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    I am back
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    I think the fact that our manager is being talked about because of his skin colour says everything about what it wrong with the world right now. I couldn’t give a f**k what nationality or ethnicity or race or even gender our manager is, as long as they deliver results and performances on the park. And they’re not an Ayr fan or course.
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    Lovely send off for him today at RP, with the players and management staff all out to see his coffin pass the Frank Beattie Stand. Fittingly. Greg Kiltie laid flowers on the back of the hearse when it stopped outside the Frank Beattie front stairs. Sadly taken far too young and his voice will certainly be missed but I'm sure the wee man would have been chuffed to see the turnout, both in Killie & Galston today. Few of us had a beer afterwards to toast him - I'm sure there will be a few bottles of wine the Valley tonight to do likewise!
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    Kilmarnock can sign anyone offer deal on Tomorrow 1st July to Open window of transfer Who possible for Dyer want bring 4 new players (target) after McGowen (Hamilton Accies) sign us What you think Kilmarnock need bring of how much new signings with which position?
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    Had a Zoom session with him and some of my Chelsea supporting mates this afternoon. I've heard him say it before but he repeated that, along with his first season at Chelsea, his year at RP was the happiest of his career. I'd done a search of his name on here and told him in how high regard he was held by the supporters. There were two incidents which seemed to come up regularly - his chipped goal against Dundee Utd at RP and telling the ref there had been no contact when he was going to award us a penalty at McDiarmid Park - so I asked if he could guess what they were. He said the goal against Dundee Utd but the other he thought of was the 10-in-a-row stopper at Ibrox! I reminded him that it got us into Europe too and he said that his only experience of European football was at Killie, which surprised me. Lovely guy who could have talked for hours but he had a round of golf booked!
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    Ok, the list was huge, but...
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    First ticket in 30 years.
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    Global pandemic, the majority of goods essential or otherwise having reasonably serious supply issues. Killie fans still raging that they don't have the new strip for their summer holidays that they cannae actually go on.
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    Dyer is the manager, rightly or wrongly. Can we all just support him. This lockdown has gone to folks heid man. Give it a by.
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    Our interview on Killie TV with the gaffer is now available to view by clicking the link below We Are Killie! Cheers, Gav
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    Personally, I think Dicker's performances are being talked down because people have the hump with him over the AA departure. He had some tremendous performances last season, certainly more good performances than bad. An excellent player for us who is getting a bit of rough treatment at the minute. There's obviously El Makrini in that position too. What Gogic has in his favour is that he's 26 and both Dicker and El Makrini are 33/34 and on the last year of their deal. I'm sure Gogic would more than provide competition for Broadfoot at centre half though. There's definitely room in the squad to have him here considering he can slot into either position.
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    We would all prefer if you lost yours
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    Is the f**k off jackett available from the Club Shop?
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    Kilmarnock star Chris Burke reveals secret sleeping, eating and football routine that's been key to longevity. CHRIS BURKE, the Kilmarnock winger, could hardly be accused of sleeping through the latter chapter of his career. The 36-year-old has signed a year’s extension to commit to another season with the Rugby Park club but there has been nothing dozy about his determination to wring every last ounce he can out of his playing days. Still, making sure that there has been plenty of time for bed has been key to ensuring the longevity of his professional career. “I make sure I am sleeping more than I used to,” said Burke. “That might mean one night I’m in my bed for 9pm so that I know I am fully rested and have enough energy as I look towards playing on a Saturday. Small things like just an extra half hour or 45 minute rest make a huge difference.” If late nights are a thing of the past, it is the same when it comes to any junk food in his diet. While younger players might be relishing the re-opening of Nandos, Burke has been meticulous when it comes to fuelling his body to get the best out of it. Gordon Strachan cited porridge and bananas as the reason for the twilight years of his career at Leeds and Burke has been heavy on the fruit and veg as he seeks to stay in optimum condition. Crucially, though, has been the open-minded nature of his willingness to experiment to find what works best. “I’ve changed a lot of things,” said Burke. “My diet is different. I make up my own shakes in the morning for breakfast with probably two portions of veg and one fruit and then my lunch tends to be a vegan or vegetarian option. I’ll maybe have a more normal dinner because I don’t want to cut protein and meat out entirely. “I have always felt that small changes give you a big result. But, crucially, I think I have the same enthusiasm, the same passion and excitement for football now that I have ever had. I was lucky enough to work with Gordon Strachan when he was Scotland manager and he still had that fire and energy about him. You can imagine that would have been a big part of what sustained him as he played into his 40s with Leeds. “Here at Kilmarnock I am indebted to Andy Millen too. He is a great support to all the players but he was another who played into his 40s with St Mirren and then had a stint at Queen’s Park after that. All my career I have heard more senior players tell me to look after myself and not quit too soon. When you are a kid it doesn’t really sink in but as I have got older I have thought much more deeply about it. Guys like Andy who knows what it takes to look after your body so that you can be playing at a later age offer invaluable advice.” Dyer’s appointment has been welcomed in the Rugby Park dressing room with Burke itching to get going again to atone for last season’s eighth place finish as soon as football is back up and running. “Everyone was delighted with Alex getting the contract,” said Burke. “He knows what it is likes to have success at the club, he knows what it is like to struggle, he knows the players, he knows what we need to bring in and he knows where he wants to go and the way he wants to play. “I honestly feel that Kilmarnock are a club on the up. We all know how devastating the Covid-19 crisis has been but there is such strong camaraderie here that even in a global pandemic I still feel that we can come out of it with genuine intent to go and improve again.” Training at Rugby Park has continued in small groups with no contact but Burke is optimistic that the impact of the Coronavirus can also instil a little independence in the playing squad. “Players moan about everything; no water bottles, dirty boots, a missing pair of socks….now that we are washing our own kits and doing so much more for ourselves then you would like to think it has opened a few eyes to how pampered we are in normal circumstances,” he said. “I’d like to think that can go a long way when we do get back onto the park. “I am the type of person who is always striving to do better than the last time. I never set myself targets such as goals or assists but rather it’s about improving on what I contributed to the team last season. This season I’m optimistic we can better that eighthplace finish and get ourselves back in the top six.” https://www.thenational.scot/sport/18531868.kilmarnock-star-chris-burke-reveals-secret-sleeping-eating-football-routine-key-longevity/
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    Would like to see us get Celtic and Sevco away early on so that their crowd isn't a factor.
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    Okay, we all know that Scottish football - including our club - face an enormous threat due to the Covid-19 crisis. And, without getting too philosophical, it also creates opportunities. Indeed, the two characters used in both Chinese and Japanese for the term 'crisis' contain the terms 'danger' and 'opportunity'. So, first the dangers. Scottish football is more reliant on paying customers than any other league in Europe. If, as seems almost certain, we have to endure a major part of the coming season without paying fans in stadia some clubs are going to suffer enormously. It's also possible some will go to the wall. Those that don't will suffer substantial financial damage. This will not only affect playing budgets, but youth acadamies and all other back office functions that allow a club to prosper. This damage will not be restricted to the coming season. It will have an effect for some seasons to come and may even lead to a sustained downward spiral for some clubs. We have to accept that Killie are one of the clubs who could be badly affected and go into a serious slide. The opportunity exists, however, to get a jump on the other clubs in similar situations - Motherwell, St. Mirren, St. Johnstone, Hamilton, Livingston, Ross Co (who might be okay because of Uncle Roy). The only way we can get that 'jump' is to pump money into our club. Obviously, the virus has affected many people's jobs and incomes and many might not be able to commit to a season ticket this year. Which means the rest of us have to step up. If you possibly can, ladies and gents, buy a season ticket. If you can afford to do so - f*** it, buy two, or three. The teams that come through this season in the best financial shape should create a competitive advantage that might last for the next 5-10 years. Do your utmost to ensure that Killie are one of those clubs. Never before - not even in the dark days pre-TB - have your club needed you more.
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    Let’s get behind big Alex
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    Same calculator as the club shop
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    Never really knew this wee guy as been away a while but he got lifted same day as me at Septic Park when we're younger. I was in players comps area and was getting stuck into the enclosure scum cos we had went up 2-0 early doors, Tom Brown got one. Police arrested me for a controlled container, bottle of water. Never believe the police are all huns. This wee guy was in the cell wrecked that I got put in and I had to keep gently reminding him to pull his jeans up from his ankles cos the pigs had taken his belt. Doesn't look cool in a cell wi somebody wi their breeks doon! They shipped us off to London Road after we lost 4-2, bastards. My maw n da came to pick me up and they must have mixed up our charges. They were told I was drunk n disorderly running up n down the stairs wi my top of singing songs! I assume his parents got told he had a bottle of water! I got s**t for weeks until my apology letter from Proc of Fisc came in for wasting my time with such a ridiculous arrest. I hope Paddy got the same letter. RIP wee fella.
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    You want to speculate using the directors' own money? BB saying that they wouldn't let the club go under and expecting them to go on a spending spree are two very different things. The club's last home match was on 4 March and there's no set date for matches to resume before spectators. Since 15 June the players are off furlough and getting paid in full, and the office and shop staff will be returning too. Where's the cash coming from? Don't mention money which was received last year which will have been burned by now. Have we learned nothing from the past?
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    Club use it as a charitable donation to the community and still people moan. What a complete joker.
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    Not aimed at you humper.... People really need to read the FAQs. It clearly states the free U16 ticket is only suspended not abolished. It costs the club money, which they can ill afford to shell out at this time, if they issue these tickets just now, I can't believe the amount of moaning given the unique situation the club find themselves in. Maybe not the 2020/21 season, but I'm positive we will see the free U16 tickets return further down the line when the current situation subsides and fans are allowed back in the stadium.
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    Love the guy but just don't think it's a good appointment. Will back him 100% though, just can't help but feel it's a lazy appointment.
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    We are delighted to welcome Head of Football Operations, James Fowler, as a Trust member! Find out more about membership here: http://ow.ly/IOvg50A6Pst You can join the Trust for an annual fee of £10 for adults. Membership brings you a share of our vision and a stake in the future of your club and community. It gives you a voice in how the money raised by the Trust will be spent. We would love to have you on board!
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    I'd hope Cathy is also aware that people are unable to renew their season tickets as 'the person that deals with that is on holiday until Monday' . We really are a Sunday league outfit at times. Apart from a couple of new lounges I've seen no evidence things have improved on the commercial side in the past few years. The club are awful to deal with.
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    We have let members know of a vital project to be funded by the Trust: bins + sanitiser dispensers for the stadium at an approximate cost of £5,000. The response and backing from members has been terrific - thank you for your support! SUBSCRIBE TO 'TRUST IN KLILLIE' FUNDRAISING
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    Great interview Gav really enjoyed it! Rory came across well. Despite all the negativity he often gets directed at him he is a great guy down to earth and loves Killie. If his testimonial happens I’ll be there even if it is against Stewarton Annick!
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    If you are only looking to add one or two bits of genuine quality like Clarke was then you can afford to wait until late in the window. When you are having to do major rebuilds like we are this summer and to a slightly lesser extent last summer you need to be active early. McGowan was a good move but I was disappointed it hasn’t been followed up with more when you consider we have been preparing for this window for six months.
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    Someone on social media claiming Bachmann would be announced on Monday. Yes, we did send the Bat signal up, but as far as I know there will be no announcements about him on Monday. We've made it clear if he's going out on loan then we are interested and he's made it clear that he'd be happy to come back...but he can't move anywhere until Watford finish their season so any talk of a return at the moment is speculation and nothing else. We'll just have to wait and hope that no one else comes in with an offer when he is able to move that he can't refuse. That happens in football all the time, not just to us, don't want our fans getting all worked up about perceived inaction here...if it doesn't happen it certainly won't be for lack or trying at our end.
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    Bought a season ticket the other day for the first time in many years. Living in the east and having a young family mean the number of home games I can get to a season are limited and usually find myself attending more away games at times. However being in the fortunate position of being able to afford one, it seemed the right thing to do to support the club in these uncertain times even if I only end up getting to half the games the ticket covers
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    Kilmarnock will sign anyone from League One, League Two and National League
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    He's ok. We hear from him regularly on our Killie WhatsApp group.
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    Fans Forums are built for opinion. We all have them and are entitled to express them. However I do think that there are posters on here who moan incessantly about the clubs progress, or lack of, in relation to season ticket sales. Each year the same arguments are regurgitated and worn like a badge. Its time for these guys to step back and consider " instead of calling the club out on this what could I suggest that may make it better. " We all want the team and the club to do well. Negativity breeds even more negativity. I am in no way suggesting that we should not post opinions on season ticket sales but posting the same nonsense every year does no good. If anyone has an idea that would help to increase season ticket sales, tell the marketing department at the club.
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    I think it's wrong asking players to take wage cut but then buying players like hibs and others
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    Killie looking to host Livi on Saturday in a pre-season friendly if the government will allow it. With today's disastrous online shop launch would it make sense for the club to try and stream the game on KTV for season ticket holders to make sure everything works the way it should before the start of the season?
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    Can't pre order the new tops on launch day. Leisurewear for sale last seen in the mother superiors living room. People defaulting on mortgages as they're being charged 12k for a sleeve of golf balls. All in a good days work.
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    This thread seems to go round in circles with the same arguments being thrown up over and over. 1. Motherwell say they sold 4,488 season tickets last season so 4,500 isn't that fanciful a target. 2. Those clubs which started selling season tickets early on did so without knowledge of the final arrangements. If they gave away or sold kids' tickets for a nominal amount, they might well fall foul of the Sky levy and be out of pocket. Also, someone tried again to pass off Motherwell's price for their John Hunter Stand (£330) as being cheaper than the FB Stand. Their main (Phil O'Donnell) stand is £425 (£404 early bird). The FB Adult price is £370. But I don't know why the obsession with Motherwell's statistics. Our own year on year sales figures are a more relevant comparison. This year is exceptional with events having impacted the prices and, almost certainly, the sales. I give the club credit for having waited until the picture was clearer and for not having sold season tickets when there was no certainty that a ball would be kicked in anger in 2020/21. This meant that an Early Bird offer wasn't practical but prices have been kept at last year's level, apart from the U16's free ticket, the reason for which has been explained.
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    If ever there was a time not to be taking photographs...........
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    Can we have a first choice centre half before we get a back up?
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    Tell us what one you're going to, so we can go somewhere else.
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    I don't get the anguish on here when we 'miss out' on some mid table journeyman reject or an ex Killie player that we were probably never interested in. We have seen the difference a Bachman, Mulumbu, Woodman, Ajer or Longstaff can make. We have a decent core of players and the addition of a few good loans or free agents will give us a solid top half team for next season.
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    Bachmann is no 1 target summer at Instagram of Kilmarnock
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    Folk moaned about Branescu at corners, but this guy only comes out for collection once every three weeks!
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    Was not my first choice, but a real nice guy ! 100% behind him, was undecided about season ticket due to job. F**K IT !! going for one today time to step up.
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    That’s a level of paranoia usually seen in the old firm forums.
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    Hearts are part of the league . Each club gets a vote. They know the system and how it operates. It's tough on them but they're a victim of circumstances. Clubs voted to end last season and decided against reconstruction. Shut the f**k up Hearts and get on with it. Stop pointing the finger at everyone else and go look in the mirror. You're going down because you've been s**t for over 18 months and Mrs Budge keeps appointing donkeys as managers.
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