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    Its so depressing reading this forum at the moment and have variations of this comment on every thread. What does that mean? Like actually what does that mean, other than a dig at the players? If it was that, how would Dyer know? How would the players know? And he was keeping a player who he knew would almost certainly be leaving happy? That doesn't make sense. And this is troublesome Gary Dicker? Who is living away from his wife and kid for the whole season, helped install the rail seating in the ground and has signed up for another year to go through all that again? Does that make sense? I find it so odd that our fans turned against the players to the extent that they did. The possibility that the players didn't like working with Alessio because he was completely out of his depth and a disaster behind the scenes seems to have just been dismissed by so many fans. Is this all we have to look forward to as Killie fans at the moment? Constant digs at the manager and the captain until we win a few games? A grim old close season ahead.
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    First on Alex Ferguson by the time he was appointed at Man Utd he had won 12 trophies including a European cup so I don't think the two Alex's are comparable. If you don't think 15 games is enough to judge him on then feel free to let me know what you believe the average manager should get. I don't think you can call Kilmarnock fans entitled, for most of the past 12 years we have been more often than not a relegation threatened side with the occasional uptick in form that generally last no more than two seasons in a row. For the most part we have seen that the assistant stepping up to the big job often ends up poorly, the only one that has been favourable for us in my time has been Shiels. Many managers we have appointed were sacked because they were hopeless and more often than not would have taken us down to the championship if they had been given any more time, again Shiels is about the only one who can feel aggrieved at his sacking, its also worth pointing out that out of our last 10 managers 3 have left us for other jobs rather than being sacked. Not accepting declining standards in everything apart from goals scored under Dyer is hardly what I would call living in cloud cuckoo land, rather it is a desire from the fan base to have some ambition to not just be in the top league to make up the numbers but to actually challenge for Europe, top six and cups. Time will tell us if its the right call, if he gets the job he will receive my full backing as every other manager has but I've set out my stall as I did with Lee McCulloch that I don't think Dyer is the one to take us forward.
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    It's simple stuff. 1. Get the OF to f**k. They're absolute vermin and are at the heart of everything that is wrong with our game. They soak up every player, fan, penny and have zero consideration for the game in general. 2. Reconstruction into a top league of 16, second tier of 14 and two lower leagues made up either regionally or as a premier and lower premier made up from current league 2, highland, lowland and top juniors. These become the feeder leagues. 3. League cup becomes a mini league, followed by home and away fixtures to bring the total number of games for the top league back up. Money is less, absolutely without the scum. But theres an even chance then of six or seven teams winning trophies every year. This is what competition is. Where the OF go, I literally couldn't give a flying f**k, they're vermin.
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    I think Alex Ferguson was in his mid-30s at that time and was moving up one division to St Mirren. He had also been identified already as someone with exceptional talent and was being recommended by Jock Stein. On the other hand, Dyer is in his mid-50s and his experience as a manager of a football club before being given the job at Killie was 2 months (April - May 2017) at Welling and literally days at Whitehawk in October 2017. I think he was in charge for a mere handful of games in total. If he hadn’t been SC’s assistant and had applied for the job at Killie then his application would have been rejected out of hand. Comparing Dyer to the most successful manager in British football ever is totally ridiculous. Meanwhile, someone like Tommy Wright is available - he has about 7 years experience at St Johnstone usually finishing in the top six and also winning the Scottish Cup on a lower budget than us - and we don’t even speak to him about the job. Locke, McCulloch and now Dyer - when will we ever learn? We haven’t even asked for applications for the job. Why is the board taking the lazy and probably the cheap option? At the one time in our recent history when there is no urgency and we can take our time and make an appointment we don’t even undertake a proper recruitment and selection process. This is massive failing by the board and sadly I think it will come back to haunt them. I sincerely hope Dyer does well but I think this is a massive gamble appointing someone with so little experience to work with a Director of Football who is in the same position. Results since December and the January transfer window don’t do much to back up his claim. Don’t be surprised if Fowler is the manger within a few months of the season starting.
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    Budge has put her own club in this position, her failure to is rid of a clown of a manager sooner, now to try and save her skin and her own bad decisions she comes up with this AGAIN !! Some of these Jambo fans on the Terrace think they some sort of entitlement. Permanent reconstruction and Hearts going down or forget it !
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    Can the club produce Jamie MacDonald face masks? I’m confident they’d limit the risk of catching anything Barrage of red dots incoming in five...four...three...two...one...
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    The involvement of our support in strengthening the links between club and community is at the heart of everything we do. As part of our regular reviews of practices and procedures to reflect our growing relationship with the Club, we have made a change to the Killie Trust logo to reflect this. We are updating our online presence as well in the next few weeks...starting with a new-look website.
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    Has to be 16, 14, 14. You need to be looking at a season with fewer games, so try to restrict league and cups to weekends only. All divisions play home and away, ie each other twice. A larger top division allows those with larger, full time, squads to have a few extra games to generate revenue and, of course, give TV a bigger offering in terms of games to cover. It spreads precious cash more equitably among the full time teams. We need them, as far as possible, to survive to take the professional game into the new normal as intact as possible. The lower divisions can have smaller squads. Fewer games eases pressure on these squads in terms of injury and, as they will mainly be part-time, eases pressure on players to manage their other job, should they be lucky enough to have one. Employers will be putting pressure on employees to consider carefully if they can afford to be taking time off to play football or recover from injury - from both angles. In general, there will be no or few full time teams in the lower leagues. Sad, but required for the game here to survive. Also - allows Kelty and Brora to join. Unfortunately this would mean that over time some smaller clubs would have no chance of getting to the top division. Probably no real change to be honest, and might make some of the cup early rounds less of a thrill with little genuine chance of an upset - assuming teams in the top division appear more talented. If we only look at what is best short term or for certain clubs we will have no professional game in Scotland worth a jot in a few short years.
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    Was bad enough when 3 teams went down when TB was manager and would not feel confident of us staying up the way the club is going at the moment too much of a risk for our club just to save a mismanaged team like Hearts
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    Get doon and shut up, Hearts.
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    It seems to me that it would. I'm genuinely interested if posters think I've got this way wrong, but look at the practicalities - I can't imagine any manager based outside of Scotland would want to move away from family and presumably come live in the hotel for a while mid pandemic. It definitely couldn't be someone who doesn't live in the UK. I can't imagine any manager with a family is keen to move with all that is going on and the uncertainty over schooling etc. One of our most likely sources of manager would be from England. Those leagues are going to play on and not finish until late July - so we are cutting down our list of potential managers. The training proposal is a phased return, so a new manager would have to meet and assess the players bit by bit. They won't get a friendly to see them in action and likely won't meet the squad as a whole until a few weeks before the season actually starts. That means they can't properly assess the squad until very late in the window while other clubs will be doing business. I suppose it might work with a Scottish manager who has a fair idea of our squad - but I don't see any candidates there who the fans would want, particularly if we've been given an indication that Wright is off to be national boss and Holt is staying put. Am I wrong in all that? I just can't see how it would work. And I was fully in favour of there being a recruitment process and not just handing it to Dyer - but I really can't see another way.
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    Dyer has respect from our best player but not some fans. cmon guys, let’s support the team and the manager!
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    Can't honestly believe Angelo Alessio is still being discussed. He overseen our worst defeat in recent history, the football was chronic, his signings were below average at best (DDF aside), he managed to alienate an entire dressing room and tore up some of the backroom staff at the club. The guy was an absolute disaster, but there's a myth developing among some of our support that he was genius who wasn't afforded enough time. Baffles me really. All he had to do was play the same team, tactics and keep the same backroom team until he had sussed players out and he tried to put square pegs in round holes. This is a man who loaned out Kiltie and brought in Harvey St Clair mind...
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    The players got Alessio the boot. That’s something they should all be totally embarrassed about and they didn’t cover themselves in glory with many of their performances under Dyer. And if Dyer deserves more games before he is judged then why shouldn’t Alessio have got the same.
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    I think I bought it! My eyes are terrible and even when I looked closely I thought it might be some kind of custom Killie crest so figured I might as well for £7.50. Waiting on it being delivered along with several other (hopefully Killie) items. Feeling a bit daft.
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    As part of our #killie97 online weekend, we are delighted to launch the new 'Killie Histories' podcast. Series 1, Episode 1 will be available at 12:00 today...featuring a 1997 legend We hope that the series will keep fans entertained - and you might even find out something new! Our Club has such an amazing history: 150 years packed with magic moments. In the first series, we look at four of them, from the players' perspective. We have had great backing from the Kilmarnock FC Former Players' Association in the development of this podcast - huge thanks to them. Full details at 12:00.
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    14 team league for two years? Not for me! They wouldn't give a hoot about us if we had won 4 games this year. I wouldn't even be getting talked about if it was us, St J, St M etc.
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    There’s opportunity in this crisis for smart operators. If at all possible we should be doing a deal for the boy Nesbit at Dunfermline, they need money, and will probably be in no position to turn down a sensible amount, even doing something with staggered payments or performance related.
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    Dyer’s very unlikely to make us a top 6 club. I don’t need metrics, data or another 100 games of evidence before coming to that conclusion. 15 games, low pts return, a very poor transfer window and then poor team selections have provided enough evidence for me.
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    Gary Locke worst killie manager i have seen in supporting killie in nearly 50 years
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    You're not seriously suggesting that Johnston, Locke and McCulloch were harshly treated, are you? Competent boards should be able to resist the clamour of fans if they have the courage of their convictions but I don't think ours had much choice in the above cases. So the board and fans were in accord. That only leaves Shiels and Alessio, who split the support but there were no campaigns to remove them and the boards' decisions were a surprise to most. I think blaming "fan power" for our rapid turnover of managers is a fallacy. A more interesting exercise would be to look at the nature of the appointments and whether the fans were behind them. The most contentious ones were probably the promotees. I think Shiels was popular enough, having been part of a successful partnership. Both Locke and McCulloch had a lot of support from fans, although not me. Both of them smacked of taking the easy option and promoting a caretaker who hadn't been convincing. Johnston spilt the fans - I saw it as an imaginative appointment of an up and coming young manager, others thought he had been successful at QoS because of a competitive advantage. I got that one wrong. The others seemed imaginative appointments at the time - Mixu, Clark, Clarke and Alessio. Two were successful and went on to manage their national teams, Clark was a maverick who got mixed results while Alessio had inherent problems which should have been apparent sooner. Successive boards have generally had more success when appointing from outside the club, but the track record is mixed. My point being that, if the board botches the appointment in the first place, the fans can't be blamed entirely if they want the manager removed, after a decent interval. Dyer looks to me more like a Locke or McCulloch than a Shiels. Fortunately, I don't have to make the decision.
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    Photoshop it on to legendary players down the ages. Zico, Maradona, Tinotenda Chibharo.
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    I think they've given up. Only a few days left of their tenure.
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    Even the juniors were better organised! Deciding the league on point average was undeniably more fair than how the SPFL did it. Although, if the curtailed season was decided (as fairly as possible) on point average, they'd be no chance to save the Jambos woeful on field performance off the park.. If the two teams affected weren't from Glasgow and Edinburgh - we wouldn't be having this conversation IMO.
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    How about go with the 14, but bottom position is relegated and 3 promoted. Let’s see Hearts vote for that !
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    If it's not self preservation then yes let's go for a 14 team league Anne. Hearts still go down and Dundee come up to make the 14th team. As stated before do you really think if Hearts didnt finish bottom she would be looking for this. They were last for a reason, they must go down.
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    If they go with this, the richer city clubs will spend big in last season to avoid relegation, while clubs like Killie Hamilton, St Mirren will still be recovering from pandemic an will have a greater chance of going down. Stuff Hearts 12 teams and they go down or 14 permanent.
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    I'd really like to hear from players who played in THAT 0-0 Falkirk game and those 0-1 and 4-0 Falkirk games. Those were big games for me. Don't think I have ever been so nervous in that 0-0 game. ETA - Monty one is excellent - well done.
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    It never fails to amaze me how some know more about how football works then the football people themselves. We are in the middle of a lockdown and pandemic and nobody knows which club will survive this. I am confident that we will survive, but until we know if and when football will return, why would you offer a player who has a year of his contract to run and extension? It does not make business sense. When all has settled down I am sure that SF will be first on the list of JF to get another contract sorted out. Contracts do not happen overnight. There are weeks of negotiation with the agent who will always look at alternatives and hold off. Have I said this before?.....I do not like agents! Parasites of the game. Take millions out of the game and put nothing back!
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    McKenzie has only very recently been offered a deal by the club. Expects to sign
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    This isn't a new share issue. Shares have always been available to purchase for £1/share for a minimum of 50 shares. The more supporters who are individual shareholders the better imo, particularly during this severe financial time for the Club when there currently is no income coming in and ongoing costs to continually deal with. As was said previously in this thread - "This has had to be dealt with very carefully as the sales of shares in a private company are different to shares in a PLC which are openly traded. Sales of shares are open to anyone, not just season ticket holders, and always have been, so that is not an issue...it just had to be worded like that." Every £1 contributed to the 'Trust in Killie' campaign on a monthly basis is also buying a share for Trust members and the money received by the Club is greatly valued, particularly just now. The company dealing with the administration of this process, like a lot of other businesses, have extremely limited staff to deal with applications and obviously have to prioritise their own workload. Club staff too are mostly 'furloughed' and the shares are being processed in batches. Indeed, Billy Bowie signed a couple of hundred share certificates this week so they should be arriving on doormats very soon. If you have considered becoming a shareholder in our Club and can afford to purchase some, your application will be appreciated. Please, just be patient with the process just now.
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    Good question from Michael Stewart: "Can anyone explain how the club lost £11m, was needing £10m to see the season out, then Coronavirus hit and has deferred huge amounts in wages but can be linked with a £5m signing?"
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    If we’d went with the Google/Apple version, we’d have a system in place already. Because bojo and his chums decided to give the money to a friend from school instead, valuable data has been missed. Their profiteering in the face of a pandemic has cost many people their lives. There should be a full public enquiry into their response to this crisis, their apparent failure to react to a credible threat, and the way public money has been spent.
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    We can't offer him what he wants. He wants to play football, he's not good enough to get into our midfield even at very bare bones. Dicker, Power and El Makrini play ahead of him every time. He wasted his chances last season. Keeping him around to not play does nobody any favours. While he's not good enough to play here any time soon he's good enough to play in the Championship and improve. Hope he does well, wish him all the best, might see him back here one day when he's developed his all round game and is more confident on the pitch.
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    This 100%. None of the great managers were "great guys" or one of the boys. They drew a line and anyone who crossed it were in trouble. They demanded respect and disnt hesitate to change personnel when it was needed. They were ruthless when needed, and supportive when needed. I just dont get the feeling AD can be the former and is way too much of the latter. Stroking the egos of players at the level weve got will get you relegated.
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    I know from personal experiance that being a nice guy , good guy one of the boys etc , eventually does not cut it a managrial level in any field better to be firm , fair and keep detached a bit like SC appeared to be.
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    I have no political axe to grind on this point. The ratings for the Scottish government are a joke (and I don't care a flying fox that it's an SNP executive). The number of deaths in Scottish care homes is criminal. The prior experience of China, Spain and Italy highlighted the dangers. The continued use of staff in more than one home, untested discharge from hospitals and the absence of testing of staff and residents have received next to bugger all critical attention in the Scottish press. The scientific community highlighted the likely outcome and these warnings were ignored. Are we really so crass as to glory in Johnson's incompetence whilst our own old folks die, unremarked, in even greater (relative) numbers than in England? Shame on our frigging smugness.
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    Don’t forget the shouty, red faced, Fleg waving, “Rulz-Brit-Anya”, Scottish Unionists. Give them a s**t sandwich in a Union Jack wrapper and they’ll scoff it down and ask for seconds.
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    It was! That's why St. Johnstone overtook Hibs
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    I'd like to hear more about the late sixties and early 70's. I don't think this era in the club's history has ever been covered in much depth e.g: The dispute over bonuses after qualifying for Europe in 1969 which led to over half of the 1st team squad being put on the transfer list. The European Games in 69/70-especially the experience playing in the away fixtures. The Scottish Cup run the same season. How much pressure was the club put under to accept Muirton Park as the venue for the semi final? The controversial tour of Rhodesia(now Zimbabwe) in 1970. Was the club put under pressure to cancel it? The transition to part time football in 1972. Was it on the cards? How did the players react? Coleraine at home. Was there a dressing room bust up at half time when we were 2-0 up on the night and 3-1 up on aggregate? What it was like playing in Ayrshire derbies in this era. Life as a full time footballer at the time. An insight into the training and the tactics of the club at the time. Ross Mathie would probably be the best option for an interview here-perhaps his featured game would be the Scottish Cup quarter final victory at Fir Park in 1970. Ask him if he remembers anything about the collision with the goal post against Dunfermline!
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    @historyman and @piffer Yes, I don't disagree. I'm just looking at it as two stages - Stage one, Dyer shouldn't necessarily just have been given the job. The club and the players want him, and that should be respected, but I still wanted a recruitment process to see who was out there. I suppose to be fair to the club they were still leaving a bit of wriggle room by waiting until the end of the season. The performances in the remaining games could have finished him or could have left us feeling more positive - we'll never know. I suspect things would only have changed if he had lost all or most of those games But I agree and I'm not filled with confidence by them essentially making up their mind so early. Stage two - the pandemic and lockdown hit. And very suddenly. Remember this all accelerated so quick that we were still due to play St Mirren a day before that game, which seems insane now. In the situation we are in now I'm happy with the appointment and don't feel that that (this isn't directed at either of you) some of the anger/bitterness is helpful. Some of it seems over the top to me. My view is that we have a manger who is liked and respected by the players, keeping that manager doubtless helped a number of those players to stay and we have a stronger core of players left than I expected. All the clubs are now in a massive fight to survive and fans and clubs need to pull together.
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    Could read with a pinch of salt. Could also mean "unbelievably well... given the mess he was left". Findlay is a player whose opinion has always seemed to be honest and straightforward. If he supports Dyer and tells us SoD was fantastic behind the scenes I reckon that should have a bit of weight to it. More than anything though - good to see a positive interview. Would quite like him to be captain.
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    Totally agree with the above post how many of us can honestly say we enjoyed what we were seeing on the park from someone who let us not forget was supposedly used to working in a lot higher company than the spfl with supposed high quality contacts I'm sorry but I didn't see his influence in any of our games even taking into account he was working with more 'inferior' players I worried when I saw power,dicker and o'Donnell running over to the technical area and having discussions with Dyer in the first few home games because they all knew AA's tactics were s*** and there is only one man at rugby park who really knows why AA was dumped and he isn't telling!
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    You know how football works, right?
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    It's not shameful at all, its unfortunate, its circumstances, its not shameful. Self righteous patter at a time when clubs are fighting for their very existence, you want them to take advantage of the furlough system to keep people in a job that they would be getting cut from anyway? That money is meant to be for keeping people in a job, not just giving cash to people (who will qualify for other benefits) regardless of the situation. We do it every year, where is the outrage then? It might cost the club nothing, but it costs the government money and we're all going to be paying for it soon through taxes. I agree its not nice not thanking them but again, they don't do that in normal circumstances either so its nothing new, plus there is not much you can do in person these days during lock down.
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    For the life of me I really don’t know what ‘he knows how the club operates’ actually means in a results driven business. In fact this interview goes further and discusses the reserves and developing their own players. No mention of the club informing 10 reserve players on Wednesday that furlough would not be extended and they would be leaving the club in 10 days time, with no support offered at all. This at a time when there are no clubs recruiting, no training facilities available and a lack of jobs everywhere, especially in Ayrshire. Some of these young players (age 18-20) have spent HALF their lives at the club, sacrificing their education, to pursue their dream. They surely deserve more consideration from a club who only recently at a Trust Event and Supporters Event boasted about being a community club and looking after the welfare of their young players. Maybe the club’s media silence on this decision, without so much as a thank you for the boys’ service, speaks volumes. The club is PERFECTLY ENTITLED to get rid of these players who they consider not good enough. However furlough extension, even for a couple of months, costs the club NOTHING and would have been better than being dumped in the unemployment queue in the current unprecedented difficult climate. A decision has been taken and for these Killie young players they will move on, but it could have been handled in a more respectful and dignified manner. Here is a statement from the PFA on the actions of club’s such as Kilmarnock FC.
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    "Troublesome Gary Dicker" wasnt a myth. It was facts. Undermining Alessio along with other. Alex Bruce being a huge culprit. So you say signed on for another year etc. If we get the Dicker under Clarke then great, fantastic. But otherwise Gary Dicker could well have signed on for another year knowing he could swan about doing as he pleases with Dyer at the helm.
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    Well said
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    Broadfoot is a total down grade from DDF the only thing Big Kirk is better at than him is s**thousing.
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    He was top class for us. Always done his best for the badge and for the fans. Very interactive with all the fans. I'd hope to see him back him and big stu at the back any day of the week. It was some partnership.
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