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  1. KillieFC


    Christmas cheer is alive and well...and nowhere near here. There's a game today, give yourselves a rest and go and enjoy it peeps!
  2. KillieFC

    Killie Shop - Lost Bag

    Looking to see if anyone can help this Killie fan...either get in touch with us or the "Kilmarnock when you were a kid" Facebook group please. #WeAreKillie
  3. KillieFC

    Famous At Last!!!!

    One of the guys on tour with him back in the 80's married a lassie from Kilmarnock, no?
  4. KillieFC

    Where are KFC on E-Tickets?

    We see what you did there.
  5. KillieFC

    Where are KFC on E-Tickets?

    Think ours will possibly have QR codes rather than barcodes and be able to be read from a phone, but don't quote us on that.
  6. It’s tough at the top, but you have to have been at the top to know that - Match Recap from Saturday gets the Mackenzie treatment. CLICK HERE
  7. KillieFC

    Where are KFC on E-Tickets?

    It costs a lot of money to switch over systems considering the last system we installed on the cheap was meant for a racecourse. The good news news now is that the board is on the case and if all goes to plan then a new all singing all dancing upgradeable ticketing system will be in place as soon as they can get it in.
  8. We had added Ross Mackenzie's photos to the Match Recap of the Livingston game last week... CLICK HERE
  9. KillieFC


    Saw him on Saturday and seemed to have a bit of a gash on the left side of his temple still. Hopefully he'll be alright for Saturday as he was a big miss. baz
  10. KillieFC

    Crisis for Clarke!

    Crisis for Clarke as Killie Slide to Second Spot! - Season Diary Week 20 CLICK HERE
  11. KillieFC

    Bring A Gift vs Dundee 15th December

    If you wrap the present it would be great if you could put a label on it stating whether its for a boy or a girl (or either) and the age group please.
  12. KillieFC

    Killie Trust AGM 2018

    The Killie Trust give Notice of their AGM for 2018 which is scheduled for January 16th 2019 CLICK HERE
  13. KillieFC

    TIK Funding Update #10

    The Killie Trust release the latest financial update (#10) for their Trust In Killie initiative CLICK HERE
  14. Images from Ross Mackenzie added to the Hibees Match Recap #WeAreKillie #Confidemus CLICK HERE
  15. KillieFC

    Cry Wolf!

    Lights out but plenty of Power and a brace from the Wolf - Season Diary Week 19 #CryWolf #Confidemus #WeAreKillie CLICK HERE

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