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    Hi all. I’m not long home from Dingwall and have had quite a bit time to think of my response to this thread. First of all, I apologise if my commentary was below par last night. I actually said to Scott McClymont and Chris Kyle after the match that I wasn’t happy with my performance, so for that, I apologise. Some of the comments, in my opinion lack a bit of tact, something which disappoints me as we are a classy club with classy supporters, however, myself and the commentary team are no different to the players when it comes to criticism or praise. I take it all on the chin and welcome both, please continue to do that. I’m not going to lie, some of these comments did hurt a bit, I’m used to it though in my line of work but when people perhaps don’t understand the level of prep I put in to a match coupled with it coming from fellow fans, it’s slightly harder to take on the chin. I’d hope though that you’d tell me to my face, should you get the opportunity or if indeed we ever meet. I’m in an unbelievably privileged position to be able to go to matches and all I try to do is describe the action as best as I can. I have to talk more than most tele commentators as we are providing an audio / radio service as well as pictures, for that, I make no apologies as I want all our subscribers and fans to have the best possible experience so I have to aim it more at those not able to get the pictures. I think some of the comments about Alan are a bit too much but again, you pay your money and you are more than entitled to your opinion, again, we welcome this. Our new away match co-commentator, John Boyd, wasn’t with us last night as his wife is due their first child this Saturday so there was no way we were letting him travel nor did he want to. Family comes first. John should be back with us for Rangers away shortly. Alan is there for the older generation of fan as I think he connects more with them whereas John connects more with those who have a more technical mind towards the game. My vision for our commentary is that we be biased towards Killie at all times but we have to say things as we see it. If we are playing poorly it’s our job to tell you this, if the opposition is playing superbly, we have to tell you this etc etc but always keep a Killie bias however, too much Killie bias just sounds cringeworthy in my opinion. We are looking down the road of ex-players alongside John and I at away matches but it’s very much an availability thing. Once we have identified players then we can have discussions with them. Any issues you have with pictures at away grounds are outwith our control we we effectively just “piggy back” on that for our stream as does every away team. One thing I personally promise you is that, we try our best to give you the best experience as possible and when you’re not happy, we and more so myself, hurt and are disappointed in that. Those who are close to me will tell you that I am my worst critic and I am hard on myself as I simply strive to be better each week at my job. I’m never one to shy away from comments and criticism, hence why I’ve decided, with Scott McClymont’s backing, to reply to these messages. I’m sorry again to those who feel I was sub-standard last night. I’ll take all the comments onboard and try my best to make it more enjoyable going forward. KTID Gav
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    All these folk raging at todays announcement, what would you do? Do you want someone running the club like MJ did? Changing the stadium name is acceptable. Football is a business and if that's whats needed for further investment then why can't some so called "killie fans" accept it. Juat remember this...Billy Bowie and friends saved our club.
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    Grow a set and support the team. Never expect to lose to anyone. Immensely proud today with that performance. YNTTK
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    Some of the critics on here and on twitter have no idea of the club’s finances. We have no credit facilities so are dependent on the directors to underwrite any debt. We owe BB and BBSP hundreds of thousands of quid, yet folk still think there's never been a better time to speculate on the squad than in the middle of a pandemic! The naming rights for RP is a way of exchanging some of the debt for advertising, and to throw in some cash as well. Twenty-eight (or whatever) years of unbroken top-flight football has led to a section of the support being complacent and unaware, or forgetful, of life below the top. We even have some eejits who wouldn’t mind being relegated so they could have the dubious pleasure of visiting different grounds! If they want to avoid reliance on BB and PM, support the Trust and TiK, and the Killie Care Fund lottery.
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    Bobby Fleeting also got chased out the club by the bank. Bowie has puta hell of a lot more of his actual money into the club. Fleeting was good at spending other folks money and without him persuading them to do so we'd maybe be in a different place but Bowie took over a club about £13m in debt, on road to ruin. I'll forever be grateful for him giving us our club back. If that means rugby park gets a sponsor then it's a very small price to pay.
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    Peak Kickback - slating guys who have the club at heart and in the current climate, playing their part in our football experience
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    I like that someone on twitter nicknamed it the Bernabowie.
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    Can't believe the negativity. A guy who has put huge sums into the club whilst getting rid of a parasite has renamed the stadium (which everyone and their granny will still call Rugby Park) to offset some debt he is owed. Jesus Christ some of you really need to start living in the real world a while.
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    I remember there was quite a long thread last season on the respective merits of Burke and Jones. Since the start of 19/20, Burke has played 29 league games and scored 8 goals. He's had 4 assists in the league, and 6 in one game in the Scottish Cup. As well as everything else he brings to the game, he's been involved in 18 goals. Jones has played 7 games in the league. No goals and no assists. One pathetic sending off that injured only himself. Burke is nearly 37, Jones will soon be 26. I reckon Burkey's future looks brighter. There was no contest then, even more so now. Burke is one of the top five performers in all of Scottish football over the past two seasons, and definitely number 1 for 20/21. Open contract negotiations now, and get him on the coaching staff. He's the role model to beat all role models.
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    To be honest, I think it shows a lack of class posting this when we know Gav reads the forums. You're entitled to your opinion on a service you're paying for, but would you say any of this to their faces? Obviously not. For what it's worth, I like Gav's enthusiasm and find it's perfectly in keeping with what I'd expect from club-run tv. I see why some struggle with Alan's commentary but tbh I don't really tune in to the games for whats being said - more to watch what's going on
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    Surely he must have convinced the doubters he can play at this level now?
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    Never gets old for me. Particularly this season, whether green or blue I love to think of all the angst the the killie boys can inflict on them. Our joy mirrored by their pain. Have a bad night Celtic.
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    Can I just say what a player another game another goal 2 from 2 if this is his year to hang up his boots we need to keep hold of him what a legend
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    Well 22 folk can. Stupid comment to make. A lone striker against 2 centre halfs whose combined market value is over 40 million. Celtic may have been s**te. But thats due to them usually having little pressure on the defence. Do u honestly expect us to get the amount of shots they did against us. Ran there defence ragid. An excellent performance from Kabamba and the team.
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    I know it is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but for me you are way off the mark. Billy Bowie has done way more good than bad during his tenure, shows no sign of stopping his support for the club and I'd hate to think that he thought was the view of most Kilmarnock fans. Without him, I think we would be gone as a topflight club.
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    A lot of us sceptical about taking Tish back, myself included. Big man has been fantastic these 1st 2 games.
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    Maybe you should wait till the games finished before making stupid comments.
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    I'm happy to eat a large slice of humble pie! Kabamba was excellent and very happy he proved me wrong.
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    Baws burst, that will be the footy by, and to be fair rightly so. This is gonna be massive and huge backlash against football totally deserved. Scunnert to be honest after just spending £500+ of my hard earned cash, and these wanks swan about as bulletproof. Pricks. Sorry.
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    If he has broken the law By not quarantining on return from Spain then surely Celtic have to be deemed to have selected an illegible player and we should be given the points?
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    Aye . Couldn't grow a beard and hated craft beers
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    Aye, that shirt sponsor we have is nowhere to be seen eh?! In fact the shirt sponsor and the training kit sponsors were both chased by MJ and have both returned (as have many other sponsors), so with all due respect, you are talking s**te.
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    Just to jump in, glad to see everyone had a positive experience of Killie TV yesterday. I assumed the “floor manager” role for us yesterday and thanks to posts on here coupled with me streaming the match on my phone whilst sat next to the commentators in the Frank Beattie stand, we were able to act quickly with Stream Digital to ensure the audio sync issues were dealt with promptly. We were very keen to avoid issues that other clubs endured on Saturday so we made plans to get on top of it quickly. Keep the feedback coming, trust me, it helps us a lot! Cheers, Gav PS - I hear the Adelaide supporters made it home safe to Ayrshire after watching the Hibs match!
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    We talk about the great Killie players in the recent past, Tommy Burns, Eremenko, Ian Durrant, for me Chris Burke is up there with one of the best players to pull on a Killie jersey in the last 20 years. We should enjoy watching him play if this is going to be his last season. What a player and role model for youngsters on and off the pitch. I can't help thinking in 10 years time we are going to be saying do you remember when Burkey was playing. Club legend.
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    By the way Dicker just had a double hernia op and after two weeks is back and played well, Yet the guy i work with had a single hernia and took six months aff. I will be speaking to ma boss on Monday , Dam skiver.
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    Lack of balance here folks. There’s a huge difference between feedback and criticism. Gav’s response is really measured but I would guess he has wrestled with that message for a while and undoubtedly been hurt, not by the substance of the comments, but by the tone and delivery. Online comments do upset people. Fair play again to Gav- I would have went into full f*** it mode and left the forum to it but he’s committed to getting feedback- can I appeal to others to be just a little kinder, especially when we’re not talking about a lack of commitment, that we couldn’t do better ourselves, and have no idea about the efforts the team go to in order to produce what they do. I know this is going full ‘yer da’, but while I rant, I can’t ignore the sense of entitlement to slag off individuals because you pay money for the service. That’s complete BS and bullying by subscription. Keep it measured, keep it kind. (edit to add that my 20 year old self just time travelled to my present to slap me for such a cringe old man post)
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    Don’t mind Gav but Alan Cochrane is horrendous, said it all last season as well. Surely we can invite ex players on to do co commentary like a lot of other clubs do
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    Have you checked on Google to see if there's treatment available for that Cringe? It must be murder walking around with the belief that your countrymen are the only idiots in the world who can't run their own affairs. This has nothing to do with governance and everything to do with the irresponsibility of individuals. Twat.
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    This may be the case however sg guidelines are clear 2 weeks self isolation on return. Book should be thrown at him and if ceptic knew about this before playing him yesterday he should have been illegible and therefore we should be awarde 3-0 victory.
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    Give it a rest honestly. Game hasn’t even started yet and you’re hitting out with pish like that.
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    We've moved this to Kickback to get Matt some extra exposure. Yes we know its not Killie but he's a Killie fan and very talented and we like to support our own. Will move it back to the music forum shortly.
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    Referee is their 12th man, cheating f**ker. Two blatant pens for us ignored, first chance he gives them one.
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    Where did you find your wee news snipit as I only know of ONE game being postponed. How can this be "twice as many"? Having a go at a goverment for the actions of some self centred footballers is laughable, look at how the UK goverment handled the actions of one of their OWN advisers.... Sorry to the rest of the forum I will not add anymore politics to this but @Mclean07 really does annoy me with his negativity on these forums sometimes.
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    Finish season now, award Hibs the title. Huns still won f**k all since their reincarnation and Celtic 10IAR borefest ended. Simples.
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    Absolute tosh. Millen has been looking better because he has been playing superbly. Credit where credit is due ffs.
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    ever felt his dad beinf assistant and actually coaching is having an impact as well? His old man may have been a toral bellend when he left us, but he was a stonking good defender.
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    It’s odd that McKenzie has played over 200 games for us, under god knows how many managers and is obviously trusted to do a job, yet it’s apparently ok to slate him as the weak link every week, but you can’t say the new guy didn’t make the most of the space he was given. You’d think we were the first team ever to play a player not on his ‘natural’ side. All this talk of “unbalanced” and seeing cutting inside as a flaw is dated horses**t too. With Killie fans, familiarity really does breed contempt.
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    There is no such entity as 'The Old Firm' .... one half of that died in 2012.
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    This aged well. Big man was amazing today.
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    Chris Burke is 37 before the year is out, but the Kilmarnock winger is more effective than ever. He's scored in each of his side's opening three games of the Scottish Premiership season. He's played in all but three minutes of those matches. And his importance to the Rugby Park side is pronounced. Former Scotland team-mate James McFadden described him as "getting quicker with age" but how is a player who has now scored in each of his last 16 seasons as a professional doing it? How did he reach this stage? Since breaking through at Rangers as a rumpled teenager - and scoring on his debut against Kilmarnock in 2002 - Burke's career has ebbed and flowed. He departed Ibrox after just short of 100 games in seven years, going on to have two productive seasons at Cardiff City, a further four at Birmingham City, then a couple at Nottingham Forest. He returned to Scotland four years ago with Ross County, but a virus curtailed his involvement before he signed for Kilmarnock in summer 2017. A tally of 76 games and 14 goals have followed as the former Scotland international's influence has grown steadily. What does the data tell us? Burke had 67 touches (left) in the draw at Ross County and did most of his work on the right flank That Burke is working as hard as ever and is just as involved. Any thought that he might be eased back into a cameo role as age catches up with him has been banished, thanks to his ferocious grafting up and down Kilmarnock's right flank. Some managers might have been minded to move him into a more restrained central role, but Alex Dyer - and Steve Clarke before him - have seen the value of deploying Burke in an area where his delivery can cause chaos and where he can steal in at the back post to snatch the odd goal. What do they say? Former Scotland team-mate James McFadden on Sportscene We seem to be speaking about wee Burkey every week because he just seems to be getting better. He had no doubt in his mind for the goal - he raps it into the net - and he is such a massive influence on the Kilmarnock team and the training pitch as well, I imagine. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53758075
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    I enjoy Gav's commentary. I love listening to his biased commentary because he's generally saying exactly what I'm thinking, rather than sitting on the fence just for for the sake of it. He's killie daft and it shows. My personal favourite is this one. Tell me this doesn't put a big stupid grin on your face!
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    Pish. Everyone on Kicback has Killie at heart or they wouldn't be on here. Yet we all get slated. Difference is this is free. If you pay for something like Killie TV you're entitled to have pop at it if you are not happy about something. They are no more immune from criticism than the Killie shop staff who regularly get panned on here.
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    There is no clarity of thought and our football "authorities" have a long track record of soiling their nappies and/or burying their heads in the sand when hard decisions come along, especially if they involve the bigger clubs. Of course it is a different story when a League 2 team sends in a fax with a smudge on it, then the big men of the SPFL and SFA are more than happy to dock points or issue fines. "Act big with the little guys, so long as you act small with the big guys" seems to be their motto and always always has been. The Aberdeen players who acted recklessly should be suspended for several games when they would next be otherwise eligible to play for Aberdeen's first team. Bolingoli should be treated the same. To the extent that the clubs have responsibility for the behaviour of their players there should, at minimum, be NO BENEFIT to Aberdeen nor Sellick, and NO DETRIMENT to other teams as a result of this fiasco. As it is, there is clear benefit to Aberdeen from the way this situation has been handled as they will get to play their offending players once they are COVID free without having to field a weakened side against anyone in the league. That is simply not fair to any of the other teams. .
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    Boydie just referred to Killie as "us" there on Sky.
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    Have to admit, the defence gives me the fear
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    Well said - couldn't have put it any better myself. We are so lucky to have someone like Billy Bowie in charge. Hopefully the likes of this deal will ensure our continued existence, which is not something many clubs will be able to say in the longer term. FFS - I'm old enough to remember the mess the Lachlan's let us get into. If the like of them or even MJ had been in charge of us in this pandemic we would be in serious bother. Some of the idiots who 'support' Killie at present should be careful what they wish for.
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    Leave them alone. They are not employed by Sky and earning mega bucks. I enjoyed it. Some of the patter, mistakes etc is no different to what family or pals would say when sitting at the game. Felt genuine. Keep it up lads.
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    As soon as we see individual players are doing the business, we need to sharpen the pencils and get extended contracts agreed to protect our investments.
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