the hump with him over the AA departure. He had some tremendous performances last season, certainly more good performances than bad. An excellent player for us who is getting a bit of rough treatment at the minute. There's obviously El Makrini in that position too. What Gogic has in his favour is that he's 26 and both Dicker and El Makrini are 33/34 and on the last year of their deal. I'm sure Gogic would more than provide competition for Broadfoot at centre half though. There's definitely room in the squad to have him here considering he can slot into either position.
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    Always hated those who hit out with thinly veiled threats like "I'll go watch the juniors" etc, it's absolutely pathetic. None of us follow Killie through glory seeking or how wonderfully entertaining it is week in week out, we do so as they are our local club and through a sense of community I think. For those who threaten the club (especially at the moment) with seeking an alternative hobby or past time, crack the f**k on.
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    I think the fact that our manager is being talked about because of his skin colour says everything about what it wrong with the world right now. I couldn’t give a f**k what nationality or ethnicity or race or even gender our manager is, as long as they deliver results and performances on the park. And they’re not an Ayr fan or course.
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    As said by an SFA physio, it’s in some players heads. Most clubs have plastic pitches to train on, the same clubs that moan about playing on them. Most young players grew up playing on Astro turf. In regards finance, it’s a no brainer. Hearts paid in the region of 1m to lay their pitch, within months its was ruined by a concert, if looked after correctly an artificial surface can be used in all weather conditions almost 24/7. It may not look as nice but at least it looks like grass all year rather than a mud bath at the height of winter in Scotland.
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    Science says that there is no increased risk of injury on artificial turf. Fact.
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    Being a bit kind there CB! Went from £12m, to in excess of £22.5m - before covid, lockdown etc etc.. Hearts owner Ann Budge confirms final bill for new main stand to reach £22.5m Alan Temple (THE SUN) 4th Jan 2020 ANN BUDGE has confirmed the final bill for Hearts’ new main stand is likely to reach a whopping £22.5 million — almost DOUBLE the original budget for the project. The Jambos owner is close to giving the green light for the final phase of development, which will see the second floor of the structure completed. Budge is loath to ‘push the button’ until all the money is in place for the nine-month build but, depending on when the builders move in at Tynecastle, the stand will be fully operational by late this year or in early 2021. And while it will afford the Gorgie club further revenue streams through hospitality and commercial avenues, Budge has confirmed it will set them back another £1.5m. The Tynecastle Redevelopment Fund has already cost £21 million — despite Budge’s initial estimates coming in at a more modest £12 million. And Budge said: “We still have one more floor of the main stand to finish and we have looked at several different plans. “I’m ready to press the button on the option I believe we will go with, but we need to ensure we have the money because we don’t spend what we don’t have. “It is vital we finish it to the same standard as the rest of the stand. “I would have liked to have pressed the button in January but, with everything else that has gone on, I can’t see that happening before the end of the season. “But hopefully we will complete the second floor during 2020 and that will give us another major source of income.”
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    Am I the only one getting fed up with this nonsense?
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    It's been used so often here l was beginning to think It was a requirement
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    I think McGowan will bring a bit of controlled aggression and a ferocity to the team. It was something which Taylor had a bit of and I’d say Power has it. Broadfoot aggression is different and aside from that I don’t think we have a lot of it our side. Plenty of good players and they formed a decent defensive unit for the bulk of the past three seasons but maybe one thing that’s missing.
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    Not fully up in a fashion styles but the collar looks badly put together,
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    I'd be more inclined to ask about Greg Docherty. Considering Hibs are cutting costs it looks unlikely for him to go back there.
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    Everyone in our group has now purchased. One extra still to get, but waiting till the relevant seat becomes available. Would be interesting to know how sales are going.
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    Would love him back but can't see it happening.
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    That’s sometimes the problem with written comments, they don’t come across as would be in a verbal discussion. Apology not necessary.
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    Away games are a different kettle of fish. I wouldn't think twice about taking a comp for an away game if I was offered one but I wouldn't take a comp for a cup game at RP as Killie lose out.
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    Blame Aberdeen for that.
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    Iirc 1m is the norm in France Austria Netherlands Spain ? And 1.5m in Germany and a few other countries . The U.K. govt is looked at poorly because of there dithering and frequent U turns . It will just take 1 of the 4 countries in the U.K. to introduce a 1/1.5M rule for it to fall apart in the others
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    Man City are a Northern Irish team with historical links to the Belfast prodestant community which in turn had links with the UVF and domestic terrorism?
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    Haven’t seen enough of him to say he is or not. That kind of thing plays out over a season though. The biggest thing to consider initially would be is Dicker/Power better than Gogic/Power. That may have more influence on our team than an individual being better than another
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    A lot of the time I'd agree it comes down to money, basically everyone bar Ross County. If I was getting a decent enough package in the central belt in touching distance of Glasgow I would need to be getting offered a hell of a lot more to make moving to Dingwall even remotely appealing.
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