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    I think it would work. Combine Kilmarnock from our name and Football Club from them. Take the blue from our strips and the white from theirs. Takr Rugby from our ground and Park from theirs.......Bob’s your auntie!
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    Once this is all over, let's make the first game back like a cup final. £20 and £10 adults and kids, and get Rugby park absolutely bouncing and show the players how much they've been missed and most will realise how much they've missed us!
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    Afternoon, ladies and gents. Hope you're all keeping safe. Not sure if this is even allowed but if it's fine, I just wanted to let you all know about a Killie blog I've started that you may be interested in. It's called 'The Two Squirrels'. I have already posted twice on the website and the associated social media channels are active as well - you'll find them on the website. Here's the link: www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk I'll be writing features, news and other general Killie content. Not much to write about just now which means the content will be heavily feature-based (if you have any feature suggestions for me, comment below and I may use the idea). Writing and Killie have also been my main passions so joining the two together seems only right. I have a degree in sports journalism so I'm hopeful the content will be half decent! I have big plans for the blog so hopefully it can become a success. That's all for now and mon the Killie!
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    Yesterday we passed a major milestone and, as a result, next week we will be in a position to forward £8000 in monthly 'Trust In Killie' funds to Kilmarnock FC. The new memberships and subscriptions are still coming in (6 members and 2 subscribers today) and we are processing them as quickly as we can. Thank you once again to everyone who is - or has been - a member, a subscriber or supports the Trust's work in a different way. Trust news Next week: - 'On Board In Person' summary to be sent to members and subscribers (Monday) - Monthly Trust Club Director update Mon 6 April: - 'Trust In Killie' financial update We are working on other things so there might be more info as well...
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    Recorded and in the bag. I’m editing it as we speak, out this Friday! I promise we are doing our best to keep some original content coming, that along with the have a go at being a Killie commentator which is live on Twitter just now. Stay safe everyone, Gav
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    I'd take it as a sign that there's a railway line flooded with sewage...
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    AT a time when we are physically apart, it is the things which bond us together that will see us through. That’s the hope of Chris Burke, who says that the Kilmarnock family are all pulling in the same direction to see the club through the coronavirus pandemic. The Killie Trust have already chipped in to help weather the financial impact of the football shutdown, bringing forward a scheduled donation of £40,000 to the club and adding a further £10,000 on top for good measure. On an individual basis though, Burke says the biggest challenge to both players and fans during this time will be a mental one, and that is why everyone with the club at heart is looking out for one another. “Our manager is in contact and his first protocol is always to ask if you and your family are well,” Burke said. “We’ll look after everything else. “That’s the club Kilmarnock is. Family orientated. Everyone looks out for each other and long may that continue. Fans and players are coming together. You’ve already seen what the fans have done for the club in this testing time. “It’s definitely challenging. It’s more a mental thing than a physical aspect. We can all do the physical stuff. We are fit and can do the work. It’s the mental aspect of giving your all. “I’m enjoying it. Of course, you’d like to be with the group, but I’m not feeling that I don’t want to do it. We all have certain marks. If you can do a little more than the club give you, do it if you can. “When you come back, even though you are not match-fit, you want to be fit. You don’t want to start training again and find yourself in the physio room on day two with an injury. That’s why we have the programmes. “We get updated as what to do by the club as individuals and we always have a group chat. Every team does that. We can keep close contact with doctors and physios.” Burke, like most other players, is itching to know when he will be able to pull the boots on once again. But he doesn’t see that question being answered any time soon. “It’s difficult for them to come up with a timeline,” he said. “They have been changed week-by-week. Now it’s almost day-by-day in terms of what we can do as a society never mind football. “The itinerary we have been given is to bide ourselves in slowly and gradually increase as, at the end of the day, you can only be fit and can’t get match fit. “Whether we get information on when we know we’ll come back? Again, it’s been changed a few times, whether that be competitions or leagues and when do they start. “It’s mentality. I’m sure the top players have it. It’s why they are where they are. Routine has been taken away and you have to find your own routine. “We all need to stick together. Whether it is UEFA or the SPFL or whoever it is, they have to come together because this affects all. It’s not just certain leagues, certain competitions, certain countries, it’s all. Everybody. “Obviously, we would all like an answer, but how can you get one? How can you know? Who makes that decision? Who is the main leader in the world to decide? There are different people and different ideas. “Yes, we’d all like to know when the start dates are, when the end is, but we’re not going to get it at the moment.” https://www.thenational.scot/sport/18338367.chris-burke-buoyed-kilmarnock-family-pulling-together/
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    Seems a long time ago
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    Spoke with your winger Chris Burke 10 days ago. Proper gentleman and hopefully you all enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9WCRwp20Zg
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    Also need to take our trophys and their empty cabinet.
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    I’ve heard Greggs are considering jumping on the home delivery bandwagon . Due to staff shortages they’re going to use drones All sounds a bit pie in the sky to me
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    Are you on some sort of new drug that totally f**ks your nut ? There’s actually millions of things you can do or say in these sad times and you come up with this utter guff
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    Thanks very much for the Clap last night. Now how about sending a message to the politicians that the NHS needs respected, protected and most importantly properly funded the rest of the time.
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    I am one of the most chilled out people around (to the point it infuriates family with my don’t worry about it attitude) and I’ve found myself very wound up the last few days with the whole thing. For anyone who normally worries or has anxiety I can only imagine how this is all impacting them. If anyone on here feels that things are becoming a bit too much for them and would like a Killie/football related chat to take their mind off it (or any chat) please drop a PM.
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    I think we’ll be making the move to summer football, just not this year. How would people feel about buying a ticket now, blind, not knowing when or what our first fixture might be, to give the club some income at this difficult time?
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    We had around 20 out of ~2500 in today. (2 sites) I ended up going around delivering free school meals to disadvantaged kids in the school minibus. Seen nothing like it, parents off their faces, arms covered in needle marks, houses stinking of s**t. You don't know how lucky you are until you see that. A learning experience for sure.
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    Here’s hoping, self entitled w@nkers
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    Thank you to the sensible Scottish people. What a mess we could be in today if our first First Minister had been falsely accused of sexual assault charges! As it is, Alex Salmond has been aquitted of all charges, Lady Dorrian has discharged him from the court, the jury has been thanked ...and this sham trial is over!
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    A few days early for April Fool
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    Think I need to get the Calendar signed.....
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    Mental health is a massive issue at anytime and in all walks of life. With so much uncertainty around I am certain that it is not just footballers who have such dark thoughts. Please check your employer's internal support scheme. if they don't have one then please consider using services such as Samaratans. There is no badge of honour nor is there a weakness in using or not using these services. At the very least open up to someone you know will take you seriously. It may be the most important call you make so do it. Samaratans can be contacted HERE and on 116 123
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    Then drink the bars dry to celebrate a win.
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    Them and Sevco, and taking the Jambos again would be epic. All three are a shower of entitled tossers.
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    The famous Kenyan Trialists match.
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    She certainly speaks better than him but that isn't saying much. Don't forget NS had announced that the football fixtures would go ahead including Sevco v Celtic, with the lockdown starting on the Monday until doing a U-turn at the last minute. There's no moral high ground in this whole affair, European politicians should have acted sooner when they saw what was happening in China, but they didn't and people are paying the price with their lives.
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    Used the free time I've had to finally frame that autographed programme I've had since the mid-80s ....
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    At last something positive to come out of the coronavirus epedemic
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    Hopefully Keith Jackson can unearth someone with "wealth off the scale" like last time!
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    I don’t think there is any doubt that the fact they “forgot “ is politically motivated . The testing will take weeks at best but iirc there were similar problems around the SARS crisis with a rush for new equipment whereby regulations were bent around the world . A joke from my sons A/E department I’ve just found out one of our neighbours was taken to the hospital last night with suspected Covid-19 But they’ve put him on one of the new Dyson ventilators and apparently he’s picking up nicely ....
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    Don’t think your last 2 sentences helps tbh . The EU order was for something like 200,000 units from a restricted number of suppliers . Whilst I agree with your sentiment that it would have been prudent to be involved with that order the number that would have come to the U.K. may have been limited with an uncertain delivery time frame , but none the less cheaper , which for any one involved in NHS procurement would testify would not be unusual . As for the likes of brexiteers like Dyson supplying non regulated ventilators , I don’t care who supplies them , if Farage had come up with a design and produced them quickly , my A/E doctor son doesn’t , in his own words , give a f**k where they come from just get them on site ASAP . There are a plethora of U.K. companies willing to step up GTech , Maclaren , Prodrive and others who will no doubt fill the void that our missed opportunity with the EU caused .
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    Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott have arranged a concert for NHS frontline staff in Nottingham in October - great gesture
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    What about in this crisis we find local heroes who have gone that one step further to help others? Give them a mini hospitality treat say in the hotel let them watch the game and bring them into the park at HT so we can say thank you ?
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    No, you got grief for suggesting they had several players on £1m+ a year. That is not the same thing.
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    Good on you mate and people who slag off teachers should respect the profession they do
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    Coming back from Aberdeen on the train last November after being gubbed 3-0 a group of Falkirk fans got on at Arbroath. Minute they found out we were Killie that harped on about the disallowed goal in 97. They are still bitter about it.
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    I can't answer the question but East Fife was a very small club at the time - it was only in 1921 that they joined the league - and, based on their location, I can't image they would have had a large support. Dave Ross has written a book, The Roar Of The Crowd, about Scottish football crowds and might have a better idea. A couple of interesting points about the match. As the original match was drawn and the replay played on the following Wednesday, Killie had to play league matches on Friday and Saturday to secure their Division One status as the League insisted they finish their fixtures on schedule. Due to an injury in the first match, East Fife loaned Johnny Harvey from Hearts for the only match he would play for the club. He went on to play for Killie the following season and eventually managed Hearts. He was their trainer in 1965.
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    Also do the same for front line NHS staff.
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    What the f**k is that y-axis? EDIT: I think it's supposed to be logarithmic...
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    Grown men wishing injury to a player is embarrassing. He done nothing wrong, it was all a bit of banter. Aye, he’s a hun. But he never has and never will “hate killie” so stop talking pish. He loved his time at killie and would have been an idiot to turn down Everton, get a grip.
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