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  1. KillieFC

    Season Tickets

    The Club are almost ready to go with the season ticket launch, there are some issues (as stated above) which need to be ironed out. Don't worry we don't have long to wait.
  2. KillieFC

    Safe Standing

    At the end of the day the Club will decide where it goes, its great that they are welcoming the idea with open arms. The Moffat Stand is undergoing major refurbishment in the summer as well, as the Club and the Trust get to work on new disabled facilities...Billy is actually considering a second standing section behind the goals for the families but that, if it happens, will come later...they won't be moving the family section away from the Moffat as all the facilities and the "fan zone" will be behind that stand.
  3. KillieFC

    Steve Clarke

    Interesting to note the the presser yesterday was absolutely packed, to the extent of them all being asked at one point..."What are you all doing here? It's a cracking day, away and enjoy the sunshine!". It consisted almost entirely of Steve being asked about taking jobs elsewhere as you can see from the quotes. He didn't say anything he hasn't said before, as for sounding 'interested' you have to remember that he knows football is a very volatile game, and has commented on it frequently, again yesterday) and is not daft enough to burn bridges with anyone. The speculation has been rife due to the perfect storm of our form, a few bets and some jobs becoming available. We are convincing ourselves that he's leaving because we are preparing ourselves for the worst and praying that it doesn't happen now. You just have to look at this thread and it reeks of self pity, I'm guilty of it myself! I'm going to buck the trend and admit that I'll be raging if Steve leaves now...not raging at Steve of course, raging at our bad fortune because his management has facilitated all the good things that have been happening around here of late. No Steve Clarke would have not allowed the Board to make the progress that they have; and while I'm confident that could continue with someone else...I'm hoping that he sees out the period he originally committed to before signing the new deal. Today is not just about Steve Clarke though, and instrumental as he has been in getting us here, he won't be here indefinitely, and that goes for every manager at every club so we should take solace in the fact that he is still here right now and has not done what some others have done and buggered off at the first opportunity. Today is about Kilmarnock FC and whether we finish this season with a bang or a whimper and it would be good if every one of you got on social media and on the phone right now and encouraged as many people along to this game as possible. Looks like we're getting great weather, but let's create a perfect storm of our own. baz
  4. KillieFC

    New KCST mural

    Work in progress, it won't be finished until around Wednesday. The guy doing it is keen as mustard and would have been at it again today had their not have been a match on. Looks fantastic.
  5. KillieFC

    Bowie Speaks Out

    Cathy Jamieson followed it up superbly on RockSport Radio. Great comments also from Davie Mackinnon, shareholder and Trust member.
  6. KillieFC

    Bowie Speaks Out

    A decent read in the Daily Record (miracles do happen). How can any of the knuckle draggers argue with this? Hopefully this will also dispel the fears of the doubters among our own support as well. They've done the sums and they are willing to take the chance...
  7. Ross Mackenzie's images have been added to the 2-0 win at home to St Johnstone Match Recap CLICK HERE #WeAreKillie #Killie150 #Confidemus
  8. KillieFC


    SAVE THE DATE! - Season Diary Week 38 CLICK HERE
  9. KillieFC

    Killie Masters Invitational 2019

    Reigning champ John Bourke, George Maxwell, Craig Dargo and Gordon Smith are the first four legends confirmed for The Killie Masters Invitational 2019 on Wed 22 May at the fantastic Ballochmyle Golf Club....email KillieFC.com@gmail.com or visit https://bit.ly/2GLHkBO
  10. KillieFC


    Kirsty Munro, Drew Walker, Peter Nederlof and Cathy Jamieson pictured recently as Peter presented the Ladies team reps with an engraved plaque on behalf of the Dutch Killie Supporters Club. #WeAreKillie #FCKilmarnock #Killie150
  11. KillieFC

    POTY Highlights

    Highlights from the KFCSA's Player of the Year Dance for 2018-19 in the Park Hotel. Alan Power gets the top prize with Chris Burke, Scott Boyd & Greg Taylor also receiving awards. Huge thanks to Chris Kyle for this! #WeAreKillie #Killie150 #WeAppreciatePower
  12. KillieFC

    Chances of new investment. ?

    The three match ticket thing was discussed by the Club but logistically it is too late to put in place apparently.
  13. KillieFC

    Money or Home Advantage?

    We normally take the money and most people understand that but it would seem that the majority in this occasion for certain, think that it would be more beneficial to reduce SevCo to one stand and to try and pack the other stands out as much as possible with Killie fans. I don't think its a stupid decision, I think its a brave one considering what we stand to lose financially. Sometimes doing the right thing comes with consequences and I have lost count of the amount of times that the Club Board have been lambasted for putting profit before people...and now they talk about doing the opposite...and they are getting it in the neck for not taking the money. Seems to be a lose/lose situation for them, but I'm glad to see them trying a new approach and putting our club and our fans first, just like the majority have been demanding for years. I never liked giving up two stands, but I understood why it happened and accepted it, but I think if this happens that we should support the Club in its efforts and try and help them rather than ripping them for not getting more Sevco fans into the stadium for the sake of a bigger gate. Here are the results of the combined social media votes...it's pretty conclusive if you ask me, and I'm sure that the Board will take that into consideration when they make the decision on what to do... Twitter 507 Votes - 90% for one stand Facebook 719 Votes - 84% for one stand Kickback 375 Votes - 81% for one stand Total polled - 1601: One Stand 85.26% (1365) Two Stands 14.74% (236) If we do go with one stand you can expect the five stages of grief from the zombie nation... 1) Denial - "Wan Stawn? Aye right yir havin' a laff, that'll ne'er happen as the mighty bears keep wee guttersnipe clubs like yous afloat." 2) Anger - "Durty Fenian Killie basturts. Whit kind o' popery is this? We're feckin boycottin, hope yees go oot the gemme." 3) Depression - "Oh bugger, ah'm going to huv to go and watch a gemme in ma ain postcode if this yin is no oan the telly box." 4) Bargaining - "Howz about we offer tae rip up that Jones contract for anither stawn? He looks like a fud noo anyroads." 5) Acceptance - Okay...maybe just the four stages of grief for this lot.
  14. KillieFC

    Killie lose another fan

    Condolences from everyone at KillieFC.
  15. KillieFC

    Charity Night for MND Scotland

    Even better news....when you contact Gordon just mention you "saw the Killie Trust advert" for a fantastic discount!

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