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    See you all same time next year. Keep safe.
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    We understand that the Club will be getting cloth facemasks in club colours produced in the very near future. If you want a Killie facemask then please buy these ones and do not buy anything that is unofficial and not licensed. The same goes for any other branded goods out there, revenue streams are like hen's teeth at the moment and if you are buying Killie branded goods then it really should be Killie who are benefiting at the end of the day. If you see merchandise that the Club have not got on offer then either get in touch with them or post it here and they can look into doing it themselves.
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    sod owes us nothing, got him for free, leaves for free, played well for the most part in between. good luck to him wherever he goes, except against us
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    Its so depressing reading this forum at the moment and have variations of this comment on every thread. What does that mean? Like actually what does that mean, other than a dig at the players? If it was that, how would Dyer know? How would the players know? And he was keeping a player who he knew would almost certainly be leaving happy? That doesn't make sense. And this is troublesome Gary Dicker? Who is living away from his wife and kid for the whole season, helped install the rail seating in the ground and has signed up for another year to go through all that again? Does that make sense? I find it so odd that our fans turned against the players to the extent that they did. The possibility that the players didn't like working with Alessio because he was completely out of his depth and a disaster behind the scenes seems to have just been dismissed by so many fans. Is this all we have to look forward to as Killie fans at the moment? Constant digs at the manager and the captain until we win a few games? A grim old close season ahead.
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    Can someone else PLEASE post pictures or save the ones that Lroy posted and re-upload since everyone seems to be able to see these except me?
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    Here are the images of it that I've been sent by the club. Great return back to traditional blue and white stripes! Love the detailing on the collar. Nice shades of blue too. And the away kit. Wasn't sure about this when I was first told about it but I think it's come out really well!
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    Not had a fair crack at the whip you must be joking the man has had 15 games and a transfer window to find his feet. You would think Angelo had us in the relegation places the way people go on about the so called 'crisis'. When Angelo left we had the third best defensive record in the league which Dyer has seen too quite well letting us slip to sixth. Also Gary Holt that you just mentioned went on a nine game windless run, Angelo was on a four game run when he was sacked, so I ask why is Holt's acceptable but Angelo's is a crisis? Maybe when the Dyer supporters can offer more than vague murmurings of improvements and fuzzy what ifs I will take the idea of him as permanent manager seriously.
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    What an embarrassing post. Get a grip. Folk like you don’t have a clue.
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    He hardly got a pre season.. The guy had 18 days from being appointed to Connah's Quay away in Europe. If anyone was responsible for the farce it was the board.
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    First on Alex Ferguson by the time he was appointed at Man Utd he had won 12 trophies including a European cup so I don't think the two Alex's are comparable. If you don't think 15 games is enough to judge him on then feel free to let me know what you believe the average manager should get. I don't think you can call Kilmarnock fans entitled, for most of the past 12 years we have been more often than not a relegation threatened side with the occasional uptick in form that generally last no more than two seasons in a row. For the most part we have seen that the assistant stepping up to the big job often ends up poorly, the only one that has been favourable for us in my time has been Shiels. Many managers we have appointed were sacked because they were hopeless and more often than not would have taken us down to the championship if they had been given any more time, again Shiels is about the only one who can feel aggrieved at his sacking, its also worth pointing out that out of our last 10 managers 3 have left us for other jobs rather than being sacked. Not accepting declining standards in everything apart from goals scored under Dyer is hardly what I would call living in cloud cuckoo land, rather it is a desire from the fan base to have some ambition to not just be in the top league to make up the numbers but to actually challenge for Europe, top six and cups. Time will tell us if its the right call, if he gets the job he will receive my full backing as every other manager has but I've set out my stall as I did with Lee McCulloch that I don't think Dyer is the one to take us forward.
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    Its not about being liked by the players. Its about putting a winning team on the park and Dyer failed on that count. We must get a new manager and assistant in.
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    So do we think it’s morally right for football to hoover up ‘one time use’ testing kits (regardless of cost) at the expense of those who really need them?? Like.....say.....the NHS workers......?? I don’t, it’ll be utterly shocking if football goes ahead any time soon. Clubs need to cut their cloth accordingly to remain in existence......and if that means reduced staff levels, then so be it....
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    He was top class for us. Always done his best for the badge and for the fans. Very interactive with all the fans. I'd hope to see him back him and big stu at the back any day of the week. It was some partnership.
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    Here's a couple of new images from the "socially distanced" photoshoot.
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    He crossed for my first Killie goal v Meadowbank, good player and great friend
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    The dossier
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    AHEAD of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, former Rangers striker Kris Boyd has opened up on his personal heartache following the tragic suicide of his brother. Boyd’s sibling, Scott, took his own life in September 2016 at the age of just 27, following a battle with depression. And despite the family being close the former Ibrox and Kilmarnock frontman admits he was totally unaware of his brother’s troubles. Following Scott’s death, the ex-Scotland international set up The Kris Boyd Charity to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide practical support to people experiencing anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. With cases of depression, anxiety and insomnia on the rise due to the current coronavirus crisis, Boyd is keen to share his story to help others through this tough time. He said: "Mental health awareness means so much to me. I want to be able to help people. I don't want any family to go through what we've had to go through. "It is mental health week coming up but the most important thing is that we treat every week as being a mental health week. It is that important. "When we come out of lockdown a lot of people will be looking for help and it's important that help is there. I urge anybody out there not to suffer alone. Please open up. "What happened to my family in 2016 with Scott. I got a phone call from Lee Clark, my Kilmarnock manager at that time. "My family had been trying to get a hold of me and couldn't get me. Lee told me that I needed to phone home and it just gives you that feeling in your stomach. It's just a sixth sense that tells you something has happened here. The world just ends. "After a passage of time I spoke to my mum and said I felt there was an opportunity to start a charity and help people. When I looked at what had gone on in our family and wanted to stop other families from going through it. "She initially said 'no,no,no' and maybe didn't want wounds opening up. Then a week passed and she phoned me up to ask if I had started that charity yet. She wanted me to do it. "I thought to myself there is something that needs to be done here and we wanted to make a difference. "The biggest thing for me is that I'm still learning about it all. It is vitally important to educate people on mental health, in terms of when people open up to you, do not reject them. "Listen to what they've got to say. If they open up and tell you they are struggling, be there for them. It will have taken a lot for that person to open up so be there for them in the best way you can. "When it happened to my family then I knew I had to open up my eyes and ears and educate myself to help people and families.” Speaking on The Lockdown Tactics Podcast, Boyd added that his brother would be proud of his efforts in helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. He continued: "Yeah, it comes into my head. But I'd do anything in the world to have him back. The most important thing is that we keep going because I don't want anyone to go through what we've all been through. We're helping people. "I'm not saying we have a cure but I know we are helping people. I want to keep going. I want to get to a stage that gives us something, working with the kids and helping the kids is great. "We want to help people in Ayrshire, in Scotland and all over the UK. There is loads that can still be done. “We need to keep pushing on. There is a lot of focus on the virus but as we come out of this there needs to be a lot of focus on the mental health aspect." Boyd spent a number of years abroad without his family during a career where he netted 213 goals in 475 games. And despite enjoying his time at both the Portland Timbers in America and Eskisehirspor in Turkey, he insists the support has to be in place for footballers who are making major sacrifices for the benefit of their future. The 36-year-old added: "I missed the majority of my kids' life growing up. I was playing in Turkey and America and the family wasn't with me. My wife, Christine, was basically a single parent for a number of years. "That's when it hits home. I wasn't there as a father for my kids when they were younger. That's the sacrifices you make to have a career. "It's not until you finish and you look back and say 'Have I got the best relationship with my kids?' 'Did I do enough for my kids when they were growing up?' "Hopefully my kids, further down the line will realise what I tried to do for them and what I've done for them. "Everybody thinks that the life of a footballer is all roses, but it's not. "I'll never forget going back a few years and I had an idea to start a charity. It was based around youngsters in football at professional clubs, maybe around 15,16 and 17, and do we do enough to look after them? "I was coming to the end of my career and thought that maybe there was something there to help young players who may well have been led up the garden path about their dream of playing football. "They then get released at 17 years old and there is nobody there to look after them. That needs to be addressed in football." The Lockdown Tactics is a brand new podcast, hosted by former Scotland stars Robert Snodgrass and Kris Boyd. Every week TLT will talk to big names with its core focus being on mental health and wellbeing. It's chosen charity partner is The Kris Boyd Charity. To watch the full interview with Kris, go to YouTube and the various Lockdown Tactics social media platforms. Scotland Head Coach Gregor Townsend is also a guest. It will be available from 12.00 tomorrow. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/18441138.former-rangers-kilmarnock-striker-kris-boyd-opens-personal-heartache-brothers-suicide/
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    Big Dario also saying his goodbyes on Instagram. I would welcome him back anytime.
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    It's simple stuff. 1. Get the OF to f**k. They're absolute vermin and are at the heart of everything that is wrong with our game. They soak up every player, fan, penny and have zero consideration for the game in general. 2. Reconstruction into a top league of 16, second tier of 14 and two lower leagues made up either regionally or as a premier and lower premier made up from current league 2, highland, lowland and top juniors. These become the feeder leagues. 3. League cup becomes a mini league, followed by home and away fixtures to bring the total number of games for the top league back up. Money is less, absolutely without the scum. But theres an even chance then of six or seven teams winning trophies every year. This is what competition is. Where the OF go, I literally couldn't give a flying f**k, they're vermin.
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    Forgive me for this mini rant, I was night shift last night and had a crap sleep due to the heat - But lift the lockdown, there are too many arseholes in the world and we should let natural selection run its course. I’m watching footage of Portobello beach. It’s teeming with sunbathers and it looks like the shops are open on the packed promenade. A few miles away at the Western General hospital nine members of staff on a ‘Green zone’ ward have just tested positive for covid-19 and several patients have been re-admitted, after apparently developing a second strain of the virus. I’ve been sweating my bollocks off in PPE. My face is all marked and has developed a rash from the masks. I feel physically and mentally drained at the end of my shift. I also have banging headaches from dehydration. And you selfish bastards can’t even use a bit of common sense. f**k the lot of you.
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    They are gash it’s still one of the worst if not the worst results in Kilmarnocks history
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    We should be looking for a new manager.
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    Talk of a Sevco boycott is the usual bollox the drug addled inbred mutants constantly peddle when someone puts these entitled permanent victim billy boy bigoted anal ulcers in their place. Hurry up and die again you horrible shower of cock warts. f**king despise them. Not that you can tell cos I hide it well.
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    I think Alex Ferguson was in his mid-30s at that time and was moving up one division to St Mirren. He had also been identified already as someone with exceptional talent and was being recommended by Jock Stein. On the other hand, Dyer is in his mid-50s and his experience as a manager of a football club before being given the job at Killie was 2 months (April - May 2017) at Welling and literally days at Whitehawk in October 2017. I think he was in charge for a mere handful of games in total. If he hadn’t been SC’s assistant and had applied for the job at Killie then his application would have been rejected out of hand. Comparing Dyer to the most successful manager in British football ever is totally ridiculous. Meanwhile, someone like Tommy Wright is available - he has about 7 years experience at St Johnstone usually finishing in the top six and also winning the Scottish Cup on a lower budget than us - and we don’t even speak to him about the job. Locke, McCulloch and now Dyer - when will we ever learn? We haven’t even asked for applications for the job. Why is the board taking the lazy and probably the cheap option? At the one time in our recent history when there is no urgency and we can take our time and make an appointment we don’t even undertake a proper recruitment and selection process. This is massive failing by the board and sadly I think it will come back to haunt them. I sincerely hope Dyer does well but I think this is a massive gamble appointing someone with so little experience to work with a Director of Football who is in the same position. Results since December and the January transfer window don’t do much to back up his claim. Don’t be surprised if Fowler is the manger within a few months of the season starting.
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    I won‘t care - have drawn a line under it already. Tewnty-five years since Bosman and some people still get the hump when a player walks. “How can he do this to us?! We saved him from the scrap-heap!” Desperate stuff.
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    Nicke Kabamba makes Kilmarnock prediction as he reveals Alex Dyer's greatest quality Nicke reckons Kilmarnock are destined to do great things again under the leadership of Alex Dyer. The striker believes the extensive managerial qualities of his fellow Londoner give the Ayrshire outfit every chance of getting back into the higher echelons of the Scottish game in the near future. Dyer was assistant boss to Steve Clarke at Rugby Park when Killie charged into third spot in the table this time a year ago and is now the main man after the departure of Italian Angelo Alessio. Killie chiefs are keen to give Dyer the opportunity to extend his stay in the role into season 2020-21 and Kabamba would not argue with that plan for a single second. The 27-year-old has lifted the lid on the skills of the Scotland No.2 having seen his confidence soar within just a few weeks of working for him. Dyer signed Kabamba in January on an 18-month deal and the payback was instant with goals in his first two games against Queen’s Park and Celtic contributing to a four in 12 ratio before football’s shutdown. The-ex Portsmouth hitman puts his ability to hit the ground running in the Premiership down squarely to Dyer and said: “The manager is right up there in a variety of ways. “In terms of man-management, he knows just how to get the best out of individuals. It’s an old saying but some players need different things to get motivated to be at their best. “The fact he is the one who gave me this opportunity at Kilmarnock and played me straight away is a big bonus for me. “When someone like that gives you a chance, you feel as though you have to take it with both hands and I feel as though I have done so as best I could. “He has boosted my confidence and he motivates all of us. “If you have a manager like that backing you, you are destined for great things.” Dyer built his connection with the squad as Clarke’s lieutenant and Kabamba continued: “You can speak with the gaffer and he’ll always tell you the truth. That’s what you want. “We finished third in the league a couple of years ago and the club has that mentality to achieve success. “I’ve always wanted to be part of a winning team. If you were to go into our changing room, you would feel that amongst everyone.” Kabamba has settled instantly into his life at Rugby Park and says the openness of his team-mates has been crucial. Although apart at the moment due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Killie squad are maintaining their spirits with a steady stream of Zoom calls. Kabamba said: “The calls are so funny, especially with people just cutting their own hair. Some have cut all theirs off. “Others have gotten their partner to get the No.1 out. Everyone will be almost bald when we come back for training. “Seriously, the calls are really important because you get to speak to everyone and see how everyone is. “We are missing the togetherness.” As well as team-mates, Kabamba has been blown away by the warmth of the people at all levels of the club. He added: “The set-up is brilliant. Everyone is so welcoming and I’ve felt at home immediately. “When you move to a new area, it’s important to fit in and the staff and players has been brilliant. The camaraderie is fantastic and it hasn’t felt like a transition in life because everyone has made it so easy. “I’ve been fortunate in my career that all of the clubs I have been at I’ve managed to fit in and it’s a key factor. “It’s part of football to have big characters in every dressing room, but it’s the togetherness we have and the morale which is really special.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/nicke-kabamba-makes-kilmarnock-prediction-22029134
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    Dyers points per game was narrowly ahead of Hearts. I'd like to think we would be aiming for better.
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    My favourite home kit was the early 90s home kit Monty posted recently. I'm sure after the anniversary kit the last thing the club want is another throwback kit but a Hummel version of that kit would be superb IMO.
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    There is. Any idea that includes "colt" teams can take a run and jump.
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    Budge has put her own club in this position, her failure to is rid of a clown of a manager sooner, now to try and save her skin and her own bad decisions she comes up with this AGAIN !! Some of these Jambo fans on the Terrace think they some sort of entitlement. Permanent reconstruction and Hearts going down or forget it !
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    Can the club produce Jamie MacDonald face masks? I’m confident they’d limit the risk of catching anything Barrage of red dots incoming in five...four...three...two...one...
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    Dyer has respect from our best player but not some fans. cmon guys, let’s support the team and the manager!
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    Have a word. I don't begrudge them their victory, but we had enough chances to beat them twice over. They were a poor man's Livingston and a Scottish Championship team at best.
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    8th I suppose - which is really no more than we deserved anyway.
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    Shove your temporary reconstruction. Permanent or not at all!
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    Relegating Patrick two points behind with one game in hand is scandalous. Would we all have been happy and say fair enough if we'd been in this unfortunate position.. No chance!
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    4 weeks to come up with their "Dossier" only to be told to f off after an hour
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    Personally I thought he looked great first 3 or 4 games. However over the course of his whole period I was disappointed. Very weak defensively, great going forward until his final ball. It's a no from me.
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    Was bad enough when 3 teams went down when TB was manager and would not feel confident of us staying up the way the club is going at the moment too much of a risk for our club just to save a mismanaged team like Hearts
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    Get doon and shut up, Hearts.
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    It seems to me that it would. I'm genuinely interested if posters think I've got this way wrong, but look at the practicalities - I can't imagine any manager based outside of Scotland would want to move away from family and presumably come live in the hotel for a while mid pandemic. It definitely couldn't be someone who doesn't live in the UK. I can't imagine any manager with a family is keen to move with all that is going on and the uncertainty over schooling etc. One of our most likely sources of manager would be from England. Those leagues are going to play on and not finish until late July - so we are cutting down our list of potential managers. The training proposal is a phased return, so a new manager would have to meet and assess the players bit by bit. They won't get a friendly to see them in action and likely won't meet the squad as a whole until a few weeks before the season actually starts. That means they can't properly assess the squad until very late in the window while other clubs will be doing business. I suppose it might work with a Scottish manager who has a fair idea of our squad - but I don't see any candidates there who the fans would want, particularly if we've been given an indication that Wright is off to be national boss and Holt is staying put. Am I wrong in all that? I just can't see how it would work. And I was fully in favour of there being a recruitment process and not just handing it to Dyer - but I really can't see another way.
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    Get Gogić in and Dicker out I’d say, Gogić only 26 as well. I’ll prepare immediately for the incoming abuse for saying Dicker should be away.
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    If the proposal was 14 next season with 3 teams down, I would hope our board would’ve stood against that. It is not in our interests to have this.
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    Playing well doesn’t come into it , you buy a season ticket because you are a fan of the club
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    The Kirsten Robertson effect?
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    Ah well, thats Jordan Jones International career over.
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