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    (Not the eight-hour drive, I'll come to that later). It all started with Greg Kiltie.... I'm one of those football fans who just loves the game and can happily watch any match anywhere if I can make a connection or find an interest in either of the clubs. So it has always bothered me that I just didn't have a Scottish club to follow and my TV interest had dwindled to watching the Old Firm matches and the occasional Cup final to see where the honours would go. Yawn... But then in 2016 I tuned in for the play-off match, as showdowns between a team fighting to be promoted and one fighting against relegation tend to be good games. And so, I discovered Kiltie and Killie... A young man who ran a 4-0 win in front of what looked like a fervent crowd. So next season I started taking more of an interest. Kiltie got injured and my assessment of the rest was that they were being led by a manager who was not really good enough to make them world-beaters and not really bad enough to get them into real trouble. As Lee Clark left and a new man came in, my hopes for Killie grew. He signed a bunch of players I really rated in the English game. SOD I knew from my local club Luton Town. I'd watched Alan Power be a powerhouse through an FA Cup run. And of course Kiltie would come back from injury.. I had a cheeky Leicester-style bet on Killie to come 2nd behind Celtic. The season started so badly that I Googled answers and stumbled across Killie Kickback. Everyone seemed hung-up on that defeat by Ayr before the dreadful league run even began. SOD was being slated. Power was being written off completely. Others pinned their hopes on Kiltie and Dicker being fit but no-one knew when that would be. It was not happy place. As Noel once said of Liam, all the posts seemed to be written by men with forks in a world of soup. And then Steve Clarke appeared over the hill. This was a footballing man I'd always hugely liked and respected. Someone I always thought should have been managing one of the big teams in the game, not just assisting. It is no coincidence that the day he arrived, I signed up to Killie Kickback so I could follow his journey as a fan. Since then I feel I've really lived through one of the greatest football revolutions. I wasn't there to see them live but the descriptions here made me feel part of magical moments such as Findlay's late winners, Millen's bra top celebrations and that crazy night at Ibrox. I've been educated and entertained on this forum, whether through Skydog's immediate and knowledgeable answers on every aspect of the club, Scooby Doo's ability to find the perfect gif for every occasion, Craigieboy's endless enthusiasm, the debates and fights kicked off by McLean, the insight of Zorro and many others who suggest things I instantly agree with. I joined in the excitement on the day that SpeckyHotDog returned without knowing why. I do know now and it seems part of the story of last season. I know and understand all about wee pin badges, players being spotted in Tesco, hot Dutch wives, knicker-wetting and asking "for a friend". So as you've all painted so many pictures, let me describe one. I've become adept at cajoling pubs in various places to put on Killie's Tv matches so that I've seen the Wolf tearing apart Sevco defenders, I've watched Rory shut down Celtic and Mulumbu open them up. And last May I got myself home from work just in tine to a rock pub on a Sunday afternoon where the barman said grudgingly "ok, but with the sound down as it's a free juke box". As the game progressed and I told more and more customers about the signficance of the game and of the story of Steve Clarke (and of Alan Power for the two tattooed girls who seemed very taken by him), the jukebox went off and the Rugby Park roar went up on a telly in a Luton pub 420 miles away from Rugby Park. Right until the end of SSC's speech a new crowd of long-haired disciples stood and cheered Killie into Europe. That was the moment I knew I had to be there for the next league match myself. So am eight-hour drive yesterday and I made it to the club shop with five mins to spare. And then just as I am seeking out the obligatory wee pin badge, Gary Dicker walks in with his kids to kit them out for tomorrow. Only in Kilmarnock could the second person a visitor encounters be the hero club captain. So today i shall be strolling through Kilmarnock to pick out the best spot for the Steve Clarke statue and then I'll be part of the Rugby Park roar myself. If you happen to spot someone in a local pub or in the Beattie stand (wearing a t-shirt with an Italian slogan to welcome AA) and speaking with a Luton accent (think Stacey Dooley and you've got it about right) then say hello. It's you guys who won me over. And one more thing. Bye bye Rangers.
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    I don’t know if any of the players read these boards or if anyone on here is in regular contact with the players but a story from yesterday at crosshouse hospital I think should definitely be told. My sister is quite badly mentally disabled, my mum is her full time carer and has been all her life - which involves many doctors and hospital visits. During these visits my sister can become distressed, especially just now after she shattered her right leg after an epileptic fit. Unfortunately in waiting rooms, some people can stare, some people smile and incredibly some people complain when in her company. At the x-ray area yesterday a “young guy in a killie tracksuit” came in and sat near my mum waiting to be seen himself by the doctors. My sister was in a distressed state which made my mum very anxious, the man in the killie tracksuit was Ross Millen and he came over to ask if she was ok and what happened to her. He completely put my mum at ease with his genuine interest and respectful nature. Obviously I am extremely bias in this situation but I think it’s fantastic that one of our players in club colours would represent the club and himself so well. So the point of my post is to highlight this great act and to pass my sincere thanks to Ross, if that is somehow possible. The smallest gestures go such a long way with people. Thanks Ross, absolute gentleman and all the very best making it at our club!
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    In previous threads we may have given the impression that we believed Alex Dyer was unsuitable to be the Kilmarnock FC manager. This terrible slur has been retracted. We thank you, Lord Dyer for your continued efforts.
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    I hate that I even need to post this, but given the number of what I consider to be derogatory comments by killie fans over the past few months I dont feel I have a choice. You'll have seen me in the away end. I'm the guy using binoculars and have been for some 17 years but in response to recent comments by OUR supporters at away games; 1) Yes, I am 'that blind'. 2) No, I'm not looking at the players legs. 3) I dont need told 'well done for being at the game'. And so forth.... i'm registered as partially sighted, I cant drive, I have to hold my phone 2 inches from my face to see it- do you need anything more??? I've supported killie since I was 10, (now 37) but i'm tired of having to wash off the above and other comments as banter... i'm really tired of it and i'm starting to wonder why I bother going to away games. Thanks, Graham
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    I'm getting fed up. Steve Clarke took over almost two years ago. Since then, we've been organised, compact when defending and using the counter attack well. We've not been free scoring, or free flowing, but we've been effective. The league table doesn't lie. We've now played ten games, and we're third. We had the CQN debacle, a narrow defeat to Rangers and the away defeat to Hamilton. Since then, we've reverted to type. Each week, I read the same comments - 'that was dire', 'we were murder', 'the football is terrible'. We have played the same way in every game since that Hamilton defeat. Only Celtic were able to counter it, and even then, only they and Livingston even managed to score against us (in 90 minutes for you pedants). I wonder if some folk have had a visit from Tommy Lee Jones and WIll Smith and had the Locke/Johnston/Clark/McCulloch tenures erased from memory. Again, for those struggling with comprehension, we're third. It's not a flash in the pan, it's not papering over the cracks, it's what we do now. Clarke has gone, but the guy that coached the Italian national team, Juventus and Chelsea is in charge now and it's fair to say that the man does know what he's doing. We all know that we're missing a number ten, but we can't realistically change that until January. We're so solid across the back four and midfield I wonder if this is the same Killie that I've been watching for nearly 25 years. So to hear the boos when, about five minutes before we scored the winning goal, when a backwards pass was played (when the alternative was GIVING THE BLOODY BALL AWAY) really made my shoulders slump. So you'll need to suck it up, and endure effective, Europa League qualifying fitba for at least another couple of months until we sign the new Eremenko. Until then, accept that it will be 0-0 at half time, they probably won't score, and that we might. We'll pick up plenty of points in the meantime. I've started saving for next July, and I'm going to make sure I'm registered with a supporters bus ahead of time. What about you?
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    that was me, felt a bit sick so went down to the toilet. remember opening the door to go in, and next thing I know I woke up lying on the ground with the medics round me. was 11pm before they let me out of hospital. just got a swollen head from when I presumably collapsed and a bit of an ear problem which is still making me wobbly thanks for getting the help. I wont be able to recognise you as the whole thing is a blank, but much appreciated
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    Time for the players to put up or f**k off. They've got their wish and cost us a run in Europe, time for them to start looking interested. Last few weeks they have been nothing short of a disgrace, regardless of who's boss.
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    Just lost my dad on Friday so decided not to go tonight but this has lifted my spirits just wish he was here to tell him KTID
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    Reducing the Old Firm to one stand and then directing them well away from home fans after the game has been the right thing to do, eh? Leaving last night there was a tiny handful of away supporters trying to navigate through the Killie support. At the Celtic game last month I never encountered any after the final whistle. Inside the stadium doesn’t feel like you’re a gatecrasher in your own home. Outside is far safer. All in all a pleasant experience. Never change this, please.
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    Absolutely crazy. 5th in the table with a guy still new to Scottish football and who was badly let down by the board in the summer. Thanks for your efforts, Angelo.
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    You are right. It is an open forum and football is all about opinions and being respectful of the opinions even if you disagree. I'm definitely not trying to be the big 'I am' here and, anyone who knows me will vouch that the profile that comes with being the democratically elected chair of this fans organisation doesn't sit easily. I'm consistent in preaching the gospel about trying to unite all our fans to join the Trust. To try and make us a bigger and more effective organisation in helping our Club and our supporters. I'd love our Trust to be the trailblazers in initiatives and community related projects and not be in the wake of Hearts, Motherwell, St. Mirren etc in this regard. Not easy when there's constant negativity hitting the Club on all fronts. Our aim has always been to do what we can to help the Club to be all it can be. I believe that every person on this forum cares about our Club and could maybe do that wee bit extra to make us better. This can't be done in a piecemeal fashion. There has to be a level of organisation. That organisation is the Trust. If you don't want to join, there'll always be something you might be able to contribute but we've created the mechanism for you to do it. I've always believed in meeting our biggest critics head on in an effort to turn the tide. DrewWylie did appear, just not at the time I'd initially arranged and I wasn't aware of that until much later. I contacted him to reschedule and hoped there would be a 'cease fire' until we had the chance of a blether face to face about his constant and completely misinformed criticism of the Trust and, in particular, our representative on the Club board. After nearly two whole days on Thursday and Friday working on stuff with various people from the Club, it's disheartening to read the 'same old, same old' on the forum from him. He rightly said in his PM to me that he 'didn't see what this was going to achieve' so I won't be wasting both my time and Cathy's again with further dialogue. The Trust will move on apace, leave these dinosaurs in our wing mirrors and we will attempt to communicate our business to one and all in a better fashion in the hope that it'll encourage others to join and help. I'm available to discuss all Trust stuff with anyone and everyone to achieve this. Ironically the Trust pay for these forums in their entirety to allow criticism to be levelled and everyone's opinions on all matters to be aired. Justified criticism I'll hold my hands up to and try and make us better. Lies, misinformation, back stabbing and abuse I'm quite prepared to take on and call out. Unfortunately, it comes with the role.
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    I posted in here a while back to get ideas for a Killie themed bedroom for my boys birthday. @Lroy and @Al#1 pulled out all the stops and designed / created this for me. Delighted is an understatement! You two are class - thank you very much. I have one very happy boy this morning
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    I think the fact that our manager is being talked about because of his skin colour says everything about what it wrong with the world right now. I couldn’t give a f**k what nationality or ethnicity or race or even gender our manager is, as long as they deliver results and performances on the park. And they’re not an Ayr fan or course.
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    Can’t believe the negativity on the match thread. NO team could function as normal without FOUR centre halves missing ffs. Have these people only supported us since SSC was appointed? We are fifth in the SPL in what is our 27th consecutive season in the top flight. Get a feckin grip people!! KTID
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    There are times when I find football quite a chore. When I find football forums and chat hard work. When I find I don’t really have the mentality to manage the ups and downs of football. And when I find myself veering towards the more negative and downbeat instincts which football can accentuate without you ever fully realising that it’s happening. Sometimes I think I’d be a better person without football. Then we pump Rangers and I realise that’s all bollocks, that I love Eamonn Brophy and SOD, and Stuart Findlay is the greatest guy there ever was. God bless you Killie, you drive me insane. But in the end I’ll always love you for nights like this.
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    4 Brownings Season ticket holders chose the new strip... and the away one. It was all meant to be released after the last game of the season but Covid has now delayed it with the manufacturers being temporarily closed down. We are doing all we can to get it in the shops ASAP as it obviously helps us start using the sponsorship to the benefit of the company, but it’s all out with KFCs control. We need adult, kids, home and away for sale ASAP but we will take whatever comes first. Incidentally, the area covered by the Brownings logo is the same area as was used by QTS On a final note... some of the personal comments about myself, my family and Brownings have been really hurtful but I’ve been told this was always to be expected. Being a lifetime Killie fan obviously makes no difference in this new social media world that we live in. A huge thanks to all who have supported Brownings through the new strip launch and through my companies retail shops... which in turn helps pay for this sponsorship to our beloved club. YNTTK Posted on Facebook and various social media Killie sites .
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    I sent a mock up to the club for this kit deal that had a pattern in the material that was Morse code for "bye bye rangers" over and over again.
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    Got to say whilst respecting their right for people to have a different view really feel recently some comments about Gary Dicker have been overly negative. A Gary Locke signing, yes he actually made a decent one. Dicker for me has been one of the key players in our recent seasons. History will record him as the captain of our record ever league points total winning side. Up there with the cup final captains. A guy who has lived apart from his family for large spells of the week all his time at Killie. I have no doubt he has a huge commitment to the club. Shown recently by helping on the day to create the fans standing area. Ok there might be question marks about his role in the Alessio saga however we don't know if that is true or not and he may have been right. He is getting a bit older and that may/will influence his performance levels and he won't go on forever. I hope we don't forget however his contribution to the club over many seasons which I think has been outstanding. Just think sense of perspective is required here. When he does go I hope he gets the reception he deserves for his years of service.
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    Respect: an easy word to throw around, harder to put into practice. There are those who insist that Angelo Alessio is disrespecting Steve Clarke, disrespecting Scottish football, by trying to adapt the way Kilmarnock work and think. Who is he to tell a side that defied expectation to finish fifth, then third, there might be another way? Let’s reverse the question and ask about the respect that we, the Scottish football collective, have shown Angelo Alessio, this man whose English is easy to lampoon and who left an open goal by losing to the Welsh part-timers of Connah’s Quay in his first assignment. To hear Kirk Broadfoot, who had a good kick at the Italian on his way to St Mirren in midweek, you’d think there is nothing a squad of game but largely modest players can learn from a figure who won a Uefa Cup at Juventus while working under coaches like Giovanni Trapattoni and Dino Zoff. Who, in eight years as Antonio Conte’s lieutenant, helped deliver Siena back to the top flight, won three scudetti with the reborn Old Lady of Turin then brought league and FA Cup success to Stamford Bridge. Doubts, of course, are permitted. Alessio hadn’t been a manager in his own right for more than a decade, had only ever set foot in Scotland for Juventus’ 2013 Champions League game against Celtic, and had never met either of his deputies, Massimo Donati and Alex Dyer. There are questions about the appointment and the man himself, but is it asking too much for people to actually listen to his answers? “When there’s a change when things are going well, it’s difficult to accept the need,” says the 54-year-old from near Salerno in Italy’s deep south. “At the same time, it’s important every one of us stays faithful to our credo, our convictions. If you arrive in a team where things have gone badly, it’s much easier to change. When you arrive in a place where things have gone well and for the most part the players are under contract, it’s not like you can say, ‘Right, let’s change more than half the team’. “I didn’t do that. It wouldn’t have been right to. But at the same time, you need to bring your own solutions. We put more emphasis on the tactical side than on other aspects of training, but every coach in the world will make those kind of decisions based on their methods. Ultimately, my job is to get the most out of every player and find solutions on the pitch.” Alessio says he wishes Broadfoot “all the best” and is “disappointed he left”, pointing out that the centre-back was his captain for the League Cup game against Hamilton on August 17. Kilmarnock went through after extra-time and have since drawn with Aberdeen and beaten St Johnstone without conceding, a steadying of the ship from Connah’s Quay and the first two league games that saw them lose narrowly to Rangers and horribly to Accies. “We needed that first league win. The team wanted it, we all wanted it,” says Alessio of last week at McDiarmid Park. “We’ve had some problems because results make you work in a certain way. Bad results make you work worse. We’re on the right road now, but we need to get better. A lot better. “I want to see a compact team capable of managing every situation. We’ve had to do a lot of work with results being as they were. Now we have the opportunity to keep working, but also to believe more in what we’re doing.” Alessio is enthused by the prospect of easing the burden on Eamonn Brophy via Osman Sow and Harvey St Clair, the strikers who arrived at the end of the transfer window. Alessio knew the Scotland under-21 man from their shared time at Chelsea, while Laurentiu Branescu and Dario del Fabro were sourced through Juventus. Former Hamilton and Motherwell left-back Stephen Hendrie has arrived after Greg Taylor moved to Celtic, and centre-back Connor Johnson has joined on loan from Wolves. “This window was very difficult,” Alessio admits. “Lots of conversations happened, and then at the very end, deals got done, but we now have our face as a team.” As far back as January, Alessio told Italian media that he himself was on the move, uncoupling himself from Conte long before the one-time Italy manager took charge at Inter. “I didn’t want to have any regrets in the future about not trying,” says the man who led Imolese, Massese and SPAL in the Italian third tier before hooking up with his fellow ex-midfielder. There were rumours of an offer to coach the Juventus under-23 team, but the nature of this task appealed. “In the last two years, Kilmarnock have achieved extraordinary things, and now we all must understand the need to work even harder. I’ve accepted the exact opposite of a job where things are not going well, but that’s something I find stimulating. “Working eight years with Antonio, I know what it means to have to stay at the top. Every year we had to do it all over again. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but what we knew was that every year we had to work harder and the same goes for Kilmarnock. “I know the situation and it’s a big challenge after Steve Clarke. But for me, it’s normal to be under pressure. Of course it’s not easy: I’m Italian, it’s another culture, another tradition, different football. But I think now, step by step, our team is building, we are building. I don’t think the players’ desire to learn is a problem. The problem comes when you can’t find solutions.” Whatever training ground emphasis he puts on running, Alessio knows what it is to graft. He was one of 11 siblings — six boys, five girls, “a whole football team” — in an age when silver spoons hadn’t quite reached the Amalfi coast. For years he plugged away with the local amateurs, yearning for the break that arrived at Avellino. “I’d been on so many trials, but I just loved playing; it didn’t matter whether it was in the biggest stadium in Serie A, or some country dustbowl. For me it was the same thing, because I had this big passion. “At 18, I did a summer with Avellino and that was me. I caught the last train. It’s difficult to go straight from the amateurs to Serie A, believe me, but sometimes what you want arrives when you least expect it.” Alessio has three grown-up children, a management engineer, a fashion designer and one who studies in London. His wife is due to join him, but for now he lives “a quiet life” across the road from Rugby Park, working long hours with the odd escape for fresh sea air at Troon. “I always knew this would be a difficult year, for many reasons,” he says. “We’re still building our season and our path. It will be made up of sacrifices, dedication, sweat and difficulty. We need to be patient and really understand the job.”
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    Jordan Jones with a header.
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    Ach no need to put the boot into the Welsh. They are a tiny club with a tiny budget and they battled for their lives. Fair play to them. Pleased to come away with the win.
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    Not sure where you have read that about the u23s mate but all the best anyways. I really Wanted to wish the killie fans and club all the best. Like I said before Liam really appreciated his time here gave everything in every game and will always remember the fans and they way they welcomed him in. Kilmanock FC will always have a place in my heart! #wearekillie https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/381892-liam-millar-returns-to-reds-from-kilmarnock-loan
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    Just so everyone knows the roofs on the snack bars are not for jumping on.
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    wait see happen tomorrow or Sunday morning before start game
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    Just to confirm what others are saying...it turns out the 'delays' at the away end turnstiles were caused by Gers fans with fake tickets/QR codes trying to blag their way in...nothing to do with our ticketing system! They initiated the problem, they exacerbate the problem...they are the problem!
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    Kilmarnock can sign anyone offer deal on Tomorrow 1st July to Open window of transfer Who possible for Dyer want bring 4 new players (target) after McGowen (Hamilton Accies) sign us What you think Kilmarnock need bring of how much new signings with which position?
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    536 members on line - every single one totally scunnered.
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    See what's happening here? All of a sudden it's the suitability of Rugby Park that's in focus now. It wasn't 'RP safety issues' that pushed a steward out the way and opened the gates. It wasn’t 'RP safety issues' that rocked up at Rugby Park with duplicated QR codes. It wasn't 'RP safety issues' that jumped up on the roof of the disabled section, nor did 'RP safety issues' invade the pitch, goad Killie players, run towards Killie fans or spend 90 plus minutes singing sectarian bile. These scum and the cowards that 'write' for the Daily Record have somehow changed the narrative and flipped the focus onto us instead of the real issues and the real perpetrators in a way that Trump's Kellyanne Conway and her infamous "alternative facts" would have been proud. They NEVER, accept responsibility for their actions. This is the same lot that rioted in Manchester and promptly blamed 'inadequate' facilities. Don't let this happen. It's NOT about Rugby Park-its about Rangers fans and their inexcusable conduct. Again.
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    Thanks to the nutter who let off the flare. With the way the tickets were distributed it should be easy to identify him. Hope he's banned from his bus and never gets another chance of an away ticket. Infact just ban him from his bus and let him find his own way home.
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    Hope the cameras picked it up but the sheer joy and release of pressure was obvious and pleasing to witness from the stands , not sure he knew what he was doing but was fun all the same.....and showed what this Manegerial chance at our club means to him And good to see players celebrating too , hopefully the win will do a great deal both lifting confidence and good feeling around our club
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    A bit harsh lol it’s how I normally speak. Anyway... I’ll get pulled in by Scott for this ( as well as my old man) but I’d like to say my piece on this... I’ve been asked for my thoughts on the criticism and if I’m being honest, yes, I think it’s a bit harsh but the industry is full of opinions and we can’t please everyone. I’m fine with that. I and we take on board all criticism towards us, me and the podcast as well as what we do on a match day on the tannoy as well as Killie TV. Sometimes it’s hard not to take some of it personally, especially when we all put in the effort which, usually means working a lot later then we should. These are the things fans don’t see, Scott and Neil work incredibly hard and are often at their desks late in to the evening. Hats off to them. Now to this episode... On the subjects of the sound effects, yes I understand what’s being said, however I think we used about 3 if you’re lucky. I get though, that it’s not everyone’s taste. They were put in to enhance and help with the Alan “Power Rankings” fun feature. I make no apologies for adding in what I think might add value to the podcast and make if it a bit more fun and relaxed when compared to other official club podcasts / content. We want to make it fun for all and show the lighter and human side of the players as well as having them speak out on things inside the club. All the podcasts are edited by me which takes around 4 hours to complete, which has to be done in the one hit, by the time I listen to the raw audio again and then edit out the “guff” as I call it. That’s the dead air, bits where we talk about the running order and the naughty words! I’m sure I could do half an hour of just bad words!! We want it to be fun, informative and light hearted. Something you can listen to on the move, in the car, in bed or making the dinner and not something totally serious. That’s why we have Spotify Roulette and The Podcast Pub Quiz. It shows the side to these players that you don’t see on the pitch. They are all human like the rest of us. Please be rest assured we edit out very, very little. The players share their stories, we just steer them in to it. I promise it’s not heavily edited, like it has been suggested. I’m a die-hard Killie fan like the rest of us and want people to hear these stories. We certainly don’t cut anyone off. I hope you don’t mind me commenting with my take on what you folks have been saying but please, before you say something like its “s**te” or “cheesy” remember that this is aimed at a very large demographic and won’t always suit all tastes all of the time. The feedback as a whole has been amazing for the podcast and please continue to fire it on here or below the posts on social media. Good or bad. We are doing a lot more than a lot of other clubs who have a lot more staff than we do. Onwards and upwards because together...WE ARE KILLIE!!! Cheers, Gav
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    I don't think people appreciate quite the level of effort that goes into creating the media content at the moment. Many a time the guys work long days and then are required to do extra at night to allow things like Killie TV highlights to go up cutting down their personal time. Also like any smaller organisation people are expected to pitch in areas that are not their expertise, the guys don't just deal with the media side of the club.
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    It’s amazing we can pinpoint some wee guy giving match info for betting but we can’t fling out old filth fans from the home end when they come to town
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    Alessio came in late, had that horrendous start which also left him with no real Pre season games at all when nearly every rival had 4 games in the league cup, he was by all counts hampered by chaos behind the scenes and it sounds like selected senior players made things very difficult for him, and whether that was true or not the media and fans lapped it up. He lost two players who were mainstays in the back 4 last year, the goalkeeper had already gone, the star midfielder had gone. He does not seem to have been given any help with scouting players. Language has obviously been a challenge for him. I’m sure he has had to adjust his approach as he is used to coaching world class players. He is working with 2 assistants he hasn’t worked with before. He has now played 10 domestic games. 8 of those games were against non old firm opposition and his team has conceded in just one of them. I know opinions differ but personally I think that the second half of the second leg v CQN is the only time things have looked really concerning. Even the 2-0 v Hamilton I came away thinking we played ok - with 2 really silly goals lost (incidentally Broadfoot significantly culpable in both) being the difference between last season. Sounds like he has got rid of the loud dissenting voices - many managers fail to do that and it isn’t an easy thing to do. all that taken into account I think Alessio has done an exceptional job so far - I really don’t think we could reasonably have hoped for any more. Now in a position where, hopefully, things can kick in and this appointment can be shown for the ambitious move it undoubtedly was by the club.
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    I won't say who told me as they are a club employee but my intention was to share the early news with folk on this forum as they have an interest in it, obviously I can't 100% back up the information without names being involved so probably best I don't post at all based on all the downvotes I got for that post. My intention was to keep killie fans updated, no harm intended
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    KFCSA are once again angered and outraged at the behaviour of away supporters at Rugby Park on Sunday. Instead of talking about the game we are all talking about off field issues. Fans are entitled to celebrate their team scoring but entering the field of play is totally unacceptable. Kilmarnock fans have voted with their feet in recent years by staying away from such games and once again people can see why. The Kilmarnock Board have done everything they can to entice fans back to these games and have been vindicated by double the normal Kilmarnock support at yesterday’s game when compared to attendances at similar games over the last few years. Their job is not made any easier by these away teams fans continued misbehaviour and an apparent total disregard to the laws of the land. It is time the football authorities stamped down on this continued behaviour which seems to happen at most grounds in the SPFL. KFCSA hopes this is a watershed moment and something is actually done by the footballing authorities. Having spoken to the club we know that they are investigating the matter fully with the following being a priority The destruction of our disabled section roof by a section of Rangers supporters was totally unacceptable and it is only through luck that nobody was seriously injured in this incident. We fully expect Rangers to pay for the damage caused. Rangers fans forced open the gate at the Chadwick Stand – this too is totally unacceptable. The possibility of duplicate tickets is one of a number of factors that we are investigating. A meeting has been set up between the club and Police and G4S and will take place later this week. We’d welcome Rangers’ involvement and with their help, anyone who took part in the vandalism of the disabled section will be banned from Rugby Park. The Board are looking at a series of measures to try and eradicate the potential for pitch incursions, including the possibility of netting in the lower rows of the Chadwick Stand. There will be no return to giving Old Firm supporters two stands and we remain committed to attracting families and all Killie supporters to cheer on their team in these matches. Iain Sherry KFCSA Chairman
  39. 44 points
    As good as any performance under SSC. Commitment excellent. Regular home support above 5000 as well. Be good to see what Alessio can do if Fowler can find a few quality additions.
  40. 43 points
    Like other Killie fans I was gutted that we lost last night. However, my almost sixty years of supporting Killie have taught me that it is unwise to say things too soon after a disappointment. A look through these pages today shows me that many others disagree. Ask yourselves how you would have felt if we had held on to win 1-0 or even 3-2 last night. My answer to that is that I would have been delighted to watch my team put in a thoroughly professional, hard-working and entertaining performance. Towards the end of the 90 minutes my thoughts were that our MOTM was either Stuart Findlay or Mohamed El Makrini and, as it turned out, both were to make serious errors. Mo's foul was more a tangle of legs with the Dons player and he would have been better served just seeing him away from goal. That though, is easy to say in hindsight. Likewise Stuart did not need to clatter Ferguson just had to stop him crossing the ball. What I am saying is that one mistake from either player was the difference between a great result and a shattering defeat. As I have done many times before I will put the disappointment behind me and concentrate on the generally fine performance from the players last night. Let us all get behind Alex and the lads for the very demanding six games between now and the split and with a little luck this can still be a decent season. COME ON THE KILLIE!
  41. 43 points
    Yes the appointment of Alessio hasn't worked out the we way would have liked, but at least BB and the board were willing to try something to keep the club progressing after the loss of Sir Steve and didn't just go down the route of appointing one of the same old faces from the SFA mafia. It didn't work but at least they tried. I have been reading the comments on here about the managerial position and I have to say I can't believe the amount of criticism that BB gets. We seem to have short memories, this season hasn't been great but compared to life under a certain Mr Johnston we are still in good shape. BB has been making changes and improvements to all aspects of the club and even when there have been hick ups, the ticketing system being one, they happened because the board are looking to keep the club progressing after years of decline and are trying to raise the standards in all areas of the club. There aren't too many white knights out there willing to invest in Killie and I for one am very glad that we have someone with BBs' commitment and enthusiasm in charge. I hate to think where we would be if he hadn't invested his time and money in our club. He isn't perfect and mistakes have and will be made but in my opinion he has earned the right to expect our backing and I'm still very hopeful for our future under his stewardship, As a fan of more than 40 years I know that our club has had more years of hardship and heartache than success so we should enjoy the good times while we have them and the last 2 years have undoubtedly been 2 of the best we have had in some time. I have to admit that I had my doubts about AA from the start and especially after the home tie against "Connas Quay", I sit near the home dugout and he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and seemed to be anguishing over every decision he had to make, it scared me and god knows what the players felt seeing him like that. In reality I don't think too many would have been shocked if he was sacked there and then but he was given some time and we actually had a great haul of points in September/October but although we were back to being fairly well organised the football was pretty dire and we rode our luck at times. Since then apart from tearing apart a rank rotten Hearts side for 30 minutes we have been poor and unlike when SSC was here the players look to have no confidence and even worse we don't look to be as fit, instead of wearing teams down and getting control of games when the opposition tire we are the team that seems to wilt and lose late goals or just hang on. I think making the decision to sack AA relatively early in the season at least gives the new manager time to get bedded in and hopefully some new signings in during the transfer window, assuming they are appointed before January.
  42. 43 points
    The fact that two of our own players felt they had to react to shouts from our own fans is really worrying. The fact that it is one who has come through the ranks - and is leading the man of the match awards this season - is doubly gutting. A large number of our players stay at the club for longer than they do at any other club - or have the best period of their career at Rugby Park. We are a great club to play at. And the away support is the envy of most. Yesterday, players would have been in the dressing room after the game, talking about how badly our support treats them. Of course opinions are all valid but as fans we need to do something about this. If people are shouting abuse at our players, we need to have a word. We want to retain our best players and we want the community club image that is being restored to actually ring true.
  43. 43 points
    I think (and hope) it's having the opposite effect of what they intended. I think it's helping to galvanise the support behind Angelo. Yes, we've had a couple of bad results, but we can all see progress. f**k the Daily Record. f**k the Sun. Desperate, moribund rags, the pair of them. They only exist to pander to sellic and sevco. Forza Alessio! Forza Killie!
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    It’s a shame to see this thread descend into an Uber Fan argument – or a pissing contest to be blunt. People need to get over themselves. Supporting your team is exactly that – you always do it. You attend matches and functions as and when you can based on your own circumstances. Many people have a great deal more in their lives than going to x number of games. They are not any less of a fan that the next person just because that person attends x+y. However, back to the point. The original poster would have been better placed by asking something along the lines of ‘Are the Trust satisfied with Cathy’s input to the football club board to date?’ This style of question lends itself to a more sensible discussion. It is especially disappointing as there was a clear lack of understanding and appreciation of the significant efforts Cathy has brought to the football club board and some of the changes she has accelerated. Of course, she gave a report to the recent Trust AGM, so not being a Trust member does, I suppose, put the poster at a disadvantage. I also think a personal attack on the capabilities of Cathy was unnecessary. The thread has therefore, as I say, descended into an ‘us and them’ situation. I think that most of the negative stuff comes from a few, but not all, non-Trust members and/or TiK deniers. Please note, that joining the Trust or subscribing to TiK is your personal choice. I’d prefer that you joined / subscribed but respect your choice. You, in turn, should be comfortable that your choice will, in some instances, mean that you are missing out on information such as Cathy’s report to the AGM. Trust members who couldn’t attend the AGM will receive communication regards the meeting in due course. I am no longer on the Trust Board so can’t give specifics on the timing of that. By the way, this situation does not make a Trust member an Uber Fan because they receive information quicker than others in the same way that shareholders of the club are not better fans than non-shareholders. It is the way that these things operate. It is not some kind of special society which looks down on non-members , in the same that non-members should not look upon members in a similar vein. I was on the Trust Board from 2005 until 2018, with a year off in between somewhere. In all that time the Trust worked extremely hard on a great number of community projects which are well documented. Prior to TiK, the most high profile of these was Fifty For The Future (FFTF). I mention this in particular because I can use it as an example of MJ’s attitude towards the Trust, notwithstanding the significant monies it brought into the club’s coffers. Ok, so when Jim Mann became chairman a few years back we were having a meeting to discuss Trust involvement in club projects and so on. Jim adds to the conversation that MJ tells him the Trust and the club have been ‘at war’ about a number of issues over time. When asked what these issues were Jim wasn’t sure. I took this up with MJ directly as, in my time on the Trust Board, there was no instance where the Trust took, let’s call it, a political stance against the club publically. Any issues we had we took directly to him to discuss, quite rightly, behind closed doors. I do recall one situation where he denied obvious wrongdoing by the club so that was taken to another body. It was, admittedly, a bit of a can of worms, but the situation was resolved. A bit of damage to our relationship, but that happens in any working scenario. It turns out that MJ felt we had politicised FFTF because, after we had donated something in the region of £100k we asked if, from that point on, we could receive shares in the football club in return. That was it – how very dare we. Now you have to understand that MJ kinda viewed the Trust as a group of elves who would not hesitate to pick up bits and pieces of projects here and there which the club could not afford to pay for – and in many cases we did that. It’s about club and community afterall. What pissed us off was the constant use of ideas we put to him and selling them as his own once he adopted them at a later date having knocked us back in the first place and/or the constant putting up of barriers to ideas which would, in all cases, have benefited the club. We were expected to stay in our box and receive no return on the investment our members and other donors made, or indeed for the work we put in. So that was it – the big thing that annoyed him most about the Trust – asking for shares in return for cash. Thankfully, and after literally years of negotiation and hard work, on the club’s part too it has to be said, FFTF essentially evolved into a new formal and structured project in the shape of TiK. Regards NAPM – Baz and others have clearly stated on this thread, and I have done so in others over the years – it was not a Trust initiative. The Trust would be acting unconstitutionally to drive such a campaign. That did not mean individual Trust members could not express their own views. That too would have been unconstitutional. Indeed, when the vote of no confidence against MJ took place, The Trust Board met with representatives of those behind that to explain why we could not just put the weight of our shareholding behind that. They had to respect that Trust members would have to vote to allow that to happen or not. Again, all in line with the Trust’s rules and taking into account the members’ wishes. Please, if you cannot ‘get’ the fact that NAPM was nothing to do with the Trust in terms of organisation or endorsement from various comments in threads and it really bugs you – meet me for a coffee and I’ll explain it face-to-face. Not a problem. Similarly, if the thought of TiK sticks in your throat I will happily talk to you about the benefits of the initiative. Finally – stop with the Uber Fan crap. If we truly ‘Are Killie’ we don’t descend into petty point scoring arguments like other clubs’ fans. If, however, you want sensible debate and conversation then I’m you man.
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    A year ago it looked like Stewart was staying and we had an outside chance of winning the league. Seriously. He left but we got Mulumbu and, even though results shaded off a bit, we did enough to hang on to third place. Magnificent. Europe, here we come! Ever since the final day when Clarke said his heavily-trailed farewells, things have gone downhill. Strip delays, ticket fiascos, non-existent 150th celebration, highly risky management appointment, chief executive terminated, rubbish transfer window, Connah's Quay, rumours of mass transfer requests over the manager, Broadfoot and MacDonald banished, Taylor transferred, Hibs Pen shoot-out, boring football culminating in Alessio being sacked without explanation or any apparent pressing need. Six matches without a goal, five consecutive defeats and one win in eleven. "Clusterf**k" could have been invented for the past seven months. We are the whipping boys of the league. The soft touch who will be in the basement if the decline is not arrested. It has to end NOW! Priority One - new manager in (and that means a New manager). Priority Two - deadwood out, including most of Alessio's signings and loans, and disaffected senior players. Priority Three - quality signings in, even though it being January will result in a lot of the Taylor cash being splashed. Too much complacency in the boardroom, too many promises of no repetition of their failings. Actions speak louder than words. They took the plaudits last season and now the time has come to prove their mettle. The fans deserve better.
  46. 42 points
    Holding my hands up here, I've been very harsh on SOD recently. He wasn't at his best again last night. I had no confidence in him hitting that penalty. He seems to me to be playing with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Looks nervous on the ball and doesn't seem 100% comfortable with Del Fabro beside him - although I assume that will improve through time as they are both good players. It got me thinking about his journey with us and now I feel we really ought to cut him some serious slack. He has missed 3 league games since signing in 2017. This has coincided with our best form for 50 years. He has won 11 caps in that time too. We will all have our opinions on that - Scotland are not blessed at all in his position - but he's still got them. An incredible achievement and one we should all be very proud of. His first call up was that insane tour to America to play Peru and Mexico when so many others called off. That was June 2018. He was back just a few weeks later ready to play in the Betfred with us. Again this season he never misses a Scotland meet up but was ready to go in the Europa League. He's hardly had a break in two years and I think it's showing. Listening to his interviews he seems like a sensitive guy as well. Really cares about playing football. I'm sure the combo of fatigue, criticism with us and Scotland and the instability with managers and his contract, is all weighing on his mind. That said,he has been a brilliant player for us. A real standout in the first 6 months under Clarke. Offers a great option going forward usually and is very well liked around the club. I suppose what I'm saying here is although he's played a few games where he's looked like Cafu - he isn't. He's a high standard Scottish Premier League footballer, but that means he has limitations too. He's set a very high bar for himself. Maybe too high. He's off form just now but reading that back he's approaching pretty legendary status at our club. Goals against Aberdeen and Rangers. Big winners at Fir Park and St Johnstone. A cornerstone of the Clarke era. Record cap winner. He's done brilliantly. I've been very hard on him but will be minding myself to give him the proper respect and support he deserves on Saturday. I still hope he signs a new deal with us.
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    See you all same time next year. Keep safe.
  48. 41 points
    Anyone who carries on like some of the Rangers fans at Rugby park should not be allowed anywhere near a football ground, whether they jumped on the shelter or not. Try convincing your 8 year old daughter (who I only just managed to get to come back after Scott Brown ran at the Chadwick like a jakey to a jag last season) to go back to games when she’s spent the last 5 minutes of that one squeezing your hand till your knuckles turned white. Appreciate that the old firm will always add an additional level of toxicity to any game, I prepare the kids for that and accept that as my choice to bring them. However, we should be able to watch a game without having opposing fans trash the stadium and run on the pitch, freely approaching the home support and gesturing. I’m happy if as many as possible of them are identified and charged in the hope we, regardless of circumstances and whoever they play, can go and support the mighty Killie without having to deal with that s**t.
  49. 41 points
    What is done is done, we now have a league campaign to look forward to, Angelo will still be manager. Time to stop all the negative stuff, start to promote season opener against Rangers, get a big Killie support in the ground to roar the lads onto victory. Or are you just going to do what the media and OF fans said you-would and disappear back to watching on TV. Your team needs you at Rugby Park on August 4th .
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