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  1. Some doubt over Makrini's availability now as well.
  2. This is the case and will be used as the basis of the appeal, which will happen tonight apparently...by which time the team will already be in Aberdeen.
  3. Spoke to Fab on Wednesday night and he reckons he'll be fit for the weekend match if that's anything to hang our hats on. Final decision won't be down to him of course.
  4. Well that's what we were told at the time by the people dealing with it. Why would they give him a contract extension and a pay rise and then release him a few weeks later at his request? That doesn't make any sense.
  5. He had previously, but he didn't this time. The Club said they'd look into it when the manager had settled in and made some decisions on the playing staff.
  6. The club do plan on doing doing this, the plan is for three if that proves possible, we were asked to gauge interest and will ultimately run a poll to see which three will be produced.
  7. Then literally get the t-shirt as well! Check out our Soul Suite Collection HERE
  8. Posting some of this on social media and ironically forgot to post here on the forums! In the month of September alone we have over a million page views and were viewed by people from the following countries...
  9. Registration/Tickets are now on Eventbrite... HERE
  10. It is a coach trip. There are 80 places. Trust members would get the chance to sign up first, then it would be open to anyone. The price has yet to be determined, hence this poll, but we'd expect it to be less than 50% of what it would cost fans otherwise if they did it individually (will confirm that later).
  11. The Killie Trust are looking at running a heavily discounted family bus trip to Hampden on Sunday 20th October for a stadium then museum tour. The visit should last about 4-5 hours, what the Trust would like to know is would fans prefer to have some food as part of the trip at an additional cost or not?
  12. If the Club were to produce a retro strip or two as has been mooted recently, what strips would we like to see them bring back out? There will probably be a more formal selection process if this gets any traction and if the Club go ahead with it then an indication of what strips to focus on for a vote would help...hence this thread.
  13. Ticket 'sales' to this closed yesterday but we've had requests to re-open registration, so we have and they will be available until 5pm this evening. SLO Allen Kyle is scheduled to make an appearance and we believe that Phyllis McLeish will also be there so there will be a good chance if you have questions to ask that there will be someone on hand to answer it. This event is free to all active Trust members and TIK subscribers...this is YOUR representative on the Club Board so get yourself along and hear what's being said if you can.
  14. We will. paperwork being worked on now.

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