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    Our support seem to be very good at patting ourselves on the back an looking down at others. Let's be honest for a minute, are we any better than those we are slagging off? I watched fan owned Motherwell in their second cup final yesterday and although they never got a result the backing they got was brilliant to watch and the majority of those don't just go to games but financially back the club which they now own. Our fans are all mouth and talk a good game but when it comes to the crunch we are just part timers who turn up for a day out when we fancy it but take no responsibility whatsoever for our own club. Compared to the likes of Motherwell we are a total embarrassment, we may not like it but that is a fact. We actually put more money into other club's coffers through our loyal away support than most but we can't be talked into supporting our own fans organisations efforts to boost our own club. If the same percentage of our fans backed our fan ownership scheme as Motherwell's then maybe we'd have a right to slag off these other teams. We have too many fans and not enough supporters. We're right up there with the best, until we have to put our hand in our pockets, then its someone else's job. Billy Bowie must shake his head at our fans unwillingness to support the club financially, why should he be footing the bill for hospitality upgrades, are we back in the 1990's and beyond?
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    Why do people persist with this myth? Does it make us feel better about it by showing sympathy for the guy? I felt as sorry for him as anyone else but I'm not daft enough to think that his wife passing away was the actual reason he quit the club. It was a convenient time to go, and worked in the sense that people have repeated it often enough that's its now true. Only its not true really. I won't go on about it or ever mention it again, as long as we stop pedalling this fakery every time he's mentioned. A sad and unfortunate twist of fate does not undo a decade of misery. I lost my wife through cancer two years ago, it hasn't stopped me being a prick and I'm still responsible for my own actions.
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    As soon as I saw this picture, I was glad we didn't sign him-
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    Can’t stop this song going through my head. Posh Spice is a slapper Her fanny’s awfy scratchy But when she’s shagging Beckham She thinks of Danny Racchi
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    I don't depend on anybody else for handouts and you probably don't either, why should our club want other fans to subsidise us ? The way to increase revenue is the way that you keep moaning about, increase the number of home fans. We have no control over who is promoted or relegated unless you want the league to adopt the UEFA model of only the richest leagues and clubs monopolising their competitions.
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    Let’s also not forget, that as much as we wanted him out (well mostly all of us), his decision came about through personal tragedy that I for one wouldn’t have wished on anyone, even him. his departure has allowed us to stop the decline and begin I hope the journey back to where I believe we should be as a club and a team.
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    I doubt if we'll see him in the stripes again. He wasn't getting a game for us because our midfield was too strong, the bulk of which have re-signed. He couldn't get into a top Championship side. Much as I like the wee man I fully expect to him to be allowed to leave if he can find a club or it's back out on loan next year.
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    Gies f**king peace with the 'no fans, bring nothing to the league' pish. Why don't we just create a boring league with all of the best attendances and no relegations FFS. Personally I think its great for the people who follow their teams through a lot of bad times and finally get rewarded for it. Also livi coming up up should guarantee another season in the premiership before a ball is kicked
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    You'd certainly expect the current team to win, those old Real Madrid players must be in their 80's by now..
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    MJ quit. Happy anniversary folks
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    Just beaten Bayern Munich 3 - 1 in the German Cup final. First time in 30 years they have won it. A possible headline match for our 150th anniversary year?
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    It looked as if Livi had at least 1,000 there today. Not saying they'll bring that to RP but more than Staggies would bring. It's up to us to increase our support not depend on away supports bringing in more money.
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    One of Jim Fleeting's old teams of course. In the 1980s their supporters were known as "fannies". Fleeting tells a story that before a game once when it was teeming down with rain, the manager told the team that "there were thousands of soaking wet fannies waiting out there to see them".
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    unless he's burstin
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    'Well Society total members 2538, 1928 adults, 610 juniors. St. Mirren "Buy the Buds" around 1260 members. Hearts are on a different scale, but both Motherwell and St. Mirren are similar sized clubs to Killie, yet TiK for some reason has never really taken off with our wider support, why ? Maybe we need to rebrand, maybe our support don't trust the Trust and we need to remove "Trust" from the campaign name. Whoever is behind the 'Well Society publicity material has done a good job, it looks far more professional than anything I've seen publicising TiK. There's no point in being defensive about TiK, it hasn't involved our wider support and we need to look at why it hasn't.
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    Great idea. Get Count Von Count to read off the numbers. " 2,500 season tickets, ha ha ha, 2,501 season tickets, ha ha ha.
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    The day we want to avoid playing that s**te is the day we'd be as well shutting the gates at RP. There's a generation of fans that's never seen us win there, time to correct that wrong.
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    Thistle for me because like RC, Hamilton Inverness and St Johnstone, Livi will bring nothing to the Premier league. Someone said football should be rewarded on merit not crowds and although that is true I prefer to go to games with some atmosphere. Thistle bring a decent crowd to RP as we do there. Hoping they stay up but won't lose any sleep if they don't.
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    They'll never take the Killie, that would be a fantastic game if the club could arrange it
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    A year? How time flies when you are having fun. Club, support and general feel about the club is a million times better. We all knew it was possible but not with that leach as chairman. He wasn't interested in the club prospering. All he was interested in was doing whatever he needed to protect his "investment".Everything he did was beyond short sighted. If he ever steps in RP again, it'll be too soon as far as I'm concerned. Onwards and upwards now we've got guys with the genuine best interests of the club at heart. Even better that they have cash to help make that happen. Two things MJ never had.
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    Boyd's goal was reminiscent of something that Eremenko, Bryson and Kelly would have created. Quality of the movement and finish from Boyd was sublime and yet still eclipsed by Erwin's build-up play. One of the most enjoyable goals I've celebrated at RP. Felt that was the day we put our foot down and made it clear we were taking a top six spot and also think it was a blow that hit Dundee's season hard.
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    Reported in the Times that we have sold 2700 against 1000 at the same time last season. Extremely encouraging if the momentum continues.
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    Would Ohara have got in the team this season? Would we want to sign him this summer? No and no for me. Tendency is if s9meone has a couple of decent games after they leave us they take on star status. IMO He’s decent but no more influential than a mckenzie and no more potential ( less for me) than Wilson. Progressive clubs need to make calls on these guys that have had opportunity to stake a first team place and after a few seasons and haven’t nailed it. We can’t keep them all on the payroll just in case they discover some form. I think Ohara needed the fresh start and I’m not sure we would have got the same return out of him that Dundee did. Frizz is in that bucket for me now. Good luck to all that have given their best in blue and white.
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