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  1. We understand that the Club will be getting cloth facemasks in club colours produced in the very near future. If you want a Killie facemask then please buy these ones and do not buy anything that is unofficial and not licensed. The same goes for any other branded goods out there, revenue streams are like hen's teeth at the moment and if you are buying Killie branded goods then it really should be Killie who are benefiting at the end of the day. If you see merchandise that the Club have not got on offer then either get in touch with them or post it here and they can look into doing it themselves.
  2. Please do not post good that are for sale unless they are non-profit or the profit is going to end up as a charitable donation. In normal circumstances we allow any Killie fans to post stuff their own business stuff, but we are not allowing adverts for items which are making money from people's fears.
  3. The same place (email Club), shares are and have been available to anyone at any time for years now...the message to shareholders was just a wee reminder whilst keeping within the rules. It wouldn't be a bad idea for those shareholders who got the communique from the Club to share it with fans who didn't.
  4. This has had to be dealt with very carefully as the sales of shares in a private company are different to shares in a PLC which are openly traded. Sales of shares are open to anyone, not just season ticket holders, and always have been, so that is not an issue...it just had to be worded like that.
  5. Going to put this to Club and the Trust and see if they fancy pushing it. Everyone else is at it, nothing wrong with a cost free show of support for the Club.
  6. Rise above it then. Perhaps we all just need to cool our jets a wee bit. We put this board here particularly because we have plenty of members who are clever enough to debate politics among themselves without resorting to petty insults. We'd like to keep it like that.
  7. We have rules about personal abuse, you can surely have a discussion with people without calling them derogatory names all the time? I don't want our mods to have to start warning folk again so please say what you have to say without lowering the tone...and that goes for anyone else as well.
  8. Saying Sevco are your second favourite team. What next, you love half and half scarves? You're on the watch list.
  9. Used the link they texted my phone...ticket bought in ten seconds. That said, a couple of mates have not been able to get theirs.
  10. New shirt sponsor, three year deal! Read the statement HERE
  11. Can't speak for the rest of the moderators but football free Saturday night wasn't spent here on the forums (DrewWylie as well) and everything pertaining to the name was deleted as soon as we saw it this morning. Apologies we never caught it sooner, please don't be naming people who have not opted to name themselves already or it will result in a warning/ban.
  12. The Trust have to give their members and subscribers something for their contributions and meeting the manager was one. We agree with you that it would be good if the next one was open to all fans...how about it Jim Thomson? An "on board...in person" open to all the next time? Be good for those not involved to see what the benefits are and also to hear from our new manager at a time we need to pull together. Edited to say that’s if the manager is appearing at the next OBIP as the featured guest!
  13. Forums due an upgrade so we will be down for a wee while today. Probably not long.
  14. ...or tied up doing other things until they can get a report out to Trust members.

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