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    Due my mobility getting worse it was proving impossible to climb the stairs to my seat in the FB stand. I wrote our new director Phyllis McLeish. She forwarded this to Kirsten Robertson and within the past 10 days she has organised for me to enter by a door near the main entrance, get to the pitch through the service entrance and a seat as near to their as possible. When replying to her e-mail I asked her to forward the name of Willie Smith to the person who organises the Community service award. The next day I was contracted by Gavin Wallace asking for more information which I provided. This has resulted in Willie receiving his award at half time tomorrow for his 24 years volunteering for Ayrshire Cancer Support and the Ayrshire Hospice. The speed with which all this has been organised only highlights the efficiency of all Killie staff of and on the pitch carried out by people who care.
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    Don't want this game becoming some sort of mulumbu love in. Was good for us now he's away f**k him. Don't boo ,don't cheer , just pump that lot
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    I think the reason JJ probably gets a harder time from the support is because he's blatantly running his contract down leaving us with no financial boost for resurrecting his career whilst playing like dug s**t in all but 45 minutes against St. Johnstone. I'm sure if he signed a three year deal and had liked pictures on Twitter no one would have batted an eyelid.
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    Mulumbu thought he would bully Tshibola, how wrong was he. Great performance from our man of the match.
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    That's what irreplaceable means.
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    Don't agree with this, not many goalies would have saved that shot, if it was Ronaldo that hit it we would be seeing it on TV for weeks. What difference does the height of the goalie make? what makes you think another any other goalie would have dived the same way with the same speed JMcD did? He is as reliable if not more so than the other goalies in this league. Leave him where he belongs - on the field and in the team.
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    Hi...Well done on organising a bus for the Hibs match. I am the SLO at the club and, if this is something you are considering doing on a regular basis, I could assist in publicising availability for you. We are in the process of updating the supporter bus page on the club website and I could add your contact details. You can contact me at slo@kilmarnockfc.co.uk with your details and I will get in touch to discuss. I would also set up a meeting with the KFCSA who liaise with all our bus groups.
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    Feel a lot of the stuff in this thread is harsh tbh. By all means give him a rest for a game or two but some of the generalisations about his (alleged lack of) capacity to improve, his attitude and /or whether or not he follows the SevCo are completely OTT.
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    Yes i suppose it was. Only a 20 seater due to call offs during week etc. Wasnt worth the gamble and being out of pocket running a larger bus. However i did have a few friday night callers looking for 5/6 seats so maybe could have. Good day all in though. Will put the feelers out again for future matches and hopefully get a regular one on the go.
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    He went way down in my estimation today with his antics & i now feel Tish can be ever more influential for us this season than Mulumbu was last season.
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    I rest my case. Get it right up the greeting faced dirty cheating c**t. One of them now
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    JJ's performances have been nowhere near that of the player he wants to be or people claim he is. Second half against St Johnstone was fantastic the rest of the games unremarkable IMO. He needs to get the finger out. In Enobakhare we might have a player to replace him. He’s not come here to sit on the bench. Burke has started the season well and made himself hard to drop. Brophy and Stewart have grabbed their chance in the last couple of weeks. JJ looks the most vulnerable at the moment for me.
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    This. He has signed for one to the two clubs he had to avoid so f**k him, f**k Rogers, f**k Celtic. Get f**ked right into them.
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    I like JJ but players are not immune to criticism when they have produced nothing this season? We have a good squad and he should be dropped, why shouldn't a guy who played half of promotion winning Wolves games get his chance when he's commited to move up here.
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    Doesn’t play for us Anymore. Kick him up in the air straight away. Dirty but fair
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    Charlies PaPa, thats fantastic. For the club to recognise Willies volenteering work over the last 24 years is brilliant. Willies is my step dad and I will show willie this tonight when i see him. I know hes a popular figure around the club and he is in shocked about it. To be honest he struggles to see what all the fuss is all about. Shows the kind of fella he is. Willie still continues to volenteers to drive mon-fri. Charlies PaPa, thanks again and will no doubt see you tomorrow. KTID
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    That’s the attitude that has allowed these f**kers to do whatever they want. We cannot let this slide, almost complete unity in the press, pundits, fans and clubs on our side here. Back down and we’re f**ked.
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    Dicker in for either Burke or JJ. Go back to the three man midfield. Give Brophy and Stewart a bit more freedom to attack a fragile Celtic back line.
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    Malumbu got owned by Tish. Brilliant display. And Burke,what an engine that boy has.5 star killie
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    f**k him. He was a good player for us for a matter of months, there's no great affinity there. I enjoyed watching him while he was here but it was only ever a stepping stone for him- and we knew that going in. Of all the teams out there he went and signed for one of those two. That for me makes him the enemy. Its nothing personal, same as I can boo Scott Brown and have cheered him in a Scotland shirt. But while he wears the hoops against my team I won't be sparing his feelings a thought and will be booing him like the rest of the manky mob. Hope he has a s**te game. I'm here to cheer to Killie, not to clap ex players
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    We could sign Neymar and a section of our fans wouldn't be happy because he's no great in 50/50s' and doesn't put a shift in every week. Amazing the treatment Jones gets from some of his own fans, have a word with yourselves. He's one of the most exciting left wingers we've had in years and I hope the lads' confidence comes back soon because when he's on form he's a MASSIVE asset. When he's gone, he'll be missed.
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    Defenders doubling up on him does not excuse his pisspoor running off the ball never mind the fact that his shooting is rank (apart from his worldy against Hibs last season), he rarely puts in a good cross or makes a defence splitting pass .... but by god he can run fast!!
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