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    Lovely send off for him today at RP, with the players and management staff all out to see his coffin pass the Frank Beattie Stand. Fittingly. Greg Kiltie laid flowers on the back of the hearse when it stopped outside the Frank Beattie front stairs. Sadly taken far too young and his voice will certainly be missed but I'm sure the wee man would have been chuffed to see the turnout, both in Killie & Galston today. Few of us had a beer afterwards to toast him - I'm sure there will be a few bottles of wine the Valley tonight to do likewise!
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    Ok, the list was huge, but...
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    We would all prefer if you lost yours
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    I am back
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    Same calculator as the club shop
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    Never really knew this wee guy as been away a while but he got lifted same day as me at Septic Park when we're younger. I was in players comps area and was getting stuck into the enclosure scum cos we had went up 2-0 early doors, Tom Brown got one. Police arrested me for a controlled container, bottle of water. Never believe the police are all huns. This wee guy was in the cell wrecked that I got put in and I had to keep gently reminding him to pull his jeans up from his ankles cos the pigs had taken his belt. Doesn't look cool in a cell wi somebody wi their breeks doon! They shipped us off to London Road after we lost 4-2, bastards. My maw n da came to pick me up and they must have mixed up our charges. They were told I was drunk n disorderly running up n down the stairs wi my top of singing songs! I assume his parents got told he had a bottle of water! I got s**t for weeks until my apology letter from Proc of Fisc came in for wasting my time with such a ridiculous arrest. I hope Paddy got the same letter. RIP wee fella.
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    We have let members know of a vital project to be funded by the Trust: bins + sanitiser dispensers for the stadium at an approximate cost of £5,000. The response and backing from members has been terrific - thank you for your support! SUBSCRIBE TO 'TRUST IN KLILLIE' FUNDRAISING
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    If you are only looking to add one or two bits of genuine quality like Clarke was then you can afford to wait until late in the window. When you are having to do major rebuilds like we are this summer and to a slightly lesser extent last summer you need to be active early. McGowan was a good move but I was disappointed it hasn’t been followed up with more when you consider we have been preparing for this window for six months.
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    Someone on social media claiming Bachmann would be announced on Monday. Yes, we did send the Bat signal up, but as far as I know there will be no announcements about him on Monday. We've made it clear if he's going out on loan then we are interested and he's made it clear that he'd be happy to come back...but he can't move anywhere until Watford finish their season so any talk of a return at the moment is speculation and nothing else. We'll just have to wait and hope that no one else comes in with an offer when he is able to move that he can't refuse. That happens in football all the time, not just to us, don't want our fans getting all worked up about perceived inaction here...if it doesn't happen it certainly won't be for lack or trying at our end.
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    If ever there was a time not to be taking photographs...........
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    Can we have a first choice centre half before we get a back up?
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    Tell us what one you're going to, so we can go somewhere else.
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    I don't get the anguish on here when we 'miss out' on some mid table journeyman reject or an ex Killie player that we were probably never interested in. We have seen the difference a Bachman, Mulumbu, Woodman, Ajer or Longstaff can make. We have a decent core of players and the addition of a few good loans or free agents will give us a solid top half team for next season.
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    I stand corrected. No coincidence that signings start to appear now our chief scout has returned!
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    This thread seems to go round in circles with the same arguments being thrown up over and over. 1. Motherwell say they sold 4,488 season tickets last season so 4,500 isn't that fanciful a target. 2. Those clubs which started selling season tickets early on did so without knowledge of the final arrangements. If they gave away or sold kids' tickets for a nominal amount, they might well fall foul of the Sky levy and be out of pocket. Also, someone tried again to pass off Motherwell's price for their John Hunter Stand (£330) as being cheaper than the FB Stand. Their main (Phil O'Donnell) stand is £425 (£404 early bird). The FB Adult price is £370. But I don't know why the obsession with Motherwell's statistics. Our own year on year sales figures are a more relevant comparison. This year is exceptional with events having impacted the prices and, almost certainly, the sales. I give the club credit for having waited until the picture was clearer and for not having sold season tickets when there was no certainty that a ball would be kicked in anger in 2020/21. This meant that an Early Bird offer wasn't practical but prices have been kept at last year's level, apart from the U16's free ticket, the reason for which has been explained.
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    Can't pre order the new tops on launch day. Leisurewear for sale last seen in the mother superiors living room. People defaulting on mortgages as they're being charged 12k for a sleeve of golf balls. All in a good days work.
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    He was actually a comic genius. I loved spending time with him because i knew we'd always have a great laugh. Family and life got in the way a bit but we'd get together at the football now and again and we'd been in the same whatsapp group chat for over 10 years. His son Kyle has now joined in his place after we'd guaranteed that the previous nonsense was archived.... or incinerated. I'll miss him, wasn't ready for him to go.
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    This whole debate has been annoying me from the start comparing our club to Motherwell's. Yes the clubs are of a similar size and a good marker of where we want to be but there is a few things to remember 1. They would like to get to 4500 doesn't mean they will (I'm pretty sure they would like 10k but they are being realistic) 2. Motherwell started selling season tickets on the 6th April we didn't start until 12th June, over 2 months later 3. It took Motherwell a month to announce hitting the 1500 sales mark, we done it in less than half that time. 4. We will be down on ST sales for the few reasons already mentioned, my father in law who has had a ST for 15+ years and would normally buy his ST as soon as they went on sale hasn't this year as he doesn't know how stable his job is right now and I'm sure there will be plenty more like that 5. Why debate it, if you can afford a ticket and have bought one then you've done your bit, if you can encourage a mate to also get one even better if not the sales will be what they will be
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    The list was long enough then Bob goes and quotes it!
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    Honestly think the club is having the hole taken out of them by Hummel! Record braking kit deal and this is the crap we've ended up with? Don't get me wrong I like the home and away tops and will be getting both when they go on sale, but we were promised a bespoke kit and they've taken our bespoke top, changed the colour then gave it to another team which I feel takes the shine off what we were promised. Going onto other teams shops where the kit is supplied by Hummel you can see how much better their training gear etc looks compared to ours and more ranges and items available.
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    Is this what we have become? Studying a photo of players paying their respects to see if we can spot a new face? Jesus wept.
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    Killie looking to host Livi on Saturday in a pre-season friendly if the government will allow it. With today's disastrous online shop launch would it make sense for the club to try and stream the game on KTV for season ticket holders to make sure everything works the way it should before the start of the season?
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    I cant see how hard work to "take retail operation back" could be considered a success. Im struggling to find how any media/director team would feel this is an acceptable way to broadcast and advertise our brand. A complete lack of professionalism in every area of the new club shop and its all rather embarrassing.
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    If the club has any sense it would pull the plug on it. Not one positive comment since it went live. The payment system clearly has a major fault and these horrendous quality photos are shocking.
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    Think he’s suggesting we’ve missed the summer market for about ten years and he would be correct.
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    He's said he would consider staying. Not 100% sure how Dyer felt about him though. I’d have him in the team ahead of Broadfoot.
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    Harsh! I embrace his posts. It's better than the usual bed wetting on here because Hamilton have signed a few nobodies or that designer face masks aren't released a day after being announced.
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    Went into the shop this morning to renew my ticket. No customers but three staff apparently doing little. "Can I renew my season ticket please?" "I'm sorry but the person who deals with them wont be back in until Monday". I know I'm just an old fart and struggle with online buying, but surely the club / shop should be making it more easy for me to spend my money to follow the club I love.
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    Wouldn't it bring in £4,500,000?? If we sold 1000 Or has that aspect been fixed?
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    The next step in the process is a Trust meeting where Cathy explains why it was unavoidable and promises we’ll learn from our mistakes.
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    Yes because there are plenty of people called Guff92
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    My apologies if i hurt anyone by my recent post on here.
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    Whether or not there is video output from the club doesn't really bother me. What does worry me is that 13 players left the club at the end of the season, at least 4 being first team regulars, and we have signed a grand total of 1. The club have an awful lot of work to do before 1st August and I cant understand why they are not getting deals done. That was the lesson they said they would learn from the last window. I don't want to spend another six months watching the likes of Sow, Jackson, Bunn, St Clair, Hendrie etc (or as it was in most cases not watching them)
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    You can't just look at what other teams have signed... we've all started with different needs. A team might have only signed 1 player but not lost many to begin with. As one of the teams who need the most players, we're one of the teams who have signed the least. Look at the business St Mirren and Motherwell have done and tell me we're not behind them. It's too simple to say "bed wetting pish" and shrug this off. People have been accused of that in the last two or three windows and guess what, they were right every time.
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    Then you would assume incorrectly I'm afraid - while East Ayrshire and North Lanarkshire both have some of the highest poverty rates in Scotland, Kilmarnock is one of the poorest towns in East Ayrshire, with the highest rate of child poverty in particular. Onthank and Shortless for example are in the top 5% most deprived areas in the whole of Scotland, and Kilmarnock South (which I think is around Caprington but I'm not sure) not only is in the top 5%, but sadly also has the highest rate of child poverty in the country. While Motherwell obviously has has some deprived areas - in particular in the east (I'm not fluent in the area names in Motherwell) , it also has some of the least deprived areas in Scotland, with three of it's fourteen areas in the bottom 10 (for deprivation) in the whole of Scotland. Both places also have above average unemployment, with Motherwell at 4.1% and Kilmarnock higher at 4.5%. However, 23% of Motherwell's unemployed are students, versus 12% in Kilmarnock. At the household level, the difference is pretty stark, with 16% of workless households in Motherwell, and 25% in Kilmarnock (that's of households with at least one non-disabled working age person). As you can hopefully infer, these figures will also be affected by the multiplicative impact of covid, so you may wish to incorporate this into your thinking when criticising people that are among the poorest in the country for not spending spuriously. Sources: Scottish poverty statistcis from gov.uk, scottish index of multiple deprivation (if you're examining that, download the data and punt it into tableau or something as the mapping tool they've built doesn't work properly), and the Nomis labour statistics.
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    Another day checking paper twitter facebook on the internet searching a Kilmarnock signing hopefully soon who possible?
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    If they really want league reconstruction let the league go as is for next season and start a balanced working group to think about reconstruction. Hearts and others had absolutely no interest in changing the setup until decisions put their status at risk. If we are going to change the entire structure of the game a half arsed effort worked out in no more than a week by teams only really interested in self preservation is not the answer.
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    One was black. You’re allowed to say that.
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    I'd hope Cathy is also aware that people are unable to renew their season tickets as 'the person that deals with that is on holiday until Monday' . We really are a Sunday league outfit at times. Apart from a couple of new lounges I've seen no evidence things have improved on the commercial side in the past few years. The club are awful to deal with.
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    My total came to 11.70 and i was charged £1170.. My bank called me asking if it was fraud
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    Magically the old firm is the last game in the first round of fixtures
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    What if they are playing for English Championship clubs? Or fringe Premiership players that have been recommended? Or can't travel due to quarantine? Whatever plans they had have almost certainly been massively disrupted. I know it won't be popular, but I don't think our transfer window really kicks off until the carousel properly starts with the English leagues ending. Might be proved wrong, but I suspect a lot of teams will be holding off until the latest possible point to see who's available. If we have to line up with: Rogers McGowan Broadfoot Findlay Waters Burke Dicker Power McKenzie Brophy Kabamba for a few match days while getting signings in then I think that would be fine. That's seven of the squad that finished third...
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    Bitten the bullet as well today with buying both my kids season tickets that cost next to nothing last year.. The lack of control over seats that I have had for 20 odd years and 12 years for kids was stressing me out so hopefully good for club and money doesn’t just go on streaming fees. Feeling more relaxed tonight !!!
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    think goal keeper is a vital position so having a goal keeper on loan from either old firm team is a no go as we have to drop them for one of our big games a season and put someone in cold with no practice
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    At 9.00pm tonight BBC alba showing an insight into kilmarnock fc. Just incase nobody has heard its on.
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    The pitch didn’t do cause any problems to the career trajectory of Finlay, Taylor, O’Donnell, Brophy, Mulumbu, Stewart and Jones who either became internationalists or got a big money move as a result of playing on it. As far as I can remember Gary Locke’s signing strategy consisted of waiting outside Tynecastle to see who had been shown the door.
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    That's another 2 in the bag, felt strange paying for my sons but hey ho it's more funds for the club KTID.
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