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    First ticket in 30 years.
  2. 12 points
    He's ok. We hear from him regularly on our Killie WhatsApp group.
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    He'll be 6'7"by the time he signs.
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    4 new tickets for us bought this morning and my mate has bought 4 today also (up by 2 from last year) so thats 6 new season tickets today
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    Hi Harry how's it going pal?
  6. 8 points
    That’s a level of paranoia usually seen in the old firm forums.
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    1,000 sold according to the club.
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    Pension arrived this morning. Season ticket bought while I had my first coffee of the day.
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    It maybe says more about Dyer's commitment to the 2 up front style that the majority liked when he made that tactical switch. It was a bit of a game changer for us, so extra competition up there probably makes sense. As much as I like El Makrini as a midfielder, if this means that we never see him play off the striker then that's a good thing.
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    Sorry I disagree with you a little bit but Hearts blew it with their take on reconstruction which showed them for what they are, they weren't care about anyone else apart from themselves. Wee Budge has made a right mess up there and as the old saying goes "You reap what you sow".
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    I would still be looking at Lawless. Proven spfl player who would give support to burkey
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    Just spoke to Craigieboy. He's forgotten his log in to Killie Kickback. Can you guys help him out?
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    Quite on here definitely. But chirping evey minute at me on Instagram. Just the usual Craigyboy hes fine
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    Cameron, Connell and Rennie haven't got a Premiership start amongst them. Kiltie (9) and Thomas (1) have ten Premiership goals between them. We definitely need more.
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    Interesting that Chris Powell was about to sign him for Southend. I would imagine that he recommended him to Al D.
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    I'm waiting until I the V12 Finance option is available to spread the cost over 9 months.
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    Waiting till I get paid then i'll renew mine and my boys.
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    They voted to end the season early. Now they don't like the outcome and are demanding £8m. They're a horrible f**king club with a horrible bitter wee owner and they deserve everything they get.
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    I have some sympathy with Partick, but none whatsoever with Hearts. They stated that no club should be at a disadvantage due to Covid yet their reconstruction plans would have seen many clubs at a disadvantage. For example, if temporary reconstruction this was only postponing the disadvantage to a few years down the line when more clubs than usual would have been relegated. They also initially proposed a 14-14-14 which would have seen some League 1 clubs finding themselves in the lowest tier of Scottish football and potentially one season away from relegation outside the SPFL. If they had initially came in with a 14-10-10-10 structure which would have been a fair enough outcome for all member clubs then maybe their reconstruction plans would have went through. Instead it was a last resort and most clubs seen through this. Hearts only have themselves to blame and thoroughly deserve their relegation the the Championship. Moaning about unfairness and other clubs not acting in the best interests of Scottish football is laughable. Even more so now they want £10mil in compensation!!!
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    It has happened everywhere since the game started. What club wouldn’t want to weaken their rivals if they could? Hardly evidence of an establishment conspiracy as you are suggesting.
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    I'd personally leave both the Chuckle Brothers warming the bench at Greyskull, thinking they're billy big times as they waste their careers away and no doubt get set to squander their earnings. Killie were on the cusp of something unique last season. We were competing at the very top of the league, and with a good Jan transfer window - who knows. Neither of these nuggets, for whatever reason, could spare us the 4 months it could have taken to crown a club and personal career defining moment. So it's a no from me.
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    I thought Wilson was a good player. Just unlucky that he struggled to get ahead of two quality defensive midfielders.
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    I went to a Catholic school, was raised a catholic, yet I'm not and none of my friends were or are rabid bigots I think it totally starts at the home, from generation to generation Growing up in a predominantly "protestant" area, being the only Catholic family. I definitely encountered some hostility and in at worst in a couple of cases outrigt bigotry. Just my own experience I have to say
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    Looks like we'll be signing big athletic players under AD. 6ft 1-3, or you need a nickname like 'Rhino' if under. Looking forward to these guys getting stuck into Aberdeen already.
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    It represents them and Hearts stabbing every other club in the back
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    That's what I see all over, there are faith schools in loads of areas with no sectarian baggage holding them back. Sectarianism is taught in the home and until that can be addressed, we'll be stuck with it.
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    Still think 3 leagues of 16 play each other twice and have a split to play extra 7 games would have been better. Get your 3 old filth games for TV bit of a compromise for sky.
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    Me too- pay day next Thursday
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    Face mask? A HAZMAT suit would be better , especially for those toilets .
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    Pretty decent in less than a week I would say.
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    I see your mistake @CSI Kilmarnock, you thought he said 'Rid the nation of Catholic schools', which could be considered institutionally sectarian. In fact, he said: Oh.
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    Sorry when budge was part of the SPFL board not once did she ask for reconstruction, a unanimous vote to end the season her club being one was carried. Then she starts proposing reconstruction saying she was going to consult with the member clubs, and made a total arse of that as Donald Findlay eluded. Three times each proposal was voted down, to say that clubs were acting out of self interest is correct, why should a club like ours risk putting our selves at more risk of relegation and less money all to save Hearts, who did not like the result of the votes. Now we have them wanting a crazy sum of 8 million pounds for finishing bottom of the league, in which the winner Celtic receives 3.5million. Not only that they are quite happy in crowning Celtic Champions but want to deny three other clubs promotion. Ann Budge has dug her own hole, now she wants every other club to pay for it.
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    In England there has been votes at plenty of stages of their process, the EFL voted to end the season early but to still do their playoffs. I don't hear the same outcry down south about the process being unjust and unfair. Hearts are trying to put the s**tters up the SPFL and clubs by claiming £8m in compo, putting it out there that jobs will be lost etc, any club who went down would have to readjust and sort out their finances. They would be ok if it was Accies, Ross Co or Killie staff losing their jobs as long as it's not Hearts. Screw demotion, kick them out the league!
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    What happens in other leagues?
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    Phase 2 now and still ultra cautious .People are getting fed up with these restrictions and the jobless total is soaring .The economic effect of this will be devastating to Scotland .Our R rate is lower than most other regions but we still have the high st on lockdown till the end of the month and no further forward in opening Schools full time .Scotlands unemployment rate is the highest in the UK and yesterday's announcement doesn't give much hope of things to come .
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    So that’s your opinion? Aberdeen took GS for no other reason than to weaken our challenge on them for third place. if you don’t believe that happens in the Scottish game then I’m afraid you are deluded. Ask yourself how effective Stewart was at Pittodrie.
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    I honestly believe if Greg Stewart had stayed, we could have split the Old Firm.
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    You'd need sectioned if you were against GS returning. Sadly it's pie in the sky stuff.
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    Renewed my ticket. My brother who never had a ticket last year due to playing on Saturdays, has bought one for this season aswell
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    She wants fairness. My arse. Requesting 10 million in compensation doesn't sound fair. If she wants fairness her team played s**te throughout the season and have been deservedly relegated.
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    Another business MJ alienated when he was here welcome back to the fold wullie.
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    Under promise, over deliver, get more than 3 or 4 in will be seen as a bonus. If AD says we need 6 or 7 and only gets 5 in we all know what the response on here will be. But you said......
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    I was about to post "can we all please agree not to quote Dyer on this being a rock solid guarantee that he definitely doesn't want any more than 3 or 4 players whatsoever" But I'm too late We know we approached far more than he suggested in January. We know the budget can change with players being sold etc. We know that if players become available plans change. It's Dyers approach to these interviews to play things down and show faith in his current squad. He knows as well as us how many we need and that it's more than that. Let's hope we can get them in after a promising start.
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    Personally, I'm going to file under Jordan WATP Jones and move on.
  45. 1 point
    Good to see Les Mottram working in the game again - not sure he's the best guy to operate the Hawkeye software though
  46. 1 point
    I quite like that Ayr shirt. Based off a cult 90s away top. I'm sure we'd be getting pelters off them if we did a modern bird s**te top. Seems to be getting the thumbs up from my niche football kit discussion forums I'm on.
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    I’m pretty sure I’m not the one with the chip ... I also agree the we are all probably more or less of the same view and are basically having a fight in an almost empty room, I’m just enjoying plucking your strings (when I should be working).
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    Not sure about the shorts
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    Below is a copy of an email I've tried sending to the Killie Fans website , but it keeps getting bounced back. If anyone can give me an email address to someone who might be interested could you please let me know. My email address is at the bottom of the message , cheers. Hi. I was recently loaned an autograph book belonging to a 90 year old gentleman (Mr Bobby Johnstone) of my acquaintance. The book covers the seasons 1937-38 to 1938-39. It was given to him by his Grandfather who knew Tommy Walker the Hearts player & Scottish Internationalist. Mr Walker was kind enough to take it to every game he played in those seasons and get the opposition to sign it for the young Bobby. The book has over 30 teams within its pages ranging from Scotland international teams to Junior teams. There are a couple of dedicated Kilmarnock pages from seasons 1937-38 & 1938-39. They include the entire Killie teams that played Hearts in those seasons, including such names as John McIntyre, Freddie Milloy, Dougie McAvoy, to name a few. The gentleman in question, understandably , does not wish to part with the remarkable book, but would be quite happy to share, it for others to enjoy. If you are interested, please reply by email and I will scan the relevant autographs for your use. Regards bluebelter@sky.com
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