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    This. hundred percent this. I genuinely had tears in my eyes at full time when the players came over. I've been to hundreds and hundreds of games in my time, but really only felt that emotional a handful of occasions. Guess I'm getting to be an old sentimental fart. Millen's celebration started it off - to see the sheer delight on that boy's face when he scored and how happy the rest of the players were for him, then at FT I think when you add in SSC giving the tiger punch from the centre circle, AD coming over, and the look of joy on some of the players faces when they were looking up at us. It just all came together on Saturday afternoon. Sakes, i'm welling up again. I love Killie
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    Not sure. But think the passion more likely about the footballing road that took him to Tynecastle last Saturday. He was ready to chuck it after struggling to make ends meat out of the game. His dad had a decent career which adds its own presssure. Killie gave him a footballing lifeline. Only problem...he’s got the best right back in scotlNd ahead of him. As chance would have it, he gets a break with sod injury. He’s nervous through the first half but steadies. Suddenly as the game wears on, against the league leaders, on their own patch, he gets the ball 20 yards out....all the years of rejection and disappointment, uncertainty as to whether he’d ever get a chance in the game floods through his head as he ponders a shot at goal.....has he got the balls? A second later and it’s done. Near 1200 of the blue and white army a few yards from him. A moment in a lifetime....go mad my son, go mad!!!!!!!!!
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    Nid, I am intending buying two tickets for the Boyd Testimonial today, but knowing that I cannot attend. I’m sure that there must be Killie fans with kids out there that cannot afford to pay £10 for this chance to see some smashing players, what about opening this up to offer as well. I will leave the tickets in an envelope with your name on it it at hotel reception after four o’clock. Hope someone gets the use of them.
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    I'm sure many of you are now aware of our Growing The Killie Family initiative (GTKF). The idea is to get season tickets to worthy recipients for next season but thanks to two incredibly generous donors we have half season tickets that we want to go to worthy recipients for the Hibs game on December 1st.. WE HAVE ONE FAMILY TICKET + ONE OAP TICKET + TWO U/16 TICKETS. I must stress this is not a competition, we want the tickets to go to fans who are not currently attending due to their personal circumstances be it financial, illness, caring duties or whatever. Please e-mail killiehippo@aol.com and nominate a fan who you feel is worthy of one of the tickets. It is important that you title the e-mail "Half season ticket" and clearly state what ticket you are nominating the person/people for and explain briefly why they deserve the ticket. We will keep all names anonymous at all times. Massive thanks to the two legends who are ensuring that another 8 Killie fans will get back to the Theatre of Pies. PLEASE GET THE NOMINATIONS TO ME NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY NOV.28TH..........KTID
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    Does not seem to win too many MOM votes or headlines .....but since SC took over surely with Power he has been one of the most consistent top performing players week in week out ...he is the main organiser at the back plus is always encouraging likes of Findlay and Taylor .... when we signed him , had some doubts at the time .......but under SC he has been top class and it's good for the team to have leaders like Broadfoot and good for us fans to see a player take so much joy playing for us ....when we score he often runs a long way to join in the celebrations ..and the way he winds up opposing players and even his "old team" fans does show his full commitment to playing for us hopefully he can keep fit and keep being a vital part of this team
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    What a player Eremenko was for us. Mulumbu wasn't half the player.
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    I must say I see this as an opportunity to acknowledge one of our “greats” and support a good cause. It was never going to be a football spectacle, it’s just a bit of fun and a chance to reminisce for £5. A reality check needed for some on here.
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    He will definitley not be a Killie player next season. Whether he will be a Killie player beyond January remains to be seen. If the club get a reasonable offer they should take it and use the funds to try and secure players like Stewart on a permanent deal and extend the contracts of others like SOD, Taylor, Finlay and Power.
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    Not going until Billy Berntsson confirmed!
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    No, wanting it to be a success. If SH knows nobody that's going, then it's clearly not caught the imagination. The main problem seems to be on the Sevco side, with little to excite fans. Try and accept you can have a debate without it being interpreted as moaning. I know some people don't like other people having a point of view. I'm actually surprised we've sold 1500 tickets, so hopefully a respectable crowd on the day.
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    And I agree with every word of this too. Let's all move on FFS. Andy Millen was a brilliant player for us but as has been said had a big problem with Totten. If there had been anything in the Celtic move it would have set him up for life - and I seem to recall 350k for us being mentioned at the time which was decent money for a 29 year old Saw him a couple of years later in Greggs in Greenock one lunchtime with the Morton boys and did feel bad for him it had come to that. As for this Ayr thing I totally don't get that either. Leave them to it, complete irrelevance. The only time in my lifetime they have been remotely competitive with us was first when Ally McLeod was in charge and then we we were a complete shambles in the mid 1980s, neither of which lasted long fortunately. Personally don't give a flying f*** about Ayr - we are so far removed from them it's embarrassing folk still get hung up on it, I'm interested in who is around us in the table. And well done Ross, what a bloody strike that was
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    I never have got the anti millen stuff. I’ve said on here before, he was outstanding for us. So he didn’t have killie blood running through his veins. Big deal. Do it on the park when selected. Naturally when a bigger offer comes in many players will want to grab it. He played for Ayr. Others have before and will in the future. Tb was The original “ special one”. If he had offered me a job to clean his toilet, I’d probably have done it back in the day. Can’t blame millen for wanting to follow him.
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    Selective memory. Pasca was a bombscare centre half. He was a an out and out defensive midfielder who deputised in defence when required, just like Dicker.
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    Negotiating in bad faith is a proud British tradition. It's up there with town criers, cricket and slaughtering people in far off places.
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    The circle is complete...
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    I learn about people's lives whom I didn't even know existed through this thread. Celebrity might be the wrong word in some cases but "Notable Person Deaths 2018" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
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    This beats the international break for me, few pints before and after the game with the boys and see a few killie legends all for an entry fee of a fiver. Dunno what you's are complaining about.
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    Biggest wind up merchant in the league and if he wasn't playing for us he would be the biggest ham shank ever He's our ham shank and probably one of the best center halfs in the league ,super fit and a great guy to have in your team .There is only one Drongan Destroyer
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    Thought this was a thread about Killie fans' wean's names....
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    That's something I would like to see. The contempt that Morelos showed towards a fellow professional was absolutely disgusting.
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    Would never have happened at Tynecastle.
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    As we are winning the Scottish and will receive enough tickets for all I see no issue with this deal.
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