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    No its an average result, losing is a poor result and winning is a good result.
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    I hope in time folks look back with a fonder view of our most capped Scotland player. I used to hang on the fact that Alan mcculloch was in a Scotland squad before he broke a leg. How ex rangers players Durrant and mccoist played a few international games when with killie or andy maclaren got 45 minutes in a friendly in Poland. Then we actually got a guy who earned his caps as a killie player, not based on previous profile. And earned 11 in relatively quick succession. Folk saying he acted like a “dick” and didn’t try. Childish bulls**t. Really, embarrassing. I hope once the world gets back on track he’ll get the move fit for his undoubted ability and push for his place in a successful Scotland team.
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    We could attempt to play a 4-3-1-2 Burke in the free role. With a trio of CMs For example Rodgers Millen Broadfoot Findlay Haunstrup Power Dicker Tshibola Burke Kabamba Brophy(Kiltie)
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    I can't tell you about the stock levels in the shop, but would advise that you rock up before 3.58.
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    You'd 8-2 be a Barca fan tonight
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    Gav is a class act both on match days and in his role for Killie TV. We want a balanced commentary on games and if the team are not in control of the game, are we so sensitive and precious that we can't tolerate our commentator saying so. OK, his co-commentator may not be a natural, but overall I enjoyed the Ross County coverage and think the quality was perfectly good in all respects. What is the point of us looking for sycophantic input from a biased commentator other than just to make us feel better. The players on the park can't hear it, so what motivation to improved performance would be achieved anyway. Keep up the good work Gav and forgive the critics, they know not what they do.
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    Had a dream last night that we won this one 5-4. Wild. Cue a 1-0 defeat.
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    It should absolutely NOT be an individual's choice over whether to attend or not, regardless of the ridiculous hyperbole about there being several thousand people in Tesco - its been made abundantly clear that plenty of people can't be trusted to obey guidelines as it is. I take it you see nothing wrong with what the Aberdeen 8 or Bolingoli did? To your question about what will be different in 3 months time? Nothing if we keep behaving like idiots. But I guess the aim is to not have dozens of new cases every day.
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    So? Basically Supermarkets can charge on regardless of any breach? Im old enough to remember that they are not essential, they’ve just tricked everyone into believing that. i believe the damage to this country by a further shutdown of football will be more than severe, the game is more than just a sport, it’s a national institution, I am sure I read that the FM wanted to be more penal and was advised against the backlash. She did well to listen.
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