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    The involvement of our support in strengthening the links between club and community is at the heart of everything we do. As part of our regular reviews of practices and procedures to reflect our growing relationship with the Club, we have made a change to the Killie Trust logo to reflect this. We are updating our online presence as well in the next few weeks...starting with a new-look website.
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    I have no political axe to grind on this point. The ratings for the Scottish government are a joke (and I don't care a flying fox that it's an SNP executive). The number of deaths in Scottish care homes is criminal. The prior experience of China, Spain and Italy highlighted the dangers. The continued use of staff in more than one home, untested discharge from hospitals and the absence of testing of staff and residents have received next to bugger all critical attention in the Scottish press. The scientific community highlighted the likely outcome and these warnings were ignored. Are we really so crass as to glory in Johnson's incompetence whilst our own old folks die, unremarked, in even greater (relative) numbers than in England? Shame on our frigging smugness.
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    I think I bought it! My eyes are terrible and even when I looked closely I thought it might be some kind of custom Killie crest so figured I might as well for £7.50. Waiting on it being delivered along with several other (hopefully Killie) items. Feeling a bit daft.
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    I think they've given up. Only a few days left of their tenure.
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    With 10 weeks of no football I would hope that this is precisely what has been developed by our HoF and Manager. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not happening. January window looked to have come too early in Fowler's regime along with the change of manager. He and Dyer have had 6mths now to discuss and develop a strategy for the forthcoming window albeit it may require to be adapted depending on hoe the budget is affected by Covid related events. it's going to be an interesting next few months for signings and as a fan I hope we see more positive activity than in the last two.
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    E-mailed club yesterday to make sure all was okay with application and they confirmed it was. Just a case of waiting for the certificate to be printed, signed and then sent out. No timescale for that at present.
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    Indeed... how embarrassing is it "the greatest generation" are treated like a complete liability when they're alive, left to fend for themselves, shivering alone in their homes and shoved away into care homes when their burden becomes too heavy ...and then toasted with tea and cake when they're dead? Respect the dead by treating the living with care and respect.
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    I don’t like flag wavers in general. I was never defending flag waving jingoism, simply innocent people raising a glass or having a little tea and cake with their kids. It’s always black and white with people on here. I am well aware of the crimes committed by the British Empire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t salute men and women who were forced into defeating evil. I cringe when I see any flag on a pole outside of someone’s house. Poor neighbours. They should be ordered to be removed by the local authority pronto. I am not a Scottish Nationalist or a British Nationalist, I am the same as I have I have always been, mainstream centre left who believes we are stronger together in the UK and in Europe. As I’m from a mining community and family going back generations, I’m hardly likely to be a fan of Churchill. I strongly recommend the biography of Atlee, who was a patriot in the best sense of the word and played a key part in the war effort and then bravely rebuilding the country in the least promising of circumstances.
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    I see Ashcroft has been released by Dunfermline. I don't think he was given much of a chance at RP and we need a big CB. Useful signing , if only as a squad player. Okay, 66 games was quite a good chance...
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    Waters has proved himself as a rock in the saints defense last season. I think hes good enough. He showed some qualities when GT was injured couple seasons back.
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    If we are going to sign players early we'd be better signing guys who can play in a few different positions. Our squad (which was threadbare to begin with) is going to be smaller again next season, so having a few guys that can fill in in 3 or 4 positions have to be a priority. That's why I was surprised that Shug Wilson was allowed to leave, but maybe it was his decision to go rather than the club. There will be guys being released from down south and possibly Europe who would have never normally considered coming up here but will be desperate for a contract so we should be looking as far and wide as possible. And as mentioned above, if the Championship isn't starting until later up here we should be looking for 6 month loans for the best players from there. Dare I even suggest a 6 month loan offer for Dobbie if Queens aren't going to start until January?
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    I think we planned to go for him in the winter window. We were gonna offer Frizzel on a permanent and Dom Thomas with a loan.
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    By the time these are available they won’t be needed. This is burning itself out
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    They are just letting off steam. By the time another Election comes around they will be back to hating foreigners and bashing immigrants and "lefties" as is their collective wont.
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